Moon occults Pluto, transgression and change

Do you ever wonder what is holding humanity back? Do you ever wonder what is holding you back from making the progress that you want? What keeps so many people stuck in the past?

Chart segment showing the Moon and Pluto (red golf tee) conjunct in Capricorn. They are making a sextile to Neptune (blue trident) and Chiron (orange key) in PIsces. This emphasizes that access to healing is available if we choose to use it as we cross thresholds and move through the layers of change indicated by the Moon-Pluto occultations.

This week, we’ve been developing the idea of a ‘Thresholder’ in relation to a conjunction between Mercury and the minor planet 1992 QB1. A Thresholder (as defined in a long series of Planet Waves articles) is one who intentionally holds space to help guide another through transitions such as birth, death and sexual healing. That last one is, for some strange reason, the most taboo of the three. Our inability or refusal to embrace these subjects is one of the ways we shut down our growth. Then every now and then that process of growth spurs to life.

Another way that this theme is manifesting astrologically is an unusual relationship that’s developed between the Moon and Pluto. For the next year and a half, the Moon will make an exact eclipse of Pluto (called an occultation) every time it passes through Capricorn. We will experience one today at 1:33 pm EDT. That is, the Moon’s path will take it directly across the face of Pluto. Pluto is too far away for us to see this, which means that one of the most tangible elements in the sky is interacting with something deep, potent and invisible. Despite its being invisible, its energy will still be available to us, though this might be subtle.

As a point of background, we are all living through Pluto in Capricorn, which has many different manifestations — principal among them being the underlying sensation of constant change we’re experiencing; the sense that the very ground we’re standing on is shifting.

One attribute of the occultation energy involves the primal, instinctual, sexual, change-urging force of Pluto penetrating the ‘good girl’ façade and mother-related emotional body of the Capricorn Moon. The Cap Moon is one of the most complex of the lot, representing an emotional body conditioned by cultural and religious forces from the past.

The Moon occulting Pluto over and over again, season after season, suggests that we’re being called now to begin transgressing the boundaries of that conditioning. The primal, elemental nature of Pluto is gradually dissolving the emotional patterning conditioned in the Moon.

Mercury’s conjunction to 1992 QB1 opened up the door. It let us know that in embarking on this process of change indicated by the Moon-Pluto events this year, we need to start holding open the space for conversations that may feel transgressive, but which are necessary in order to make the important transitions that every one of us is facing.

Today’s aspect between the Moon and Pluto is an invitation to bring our feelings into the sensation of change — something of which many people live their lives in constant and paralyzing fear. Is it really that bad? Are we really that trapped? Feel your way through those questions.

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  1. Thank you, Be. Your giving words to feelings that are hovering just outside of my experience allow me to integrate those ideas/feelings.

  2. Yesterday’s ‘thumbs up’ for gay marriage from the Prez seems to have been triggered by (1) the Moon occult Pluto, and (2) Mercury’s move into Taurus. After Mercury joined QB1 in late Aries he entered Taurus to quincunx Juno in Sagittarius and at the same time sextiled Hades (something we avoid thinking about) in Cancer, to form a yod or Finger of God.

    Then a mutable grand square was formed when Juno joined the opposition between Neptune in Pisces to Orcus and Hebe (servent, enabler) in Virgo by squaring them and opposing the President’s Moon in Gemini. Juno and Terpsichore are still dancing! Perhaps Karma conjunct Venus further explains the timing, and I’m not sure but what the Sun’s conjunction to Tantulus might not be a player in this scene too. I am sure though, that Jupiter’s conjunction to Sedna in the same degree as the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of 2000, at 22+ Taurus, was a player as the 20 year cycle symbolizes societal evolution.

  3. Linda,

    It is. Compassion is just another form of love. My guess (or feeling) is that foremost it is compassion for Earth, and we are part of that body. Earth is and will continue to evolve out of it’s present density and duality. Hopefully, it appears that Man will follow her lead.

  4. susyc,

    I feel for you. I have been there…well not the sharing sexual fantasies part. You said you want to talk about your sexual fantasies but your husband doesn’t. You say you both “do not exactly have fully open and honest communication regarding matters sexual.” Your description of him sounds like he is not as comfortable talking about it as you might wish he were.

    Turn that around and see it from the other side; he probably wishes you were less open about it than you are. He may feel uncomfortable with your hormonal changes and the way they are making you act right now.

    Instead of thinking of changing him to be more open; you can only change yourself. Can you accept his inability to discuss that part of your life? What need are you trying to fill by looking elsewhere for that? How much do the hormonal changes factor into your need (or perceived need) for that higher level of open sexuality?

