That’s the news — now for the weather!

In all of my peering ahead into this election season, I missed what has emerged as a kind of surprise theme: a weather event. So far I’ve seen all kinds of mischief in the election chart and those in the days leading up to Election Day. It really looked (and looks) like there would be some kind of October surprise.

Large monster headed up East Coast as of Sunday Morning.

In a series of articles I’ve been doing for Planet Waves and Huffington Post, I’ve noted the potential for assorted confusion, mixups, misinterpretation, bad data, some international event influencing the election, fraud and Internet outages. All of this is associated with Mercury stationing retrograde on Election Day, followed by a total solar eclipse less than one week later.

However, I must admit: the idea of a weather event did not cross my mind. I did not see it in the charts, nor has anyone said anything to me about it in the many conversations I’ve had with other astrologers about the election. We do seem to have one on our hands — you’re looking at a photo from early Sunday of Hurricane Sandy creeping up the East Coast of the United States, about to be met by an Arctic air mass coming down from western Canada, which will be nudged easterly by the Jet Stream.

This is a slow-moving system with a windfield 900 miles wide. It’s creeping up the East Coast. So between the size, the slow speed and the mix with cold air from the north and west, we are looking at something pretty unusual.

The result could be a storm that cuts power or paralyzes parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions for days, even as far west as the Ohio River Valley, according to federal officials. Everyone I’ve asked is thinking the same thing: how will this influence the election? The storm will impact a region with a heavy concentration of electoral votes, including potential swing states Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio and Michigan.

Taurus Full Moon set for Washington D.C. happens Monday at about 3:50 pm. The Full Moon will result in three cycles of what meteorologists are calling ‘astronomical high tides’, combined with storm surges from Hurricane Sandy. Additional planets shown below.

However severe this event on the physical level, it presents quite the distraction from the issues, and it will shift the momentum of the campaigns, and the storm will dominate the news for the next week or so.

What I am finding amusing is that nobody I’ve asked thinks it’s particularly weird that this might be a manufactured weather event, and some are offering this idea on their own. I’m not saying that is a synthetic event; I’m saying a lot of people think it’s possible, which is a relevant sign of the times.

Just in case you’re wondering, the United States has used weather control in combat since the Vietnam War. I’ve known the investigative reporter who dug this out for 20 years, and I trust him (he published an article called “A Weather Arsenal” in Newsday (a major Long Island newspaper) in the early 1970s, which is unfortunately not on the Internet.

At the time, the only thing that seemed to be interfering with the military’s plans to do this more often, or more effectively, was computing power — and we have plenty of that now. The sad little processors that were being used in the 70s would not stand up to an iPhone today. So in case you’re wondering if it’s possible, I think that it is. I also think that it’s time we see through this genre of ‘reality’ and stop pretending anything.

If we’re wondering what it will take to empower a whole bunch of people, it’s something about a collective understanding of the problems, which starts with me and you.

[In the first comment below, I will add a section from an article I wrote in early 2011 about manufacturing earthquakes and weather events using HAARP, so we can keep the focus on astrology in this article. If you’re curious, you can read the whole article.]

Taurus Full Moon

The main astrological event this week is the Taurus Full Moon. Whether you think this is the demented celestial sense of humor at work, or storm planners taking advantage of extra high tides (three cycles of what are being called ‘astronomical high tides’), the Full Moon peaks about 12 hours before the storm is expected to make landfall in New Jersey.

This listing focuses on the cardinal cross — so that you can see what planets are in aspect to the Uranus-Pluto square, which itself is making several close aspects to the Full Moon. One interesting aspect is an exact square between asteroid Icarus and Pluto-like Typhon. Icarus translates into peak experiences and Typhon is a monster for whom typhoons were named. Chart from

The Full Moon is exact Monday at 3:49:26 pm EDT. So we have a natural or celestial event coinciding with this storm, and because it’s across the Taurus/Scorpio axis, it will be an emotionally charged Full Moon. Taurus and Scorpio are known universally for one thing at least, which is sex — of the deep craving variety.

