Today in History, 1963: Shots in Dealy Plaza

Note on Nov. 15, 2013 — one of our readers was poking around the archives and reminded me about this article. I thought I would reprise it and open up the discussion, now that we’re one week ahead of the 50th anniversary. –efc

The question of what exactly happened on Nov. 22, 1963 persists, and it will until the government releases the secrets that it’s been keeping all these years. We do have the astrological chart, however: one cannot hide the date and time of such a public event. If you’re an astrology student, memorize the data: 12:30 pm in Dallas. I have provided the chart below; in some ways it’s difficult to see what is going on. But as with the event itself, common sense has a way of prevailing. Or perhaps lies have a way of reeking in the approximate scent of their own existence.

President and Mrs. Kennedy, and Governor and Mrs. Connoly, ride in an open limousine minutes before the assassination. Photo by Victor Hugo King.
President and Mrs. Kennedy, and Governor and Mrs. Connoly, ride in an open limousine minutes before the assassination. Photo by Victor Hugo King.

I come back to this chart from time to time, from year to year, to see if I notice anything new, and here is what I can tell you today.

As background, the Sun in this chart is void of course in Scorpio; it is placed very late in that sign, at the end of the last degree. In other words, in about six hours the Sun will be in Sagittarius.

The time of day is just past noon, so the Sun is in the 9th house (the time of year determines the sign placement; the time of day determines the house). The void opens the way for a lot of mischief, if one is inclined to take advantage of it. The 9th house is the secret or hidden zone of the government, which is contained in the next house over — the 10th. Vesta is the most elevated planet in the chart, in the 10th, what you might call the presidential zone. Vesta suggests sacrifice.

Mercury is conjunct Vesta. Because Virgo is on the 8th house cusp (the house associated with the nature and cause of death), Mercury is the delegate of this house; and Mercury is conjunct Vesta in the 10th. This suggests two things: one is a human sacrifice of President Kennedy; and second that the government itself was involved. This is fairly simple: Mercury represents the nature and cause of death; Mercury is placed in the house of the president/government — the 10th. The cause and the effect are directly connected. One gets the sense that someone known to President Kennedy was involved in the plot to kill him; but writing this, that seems obvious.

We cannot judge the chart on one clue alone, an interesting one though it is. The real action in this chart is in the 12th house. We see a 12th house with three important planets, which looks like a vast library of secret or inaccessible information. That is the nature of the 12th. In this chart, the 12th points not just to the facts that underlie this incident, but to the existence of another world of which most of us are not aware. Here’s how you can tell.

The 12th house is by far the most clandestine of the lot. We think of the 8th as having the nature of secrets, but the 8th is the house of gossip and open secrets: yes, people have sex, they have complex affairs, they die and leave legacies; they make covert deals with one another; and we gab about it incessantly. That is the 8th, not the 12th. The 12th is the house which covers the things you shut up about on fear that you’re going to get killed, or lest someone think you’re insane and put you in an institution. In truth, the 12th represents another world, perhaps within our world, or perhaps parallel to it.

Click on image to enlarge.
Click on image to enlarge.

To understand this chart, we have to work a bit more with rulerships: that is, seeing where the planets that rule houses and signs end up in the chart. When you’re doing astrology, remember — a planet can rule a house that it is not placed in. We saw that with Mercury. It rules the 8th because Virgo is there; but it’s placed in the 10th. But sometimes a planet is in the house that it rules. Capricorn is on the 12th house cusp of this chart. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and we find Saturn placed inside the 12th house. In other words, Saturn is veiled from view — that is the nature of the 12th. It’s like a room in consciousness that we don’t know about, or don’t admit exists.

[This is an interpretation point worth mentioning. The 12th can be difficult to decipher, and I use two main concepts: charts where the ruler of the 12th is located in the 12th, and those where it is placed outside the 12th. In this chart, the ruler of the 12th is placed in the 12th: this house is holding its secrets carefully.]

Aquarius is in the ascendant. In traditional astrology, Saturn also rules Aquarius — and it’s in the 12th house. The ruler of either the 1st or the 12th might give a clue as to who the assassin really is, but Saturn is hidden away in the 12th; it remains a secret matter. However, we know that Saturn generally represents the government, so we could say of this chart: the government did it, but we will never know the truth. We have to live with the mystery — and this is not the mystery of the Kennedy murder, but really the mystery of the shadow government.

