Into the Season of Beltane

Before I get into how wonderful the idea of Beltane is (this being the season of that Pagan holiday) I want to briefly talk about some activity around the Aries Point. There is a pretty big event coming, connected to the Aries Point, which has a way of magnifying the news and making world events seem deeply personal.

The May Pole is a traditinoal Beltane dance that celebrates the phallus. The community dances around the pole and weaves the web of life.

First, two paragraphs of technical explanation, easy does it. The Aries Point is the first degree of the sign Aries, which is the first degree of the zodiac. By extension, that includes the first degree of Libra (opposite the first degree of Aries) and then the first degrees of Cancer and Capricorn (the four cardinal signs). The same basic effect happens whenever there is an event early in any of these signs. This is where the Sun is for any equinox or solstice, called the Quarter Days. Holidays — and big events — naturally gather around these points in space-time.

Yet it works one other way — if you divide the distance between the first days of the seasons, you come out in the middle of the fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. We also get an Aries Point effect when the Sun crosses the midpoint of any of the fixed signs, or when there is some kind of noteworthy event. When the Sun gets to one of these zones, we get what’s called a Cross Quarter Day. These are the Pagan holidays that include Beltane and Samhain (pronounced sah-wen, which is Halloween).

We are now close to the midpoint of the Sun’s transit through Taurus, and on the day that happens, we get a Full Moon — the Scorpio Full Moon, spanning the exact midpoint of Taurus and Scorpio. This is a full-strength Aries Point event because of its precision and because both the Sun and the Moon are involved. This happens Saturday, May 5 at 11:35 pm.

So, we have a potent Full Moon approaching, and though it’s about a week off, we’re going to be feeling the effects like a gradually rising emotional tide that will peak and crest overnight Saturday to Sunday. This will come with all the well-known themes of Taurus and Scorpio — such as sex, sensuality, resources and the exchange of resources. Then there are a diversity of psychological subtexts — the abuse of power, fear and shame associated with our physical bodies, and what are commonly called ‘gender issues’ — the ways in which gender translates to matters of power and subjugation.

In short, all the subjects that dog most people most of the time, and which we seem to utterly suck at dealing with. Encrypted in this Full Moon is every desire we could ever imagine as well, and (at least) the potential to make it real. Our posts this week will be a series of comments on these themes, and the High Sabbath of Beltane, though first, an opening thought.

It is repugnant to some that in astrology and in life, money is associated with sex. That’s a lot of what we seem to find across the Taurus-Scorpio axis. But this is only in a culture that is obsessed with money for its own sake, and with sexualizing every car, every bite of food and every cell phone service. Money is divorced from the concept of resources and further severed from the Earth, which provides those resources so generously. Sex is severed from communication, pleasure, affection and creativity. Reproduction is still OK as long as kids aren’t given any knowledge of their bodies.

It is into this bizarre environment that we are being re-introduced to the idea that all wealth comes from the Earth, that our existence and subsistence (in the form, for example, of food) is the product of some sexual process.

As for the exchange of sex for money: that may indeed be not just the oldest profession but the oldest transaction. If you believe the authors of Sex at Dawn, a book about the actual, genetically (and socially) documented sexual patterns of humans and other primates, the “I will hunt and provide protection for you” reciprocated by “You can fuck me, and I will raise your offspring” is exceeded in age only by actual mountains.

That, however, is not the point of Beltane. The idea of Beltane is men and women connecting in a way that honors the Earth as the source of all life. The tradition of having sex with someone other than your significant other, that is, kind of randomly (with ritual fucking in the fields) honors sex as an offering to the Earth, with a little joke about how important it is to shuffle the genetic deck (and spice up your erotic life) every now and then.

