Mercury Rx, Neptune, Ceres: Letting your fantasies feed you

Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces today at 4:43 pm EST. It will continue its apparent retrograde motion until Feb. 28, where it will station direct in Aquarius. But for now, it is in the creative, watery sign Pisces, brushing up against Neptune and stirring our psyches in interesting ways.

Photo by Amanda Painter, Portland, Maine.
Photo by Amanda Painter, Portland, Maine.

Eric has described Neptune as “what many people feel but don’t have words for.”

Conjunct Mercury, this can include everything from unexpected daydreams and fantasies (and an attachment to them), to fuzzy intuitive tugs, to psychic intrusion by another person (or entity), to untapped or unconsciously used psychic abilities.

That’s quite a range of experiences, and with Mercury in the process of stationing retrograde, there could be some static on the line, mixed signals or increased sensitivity.

However, Mercury is also stationing trine Ceres — which, among other themes, is strongly associated with the idea of nourishment and food, both literal and otherwise. In Scorpio, Ceres brings out the nourishing side of sex and deep transformation. Trine Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, using sexual fantasy as a source of deep self-nourishment is a strong theme.

Not everyone takes sexual fantasy on the level of nourishment or healing; in fact, often it gets twisted into the realm of ‘exploitation’, unrealistic expectations and projection, as with much of porn. That is not to say that porn cannot be used in a therapeutic or enriching way, just that many people do not consciously take it there.

Fantasy can be threatening, too; both to the person having one (Oh my god — is that what I want? But I’m a good girl/boy! And that idea is so dirty/scary/dangerous/wrong!), and to that person’s partner. Plenty of people are threatened by the idea of their partner thinking of other people in sexual ways. It’s almost cliché to get upset if you find out your partner is imagining sex with someone else while having sex with you.

Fantasy has an element of true anarchy. Anything can happen there. You’re not bound by the rules of your relationship, the rules of physics, the rules of biology, morals, ethics or any other aspect of reality. Not everyone is comfortable with the places their imagination is capable of going, and organized religion has often tried to shame people out of any attempts to try.

But what happens if you allow that anarchy to show you the freakiest corners of your psyche? There’s a lot of talk about how we have to love all parts of ourselves, including our shadow and the places where we have been hurt. ‘All of ourselves’ includes our ability to fantasize about anything at all, including things that scare us, and to get off on them.

When we can appreciate those freaky parts of ourselves and truly love them viscerally by allowing ourselves pleasure through them, the door opens to embrace the fantasies of others. That doesn’t mean agreeing to playing out a partner’s fantasy if you’re not comfortable, but rather accepting that they have an inner life that is all their own, that at times has nothing whatsoever to do with you, and that may sometimes startle them as much as yours surprises you.

Those surprises can open doors and feed you, if you let them.

Oh — and if you’re not boycotting watching the Olympic games in Sochi because of Russia’s anti-homosexual laws, the finely conditioned physiques and winning smiles of the athletes could proved some great inspiration for those fantasies over the next couple weeks. Hopefully, the athletes are experiencing better travel luck than the press corps have encountered so far with their accommodations. Mercury, after all, is the Trickster.

4 thoughts on “Mercury Rx, Neptune, Ceres: Letting your fantasies feed you”

  1. Mercury R conj. Neptune in Pisces trine Ceres in Scorpio is stunningly relevant to the entire drama surrounding Woody Allen and the ‘alleged’ sexual abuse of his step (adopted?) daughter, Dylan. Is it a fantasy created through some attempt at revenge by a grief-crazed mother, via manipulation of her daugher? Revelation of a sinister, incestual truth? Really wild.

  2. This station is happening just as the Sun and Moon are squaring and conjoining my Sun and Moon. This week has felt a pull toward negative thinking and creating a looping effect of old self-defeating tendencies. And for no reason! It’s amazing how this old crap keeps wanting definition, as if it’s saying, “this is the way it’s been and this is the way I am.” I’m up on my vitamins and exercise, am sexually expressive and being creative, work is very productive, and yet there I am feeling down. Yesterday it took me a conscious kick in the ass to “talk” to myself into some really awesome productivity and nourish this time of introspection. It’s okay to feel the ebb and flow of my emotional state. That doesn’t mean I’m lost or am losing. It just means I’m okay with no answers or direction for now. This can actually be very healthy as it encourages letting go of control and allowing a space for the Universe to speak. Let’s see what messages come through!

  3. Amanda, I love it when the mama goddesses get sexy. Though what is not sexy about the fertility of the earth that brings forth food. To see fantasy, sex, pleasure, touch as nourishment would go so far to heal shame.

    Meanwhile, Mercury poking Neptune and retreating brings up something for me. I’ve been encountering foxes in unusual places: a runway at the Albany NY airport, downtown Camden, Maine, and two more time crossing the road in front of my car in snow. A friend sent me this about fox medicine:
    Stealthy messenger of the gods,
    Cunning and wise, reliable friend,
    Guide my steps through this maze of deception
    And see this problem to its end.
    Magic, Shapeshifting, Invisibility

    Don’t these words remind you of Mercury and Neptune?
    I’m wondering what it means for me personally. I’ll bet Ceres and some nourishing fantasy could help.

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