    I cannot tell you what to do; I can only ask questions and tell you what I went through. I felt the same way last year at the peak of the hormonal highs of menopause. Now that the hormones have settled, I no longer feel that way and I no longer feel like I need what I thought I needed back then. Now that I know this is how it turned out, I am glad I didn’t mess up what I have with Dave based on some strong (but impermanent) hormonal swings.

    I cannot speak for you; I offer my experience as insight only. Please see it as my effort to impart information from a place a little farther down the road in life. :::smile:::

  5. Thank you, PW. Lovely and helpful all at once, as always.

    Be, is it your opinion then, that the Universe (actually) has compassion for us we-who-have-so-mercilessly-violated-her? A genuine question. It’s my moment to effort at embracing this idea.

    Thx. and much xo.

  6. So, I’ve been flirting around a bit online for several months now with a somewhat younger man poet friend who has been teasing me and wooing me to share a bit more specifically about my sexual fantasies and sexuality. He lives here in my city and I see him regularly as well. Well, we got quite explicit yesterday for the first time. I think my “good girl” definitely got penetrated. So where am I with all this? My mantra is honesty, honesty with self and others, so I told my husband about it. I said, “I’m talking about my sexual fantasies with another man who is talking to me about his.” My husband asked me to stop. I said, “Well, you don’t like talking about yours with me and you don’t exactly love hearing about mine!” He claimed he doesn’t have any without any apparent awareness of how ridiculous that sounds. So basically, what’s a girl to do? It’s a “slippery slope,” my husband and I agree with humor. I have put a stop to it with my friend for now as I digest what is actually happening. I was able to do it in a loving way without any blame or shame for either of us. I am an addictive personality in search of a substance at all times, so I have to watch out for compulsiveness and obsession with practically anything. My MD just recently changed the mix on my hormones, upping the testosterone, so I am massively horny which I love…and, last, but not least, my husband and I do not exactly have fully open and honest communication regarding matters sexual. Maybe that last one is the one that needs the most immediate focus and work. I can effectively repress myself and I see my husband do the same thing. I think we both need sexual healing. The amount of repressing we do is an indicator for that. But I’m tired of it. I want more from both of us but I don’t know how to get it.

  7. Dear Sarah,thank you for your comments, and liminali too, both so beautiful and true!  And Huffy, for bringing in the bees to the conversation today. I am thinking about their roles, masculine and feminine and true receptivity.

    One of my and my son’s favorite books is “Hope for the Flowers”.  I am sure most have you have heard of or read.    I love it’s simplistity, both visual and, of truth in effortless nature.   The direction of this article and of the conversations and reflections here today have brought this center for me.   Let go and a butterfly be!    What else do we need?

  8. Pres. Obama, in an interview with Robin (don’t remember her last name) on ABC says he supports gay marriage. This was about 3 PM and the Moon had just passed over Pluto, and all cardinal points (asc, etc.) were about 18-20 of mutable signs, with Pholus (and friends) on the nadir. All MSM and cable news were on it like flies on cow poop. Venus conjunct Karma was near the midheaven and Juno still near the north node square Neptune and quincunx Mercury, the ruler of the chart.

    Moon’s Sabian Symbol was A large Group Of Pheasant On A Private Estate. “The refinement and propagation of aristocratic values by means of which man participates in the evolution of life toward ever more perfect forms of existence.

  9. Could it be that each time the Moon occults Pluto she symbolizes the absorbing and then “containment of” tiny bits (from her perspective) of the toxin uncovered through Pluto’s efforts in Capricorn? If the Moon symbolizes the ‘masses’, could this not be a slow assimilation of ‘change’ as part of the overall alchemy process represented by the square of Pluto to Uranus? I would think so since, in the Venus-occult-the-Sun chart for June 5th, the Moon exactly squares Uranus as she conjuncts Pluto on one of her many occultations of him.

    It would seem then that this could be the Universe’s way of easing humanity’s ordeal as it evolves; by gradually absorbing the revelations of hidden transgressions on a monthly routine basis, rather than being overwhelmed by one huge reveal. Might this bit by bit acceptance through the Moon’s endeavors also serve as a way to emotionally restructure (Capricorn) the human family, in the many forms it takes, so as not to completely break down it’s fragile emotional body?

    The human being has proved over and over that it can adapt to change, but it has also suffered near extinction through natural and man-made disasters. It is fair to say that not every human being will adapt to the crisis’ foreseen because of the Uranus-Pluto squares we all must endure. However, many will, I believe, and they will be the ones who will lead us into the new age coming. So if the Moon provides a sort of inoculation to the possible ravages of our societies and systems, we should be grateful and not be cry-babies. This won’t hurt very much at all.

  10. Thank you, Planet Waves Daily Astrology for a beautiful piece that melds form and function, subject and expression in a bold yet gentle manner. Today courage meets inspiration, especially in the interpretation of Pluto’s prolonged, periodic occultations. Please allow me to second what Julie wrote in her comment.