This is a fantastically passionate Full Moon. For some that will translate to exciting, for some unsettling, and for others a restless event. For those who are sensitive to energetic forces, you may find this to be a rare and beautiful experience.

Part of what makes this an interesting Full Moon is how many aspects the Sun and Moon make to other planets — there are many, and they add refinements to the scenario. The Sun is still conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, and trine Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. Adding the Pisces element softens and adds a simpatico quality, blending all that desire with imagination.

Ceres is now in Cancer (emotional nourishment is as important as what we get from food) so we have a nice grand water trine, all involving several major planets and points. Grand trines can work in a way that is cyclonic — they are like whirlpools that draw things in. May you use this energy vortex to draw lots of creative nourishment your way, and have plenty to share.

Natal interpretation note — if you have a grand trine in your chart, that’s a reminder to watch the trends in your life and make corrections sooner rather than later. The same could be said for this Full Moon: set things in motion that you want to persist, and withdraw energy from what you don’t want to support.

Ceres is opposite Pluto — they have some energy. That brings in the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. Venus has just entered Libra, which puts it on the cardinal cross, aspecting many of the planets I’ve just mentioned. Think of all these aspects as being potential points of contact and interchange, like a cloverleaf or circuit that’s going to be pumped full of energy thanks to the shape of the solar system energized by the Full Moon.

The energy contained in, swirling and moving with this storm is a reflection or expression of the cosmic order right now — the ability to focus and organize energy.

One aspect to pay attention to occurs just as the Full Moon peaks: a square between Mercury and Neptune. Mercury is direct at the moment; this is the first of three squares associated with this Mercury retrograde — and with the total eclipse of the Sun that happens two weeks from now, which is the date of the second of the three squares. (That one happens with Mercury retrograde.)

So we have some synchronicity here between these lunation events [summarized in greater detail here], Mercury retrograde and Mercury square Neptune. All I can say is: pay close attention to what you believe. Remember that if you hear yourself saying the words “I think,” it may be an indication that you need a little more original thought.

That would be an awesome way to understand this relationship between Mercury and Neptune, in the mentally and creatively charged mutable signs. It’s like Mercury is milking some creative vision out of Neptune by a little struggle over the truth that might actually point you toward it.

Safe sailing this week. Don’t put your signature where it doesn’t belong.

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  1. Just shaking my head here…If this is ‘manufactured,’ we’re way behind the curve. 90 mph winds? I remember some downbursts of 75 mph that knocked us off of my bike (with my kid) a few years ago. Ike –back in 2008– killed 145 people; the Superstorm that Ate the Election has seen 10 fatalities (rest in peace), so far. The year I was born saw 13 hurricanes, with the dubious distinction of more fatalities that year (1500) than seen in throughout the 50s.

    Mr. Cohen, I am not sure what you think I need to prove. I am (and we are ) typing on the reality of a quantum machine. I understand that we’ve skinned all of this with forms that we can perceive/handle at this point in our sensory game, but that is changing as fast as Shroedinger cat.

    My second boyfriend (ever) invented the Trombly-Kahn homopolar closed path generator, and it works. We are already parsecs past the conventions of 18th century physics. Feel how you see and another sensory range will step out of the cave. Bright damn indeed.

  2. Nicely shared Amanda.

    And I did try to have fun in the storm, Amanda, but there was nothing in the Yes Men’s advice on how to negotiate the fear that comes with the sound of cracking branches in pitch darkness or how fast one must run home when one is thus scared.

  3. And Mystes, the day that happens, if it happens, and if I’m still alive, I will be the first to say

    “Hot damn!!!!” 🙂

    Penrose is indeed a beautiful man.

    And, though I appreciate the courtesy that you are giving me by using my title, my preference is simply just plain Hal

  4. Dr. Hal… remember when neuroplasticity was “impossible” after age 3? I sure do. In the 1980s it was a scientific fact.

    Um. Not so much, eh?