The whole matter is trapped in the 12th, which acts like a scrim or veil over reality. The Moon is there too (the public). This is potentially puzzling, but one common method of coping with the intense mystery of the 12th is denial; another method is deception. So there is this sense that the public is caught in the drama. That being said, if you believe the surveys, most people do not think that a lone assassin killed President Kennedy. They might have at first; the nation was in shock, and it was convenient to believe this. The lone assassin theory is convenient because it doesn’t necessitate that we rethink our reality framework. Today, nearly half a century on, a nearly a decade after Sept. 11, 2001, we can afford to be a bit more daring.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction has Pholus in the mix — and together, that is the description of a massive, uncontainable release of energy (in the style of Pholus), all of it involving the public and the government. Note that in recent years there have been a lot of transits around these Aquarius planets: Neptune, Chiron, Nessus, and Jupiter are there and a few of these have for a while. This chart is getting it pot stirred. I think we have long suspected that some Kennedy karma was up, and I think that this may be our chance to “choose once again.”

All three of these points that in the Aquarius 12th house are square Neptune in Scorpio. This is another veil — Neptune can have a flavor of the 12th, particularly Neptune in a square aspect. This is a clever chart and it was a clever conspiracy, but really, it used very old methods and took advantage of our weaknesses and our simplistic beliefs. Whoever did it knew exactly what they were doing. It would be nice if someone out there could confirm the presence of that French assassination team working from the Grassy Knoll.

Boil this chart down to its basics and here is the truth: we don’t know the real story, but most of us smell the lie. Whatever we may suspect is subject to plausible deniability (which is the stock and trade of covert ops). If and when the files are opened, what is revealed will look something like a shadow society, which reveals that the government we think we voted into power is a burlesque act, and some other government is running the show.

At the time of the assassination, anyone with a shred of intelligence could have told you something was wrong when the purported assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was himself assassinated while in police custody just two days after Kennedy was shot. That was at 11:21 am in Dallas on Sunday, Nov. 24, 1963 — a chart for a different day.

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  1. Thank you “22” and Chief Niwots son, for your kind and gentle remarks.

    – 22 I would not have used the word “guilt” to describe my feelings though I get that it might have sounded like that from what I wrote. My feelings were more oriented towards a sense of feeling invisible (a common 12th house sensation) or the feeling of not-belonging here – as in not being sure of wanting to fully incarnate into this place of violence and mayhem. Yet, my work (thank you for your compliments, they are much appreciated) shows me that without darkness/shadows, there is no depth or dimension to this physical existence. Any artist or photographer knows that it is the respectful use of shadow and negative space that can make an image compelling or not… and so it is with life itself.

    – to Chief, thank you for the reminder of that other luminous transition that happened that busy day long ago. Another favourite of mine and I did not know that he also left on the same day… how utterly fascinating that these three men whose lives had the common thread of the Journey of the Hero wrapped tightly to their own mythology should all be lifted out of here on the very same day… I shall contemplate this deeply when the sun come around to this portal degree again in a day or so. BTW, I have been blessed to have lived in the valley of your namesake and so we share more than just a connection to this epic archetype… thank you for your gentle spirit and blessings. They are both much appreciated.


  2. Clearly there were multiple shooters. They had ONE chance to get this right. Imagine if they tried and failed…

    My understanding is that this was a famous French assassination team.

  3. Green Star Gazer, you raise the question of guilt and how the few individuals who share those dates as birthdays shoulder it; it being the sense of collective guilt over a murder committed by few, or one, who knows? and over whether it is acceptable to display happiness over a happy event that same day. But it also appears as if you have been working through it with your art as a means to transcend the shadows that have been holding you,– and you did a magnificent job. I love your installations as expressions of light and lightness and of the divine feminine they are. And as those, they also transcend the events of this Nov 22, 1963 and any darkness you may have found yourself grappling with, in my opinion. It is not about the balance of light and dark. It is that there cannot be darkness where there is light.
    Maybe I watched Lord of the Rings too many times, but imo the times of the angry, and ugly white men are over as much as they may fight against it. Jackie Kennedy put it on display by not changing her dress that day and showing the world the bloodstained reality of the crime that was committed.
    It is very much about courage and the decisions we make to live our life, even in the face of the impossible. We have to let our inner lights shine brightly. Celebrating these birthdays may be part of it, part of moving on.

    I am a 10/22.

  4. I am afraid I can’t find the video that I watched a week or so ago, that looked very much like the limo driver did the deed. I did find this video, however, that does a great job of frame by frame slo-mo … I can see the driver’s left hand and am not sure that it is empty. The next frame (312) has a glare making it hard to see … then the film goes back to speed; “business as usual”. The slo-mo video ends just before the shot.