45 thoughts on “Into the Season of Beltane”

  1. thanks Carrie for your beautiful support and words. šŸ˜‰

    The thing people often misunderstand with Scorp’s that you get, is that we ourselves don’t necessarily know what is bothering us. And we need to be able to retreat to stoke that fire, to set ourselves ablaze in a heat of phoenix ritual energy, to burn and die repeatedly. When we emerge, we don’t really have the answer either. We just feel charged. Then in a sudden least expected moment, we can understand what we were processing. We NEED someone to give us that space without debate, questions, or tiresome explanations.

    (ps, I have a loose grand trine with Venus, Lilith, Ceres in Cap, Vesta in Virgo, and Moon in Taurus. I’m not sure what that means, but it feels like some grounding energy there.)

  2. “I need time to open up, to feel safe, to feel like my voice is not going to be squashed out of existence. No woman will ever have that power over me.”

    That is SO Scorpio, yanno? And the submission of Piscean women is why you are drawn to them; they are submission to that depth in you just as I am submission to that depth in David. I FEEL his fear of being controlled so I open up myself so much to him because then; in baring my soft and vulnerable side, he KNOWS where I can be hurt and my trust that he won’t hurt me makes him willing to trust ME in return.

    No one connects with a Scorpio male by force; it must be in trust by first baring MY soul to any chance of harm which brings out his protectiveness of me and makes him slowly bare his. Which is what he did.

    I often wonder if any air or fire sign can ever get that depth of connection? I know earth can, I am very earthy and sensual too (Cap moon and Virgo rising to his Cap rising and Cancer moon). That earth is also where I am grounded. A Capricorn moon (with Satrun right next to it) says “keep your feelings grounded, have restraints on them, hold back sometimes in order to be clear and circumspect” (a perfect word for how this restraint feels). Keep these feelings in check to maintain the status quo (another Cappy phrase).

    But yes, his Scorpio does ground me very well even as I pull him deep with me at times.

    I have shown David some of the things I write and I have shared these feelings with him already; he seems to be fine with them. Yet he has difficulty expressing himself; this means his response is inside where I cannot see it. I can feel it in his actions sometimes. It is that inability to speak them which causes me to sometimes connect in communication with other watery males (communicate only) because I crave communication as well as subtle actions.

    “The problem for me up to this point is that I pushed back because it was too much too soon. And then once that happened, she was never coming back. Done. So slippery, the fish just swam away.”

    From my own experiences, I believe this happened because the fish felt hurt that you pushed back; that is such a rejection of the complete openness and offering the fish do that it hurts deeply. Each time I am pushed away it feels awful inside and I then believe that I am not to BE with that person. It is also about how fish don’t like to pressure anyone; coercion is not our modus operandi. If we get rejected we take that rejection as settled and we walk away. We won’t fight for you, especially after revealing so much of our vulnerable selves already.

    Just as the fish are open, vulnerable, and elusive, I know that Scorpios, when finally in a deep and open and trusting relationship, can get so deeply hurt that they will never recover. That doesn’t mean they won’t be able to live or go on; it means they never forget and once that trust is broken, it cannot be put back the same. That makes me know that to ever have sex with another, even if David gave permission out of his desire to please me, would damage that trust between us and I hold his Scorpio trust and very guarded heart in my hands. I am not stupid enough to think I can just merrily do as I please and then come back to him as though nothing has changed; it would have changed permanently within him and so I will not ever do that to him. His trust in me is a sacred and profound thing, placed in my hands for safe keeping. I am deeply honored and in submission to that trust. It makes me cry that he trusts me that way.

    I hope you find what you need, desire, and want, HS. You sound so very wonderfully able to communicate your deepest feelings. You have no idea how valuable that is for so many women. Perhaps instead of pushing back on the next fish who opens up to you; you could gently beg her compassion for your fears.

    Yes, let her know you fear (I know that is hard for Scorpios) and she may just choose to fiercely protect you by going more slowly and gently. You see, David let me know he was afraid; he said it and was vulnerable to me which made me work all the harder to go slowly and carefully with him. He was worth the wait and because he didn’t push back but rather let me know he was afraid, I didn’t feel rejected so I stayed.