    We now have the same kind of ‘hard boundary’ thinking going on among many astrophysicists and thermonuke people, who will argue until they keel over that the laws of the Q’universe do not apply at “our” scale (but then there’s the likes of Roger Penrose (Oxford) – cf “The Large, the Small and the Human Mind”).

    Heh. Heh. Heh.

    I am (we are) in this *very* moment using a piece of technology predicated on those laws. All computing is thus. And so, cher gravitarians, better figure out how to deal with radical indeterminacy – cause it is the physical basis of your now and manifold futures.

  5. “How Sandy Affects Early Voting in Swing States”
    By Elizabeth Hartfield | ABC OTUS News – 1 hr 6 mins ago

    “There are five battleground states in Sandy’s path including Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and North Carolina.
    Pennsylvania and New Hampshire do not offer in-person early voting, so it’s likely that the storm won’t have much of an impact on voting in either of those states, but in Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina early voting is increasingly popular. Below is a look at how the storm has impacted early voting in these battlegrounds.” (see link)–abc-news-politics.html

  6. Crazy to read this, because the first thing I thought about when I considered this hurricane was how convenient it was to be hitting around the time of the election. I make no declarations that it what initiated by technology or just a natural synchronistic event, but if there was ever anything that a governing body would want to happen during elections it would be for the people to turn to them in a time of crisis. My only hope is that this doesn’t perpetuate more unnecessary dependency.

  7. Right now, for me, everything that happens gets a rating of 50% — that it might be false flag. The problem is that we usually have no proof — particularly with a natural-seeming event. That’s not easy to focus a question, particularly when we had a skyscraper collapse for “no reason” and very few people noticed (that would be WTC 7). I think that 9/11 was the ultimate psychological test of what you can get away with in our society. I believe we must keep the results of that test in mind when we are assessing whether our perceptions are accurate any other time.

    To me the timing and rarity of this event just seemed too interesting not to look at. Part of that analysis comes in a week or two when we get to see who benefited from these events and on what scale.

    The most palpable warning was 28+ Gemini showing up in the Ohio chart, which I covered Friday in the context of many other events (see first comment in this article). Second is today’s Mercury square Neptune on the Full Moon, followed by another on the 13th at the New Moon-Eclipse.

    Mercury-Neptune says, you must go beyond obvious appearances, beliefs and accepting what you’re told is true; in its best light, it’s a reminder to go beyond assumptions.

    I would not be considering any of this were there not the long series of events that have manifested over the years, connected by the degree 28+ Gemini. I am not saying this is the cause of anything; I’m saying it’s the one thing that many of these episodes have in common, and that has prompted me to look deeper.

    The main point I am making in this article is that I believe it’s possible to manipulate the weather, and that many people believe not only that it’s possible but that it would be done, if someone who could do it would benefit from doing so.

  8. Eric,
    you wrote in a comment: ‘This is the time to keep an open mind. And the charts have clear warnings of “this is not what it seems.” ‘

    I am interested in knowing more about what the charts say about the possibility that this event is man-made. After all, for some events of the past, this seemed obvious in the chart, didn’t it?
    I guess we don’t have A chart to look at, a precise time… but I would like to know more about it – astrologically. If possible. Thanks!

  9. Amazing discussion. I have made serious attempts to be open to answers and questions that at first glance seem outlandish. Take 911 for instance. When it happened, I was convinced that sites across the US and Canada were slowly becoming targets by Islamic extremists. Thank you CNN. If you would suggest that this was a false flag event and that those buildings were brought down by explosives, I would have laughed. Now, I step back several steps to get a bigger picture, see other data, other agendas, other methods that achieve the same thing. Well, it’s not such a leap anymore.

    Reading more alt news sources allows that bigger picture to emerge. One of a small number of people engaging in a mass control of society – and yes, mass killing. HAARP, Chemtrails, chemicals in the environment (fluoride, hormones, radiation, etc), increasing wireless frequency grids (and with greater power), are just some that come to mind – all well documented.