    Does that mean I think the driver shot him? Not really, and after all this time does it really matter. Do I think that people in high places were part of the conspiracy? Yes, very much so.

  5. PS- November 22, 1963 was also the day that Aldous Huxley passed beyond the veils (with the help of some LSD-25, given via injection by his beloved wife).

    Green-Star-gazer: I feel connected to this event because I was born on JFK’s birthday, before he was elected President, when the world seemed a more promising place. I offer you my blessings as you continue your deep quest for Wisdom.

  6. Thank you 22 for that link…. the information is fascinating and compelling. We Americans find it particularly challenging to embrace the dueling ideas that our country is supposed to represent the highest ideals of individual freedom and yet the government probably has a Dark and sinister core that is operating behind all the sturm and drang that now fills the theatrical presentation that is crafted for public consumption. We just don’t know what do do with the truth we feel in our gut… and that is our dilemma.

    Nov. 22 1963 was the day my innocence was taken away from me. It was my 9th birthday. An impressionable age. The kids in my class were all stunned and silent when the teacher came in, ashen-faced, and delivered the news that President Kennedy had been shot and was dead. The room was plunged into silence for what seemed like eons. What broke the silence were two things; the sobs of the teacher who had collapsed at her desk and the smarty-pants bully of the class turning around and saying flippantly to me : “Happy Birthday to you !”. I was struck with horror then and have ever since felt that I was somehow cursed. How could I ever celebrate MY birthday ever again when it would always be remembered as HIS death?

    I am now just a week or so past my second Saturn return. My Sun is the exact same degree to the arc minute of the JFK death chart and is in the 12th house, along with Rx Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Ceres, Lilith and Pallas Athene. Ever since this event I have been haunted by how deeply personal this event is for me and yet I had nothing to do with it. Every year however my birthday would be over-shadowed by reliving the tragedy, the mythic story of the Hero’s untimely death… how could I possibly deserve life when I felt so tied to this death? How does one celebrate life when all around you everyone is thinking about tragedy, conspiracy, and death? This has been the unconscious paradox which has been getting worked and re-worked as I inhabit this body, walking on this planet, circling this sun. Every year I cannot find it in myself to “celebrate” my birthday because the world is focused on death… and not just any death, but perhaps the biggest single-person death story of my lifetime. This is just such a paradox.
    It’s kind of funny… I had decided (to myself before I had figured out what year this was in relation to the assassination) that since this birthday was also just a couple of weeks after my Saturn return that THIS year I was going to try and break free from my ties to the JFK incident once and for all and try to reclaim my own life for itself. And true to form, and the 12th house veils of delusion, nothing could be further from possibility! There has been an endless stream of remembrances this year due to it being the 50th anniversary. I give up! 🙂

    I’ve often thought that there must be a support group out there for people who were born on November 22 and old enough to have been personally impacted by the event when it happened. It is remarkable to share your very personal birthday with an event that the collective cannot get past. I imagine that it must be the same for those were were young kids celebrating their birthday on September 11th. But the JFK event is different… this was personal. The tragic and untimely death of the “Hero” – archetypally speaking.. No matter how you view him as a person, that is the myth that has grown up around his story now. And because it is archetypal, it goes deep to the core of the unconscious in us all.

    One of the reasons (albeit unconscious ones ) I came to study Astrology was to try and understand my incarnational relationship with this collective event. One of my teachers said that the 29th degree of Scorpio was all about the “quintessence” of Death as a gateway to understanding. I guess it is all still a work-in-progress for me… apparently.

  7. Lolly, I’ve seen this. Have you got a YouTube of it? She leaps onto the back of the limo and a secret service guy guides her back into the car. But I don’t think the driver shot him. the kill shot likely came from the knoll or the drain.

    It was a famous French assassination team that did the job.

  8. I appreciate the astrology lesson of this today, Eric. Especially as the Sun is currently transiting my Moon. The ruler of my 12th is in my 12th. It has me thinking about the secrets I am keeping carefully, perhaps even hiding from myself.

  9. How many have seen the footage showing Kennedy’s limo driver apparently pointing a gun back over his right shoulder, with the puff of smoke, then Jackie scrambling onto the trunk lid?

  10. “I shouted out, “Who killed the Kennedys?”
    When after all, It was you and me
    Let me please introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and taste…
    And I laid traps for troubadours
    Who get killed before they reached Bombay
    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game, oh yeah, get down, baby…”

    JFK and I share a birthday. He was murdered by people acting out the darkness in the Heart of America, people from within our government, a government founded on the blood of innocents. But what’s puzzling you, is just the nature of the Game.

