From the Full Moon to the Equinox

Ten days ago Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing, seemingly without a trace. That has led to 10 days of ever-changing information via mainstream news channels; 10 days of questions leading to more questions; 10 days of Planet Waves contributors analyzing astrological charts. And, sadly, it’s 10 days of shock, anguish, fear and perhaps hope for the families of those who were on board the plane.

A passenger aircraft is captured against the Moon in 2006, above Tycho, the well-known landmark crater of the southern lunar hemisphere. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.
A passenger aircraft is captured against the Moon in 2006, above Tycho, the well-known landmark crater of the southern lunar hemisphere. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

If you’re at all sensitive and aware of this unfolding story, with its strange developments and delayed revelations of information, this can amount to a good deal of extra psychic tension. You would not be stepping out of bounds if you consider the way this event is being handled to be a breach of trust on the part of global authorities. Something isn’t adding up — and that sort of ‘not adding up’ happens too often in this era in which we live, undermining our ability to make sense of the world. Call it a form of global gaslighting.

The major media talking heads might not be asking questions, but we are. And as we do, we offer our collective sympathy and empathy to those who are directly connected to the passengers of Flight 370, some of whom are very young children; we hold them in the light.

Layered beneath all of that this weekend was the Virgo Full Moon yesterday afternoon. This lunation expressed its tension mentally and emotionally for many people, befitting the Virgo-Pisces axis it stretched across. A Full Moon is the Sun and Moon opposing each other with the Earth in the middle — so if you felt at all like you were pulled between poles of opinion on an issue, or pulled between two people in a conflict, or noticed yourself on one side of a confrontation with another, that fits the astrology.

Has a specific situation or sense of tension begun to resolve for you? Full Moons have a way of bringing things to a head and breaking deadlocks. Sometimes you can feel this pretty immediately, sometimes it takes a day or two for the tides of emotion and energy to abate.

Called the Worm Moon by the Algonquin tribes stretching from New England to the Great Lakes, this Full Moon of March is the last of the zodiacal year. In the Northern Hemisphere, it heralds the ground beginning to soften and the earthworms getting active near the surface again (although with snow still on the ground in many places and another dip in temperature, some of us will have to wait a little longer for the worms).

In other words, it’s the last Full Moon before the Sun enters Aries for the equinox. That happens this Thursday, March 20, at 12:57 pm EDT, and we’ll be covering it in greater detail later this week. Not only will we enjoy equal hours of day and night as the cosmic clock resets itself, but Mercury will grace us by finally leaving its post-retrograde echo (or shadow) phase Thursday, too. I think even the worms will be celebrating that.

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  1. What a full moon..Usually walk a labyrinth on the full moon. But its been too cold!! Strangely enough an inner warm up effect.. I spent the night with a gently rolling fire, and as Strawberrylaughter stated ” Breakthroughs come with ease & a sense of inevitability” Interesting astrological weather, as interesting as the atmospheric weather..

  2. Thanks Amanda, for remembering the flight of passengers. I read a psychic’s take on the situation and she says the plane was struck by an electrical storm which scrambled everything technologically as they were so near a sensitive point on Earth, like the Bermuda Triangle. She said they landed on a beach on a remote island, of which there are thousands in the area they are searching around Malaysia and Indonesia. She said apart from some injuries, everyone is alive and that is why the phones are still ringing. They are being helped by a local indigenous tribe and have food, and clean water but there was some damage to the plane so can’t be flown again. I would hate to give false hope but I was encouraged by reading this, and I hope that the authorities do find them.
    Aside from that, I was able to break the “deadlock” of influence between my ex-husband trying to win me back (and me trying to be nice and peaceful about it all) and the fragile yet intense new love with someone I “know” I am compelled to be with in total surrender, (with me trying to be casual about it all). The Full Moon message was clear – Don’t look back!
    Autumn or Fall Equinox here in the Southern Hemisphere heralds the time of purification, tuning into balance and then gently planting the new seeds for ourselves we wish to grow over the year. With all the flooding and torrential rain, will be planting in pots this equinox! Happy Equinox all on Planetwaves and thank you xxoo

  3. Thank you for this, Amanda! I’ve had a wild few days, very tense and dark. Then Sunday, right on the full moon, my life exploded, using Facebook and email. Oddly, at the same time, all my in-person and phone connections were mutually supportive and peaceful. With a day to calm down, I find that what blew up on Sunday was part of something bigger that needed to be dismantled so I could move forward, and I can just let the whole stuck situation unravel itself by doing nothing more.

    I’m also struck by the parallel in the bigger world- the surreal jet disappearance that seems to call in secret military and intelligence tracking (at least, that’s how I’m explaining the slow release of peculiar facts that’s defining the whole event), coupled with the very real and powerfully present turning of the year, with new growth just starting in the woods and in the garden.

  4. Yes, feeling desperate for worms up here in the still frozen North, Amanda. Thank you for this writing on the ultimate days of the astro year.

    And thanks to everyone else sharing your breakthroughs. Congratulations all! I’ve had some symbolic events over the weekend, resisting the breakthroughs that want to happen with all my might.

    Will I just let go?