  3. Carrie, That’s a wonderful explanation. So clear. Thanks for that. “Problem is, sex with certain partners can cause me to feel more of a relationship connection if I feel connected to the partner before having sex with them.” It so important for Pisces to have some structure, and that is what you’re saying works for you best. Having the feelings you’re having sexually for others feels like you simply connecting with the vibrations of others. That’s how you roll. Getting caught in those currents is another thing all together. It’s fundamental to have some kind of anchor within our core.

    Have you ever had this conversation with David? Just openly expressing what you’re feeling, your fears, etc? If you read him that post, how would you feel? How do you think he would feel?

    As a Scorp, I think I would love to hear it. If I reacted badly, that would probably be my insecurity to work out and strengthen. I mean there is something so beautiful about Piscean women, and the Scorp energy can be incredibly grounding. I have had a few encounters with Pisces and the sex attraction is almost immediate. The problem for me up to this point is that I pushed back because it was too much too soon. And then once that happened, she was never coming back. Done. So slippery, the fish just swam away. Any attempts to restart it was met with misunderstandings and fighting. Okay, maybe she was the problem. I had just disrobed, had just “kicked my mother out on the street”, was in the process of selling my co-owned house (with my mom), in the process of moving/packing, and sexually all fucked up. We met for dinner, and by the end of it we were intensely necking on the open street. In her car, we had more fun. But, I couldn’t invite her over, and recommending a hotel room made her feel all of a sudden like a prostitute. Then we left for the night and tried to meet up another night. But I was living at my moms’ new apt for that week, completely in emotional limbo and on the brink of another breakdown, and all she wanted to do was fuck me. No way. I said I can’t do this. Well, it never got back on the rails. Probably a good thing too! I mean, wow. So, yeah, it was her. But I’ve tried with a couple more Piscean’s and it’s tough to find one that space of understanding. Another one would call me drunk, trying to have a conversation while she literally drooled on the phone. And I have one friend, who, just hugging her feels so warm and lovely. But she’s gay. Argh.

    So I continue to love Pisces gals. They’re special peeps. There’s still one I’m trying to get to know, but it prob won’t happen. I need to respect her space and where she’s at currently. They are part of her path. If she wants me, she knows my phone number. šŸ™‚

    One thing I’d like to share, is my upbringing around my mom has been mostly positively influential. But she can take over if allowed. It was fine when I was younger, and she’s a good teacher. I’m a better man for my mom, sure. I’m a better man because I am able to utilize that situation to my benefit. But I was slowly living vicariously through her. Her voice replacing mine, my choices for hers, my desires for service to her. And enter Pluto in Cap, and yeah, fucking stand back cause here comes HugS! And it’s been a consistent and almost relentless push against her dominance. Oh, she’s a lovely Taurus woman, very caring, etc. But she doesn’t quite have enough insight, in my opinion on how she disallows others to be themselves. Her opinions or experiences are subtly and not so subtly paramount to others. And is exhausting. It can where you down to the bone. And yet I love her very much.

    My point in my rambling here is, I’m more heightened to this aspect in relationships. I need time to open up, to feel safe, to feel like my voice is not going to be squashed out of existence. No woman will ever have that power over me. My space is a sacred space of love. It is a regenerative home to cultivate my creative and sexual expression. I welcome the woman who understands and respects this, because my capacity for devotion and love, like you Carrie, is so deep.


  4. Should’ve said Carrie I’m so admiring of people who speak astrology (see the patterns and can say something), I’ve never learned – maybe in another life or when I retire!

  5. Carrie, Paolo Coehlo talks of all these things in Aleph (desire for others, loyalty to another, art, techniques for clarity and releasing overwhelming desire/emotion, past lives, mutable energy etc etc) if you ever pick it up. I read it this week. I have began to turn down the corners of pages in books that are ‘important’ and many books have one or none or two or three. That one had 15 or 20 even tho I read it with ambivalence – he was ridiculous sometimes!!! Another was one of Stephen Buhner’s books about plants and industry.