    Eric, nice of you to share this again on the Ides of November.

  11. Hey awordedgewise – Barack was in a dream of *mine* this morning (Monday the 23rd)!

    I was in a limo with him, Michelle, the driver, and some other(s). It was a very smooth ride — I really noticed that. We were going down an urban street (supposedly one I know in San Francisco, but it didn’t look like it), with office buildings on the side of the street I was looking at (the passenger side). I felt uneasy, that there wasn’t enough security to make sure no one was in one of those windows with a loaded rifle.

    I actually commented to Michelle about this, and she nodded and said she was “counting the days” until he was out of office and, therefore, “safe”. I sort of apologized for bringing up the topic, but I had been reminded of it “because of yesterday.” (meaning the anniversary of the JFK assassination) [note: it’s very unusual for me to have correct Waking Reality time references in my dreams.]

    I then became aware that Barack was talking with someone — the driver? Secret Service? — and basically waved off the concern. He wasn’t worried about it.

    I was aware that we were headed for a hospital, for someone to have a baby, even though Michelle didn’t look pregnant. We arrived at the hospital [there is actually a hospital on the street it was “supposed to be”]. I noticed that it had been repainted — from blue to gold & green. I exclaimed about this, saying something like “what, is this supposed to be Notre Dame?” (meaning the university).

    The dream then morphed into another totally different one, still very detailed and involved. I wrote it all down upon awakening, and it’s been with me all day.

  12. I think we can add current events into discussion – 60s feeling but overtly economically based……kids arrested over the weekend protesting at the UC campuses over a 32% tuition increase – on top of a 10% increase that was only just implemented.

    No jobs, now no school….this ‘war’ is not overseas; the sniper is among us.

  13. Shanna,

    Part of why we don’t begin again is that our thought pattern is focused on how things were yesterday. That is, the obsession with the past is less about the long past (most people have little concept of this) but rather about the day before; it’s about making sure we are the same person from day to day. Change is terrifying to so many people, even on the smallest scale. This has to do with how fragile the ego’s sense of existence is. It cannot really exist in the present. To the extent that we glorify the ego, or affirm it through fear, reaction, and so on, we establish the patterns of history by refusing to change ourselves; by refusing to allow ourselves to change, often in the smallest and most modest ways.


  14. Fe- Perhaps it’s the Cap in me that gets me stuck in history, but your thoughts about the Millennials popped a few thoughts loose. Of course. Why should the future be totally about the past? Why not begin again now?

    We do need to nurture their dreams. When we grumble about their addictions to social media and their milli-second memories, we forget how useful is it is to live in the NOW. To be so loosely tethered to the weight of what-was. That’s a gift to innovation. And innovation that releases us from old dependencies (like petroleum/coal) is what we need now. (I know I’m preaching to old choir members here. 🙂 )

    Speaking of China: the mining accident this week (yesterday?) has me thinking about the hard lessons of “progress” China faces. If we set the old standard for capitalism, surely we can set a new, improved one.

  15. Shanna:

    I’m halfway convinced about it being an economic shakeup. I think its also about wringing the very last drop out of an old system in fear of the approaching new. Peak oil is long past, and reserves have been planned out for distribution for the next few decades–and the leading consumers won’t be us, but Asia, specifically China.

    I think our future destiny lies in the creation of new: sustainable growth, energy, jobs, and greening. That is not a pipe dream. I think its our only option. We need to be as creative and resourceful as we possibly can.

    I see bits and pieces of it here and there–particularly from the Millennials in my circle. These kids have nowhere to go but here, and they are going to move with it with invention and creativity. We need to nourish them in that.

  16. #

    This is not the republicanism of Ike or even Nixon.

    The merger with the fundy christians is a new entity. It should not have the same name.

    Agreed. Ike or Nixon could not pass as “decent” Republicans if they campaigned today. Whatever Republicanism is today, it should have a different name.

    But how many people really see this? And how many people have continued to cast their votes based on sentiment, family history, a sense of tribal identity? Only a serious economic crisis like this could shake such loyalty.

  17. Patty,

    I think there are differences between the very large scifi type plans a good old fashioned revenge; which JFK is likely to have been — or the attempt to get him out of the way because of an agenda that he was blocking.

    I think we need to keep the chart in the context of the event. If it points to something larger, we need another chart to anchor that in — or an event in this chart, such as a transit or a progression, that we can tangibly apply. That is the beauty of astrology: it is rooted in the location and time of a real world event.