    Even the way cities are constructed are all blueprints for a lifestyle that turns in on itself. When I was in a big city, and when I visit one, I am taken aback at how people are living. I couldn’t move around properly without some traffic jam, construction, or delay. I look around me and EVERYONE is texting, plugged in, focused on their little devices that distract them from the world around them. Let’s admit, most are not sharing information that exposes such claustrophobic lifestyles. I felt boxed in, surrounded, dominated by a sick and deformed perception of life. I felt this hanging web of wifi everywhere, dense and thick. Everyone seemed in a coma, running after endorphins and hyped up assignments and commitments. Even the suburbs are gross. Everyone is the same, entrenched in a mass materialistic craze of Golden Doodles, Hockey Moms, SUV’s, and children on medication if they stop smiling for 2 seconds.

    Then I see that we are all so controllable, so manipulated. And there is a reality around us that has become so skillfully clouded. This is not life; it’s servitude and slavery. I try to minimize anything that plugs me into a device. Oh, and I love the Sun. My world has opened much more than I thought possible.

    Thanks Eric, I look forward to more from you on this topic. I think you’re a great writer to do this.

  10. Mystes, I was playfully teasing you. 🙂

    Quantum, alas, has been bent, mutilated and spindled by the lay public; it applies to the world that is so small, the world we can not see. It is best explained by those who know math and physics. We other try our best to understand and fall short. Oh, the topic is indeed a fascinating one indeed.

  11. Dr. Cohen, I didn’t mean to imply that you are the originator of the post hoc ergo propter hoc ideation. Not in the least do I think this. I think that W. science and most forms of social science still cleave to that axiom as a holdover from a Roman (aka ‘imperial) legal mindset. Very very real for those caught in the temporal order as it is currently enshrined in law and science. Not so real from the quantum v.p., which is slowly seeping into human awareness.

    Slowly and the struggle is half of the fun. I just love it when efc implies that this new engagement with time/causality is a product of sloppy thinking. In fact it is not a product of ‘thinking’ — as it is practiced in the West — at all.

    My troll commentary is now concluded for the day. $$ is still cum hoc ergo propter hoc. From time to time. *8D

  12. Hal, since you’re in the database, would you please do a search of all studies with the word METASTASIS in the title of the paper?

  13. Regarding cancer, cancer and metastasis on PUB MED generated 468 quick references dating back to only 2008. And I’m sure that list is not all inclusive if I were to try the search differently. And though a search for cancer vs metastasis seems to me to be a false dichotomy, I tried that as well and uncovered 167 references, for what that’s worth.

    As for your other points, Eric, all to me seem extremely valid.

    The cause and effect between environmental factors and and cancer have been well documented, assimilated into the medical and scientific literature as truth ( In fact, at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes meeting that I attended last month I went to a fantastic series of lectures looking at epigenetics. Epigenetic is the study of how environment influences biology through genetics. We now know how the enviroment specifically modifies RNA and DNA protein packaging systems. Insightful, interesting, and yes, potentially scary ) and yes, covered up by those with financial gain.

    But , to suggest that we do not want to cure cancer is to imply that all cancer is the same. First of all, some cancers are curable. They are a diverse group of conditions that are defined by unchecked cell growth. Nanotechnology will allow us to better deliver meds to sites specific, reducing side effects. Furthermore, just because a cure is not attained, does not mean that great benefit is not attained. HIV is no longer a death sentence. And you can argue, “yes, but in order to survine, they must remain on medications.” But that does not mean that the financial gain drives that that treatment. We can simplify the human condition or we can choose to understand that we are complex and that this complexity requires an understanding that may forever change as we uncover and discover that which is new and helpful.

    Perhaps I am a Polyanna? I certainly am not the inventor of post hoc ergo hoc as Mystes indirectly suggests. Perhaps you need to be the yin to my yang. But balance is important, including how we view our world.

    And you are right, labels ( conspiracist ) are short hand for explanations and behavior and leave out too much information and can be intentionally, or not, derisive or excessive in evaluating one’s ego. You, dear Eric, tend to see the world so much differently than I do. And that simply fascinates me, whatever the label may be or not.

