Planet Waves FM :: Full Moon, Mars in Libra, and Independence

This week’s edition of Planet Waves FM is standing in for Daily Astrology. I’m posting it early to stay ahead of the holiday — and because the Full Moon is Tuesday. We’ll resume with the overnight post Wednesday to Thursday (Thursday at 12:01 am EDT) — there will be no post tomorrow. Subscribers, please remember your Friday edition will be a horoscope only.

Photo by Eric Francis.
Photo by Eric Francis.

For those interested in a detailed written account of the Full Moon, please see Monday’s edition.

In this week’s Planet Waves FM, I look at the details on Tuesday’s Moon-Pluto occultation, followed by the Mars ingress into Libra. These events are simultaneous, in theory separated by about 20 minutes but in truth part of the same experience. There’s something here about our concept of self and the patterns of our relationships. In the first segment I look at some of the possibilities.

After a song break, I go over the Full Moon chart — that’s at 2:52 pm Tuesday. The Full Moon resonates with the Uranus-Pluto square, as well as rings bells throughout the sky. Venus, Chiron, Pallas Athene and Mercury (among other points) are involved in the aspect structure.

Last, I look at the Sibly chart — the main July 4th USA chart. If you would like to see the chart, you can browse this subscriber edition of Planet Waves (please note my misspelling of Sibly on the horoscope — there is no ‘e’ in the name). We are still in ‘going through changes’ mode as Pluto and Uranus make aspects to many planets in the USA chart, including the big ones — when Pluto opposes the USA Sun as Uranus squares it (that’s around 2014).

Last, I read the Declaration of Independence. It’s not that long — and it’s pretty darned interesting. If you would like to blast it from the PA system at your July 4th holiday, here is that recording as separate from the rest of the program.

Here is your program in the old player, where you’ll find the full archives and a downloadable zip file.

Good night — and catch you after our holiday break.

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6 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: Full Moon, Mars in Libra, and Independence”

  1. I really enjoy your podcasts, Eric! I especially got a lot from your Mars in Libra rap in this Full Moon podcast. That one has always been a hard one for me to grasp. I’ve re-upped my subscription mainly to support your podcasts. I don’t do a lot of reading, save for charts, because my work in the documentary film and accounting world requires so much reading throughout the day.

    One criticism that I hope will help raise your awareness is that when you mentioned the workaholic of our Sun square Saturn U.S. chart … you mentioned that the frontier people had to deal with …. and the “savage indians.” It felt like you were just verbalizing what had been drilled into your brain by some junior high history teacher. If you look at the result of the European settlement on the and vs the cared for land tended by the “savages” …. the word takes on a different meaning. There are “savages” in all cultures. I’d simply invite you to be bit more specific with these kinds of adjectives.

    One of the things I appreciate about your work is how your environmental muckracking is brought into your astrology. I’m a semi retired front line activist … now too old to stand up to swat teams and lie in front of logging trucks … and an amateur astrologer. There’s a precision you bring to the craft of astrology that’s grounded in the real world.

    Anyway, thanks for your unique approach to astrology. I haven’t found an astrologer I could really get behind since Robert Blaschke died. I studied with him for many years, but fought with him constantly about his politics, lol. I’m delighted that your politics are so in line with mine. I’m Irish/American and don’t mind a good fight, but would rather take on Monsanto than “my astrologer.”

  2. susyc – your post contains many things that ring also true for me, outlining this portion of my journey….which is to ‘away from’ the dependancy on mother-daughter ghost-patterns, as it were, patterns from childhood, necessary for “survival” yet no longer real – or really needed.

    It’s wonderful that you have found it safe to express! Thank you for including me – as part of our PW community – in your confidences.

    In this moment my only offering is, “thank you” for being safe here!


  3. “This, too, shall pass as they say.”

    It will pass because the planets never stop moving and we never stop growing and changing.


    “Love and gratitude restrain me.”

    I know those feelings of love and gratitude well and I admire you for that restraint.

  4. Susyc — creating space for us to consider posts like the one you just contributed are what the guidelines are for.

    I would ask, what do you mean by “this too shall pass”?

  5. l was out dancing under the almost full Capricorn moon last night which will extend, I gather, into my birthday tomorrow for some hours celebrating the desperately needed rain. Speaking of ‘mom’ stuff, I am working on releasing her pattern of interpreting the world for me and/or my taking her interpretation on instead of developing my own. I do this not only with her, but also other women who, of course, remind me of her, and it involves giving up my own power in dependency. My mother felt like the safer parent when I was a child. She was not. She was equally as dangerous as my dad, just in a different way. I enmeshed with her, however, to survive. Psychologically, I had to have one ‘good’ parent as a child to get through, and that pattern is still operating albeit on a milder level…

    I can talk about all that much more easily than talking about independence in my marriage. There all kinds of independence operating in my marriage and that have operated in my marriage in years past. My marriage has provided me with emotional security to address psychological recovery, get an education, have children, and move into some modest, if tenuous prosperity. It provided me with a place to become an equal and contributing partner. I must confess the sexual longings outside the context are still present. My husband prefers I do not act on these. My children would be devastated if I did. Love and gratitude restrain me. So this level of freedom, I do not have. I grieve it, as I did grieving not having the opportunity to explore my bisexuality in my 30s. But I’d rather admit it and feel it than try to pretend it isn’t there because of social mores (morays? haha ;))). This, too, shall pass as they say. I feel safe expressing these thoughts here with PW peeps. I am also able to be honest about these feelings with my husband and other people in my life. So I do not feel like I am imprisoned within myself which is a very lonely feeling and holds much potential for acting out in ways that are not productive. I hope this is not TMI or crosses the posting guidelines which I have not had a chance to read yet. Bless you all! Have a great day!

  6. Wow! You left no stone unturned, dear Eric! Thank you so much for this stunning and so very helpful astrology report. I love the image of breaking in tough denim – it makes the whole process so clear. I also have the image of hard, compacted earth, being broken into by a spade, and being worked over constantly, driving the spade into the earth deeper and deeper, the soil gradually getting softer and more workable. I also love the image of washing the denim and putting it through the washing machine, cos the other sense I have is of this purging and cleansing process going on too. I was wondering if that was also connected with Neptune in Pisces? (and Chiron?). As for Mars in Libra – what you say about relating and relationships is so spot on.
    Have been feeling really rough, both physically and emotionally since yesterday – but realise that this is an energetic thing, a reaction to all this very powerful planetary movement (hang on in there, Michele!) – am trying to work with it, and at the same time to allow the intensity to pass through me – knowing that it comes and goes all the time at the moment.
    And one last thing – a little plug, for any of you fellow Cancerians out there who haven’t heard Eric’s birthday report, I so recommend it. It’ll blow your mind…

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