    I don’t think we need a unified field theory of human existence any more than the one that seems to work fine: the idea of the ego being an identity made of fear, separation and lack. Once we grasp that the ego is an identity of these elements, it will be a lot easier to see the alternative; and to account for so much of the darkness humans perpetuate on themselves and one another.


  18. President Eisenhower warned everyone about the military industrial complex,

    It is not really a political issue at all, but a control of the money supply. From what I understand, the money is now all in the hands of (controlled by) a few people so the next natural step in this shadow of the shadow of the shadow is to depopulate the planet and save it for themselves too. The good news is, the wars are probably mostly over. The bad news is, there are still too many people. Hello pandemic.

    This is the 12th house I keep smelling.

  19. From an article I found today through Andrew Sulllivan’s Daily DIsh. A letter written 46 years ago to newly-sworn in President Lyndon Johnson about the conditions of extremism in East Texas:

    November 24, 1963

    President Lyndon B Johnson
    The White House
    Washington D.C.

    Dear Mr. President:

    In this time of mourning and appreciating how very busy you are, I still must write about existing conditions here in East Texas, even if you are too busy to read this, because I feel it is my duty to do so. I wanted to write President Kennedy’s staff and try to get them to persuade him not to go to Dallas but unfortunately didn’t do it for fear of being that crank or busy–body. This time I will risk that appellation. I am frightened at conditions that prevail in East Texas.

    Mr. President, the easy thing and what is desperately trying to be done [is] to convince a stunned nation and world that Mr. Kennedy’s murder was the work of some deranged crackpot, and while the trigger was pulled by such a one, perhaps the atmosphere that made it inevitable was the hatred of the people (I don’t mean every one of them but a big majority) who wanted Mr. Kennedy and any one connected with him out of the White House. A week ago this might have sounded ridiculous but subsequent events lend it credence, I believe.

    There is a virus of disrespect and hate spreading here very rapidly. And unless one lives right here with it, day in and day out, it is unbelievable how quickly and subtly it infects reasonably intelligent persons. This is not too hard to understand only if one recognizes the unremitting, deep, bitter religious and racial prejudice existing today in this section of our land — I don’t know if any of them are similarly infected in other sections, but I know personally of what I speak as regards East Texas. In fact, although nearly every one indignantly denies having any racial or religious prejudice to the point where he deceives even himself in this matter, after listening seriously to protestations of horror and shock one can almost hear a collective sigh in essence, “Too bad he had to die but after all a Catholic is no longer in the White House and this ought to set the ‘niggers’ back on their heels for awhile!”

    It is painful to some of us I know to give credence to such a condition so we blind ourselves and blame a mentally confused person — forgetting in our desire to remove the blame from ourselves that where religious and racial prejudice prevails, not just the killer but all are mentally confused. When this prejudice is played upon adroitly and exploited actively (as in our locality) by such groups as The American Fact-Finding Committee and many more [of] that ilk, for instance the John Birchers, etc., it soon fans into a situation as exists here, many, many citizens ridden by a vicious hate which inevitably erupts and expresses itself in violence — as in the case of Mr. Kennedy’s murder in Dallas.

    A strong evidence of this was the recent demonstration of violence against Ambassador Stevenson in Dallas, and even more clearly by an article carried in the Dallas News (a 100% anti-Kennedy sheet) stating that Mr. Bruce Alger [then-congressman from Dallas, and the only Republican in the Texas delegation] advised the citizens of Dallas there was absolutely no need to feel apologetic about this incident — everyone being free to express his opinion. He neglected to specify the degree of violence of such expression. And the citizens vote for Bruce Alger! So what can one expect? I just heard the flash about Oswald being shot and also the theory that is was caused by mass hysteria. That is here, all night, but I think rather there are certain groups and individuals who wish to insure Oswald’s complete and continuing silence because, knowing the ‘temper’ of Dallas, I can’t believe a known police character of Ruby’s caliber would risk his neck through any feeling of patriotism or love for Mr. Kennedy — can you?

    I don’t know if anything can be done about the festering sore of prejudice and hatred on our social structure here, but I doubt if you can know its deadliness unless you are in constant, daily touch, and I thought it my duty to mention it, in that case, even though you may consider I am an alarmist and am exaggerating. I only wish I were.


    Charlotte Essman

  20. Urgh. Sorry.

    Add to the Ike paragraph: And why many Americans persist in trusting Republican administrations. We still like Ike. Ike means the Good Old Days when gas was cheap and cars were big, and we were still winners. Democrats always give us paradox, complexity and doubt. Grrr.