  6. “Think your fears are completely natural, but ungrounded, dear Carrie.”

    Natural yes, but ungrounded…no. I have had direct experience of how powerful and intense (I AM a very intense person) the attachment is for me when I have sex and am not expecting to feel a deep attachment and then it happens and I am a mess; making very stupid choices as a result of it. I was younger then but I don’t want to go through THAT again because now that I am older…I KNOW better how to prevent it so not preventing it would include guilt on top of everything else. To stop my feelings then would have felt like tearing my heart and soul in pieces; so I did things I later lived to regret and which caused me a lot of pain and suffering. I could not inflict upon David such pain and suffering. I love him too much to put him through that.

  7. In speaking of those connections, it always helps if I can get the chart info on the person. I routinely get chart info on people I relate to because using synastry (comparing charts) I can figure out how I affect them and how they affect me.

    For example, the person I am having these sexual feelings about has their moon on my sun (by exact degree) in my 7th house but my sun is on his moon in his third house. That means he won’t feel the same toward me as I do toward him. Synastry helps me understand that perhaps I am having this connection with him because of a) a former life with him and b) maybe we are to teach one another something this lifetime and c) this teaching is not in the same intimate connection as my feelings are telling me they are.

    This is one way astrology is SO helpful to me. It puts things in perspective for me.

  8. Carrie I know those impacts too, and I have always been changed by them completely (years). I think they are a gift. Whether the other person feels that way? Yes perhaps. No. No idea, probably not. The first, I realised I had no words and needed to find how to speak, the second compelled me to live my integrity every day, the third transformed me completely his eyes sweeping over me on the way to someone else.

  9. Makes total sense, Carrie. Good for you for being so honest and aware. It took me a long time to accept that it was totally natural for a person to be in love with his/her partner, but at the same time be attracted to and have sexual feelings about others. That’s because my father was a rampant womaniser, he also made passes at my friends – as I grew older; he just had no self-control. And my mother came and wept on my shoulder and cursed my father from when I was ten years old onwards. So I always saw sexual desire of another as a terrible threat to any relationship. I now realise that this isn’t the case, and it’s so liberating. Think your fears are completely natural, but ungrounded, dear Carrie.

  10. “I was also very curious about how you describe sex as an intrusion. If you feel comfortable, would you mind writing a bit about why you feel that way?”

    Do I feel comfortable…. :::laughing::: that’s a funny question if you have read my posts (I often write it all out there, warts, insecurities and all). Let me see if I can make some sense of this.

    Those sexual feelings for another (not my husband) are an intrusion because I am monogamously married (it will be 25 years this September) to my best friend and lover (I dislike the term “soul-mate” because of the burden it places on the “mate” and the implications it carries). So while I have the capacity to feel sexual about others, I don’t want to. I like the exclusivity and special-ness that is our marriage.

    It is also that I fear myself. I know that touch gets past my emotional and mental and self-made barriers and I fear wanting someone else. What if I acted on the sexual feelings for the other only to find that I preferred them (both emotionally and sexually) to David? He would be devastated even if I just acted on them; (he fears losing me) but if I actually began preferring the other (either sexually and/or emotionally) that would be so hurtful to him and I cannot hurt him because then I would know I had hurt my best friend and deepest lover. I love him too much to hurt him like that. The complications of all that are just not something I want to deal with. If I had been a multiple-relationship person to begin with and David had entered into relationship with me knowing that; perhaps it would be different but I wasn’t and we didn’t.