  14. and thanks to the magic of the interwebs, this link comes via a friend in scotland, who writes,

    “If you want to watch some silly people trying to get washed away by giant waves in New York Harbour, check out this live webcam…it changes viewpoint every couple of minutes. Hope you’re all battened down!”

  15. Hal, I was not thinking along those lines, though cancer is absolutely a conspiracy. Among numerous coverups I could name are the infamous one by cigarette manufacturers that was revealed in the mid-1990s.

    Then there is the coverup of dioxin-like compounds and their involvement in cancer as the most potent promoter. I have covered this in many venues, including an investigative feature in Sierra.

    If you’re not familiar with the IBT Labs scandal, I suggest you survey this Wikipedia page:

    The dangers of dioxin were part of a well-documented coverup in The New York Times and the Washington Post, covered by Vicky Monks in American Journalism Review. The coverup, involving CDC, the paper industry, and two of the most respected newspapers in the country, was specifically on the topic of cancer.

    When you consider how much money the cancer industry is worth, and how powerful their lobby is (involving the likes of GE), how ever could a “cure for cancer” get through? We know what we need to know to prevent cancer, and even that information rarely reaches the public, and when it does, it is challenged.

    Re cancer and metastasis, I would be curious to see what a search of titles only for the term “cancer” vs. “metastasis” would yield.

    My point is this. We as individuals and as a society are deeply challenged when it comes to associating CAUSE with EFFECT. I have seen this as the single most serious ‘spiritual’ problem working with people for many years.

    When someone accuses someone of being “conspiratorial” what they are doing is accusing them of looking into the causes of events, and looking beyond the obvious. To bring up the word “conspiracy” is almost always derisive, designed to discredit — which is often a way of protecting the belief system of the one making the accusation, rather than based on any objective inquiry into what is so.

  16. Tracy Delaney notes (bold emphasis hers):

    “the idea of a weather event did not cross my mind”

    … not consciously 🙂

    From “Mercury Retrograde on Election Day”:

    November 6 is a Blustery Day

    The first and last days of any Mercury retrograde are usually the most challenging. Those days are called “stations,” which is short for stationary; one is the station retrograde (when the retrograde begins), and one is the station direct (when it ends). The word “station” in this context means “changes directions.”

    There can be considerable confusion on the day of Mercury station, and in fact for about four days on either side there’s something astrologers refer to as the Mercury storm. Think of this as the change of direction rippling out in time. It’s turbulent, just like a ferry pulling into the dock, with the captain putting the engines in reverse to slow the ship down.

    When that happens, the water is churning in all directions. On the day of a Mercury station, that’s how the mental and psychic energy feels. We get the worst, and the most interesting, manifestations of the retrograde on the days that it begins and ends — and that happens next on Nov. 6, the day of the 2012 presidential election, when Mercury stations retrograde in early Sagittarius.

  17. Eric, was I making a scientific statement? Just because I use a % sign does not mean I wasn’t opinionating. I said: After almost 6 decades on this planet, I am convinced that 90% of conspiratorial stripe originates in our very vivid imaginations, and the fact that h. sapiens sapiens is a pattern-seeking being. My opinion. But the number is roughly 9 out of 10 theories are based on projected fear/bad-faith. Go ask the population at large how many daily thoughts are not anxiety-ridden. Betcha get 1:10 on a good (no, make that *great*) day.

    And did I mention Alex Jones? Let me do so again. When you have the leftwingnut equivalent of Rush Limbaugh vomiting these theories up every day into the psychic and airspace of your city, without a single inward thought as to the possible source of his neurosis, you start to provide a kind of exobrain for the poor chap, a kind of critical reflexive thinking along the lines of : “Got therapy?”

    As for cancer / metastasis, way to shift the argument. Studies by whom? Most of my data is more than a decade old, so I am a little slow with this answer. But I do understand that the Cancer Ctrs of America have presented a robust challenge to the ACS in terms of prevention/cause as opposed to the emphasis (for the last 30 years) on mgmt/cure.