  21. 1952 was the year Eisenhower was elected, as Chiron was in Capricorn. Though I doubt “Ike” would recognize much about today’s Republican party, he’s the president who’s closely associated with the good feelings of the post-war boom years –a victorious general from a victorious country. But with Chiron in Cap, you can’t imagine the good folks in Washington were actually helping their fellow Americans.

    That was sort of the beginning of that Chiron narrative.

    (Btw, the 1846/7 opposition saw the birth of the Mexican-American war (sort of practice before we had our own Civil War), the conquest/annexation of California, and the discovery of Neptune.

    I note Fall ’68 through ’69 was when Chiron met the Aries Point. Just a few months after the relatively peaceful Woodstock, we got December’s Altamont at the AP –definitely the end of peace and love. All the oppositions of the 70’s were in Aries.

    So if the Aqua conjuncts are where your answer is at, what to do (interpretively) about the swarm of Chiron/Uranus oppositions? The prior century’s oppositions were piddly encounters compared to the 20th c. Does the Pisces/Chiron Virgo/Uranus opposition matter in this chart? Or is it background texture?

  22. Holy toledo! Okay, Tracy’s software says Chiron/Uranus opposition (in any sign) happened 35 times between ’52 and ’75, then skips a decade to ’85 for another 8 exact alignments.

    But here’s the interesting part: there hadn’t been a Chiron/Uranus opposition since 1846/7 (with only 4 exact alignments), and there won’t be another until 2096.

    Which makes the mid-20th century Chiron/Uranus activity, well, really really active. What’s more the mid-20th century activity Chiron begins in Capricorn and ends in the 70’s in Aries. The 80’s picks up with Gemini and ends in the first degrees of Cancer.

    Thinking about the history of this century, I’m sure we could easily construct a Chiron narrative through the signs.

    Thanks for asking us to look, e.

  23. Considering any politician is supposed to represent the needs and opinions of the people he represents and not his personal beliefs that he should have every right to keep private….

    Sad that the word “unbelievable” doesn’t fit. It’s all too believable.

  24. I find it unbelievable that the Bishops chose this day to refuse communion to Ted Kennedy’s son, the day after after the Health care Bill finally was voted to come to the floor and on the 46th Anniversary
    ( but maybe I should not be so naive)

    I wonder what deals the Church has made regarding Health care and upcoming elections

    An aqaurian field of light sounds good to me…..

  25. Eric: I’ve had an inner push to intensionally visualize protective light around Obama ever since he was nominated, but especially when he was elected. Do you suppose this kind of awareness could be the thing that helps us move past this crisis without sacrificing another king? Well, there was Michael Jackson, but I don’t think many people saw him as someone who needed protection. We just fed on him as a king of entertainment.

    But hey, has anyone noticed that Christianity basically enshrines human sacrifice as the preferred method of scapegoating by focusing on the crucifixion? The Last Supper I think is a story to illustrate the idea that something as simple as bread and wine can be offered as a sacrifice. Focusing so much on the crucifixion imprints the vision of rebels murdered by the state on everyone who grows up with crucifixes everywhere. Dead men nailed to wooden crosses looming over fearful congregations say”obey the Fathers or they’ll do this to YOU.” Of course if you focused on the teachings of Jesus instead of the death of Jesus you’d have a really hard time justifying endless war.

    I think that festivals like Burning Man DO make a huge difference by helping tens of thousands of people process our ancient desires to perform scapegoat ceremonies in ways that don’t result in people killing each other. The ritual at the end helps to mark the experience in our memories so that it can influence our choices back in the “default” world. We can give our deeper minds visceral experiences that acknowledge grief in a way that allows it to be eaten by the flames and ground to dust by the dance.
    If the Man wasn’t enough you still get the Temple where you can place your own talismans and watch them go up in flames, %100 witch free. Without cleaning our basements like this periodically the monsters emerge without our consent in murder and mayhem and the burning of the contemporary version of “witch”.

    Another note about the Scorpio- Ceres separating from Neptune- do you think this could refer to this moment being a crisis point where many people began to question the American Dream as if waking up from a foggy nightmare? As though the murder of the president lots of people loved (Mars as ruler of Scorpio conjunct Venus in Sag 10th house) also murdered lots of people’s faith in the government and in authority in general. A real backhanded way of waking us up to the necessity of realizing our inner authority?

  26. As I do not regularly watch or read the “news” or such, I am surprised when my dreams have political figures in them. I was surprised upon waking Saturday morning that I had dreamed of Obama……not of him specifically as much as it was a dream showing me that that in fact he understand what was “going on” and that much of what we are going through (choices he is helping us to make) is with an understanding that to correct much that is wrong, we must live through a lot of those “wrongs”.