    I know lots of people here at PW see that as meaning I am a poly person stuck in monogamy but that’s not true. I do not want the complications of multiple, intimate, emotional relationships. I never have really. I liked one-night stands in my twenties because I was uninvolved with anyone and I like sex for its own sake. Unlike some women, I don’t have to feel romantic attachment to have sex and get off; I have been having orgasms since I was about 4 years old. I also go from start to finish very fast so I didn’t need a lot of foreplay. Yet when I did have sex with those strangers, during it, I zone into an almost trance where I am giving love, compassion, and pleasure to the partner with my hands and body even as I am taking it for myself. It spiraled in ward and downward to something…sacred (that’s the closest word for how it felt) as though my whole being and body were in the service of oozing out that love and compassion through my touch (someone once told me I must have been a sex priestess or sex worker for healing in a past life).

    I am sure most of the guys I had sex with had no idea I was doing that but offering myself up like that felt really good to me anyway. So while I was aggressive about asking them for sex, once in the room I became a fenminine, assertive but submissive, willing, giving participant. I cannot get off if I don’t give and actively touch my partner. The more I touch him, the easier it is for me to get off. Problem is, sex with certain partners can cause me to feel more of a relationship connection if I feel connected to the partner before having sex with them. That can arise against my will and I never know if or when that could happen. So I fear having sex with others because what if my emotions arise unexpectedly, causing those relationship complications I don’t like?

    As soon as I got involved with someone emotionally, I stopped having sex with anyone else because having sex makes me feel close to people and once I am emotionally attached to one person, that is all the emotional attachment I want. So now I do all that sacred compassion and love and submission to David and it is far deeper a connection because I love him as well (not just as a human being, which is how I gave love to the one-night-stand strangers, but as a close and deep friend) and he loves and gives to me which deepens and broadens the dimensions of the feelings during sex.

    So when I start feeling sexual about someone other than David, those feelings are uncomfortable for me because I don’t really want to have them (the feelings).

    There is also a part of me which LIKES the feeling of submitting my sexuality and my self to only David. The restraint on my sexuality is a gift I give to both of us in the feminine part of myself which likes being submissive (my Pisces sun likes submission, offering up, sacrificing something willingly, being bonded). Falling under that kind of silken restraint (self imposed though it may be) satisfies something deep within me. I am not literally into bondage (don’t need that to get off) but I do like offering myself to emotional and sexual restraint when I am in a deep, emotional, loving relationship.

    I don’t know if I am making any sense to anyone here but that’s why feeling sexual for anyone else feels uncomfortable. It makes me aware that my sexuality is not only attached to my feelings; it can operate independently BUT it has the capacity and the possibility to create attachment; that is what I fear especially when the sexual feelings are for someone I know is a water person too. David (my sweet Scorpio husband with Capricorn rising and Cancer moon in his 7th house) doesn’t have that detachment in his sexuality; he is more like alot of women in that he never liked having sex just for the sake of sex alone. So his inner feminine is dominant just as my inner masculine is dominant for the most part. It is through sex that we can let out the other gender in us in a more balanced way.

    I wonder if any of that makes any sense?

  11. The thread about connections and soul mates is fascinating. Given the western way of individuality to the point of isolation, those rare moments of encounters of connection with another are a blessing for me. And, yes, they seem to be happening more frequently and with different levels of intensity. Is it the astrology, all those planets that have been telling us for the last several years to find out peeps, our tribe? Is it the wise words of PW to overcome the dualities? I think yes and yes. We are all connected, whether it’s six degrees of Kevin Bacon or the ancestral searches of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

    “Soul mates”? Unfortunately, the term has been limited to mean mainly a sexual connection with roses and hearts and fantasies of a perfect relationship – or so I perceive. I like the Celtic term “anam cara” – soul friend, or “a friend to my soul.”


    PS: HS, love the new avatar.

  12. thank you Huffy, you are kind to say that. Honestly, it was just today that I remembered those dreams!