    The way we investigate things is changing as fast as the objects of our investigation, and although I don’t necessarily agree with El Senor Doctor Cohen’s ergo propter hoc view (I am post-Newtonian in my causality streams, sir, we live in a quantum age), I do think that *who* confects the theory needs to be factored in carefully. Brilliant, persuasive and very fraught people should write fiction; or perhaps, like my friend Paco Nathan, stay with their madness until they have created a *viable* way through their (um, our) apocalyptic vision.

    Paco’s book Liber 118 U.S. 394:

  18. Eric, sorry, but I’m uncertain of your point regarding cancer studies. There are 100s upon 100s of studies regarding cancer, including metastasis, pathophysiology, genetics, treatment, but I am uncertain as to where you are going with this. Certainly you aren’t implying that cancer or it’s treatment is a conspiracy. Are you?

    Regarding pattern finding, I have no knowledge of 90% pattern finders, but evolutionary speaking we are built to find patterns. It has saved our lives throughout the millenia. Seeing stripes in the forest once triggered us to see a tiger ( or whatever … this is but an example ) before we could see the tiger and we ran safely away. But our pattern finding tendencies sometimes do not serve us well in this day and age. The risk of being wrong was immediate. And yes, you Eric, who prefers to seek out the conspiracy, can argue the same point. nd that’s what makes this an interesting discussion because we then we debate plausibility, proximity, and immediacy.

    These are always thought provoking disagreements.

  19. Mysti — do you have a source for that percentage? A percentage is a statement of scientific fact; where’s your data from?

    Here is something to think about vis a vis conspiracies.

    1. How many cancer studies are there?

    2. How many investigate the issue of metastasis?

  20. “I am convinced that 90% of conspiratorial stripe originates in our very vivid imaginations, and the fact that h. sapiens sapiens is a pattern-seeking being. ”

    This too, I agree with with.

  21. There could also be a view as to how many people (or countries) had a sextile in their solar return charts this year between Chiron and Pluto; two similar symbols of transformation. Those that also had a solar return of the Sun, Mercury or Venus in Leo, likely have a yod in their personal birthday chart this year (Chiron, Pluto, personal planet), and they would likely also have Uranus trine that Leo personal planet. This would give the Leo personal planet two functions – as the release point of the yod energy (transformational in nature) and a facilitator for the release of Uranian (breakthrough) energy. Now this full moon in Taurus (with sun in Scorpio) would form a T-square with that solar return Leo personal planet. Here in the U.S. that would be in the form of the evolution of Sandy.

    For example, the U.S. Sibly solar return has a Leo Mercury in the 8th house of the solar return (sr) chart of shared resources. The full moon in Taurus will fall in the 5th house of the sr chart and the sun would be in the 11th. This could mean that the U.S. sr Mercury would have the shared resources (8th house) and the challenge of creating a plan (5th house) that would provide for the “people” (11th house) hurt by the megastorm. Utilizing the trine to sr Uranus in the 4th house (Homeland Security for instance), such a plan could be created, especially since Pallas Athene (planner) was conjunct Uranus at the time of the U.S. Solar Return. President Obama’s sr chart has this yod too as well as the trine to Uranus.

    As for who could/would create this “disaster” other than Mother Nature, my money is on aliens from another solar system – another galaxy even, as they for sure would have the technology. As for the most likely reason, I feel it is to help humanity out of the shithole we find ourselves in; to give us a chance to reorient our values and remind us that Love is the only way to think. Share the Love would be the message they bring.

  22. As we have the epicenter of disordered personality here in Austin (Alex Jones), I have grown less susceptible to wandering down his rabbit holes. After almost 6 decades on this planet, I am convinced that 90% of conspiratorial stripe originates in our very vivid imaginations, and the fact that h. sapiens sapiens is a pattern-seeking being.