  11. So much here ties in with Alexander’s beautiful tarot and rune reading (under ‘weekend tarot’ – not this weekend). xx

  12. Thanks to you all.

    Sister shebear, I wish my arms could reach across the continent to give you a hug. {{{ursi}))

    Be, you may want to pass along this website to your friend, It’s support for spousal caregivers.

    Pluto is parked on my natal Vesta, and square natal Eris. Feelin’ the devotion. And the tension. Yowza!

  13. Thank you for your wonderful post, dear shebear On reading this “KEYNOTE: The overcoming of fear and its rewards”, I had a revelation – my greatest fear is about not having enough – most particularly time and money, but it really extends to everything. That bee cutting off the piece of leaf, inches away from me, took just what it needed at that moment, and no more. Now if that isn’t a lesson. Thank you all – you’re just amazing – the page is really ‘buzzing’ today.
    Much love and light to your friend and her husband, be.

  14. Karena,

    Thank you for your remarks. Fascinating; the story of the Lunar moth will stay with me for a while as I visit my friend whose husband has cancer. Will see her right about the time the Moon conjuncts Pluto and that wasn’t something planned, I assure you.

  15. Karena,
    That quote is a paraphrase from one of my favorite books, or more appropriately, a handbook within a book (the Messiah’s handbook in Illusions by Richard Bach) – “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” ♥☮♫

  16. Sabian Symbol for today’s occultation at 10 degrees Capricorn, copied directely from the site


    KEYNOTE: The overcoming of fear and its rewards.

    The man who radiates perfect harmlessness can call the wildest creatures to him and can establish with them a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding. Every living entity plays a role in the world’s ritual of existence; beyond these specific roles, which too often separate one entity from another, the communion of love and compassion can bring together the most disparate lives.

    At this last stage of the fifty-sixth sequence we are presented with a picture extending the ideal of peace and happiness through culture so it now includes all living organisms on this planet. The power of such a culture of harmlessness and compassion generates TRUST everywhere.
    Well that about sums it up for me, for all of us, tying into today’s post and so many others. Trust is a very powerful key that lead us over that all important “threshold!”

    I just love all who read PW with such abundance, this beautiful morning. Let’s keep each other strong as we choose to fearlessly walk across our bridges and TRUST that good things are happening all around us, at this precise moment.

  17. Yes – it was such a joy to read your zoological post, Karena. I love the story of your beautiful and tragic Luna moth. “I don’t mind sharing-the abundance of my garden never ceases to amaze and delight me” – I feel the same way (as long as my bee leaves me a few strawberries…).

  18. Karena,
    I love that quote! So perfect for what we are (all) going through…

    I have a mug with a quote that I like a lot too. In English it translates something like:
    “Sit in the sun. Abdicate. And be king of yourself” Fernando Pessoa

  19. “One attribute of that energy involves the primal, instinctual, sexual, change-urging force of Pluto penetrating the ‘good girl’ façade and mother-related emotional body of the Capricorn Moon. The Cap Moon is one of the most complex of the lot, representing an emotional body conditioned by cultural and religious forces from the past.”

    Tell me about it. I have a Cap moon. And you are spot on about the “good girl” and the “emotional body conditioned by cultural and religious forces from the past.” Breaking free of that is a life work indeed. Sometimes I want to break free but other times I realize that I was born with this moon for a reason and it wasn’t to be “free” but rather to be cautious (as Capricorn is). That caution has saved my emotional ass many, many times.

    So when I hear the words about throwing off the restraints and freedom and all that, I remind myself that those words don’t have to pertain to me personally; they may be someone else’s message instead of mine. Not everyone is wired for all that freedom or wants it.

    I see Pluto “penetrating” (such an incendiary word isn’t it) the “good girl” Cap moon as making her look at her shadow side and learn to love it. That is exactly what is happening to me right now. The conditioning that is changing is about how I have integrated cultural body-image and how it affects me emotionally. Talk about a big, shadowy can of worms.

  20. Huffy, i have noticed bits and pieces missing from strawberries nearest the beehive nearest to them. How funny…I thought it might be the work of a rabbit or mouse( but it seemed they would reguire a larger portion)…I don’t mind sharing-the abundance of my garden never ceases to amaze and delight me.

    On another zoological note, lepidopterist to be exact… A beautiful Luna moth visited for the full moon and slept the next day on the window screen of the living room. So rare and so beautiful—the luna lives for 5 days and has no mouth,it’s life as a moth is solely sustained by the food eaten as a fuzzy caterpillar. The symbology is not lost on me. The full moon transited my 8th house and I felt like I was indeed in a chrysalis,moving about in the dark,liminal world of shadow,preparing for release.Thank you all at PW for hearty spiritual food available here. It sustains me as I go through transition and transformation.