    To frame it another way….we have to play the game in order to “win” it.

    Does that make sense? Anyway – surprised further to see this article today as my optimistic dream seems to have a fit in there somewhere.

  27. Eric, Fe,
    You are not alone with the ‘ACFP’ field of protection for Obama. There are many more with us as well.

  28. Chiron and Uranus were opposite one another 40+ times during the 50s, 60s and 70s. It’s easy to calculate a list of these on Serennu. Anyone wanna try? Go to ASPECTS.

  29. Also Fe,

    I think that a conscious Aquarian Cosmic Friendship Power field of protection around him. The power of two minds to do something is incredible. Imagine we hold that protection field, aware of many others who are doing the same thing?


  30. You asked whose grief and answered that it’s our own. I looked for Ceres and Ceres is just separating from a conjunction with Neptune. In the 9th house I think this speaks to the dreams and nightmares America preserved from our largely European ancestry. It’s like we lived in the Dark Ages for so long we kinda got addicted to being there and we keep trying to go back. Murdering progressive kings seems like killing the devil that threatens our safety but it’s really only a vain and ineffective attempt to stop the world from turning.

    Also I don’t think we collectively mourned the tragedy of WWII as we rocketed to a national high as the victors of the war and the new king of the world called Superpower.
    Whatever the outcome of the war many Americans didn’t see their loved ones come home. The ones who did all too often seemed like they were paying attention to someplace other than now, still armored against the explosions and terror they had just passed through. How many of them got therapy? Whatever your belief about the glory of war it’s reality is hard on our watery bodies. Those nightmares unacknowledged and projected would be extremely dangerous. Could our unconscious desires to mourn have had a role in manifesting a blatant reason to do so?

  31. I suspect a lot of people have had this question bubbling on the back burner for a long time now — even people who aren’t generally inclined to conspiracy theories.

    In 7th grade science class we did a unit on forensic science. At my home, I came upon a copy of “Six Seconds in Dallas”, signed by the author. Turns out my aunt had typed up the manuscript (she worked with the author at a local college where he was a professor).

    The book totally intrigued me. I still vividly remember a lot of the details, including the exhibit number of “The Bullet” (CE399). And the frames from the Zapruder film. Oh, and the photo of Oswald being shot, his reaction. Very powerful for a young ‘un like myself.

    To a fairly mature 7th grader, it seemed ridiculous that anyone would believe that it could have happened the way the government said. And that the Warren Commission was unbiased. I remember feeling so frustrated that the case was “closed”.

    But things like this are never truly “closed”. Heh.

  32. Public mourning? Shock and grief?

    I’m interested in the opposition between Chiron at 10+ Pisces and Uranus at 9+ Pisces. Uranus is conjunct the Vertex (turning point) and Pluto. And, well, we know what Pluto’s about. But they bring the Me/You axis, so sudden loss of partnership. Broken dreams, et al. Chiron in Pisces would give Americans the feeling that the loss was spiritual crisis, a feeling that God had abandoned us. Something had been swiped (Pluto), and I think that something was a bit of our national naivete.

    Also on the mutable cross is Nessus, and close by Hylonome at 8+ Gemini. These oppose the stellium in Sagg in the 10th. In fact, Hylonome forms its closest opposition to Merc/Vesta on the MC. All that Sagg stuff seems to want to distance itself from the scene. Intellectualize it perhaps, philosophize and form think tanks, but never embrace the grief as its own. I find Lillith here interesting, too. We know parts of the story, but I think the chart supports the theory that our government was divided over a rogue element with an ideological agenda that defied the interests/dreams of the people (people down in the 4th house, the house of the Moon where Hylonome/Nessus are in this chart).

  33. I thought of Obama’s ascendant today when first reading Eric’s post earlier today….

    Maybe I am sensitive to it as mine is two degrees away – earlier

    My question to Eric is in a year or two Nessus will be conjunct Obama;s ascendent
    how do you see that playing out in our counrty……

    There seems to be a lot of projecting on Obama – re the Kennedy’s maybe
    he is opening up a forgotten memory – a wound that needs to be looked at.

    I most certainly have this now – facing the wound that coming out in my body

  34. Eric:

    So true with that. And even though in the 60s, there seemed to be more news “journalism” in the classic sense, now we have a huge information community, which is global, and it has increased awareness.

    Ahh, Aquarius…

    Now, off to wage dance this morning. Be back soon!!!