    This belief (I acknowledge that it has ossified into belief) also rests on the notion that we are all engaged, every single day, in armaggedon-level destructiveness. Drive my car, buy packaging, live in a formadehyde-laden house, use the toilet, throw mercury-bulbs into the landfill, I’m stabbing my Mother again and again. Since we canNOT deal with this, we generate meta-fantasies upon which to project our guilt.

    Just my 2 cents. Have a nice day.

  23. “On what logical basis would you ignore that line of thinking, as opposed to chase it down and see where it goes?”

    This is important for me. Why dismiss anything, is a question I am asking myself.

  24. Everything is a conspiracy — that much is obvious to any careful observer. What kind of conspiracy is another question. The definition of ‘false flag’ can also apply to how something is used. However to those who are ‘anti conspiracy’, if you apply the logic that ‘not everything is a conspiracy’, that doesn’t prove that someone isn’t sitting there at the controls of a weather machine. Nobody is offering proof here.

    The central point I am making is that many people believe that it’s possible that this is a storm somehow helped by technology, which is a sign of the times we’re living in for a number of reasons. And that wherever this thing came from, it’s a distraction from the election and will shift the entire discussion.

    I am not accusing — I am admitting a possibility that has been public information for 40 years, and where there is a probable motive. On what logical basis would you ignore that line of thinking, as opposed to chase it down and see where it goes?

    One last thing: we don’t know the outcome of this. We are still speculating about the effects — all of us. We won’t know what this is until it’s over.

    This is the time to keep an open mind. And the charts have clear warnings of “this is not what it seems.”

  25. I applaud you for admitting you did not see this coming even though, with 20-20 hindsight, the “potential for assorted confusion, mixups, misinterpretation, bad data, some international event influencing the election” could have been this storm. This was very interesting to me.

    But synthetic? Seriously? Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Not everything is a scam, a deception, a conspiracy.

  26. Remember the year of Katrina and all those hurricanes in Florida? What I read was that they were Russian in origin (a theory of course), intent on destroying the US economy and that even though we could do the same to other places, we weren’t as good at prevention. The whole thing made Bush look badly, not presidential. In subsequent years, there were numerous hurricanes headed toward the US, but by then we had better capability of fending off the storms and sending them out to sea. All of this certainly has destroyed our natural weather patterns and farmers have suffered greatly.

    I’d be more inclined to think this storm originated with the US, but who is in charge? The president needs an event to distract from the fiasco in Libya and make him look presidential. It doesn’t mean he is the one who did it, but some of his staff look mighty lizardly. It seems too late in the game to change voters’ minds, but I can see a delayed election, or an extension of sorts, which could seriously go either way.

  27. Before I emigrated to Australia, I lived a fair few years in the Florida Keys. Hurricanes are intense, exciting events. Don’t underestimate the emotional excitement of this event. It’s a high, and will take a period of time to come down from. Normal reality pales in comparison, and that alone could provide a distraction from the election.

  28. Eric: Thank you. Nobody else could have presented the situation as you have, entirely cogent, and deeply perceptive.

    be: You make some excellent points. Thank you. Mars and Pholus on the mid heaven opposing Jupiter and Chaos caught my eye as well. The Great Attractor in the mix does lend its image to the tidal forces at work, but there is something more, the fact that the Great Attractor is so, for want of a better word, detached. To think that our interesting times are about to get vastly more interesting would indicate some detachment might be a healthy protocol.

  29. As I watch my curtains flutter in the increasing wind I look at the Full Moon chart and am intrigues by the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in the 12th HS trine the Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 9th HS. An easy relationship supporting undoing of deception via a death transition. Hurricanes have a washing away effect. Just saying. Right on the eve of All Hallow’s Eve the man behind the curtain is revealed. The Costume becomes a charade!

  30. Hi Paolo. Actually I’m developing the wording of the thing you’re inquiring about. Meanwhile we have a good few readers who pile up history books one after the next on their bedstand and could probably teach at Yale. Many of you were helpful with my JFK request – I’ve learned a lot from reading that chart.

