Jupiter Trine Saturn: Putting Emotional Stability to Use

Amidst the excitement of Mercury finally leaving Scorpio for Sagittarius last Wednesday, and Mars entering Libra two days ago on Saturday, a cooperative trine aspect has been building between Jupiter and Saturn, and is offering some incredibly useful emotional stability.

Photo by Amanda Painter
Photo by Amanda Painter

If life in recent months has been at turns exciting, confusing or simply moving too fast to comprehend, it could be easy to take something like emotional stability for granted. By all means, enjoy it; but we do not live in an era when we can rest on our laurels — or the astrology — for long.

In fact, this trine between retrograde Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio is about more than just ease in the more fluid parts of ourselves. Jupiter trine Saturn is an aspect to put to work for you. It represents judgment and practicality, inner and outer, working together in a way that can allow you to project into the future your goals and desires, and then work toward them with genuine willingness — and to measurable effect.

In water signs, which represent our emotional bodies, this translates into the ideal time to focus on whatever therapy/counseling/healing goals you have. Especially with Cancer and Scorpio involved, consider issues around how you feel about your home, nurturing others, your mother, being a mother, sex, death, surrender, transformation and any blocks or resistance you have around money. That’s a pretty broad net; there’s a good chance at least one of those topics is ringing a bell or raising your hackles.

The Jupiter-Saturn trine is exact just before 7:31 pm EST on Dec. 12. It will still be in effect a good while after that, but then Jupiter and Saturn will not trine each other again until late May. After that, Jupiter and Saturn will not be trine in water signs until 2034, when Jupiter is in Pisces and Saturn is in Cancer.

So for the next week or two, see what you can do to get clear on your top one to three goals for emotional/therapeutic exploration, domestic restructuring, sexual evolution (whatever that means to you) or gaining better financial control in your life. These are all high-trigger areas for many people. And while there is distinct benefit to allowing ourselves to be present in our most extreme and unstable (and therefore frightening) emotions, there’s something to be said for the inner work that can get done when you’re not constantly in reaction mode or crisis mode or fear.

Interestingly, at the moment that Jupiter-Saturn is exact Thursday, the Sun is conjunct Pholus in Sagittarius and approaching the core of our galaxy. Sometimes setting off a ‘chain reaction’ or a ‘big effect with a small cause’ can have its rewards. Putting therapeutic projects in motion in a context of emotional stability is one of those times — especially with a Sagittarius Sun and the Galactic Core drawing our consciousness toward levels beyond ‘normal’.

Against this backdrop, Mercury in fiery, broad-minded Sagittarius is making a couple of simultaneous aspects. It trines Uranus in Aries (exact at 12:05 pm EST Tuesday) and squares Chiron in Pisces (exact at 11:31 pm EST Tuesday). Plus, as Mercury squares Chiron, the Moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries.

Mercury trine Uranus, according to Isabel Hickey, tunes “the conscious mind to the Universal mind.” While the conjunction can translate into some willfulness, the ideas sparked tend to be progressive, perceptive and intuitive — definitely useful to any kind of healing exploration. With Mercury already in Sagittarius, the sign of “universal” consciousness, this bodes well for getting some ‘bird’s eye’ perspective on whatever issues you’re choosing to work through therapeutically. Be aware though that as the Moon travels through Aries, you might find yourself a little more quick-tempered or impulsive (especially while it is conjunct Uranus).

Mercury square Chiron could come through as a sense of some kind of ‘healing crisis’ regarding what or how you think, since squares are experienced as inner tension that must be resolved through taking action. Barbara Hand Clow describes the Mercury-Chiron square as exhibiting “great mental exactitude,” with heightened intuition and a very energized mind.

Again, this sounds conducive to pursuing counseling goals. The trick may be in keeping your conscious mind directed and focused. (Mercury in Sagittarius can be a little scattered). That could mean directing it in a way that allows your intuition and emotional stability to do their thing beneath the surface, unimpeded by mental ‘squirrels’ and flights of fancy.

5 thoughts on “Jupiter Trine Saturn: Putting Emotional Stability to Use”

  1. Mercury square Chiron: I have it natally between Capricorn and Aries. Mental exactitude and an energetic mind is part of the picture, but so is the danger of burning companions unintentionally. Aaahhhh…since my progressed Mercury entered Pisces it’s cooled off a lot. It’s stationing retrograde now. I suppose with my natal arrangement it will just be water to contain the fire. I eat a lot more veggies these days 😉

  2. In my life the Trine to Jupiter and Saturn I see it by support and who should echo my Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the CTM in natal, perhaps most visible to the return of Jupiter in phase direct…

    Good week to all the team of Planet Waves, thank you Amanda 🙂

  3. As the Sun conjoins Pholus, it trines my Mercury & opposes my Nessus. Recent healing efforts have taken me a long way into that Mercury-Nessus sextile. The addition of Sun-Pholus to that is not something I would’ve liked to take blind. Thank you, Amanda, for the idea that “Sometimes setting off a ‘chain reaction’ or a ‘big effect with a small cause’ can have its rewards.” I love you people.

  4. Thank you Amanda. I am making an effort to focus and act upon my intentions with Mercury in Sagittarius, and combine good sense with a belief in luck. Indeed, Jupiter trine Saturn is a great way of dealing with Mercury square Chiron. Last night, I had a look at the 2013 Planet Waves readings, and I was amazed at the depth of the readings, it was very healing. I was right in abandoning the desire to be a heroine, and instead believe that I can carve a place in the world by helping out the world in a crucial way, but in an inconspicuous manner. I feel like I have a lot more energy as a result. I have Pisces Rising (9 degrees), a Virgo Sun, and a Sagittarius Moon. The readings about Transpluto (regarding Virgo) were very helpful, indeed I am more relaxed as Pluto goes through Capricorn.

  5. thank you, Amanda!
    I’m thinking that as the Moon transits Pisces today it picks up this water element and turns it into a grand water trine; seems to me a perfect time to feel the infinite love inside … eh?mary mack to you all <3

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