  35. I don’t think that with Obama any thing is a given.

    We have something we can work with, which is awareness. We also have the Internet, which spreads awareness (as well as fear). We need to keep saying, over and over, that we are aware of this issue and we’re not putting up with it.

    “They” read our websites and their underground search engines are analyzing what we say to one another. It may be actual reading, it may be statistical analysis — but awareness counts.

  36. Here is what Tracy said this morning:

    Chariklo exactly rising. Solte USA chart [Scorpionic America] also has Chariklo exactly rising in Aquarius. [That chart is published somewhere on Planet Waves and also in Astrodatabank.]

    Sun conjunct Cyllarus – the alpha male – theme: shot out of nowhere, etc.

    Moon conjunct Damocles, Pandora and Isis – and opposite Isis-transpluto.

    Pluto square GA/Psyche in Sagg, and square Achilles in Gemini.

    Same ascendant as Obama. And Sun on Obama’s MC, which was also the position of the VOC moon for his inauguration. He also has Chariklo close to his Asc. And his Moon is on the IC of the assassination chart. There’s a relationship, people are pinning their hopes on him in the same way.


    Interesting as ever. Thank you Tracy.

  37. These lyrics are always a set piece for this anniversary:

    Please allow me to introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and taste
    I’ve been around for a long, long year
    Stole many a man’s soul and faith

    And I was ’round when Jesus Christ
    Had his moment of doubt and pain
    Made damn sure that Pilate
    Washed his hands and sealed his fate

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    I stuck around St. Petersburg
    When I saw it was a time for a change
    Killed the Czar and his ministers
    Anastasia screamed in vain

    I rode a tank
    in the general’s rank
    When the Blitzkrieg raged
    And the bodies stank

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
    Ah, what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game, oh yeah
    (woo woo, woo woo)

    I watched with glee
    While your kings and queens
    Fought for ten decades
    For the gods they made
    (woo woo, woo woo)

    I shouted out,
    “Who killed the Kennedys?”
    When after all
    It was you and me
    (who who, who who)

    Let me please introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and taste
    And I laid traps for troubadours
    Who get killed before they reached Bombay
    (woo woo, who who)

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
    (who who)
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game, oh yeah, get down, baby
    (who who, who who)

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
    But what’s confusing you
    Is just the nature of my game
    (woo woo, who who)

    Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners saints
    As heads is tails
    Just call me Lucifer
    ‘Cause I’m in need of some restraint
    (who who, who who)

    So if you meet me
    Have some courtesy
    Have some sympathy, have some taste
    (woo woo)
    Use all your well-learned politesse
    Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, mmm yeah
    (woo woo, woo woo)

  38. Actually I don’t charge to teach, or rather I have not, but I do spend time wondering about peoples’ values toward learning astrology: I don’t get a lot of requests, but Planet Waves is designed to teach. Then I wonder: in an era of instant communication and plugging an application into your iPhone, how do you approach a subject that can take five years to get a handle on and 10 years to do well? One very odd thing about the current moment is that many, many of the younger astrology students are subsumed by the ancient techniques of Helenistic astrology; and not learning the new discoveries at the same time. The retro movement does not surprise me, but the simultaneous reticence to learn the new planets does. (Apparently this was predicted by Dane Rudhyar, who said specifically that as new planets are discovered, old techniques would be brought out in reaction.)

    The didactic style in this piece is a reference back to when I wrote Astrology Secrets Revealed for Jonathan (note, all those articles [104 of them, each with many sections] are still online on both his site and my site — easily found by searching that phrase). Usually I mask the teaching style in something more “stylish” so that it can do a better job at passing for journalism. But don’t miss the obvious — I am leaving my margin notes in every article, and making my thought process as transparent as I can make it. Each article in Planet Waves builds on the previous one.

    I left something out of this article and I would like to open the floor: where do we see the shock and grief in this chart? It was a moment like no other in our country’s history. There were days of shocked silence. Business, theaters, shopping districts and schools closed. People stayed in. Compare to Sept. 11, a day the government used as an excuse to start two wars: Bush told everyone to go out to dinner — that would help the economy.

    This chart was equally a watershed. It ended something before it had a chance to take hold; and at the same time, it spurred something that might not have begun. First using the major planets (24 points, above) let’s see what comes out, on this issue — I will take another look at the chart.

    Here are the minor planets, from Tracy’s website —

    Tracy has added a 90-degree sort option, so that you can look at the three crosses independently of one another.

  39. Excellent piece, Eric. I have been an avid student of this conspiracy for many years (Scorpio Sun Sign ) The assembly point is near.

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