  31. Also, I’m over here in the Sunshine Coast and I’ve heard my fare share of theories about the quake too. So, again I’m just wondering what the truth behind the myths are. Illuminati? Secret societies above the normal puppet governments?

  32. Great article Eric, I always like your fact checking clarity. I have a question. Let’s say this is a man made weather system designed for damage, flooding, chaos, and media distraction away from the election, and insert some good ol’ fear into society. Who would be setting this thing off? If you have two parties interested in getting votes, and I would thus assume both have mutual inclinations to participate in said “distraction” for their own benefit, who is actually running the ship then? I have read about HAARP a bit, and even my share of conspiracy theories. I also know you don’t fly the bullshit flag, so I’m curious about what you think this is about and who exactly is interested in making this happen. We’re talking about home ground here too, not Japan. Would you like to share any more thoughts about that part?
    Many thanks!

  33. Nobody saw this coming for sure Eric. At least not in the news media; all eyes and ears have been on the candidates. Two things I see as important in determining the meaning behind this epoch storm is that this Full Moon is square the U.S. Sibly birth chart’s north and south nodes, and the June 5th Venus occultation of the Sun was in the same degree that Jupiter is in now, and Jupiter is conjunct Chaos and opposite Pholus and the Great Attractor, among others.

    In the chart for the Venus occult Sun chart, Mars was square the Sun and Venus; the Moon was conjunct Pluto, and Neptune (and Chiron) were square the nodes. Chaos was in the same degree of Gemini that Venus and the Sun were in, 15+. The last Venus occultation – the 1st of the pair – was in 2004. In 2004, just before the election, there was a total lunar eclipse at 5+ Taurus, one degree and one day before this October’s Full Moon. Pretty sure there is a connection here.

  34. Here is Comment 1 — an excerpt from: Here are the Edge of the World, published 03/11

    By Eric Francis

    Here is what I am thinking. As these global events come closer together, it’s starting to feel like someone is doing all of this. I got that feeling the strongest over the weekend pondering how this extremely rare quake — the 3rd most powerful on record — struck a region in Japan just where there are numerous nuclear reactors (including others not currently in distress). When I read the phrase rare engines of war, I suddenly felt like I was sitting in the middle of someone else’s war.

    The question is: whose war, and over what? I don’t know, but I can tell you that the atom was not split for peaceful purposes. It was split with the intention of killing a lot of people. That much is history. Most wars are fought over the usual stupid reasons — power, greed and egotism. Heck, why not? The world is ending anyway.

    Next, it occurred to me that this was a war in which environmental disasters were being used as weapons. When Friday’s quake happened, there were a spate of posts that went around about how the federal HAARP facility on the Alaskan tundra was turned up to full tilt at the time. I wasn’t in the control room taking pictures — I don’t know. But many people believe this is an electromagnetic device capable of changing weather patterns and inducing seemingly natural disasters. But this is not my field of inquiry; it was a little too tinfoil hat for me, that is, until I was looking at video of nuclear reactors blowing up one after the next.

    So, I started asking around. I asked a friend who is an engineer if you can make an earthquake. He sent back a number of references, the most interesting of which was a quote from Bill Clinton’s secretary of defense, a guy named William S. Cohen, during a news briefing. The quote comes from the Department of Defense transcript of that briefing.

    He said he had read about the prospect of “some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves” [emphasis mine].

    Gee whiz: the very secretary of defense speaking, not some conspiracy (or astrology) website? And, um, like — others are doing this? Like who for instance?

    Saddam Hussein? Castro? Russia? Darth Vader? Well, whoever.

    When the United States is talkin’, it’s always someone else. We’re nobody special, just the only country ever to use the Bomb on a population. And we happen to have one of these electromagnetic wave thingies — a really big one and it keeps getting bigger. That would be HAARP. And this is not particularly new technology. Stuff like this was being developed by Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer who was busy in the early 20th century. Tesla, who invented alternating current and thus the modern electrical grid, was ahead of his time. In 1897 he was researching cosmic rays

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