  13. “When I was 17 or so, I remember having powerful dreams that I met this girl who was so incredible and radiant”. Dear Hugging, that’s you! You were getting in touch with your female part, your anima (see Jung). We look for something outside of ourselves (a soul mate), when it’s the connection inside of ourselves that we need to look for. That painful search for ‘the one’, is about integrating ourselves. If we can see this, relationships can become a source of pleasure and exploration, the terrible anxiety of ‘is he,she the one – or will I ever find him, her’?’ can be released.
    On another ‘note’ (geddit?) – love the hilarious May day video!

  14. Carrie, Why is it intense? I’m not too sure. Because you’re a sensitive being. My other thoughts would be due to the closeness of that previous relationship. I also think that “intensity” really means encountering an experience that goes beyond time where we are free from structures that are bound to concepts and form.

    I was also very curious about how you describe sex as an intrusion. If you feel comfortable, would you mind writing a bit about why you feel that way?

  15. If I understood Beltane is a party associated with fire, as the fire of saint John in France that one day June 21 as the feast of music
    According to the video that I saw Beltane is a different party and it celebrates at what time of the year?
    Today 1 may it is the labour day and the outgoing President will use this national holiday to try to win voters for the second round may 6

  16. Carrie and Huggie, aw heck yeah. I don’t meet a lot of them, but it’s quite a shocking sensation, isn’t it?!

  17. I also think sometimes the other person is not the aware type (lives subconsciously) so they either cannot feel the connection or cannot handle it if they do feel it.

  18. starry,

    Be very glad the sexual stuff doesn’t happen for you. When it happens for me it is uncomfortable because I am happily married so it is an intrusion that is not wanted but that is felt anyway.

  19. “Which also makes me feel its not tremendously important either. ”

    If that were the case why on earth does it have to FEEL so intense then?

  20. Carrie, I have that same experience as a woman. I (evidently) don’t speak women speak either. And I also get those prior lifetimes connection hits. I always recognize a karmic connection. Always. They don’t always recognize me, though. Recently I met a very powerful one; I don’t think he is conscious of how very afraid of me he is (because I could help him into the next stage of his evolution) But he doesn’t recognize me so far. I recognize him though. He, likewise, could help me into the next stage and yes, it is scary.
    I also met a woman like that this past year but she’s keeping me way off her radar. šŸ™‚
    Oh well! I smile and think, “Maybe next lifetime. See ya then.”
    As for the sexual piece, as I’ve shared before that doesn’t seem to be happening for me. It’s either transmuted or…god knows what. In our society, the one that sells All Sex All the Time (in its, yes Eric, bizarre wacko fashion), that information is not readily available to me, but I suspect that energy has been withdrawn from the external for other uses.

  21. Ah Carrie, I get you. Yes, I’ve experienced what you’re describing. All the time. It’s like a thin veil I can see through. I’d never bring it up though unless I became close with that person. Many people are familiar to me, even one here. It’s not a projection I think, although it can be. I think sometimes the other person feels something too but because its so scary and beyond normal interactions we are used to, we don’t allow that connection its full attention. Which also makes me feel its not tremendously important either. There are bad connections as well as good that arise and pass. There isn’t really “death”, only the leaving of this body. So we continue having relationships with a lot of the same people. Its normal I feel. So, I agree with you! šŸ™‚

  22. “sorry Carrie, I think I jumped your question. Not sure how I ran right to the soul mate idea.”

    No apologies necessary, HS. The description I am giving sounds like soul mate stuff so that connection makes perfect sense. It isn’t soul mate stuff but sounds a bit like that. Rather it feels like karma stuff.

  23. Hugging,

    I wasn’t talking about soul mates but I hear you. I was talking about people I get a strong connection to without having ever known them before. I once shook the hand of my husband’s transpersonal psychologist and felt that instant connection as though I was a sister or other deeply close person in his life. It scared the crap out of me because it was so unexpected and unwanted on my part.

    Then it happened with a woman (who is now a friend of mine) but with her it happened so slowly that when I realized how strong the connection was, it shocked me. I don’t know why those happen to me but they are becoming more frequent now. The latest is a sexual one (which is a bit scary) and not one I can act on anyway even if I did get to know the person.