    Maybe, maybe not ;o)

  5. Thank you, Amanda, particularly for your words on the missing plane. It has indeed been a source of tension and worry, and the mainstream news only inflames concern. You invite us to bear this event thoughtfully and with heart – the one thing we can do to help.

  6. Thanks, Amanda. The plane issue has been lingering in the back of my mind like an unresolved grief. Call it a “ripple in the force” as ObiWan mentioned when the Death Star blew up a planet.

    Friday three things happened which blew me away.

    1) the woman who was my bride’s maid e-mailed me and said she was in Arizona and wanted to see me on her way back to SLC. I haven’t seen her in 17 years and we stopped being friends in that time because the friendship was always one-sided…..her side. I realized that and had enough in 1998 and walked away. I reconnected briefly via facebook maybe a year or so ago but that was just as a catch-up on news and nothing else; no dialogue ensued. She never married and has no kids so we have little in common.

    2) my younger brother also e-mailed me the same day and said he was thinking of me. I haven’t heard from HIM since early 2012 when he unfriended me on facebook for saying things about our NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) mother. When he unfriended me back then, I just let him go in my heart because arguing would have not helped. He asked Friday how my family and I are so I wrote him a long e-mail catching him up; some of which included my husband’s near-death hospitalization in late 2012, my accident with my son, and my brain-blip that happened (Transient Global Amnesia on Feb. 20-21st this year). He also asked about my dad (who adopted him when he was 2).

    3) In my brother’s e-mail was a message from a guy we both knew when they were both kids and I was a young adult. This guy had found my brother and befriended him on facebook and wanted to find me but was not able to. I found him and befriended him. When I did, this now 40+ year old guy (I knew him when he and my brother were teens) told me I had changed his life back then for the better. I had accepted him when no one else around him had. He revealed that he had been abused by his father back then; I had not known this at the time. This made me cry because I didn’t go out of my way to be extra kind to him; I was just being my usual self yet that usual self touched someone in a deeply compassionate and positive way. With my dysfunctional upbringing, I have long had a lack of self-worth that I deal with and fight each day. This man’s words reminded me that through my lifetime I have apparently helped people just by being my regular, accepting, compassionate self. I so needed to hear that.

    This year has been really weird. These three events all happened on Friday. I have Sun in Pisces with Virgo rising so this full moon axis didn’t feel uncomfortable to me at all but these three relationships coming back into my life felt like a Twilight Zone moment. Also; just before my brain blipped out, my family was invited over to a lady’s home for dinner; this was someone we knew from the local youth theater group and we helped her move when she divorced back in 2012 yet she had not really acted like a friend at all. Suddenly she invited all of us to dinner with her new husband and step son. Out of the blue it is as if people around me are actually wanting to be friends.

    I had been wondering why I could live in this city 17 years and only have one “friend” whom I met in 2011 despite my efforts at making friends. In fact, I have been dealing with the definition of what “friends” are and people around me here apparently thought of me as a friend yet I didn’t see them that way because to me, friends share confidences, go to one another’s homes, support one another through life events. None of these local people had ever shared confidences or had me over (or come over to my home) or supported me (though I tried to be supportive of them) yet they thought we were “friends.” When I said we weren’t, they looked shocked and it apparently made them think.

    In this facebook era, I think we have lost what being a friend really means but I felt determined to define it for myself and then act on it. I do have very close friends online; a group of women (we call ourselves The Hags) that I have been discussing with for 17+ years. They know me and I know them and we are supportive; I have since met three of them in real life and we have a secret closed group on facebook where we can post anything and we support and love one another.

    For some reason, this year, local people and now this past friend and even my brother seem to be making overtures toward me. That’s a bizarre feeling for me but I am open to see what happens next.

    Happy St. Patrick, Irish-Celtic Heritage Day to all who celebrate it!

  7. Breaking deadlock..yes, for sure. Kitty and I have been tense lately….around 6:30 this am Mother Erth gave us here (LA) a pretty good shake. Seems to have cleared up a bit of that tension…

    Thanks Amanda. I tuned in here first thing this morning knowing PW would have an appropriate word or two on the one thing that has taken over our thoughts this past week. You had three or four hundred really good ones, thx.

  8. thank you — and credit goes to eric for suggesting that i lead with acknowledging the missing plane. i’ve been a little preoccupied with my own full moon personal drama (the three days preceding the full moon were tricky, but it seemed that some resolution actually began saturday).

    i would say that thurs-fri had the “reeling” quality that you’ve experienced, lizzy, while the resolution has felt the “loveliness” that strawberry laughter has experienced.

    definitely an unexpected ride…

  9. Yes, thank you for this great oiece, dear Amanda, and for your loving sensitivity concerning the missing plane, which I find unbearable, but yes, “we hold them in the light”.
    Has been an unbelievably tough full moon, birnging up deep, hidden wounds – still reeling, but am continuing to work through it and with this powerful, cleansing sky.

  10. Yeah, that Full Moon was definitely a deadlock-breaker for me. Major stuckness came loose, in a very lovely way. And for me a reminder that we can push & push & make ourselves crazy, but if we just trust & hang tight (with awareness) until the right moment arrives, breakthroughs come with ease & a sense of inevitability. Yay.

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