    I have a favorite coffee mug with the quote: Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

  21. Thank you dear Sarah. And thanks so much for sussing out my bee, “Each cell is made from circular disks cut from plant leaves using the bee’s mandibles, hence the name “Leafcutter”. In fact, I was sure it was using the leaf for nesting purposes. And I always wondered where the bees on my terrace came from, all the answers are in your link. Hope the arnica does the job for you and that you’re settling down well in your new ‘nest’.

  22. Oh Hugging – I do love you! If you were with me now, I’d offer you a wild strawberry (except I just ate the one delicious ripe strawb) and a cup of tea on my terrace. The bee did cast me a cheeky look as it carried off its heavy load.

  23. Huffy, I love your flora updates! I just think that everyone loves you so much, they just enjoy all your energy and goodies. Or maybe a little convo with the bees is order! 😀

  24. Thanks Paola! Yes, it’s a real joy. Hooray for Mercury in Taurus!(good ol Len, right again).

  25. I have a question that is neither astrological nor pyschological in nature – but zoological. And it’s not about dream bees, it’s about real bees.I was sitting outside on my terrace just now, watching my wild strawberry plant, and wondering what insect was eating huge chunks out of its leaves, and what to do about it – when suddenly a sweet, unassuming little bee swooped down on one of the leaves and made off with a sizeable chunk of it, before my very eyes. I didn’t think that bees did that sort of thing!I hope no one minds my posting this here – so many of you are so knowledgeable, and can tell me something about the wild strawberry leaf-nabbing bee? (yes – the work pressure is off for the moment..).

  26. I’m happy you traced how to proceed both spiritually and practically… feels good, a relief, uh?

  27. Thank you for this article. The relation between Moon and Pluto… very enlightening.

    And, Huffy:
    ‘above all leaving the door wide open to possibility and change, which can walk through that door once one relaxes and stops the frightened struggle and resistance to what is’
    I totally agree! This *literally* happened to me a few days ago.
    And P.Sophia, I can hear you perfectly too.

  28. Continued thought, what is sin? One way of interpreting it is as anything other than acceptance, Love. Which than is it’s opposite, Fear – and all the emotions associated with it. And this Nation, our world, it’s what they have been selling us. But the direction to buy is dying, changing, evolving now I believe.

  29. Future




    Appearing real.


    Not real unless/until you make it real.

    Be happy in paradox.

  30. “Do you ever wonder what is holding humanity back? Do you ever wonder what is holding you back from making the progress that you want? What keeps so many people stuck in the past?”

    Transitions are not easy, I have been going through a period on change, uncertainty and literally my life has been turned completely upside down over the last two years.   But it has not been caused by a force outside myself.  I realize that I was asking the universe all along and had the intention of making this transition in my life for several years leading up…be prepared for what you ask for, and intend, you will receive.  Of course there have been moments of fear associated with this, but holding onto the responsibility helps with releasing fear, in recognizing I chose the direction, transgression was then breaking boundaries.

    Purgatory, a word that came up, as in not knowing the destination, end, of unknowing the outcome…another lesson to breath.   I was touched by yesterday’s blog and the conversations about importance of creating space.    Transition referenced as  Purgatory, sounds like a hell of a place, still I do find comfort in it’s literal meaning from Latin, to purify, make clean.    Perhaps transitions are our, the moons “foreplay” meeting and moving this primal pluto to express/ call as you say, us the collective consciousness to greater creative play.    I am hoping, visualizing for me, (patience, any day now…) at same time also feeling the energy in this direction growing all around.    Anyone else?

    PW thank you for your wisdom and intuitive support!

  31. Thank you Francis.

    You are obviously offering your work in Service, as your writting provides very clear guidance to real and concrete life questions and dilemmas in those challenging times.

    I have asked for support and clearer answers yesterday, as I wasn’t sure about the guidance I was receiving, and I received all the clarifications I needed through your words.

    With much appreciation,


  32. “Is it really that bad? Are we really that trapped? Feel your way through those questions”. Luckily – I can now say that it isn’t – have managed to calm down about my work/financial situation, make an appraisal of where I’m at right now and how to proceed both on a spiritual and practical level – above all leaving the door wide open to possibility and change, which can walk through that door once one relaxes and stops the frightened struggle and resistance to what is. Thank you for today (and yesterday’s) wonderful blog. And for Genevieve’s marvellous moonshine horoscopes, that I found in my email this morning: “Something that you survived in the past is coming up for healing. And it raises the question of what living an optimistic life looks like for you”. Thank you Genevieve – this is exactly where I’m at right now. xx

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