    I asked because I have never heard anyone else admit to having such connections and I wondered if they were just my own projection or imagination or something others ahve also experienced.

  24. sorry Carrie, I think I jumped your question. Not sure how I ran right to the soul mate idea.

  25. Carrie, it’s a cool question. Being a guy who doesn’t believe in finding my soul mate, I do believe I have one. I’m not sure I’d want to meet her on this plane though. Its too bound up in a physical experience that if we’d meet, I’m not sure I would be able to recover from it. I believe in a deep loving intimate friendship though, where it’s possible to have that flow and understanding. When I was 17 or so, I remember having powerful dreams that I met this girl who was so incredible and radiant. The depth and power of love I felt in those dreams was so intense I’d sometimes wake up crying with a gut wrenching pain in my solar plexus. And yet I felt so connected to her inside me. The vibration was so perfect and serene. I used to send her prayers a lot: “Thinking of you, I hope you’re okay out there! Be strong. I love you.” When I write music, I’m often feeling her. She is so beautiful.

    I’ve been afraid of this my whole life. Of losing her. When I was about 19, I had a deep glimpse of something that made me feel like I had some trauma from another life. I would react to movies in sobs overnight. I was totally a young dude with no baggage, I mean where was that stuff coming from? It was powerful.

  26. Hard part is; when I ask them some of them cannot handle that kind of info and they run away. I seem too intense or frank for them. :::sigh::: Being a catalyst isn’t always easy and being a women who acts (thinksand communicates) like a man (I don’t speak in woman code most of the time and women don’t understand me because of that) can get me into communication trouble at times. Like most men, I mean just what I say and not something else.

  27. I wonder what aspects between people’s charts (synastry) show an instant connection between people (despite never having met them before)? Or is it just pheromones or body language?

    I have had times when I met someone (of either gender, it is not always sexual but sometimes is) for the first time and had an instant connection. I have no idea if they feel it or not so I don’t assume they do. If I know them later well enough to ask, I may ask just so I don’t project on them. Otherwise I just leave it be. Sometimes I fantasize about them but no more than that.

    Do any of you folks experience that?

  28. I second that — “Thank you, Eric.”

    ….” If only some of us will remember now, all of us will remember in time.”

    Thx, Len:

    Now I know why I chose St. Luke as my “mentor” – The Scribe……..
    …there is something there. Thx for the clue.

  29. Amanda,

    Tell me about it. I feel a very sexual connection with someone totally inappropriate and I am also under contract so it is very fun to fantasize. Fantasies are never bad. :::wink:::

  30. yes, as a beltane baby, i love this time of year, too. and it has gotten kicked off — at least, in my mind — with a delightfully reciprocated crush. it’s nothing that we can act on, unfortunately (he’s unavailable in ways that call for respect), but it’s still having a really fun effect on my energy.

  31. Ahhhh…Beltaine. I LOVE this time of year. :::wink:::

    For those who like porn, a friend of mine told me about a free (yes, she said it is FREE) porn site where you can watch what gets you going. It is redtube. I will not post the link because I don’t want any connection or trail on my computer so feel free to go there if you want. Happy sex-having!

  32. I’ve read this again and I have to say: let the celebrations begin. Time to redirect the energy from the fight to full on life. It’s sustaining. That relationship with growth. After being mired in other people’s darkness for so many months (which is draining and triggers my own) it’s time to move on to other choices. The fight was necessary. But it’s time for me to let it go and let the other people resolve it. *Wipes hands.* This is my season coming on and I am going to enjoy it!

  33. Eros is conjunct natal Plu/Ur in Virgo and I am having sensual dreams of just about all the Virgo men in close proximity! ..aaahhhh..why is it happening?!

  34. no fields here. but we have the bouclier canadien. slow rolling.

    the snowbanks melt to nothing… i shall mark my calendar for saturday.

    outdoor sex is the best.

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