Figure Out How You Really Feel

That is, if you can. Today Venus forms an exact square to Neptune. This aspect has been brewing through the weekend, though it comes into focus at 4:47 pm EDT.

Venus-Neptune aspects can have the flavor of universal love or easygoing compassion that can overlook many things you might normally find annoying. They can also represent overindulgence in wine, women and song, not to mention a diversity of things that can alter consciousness.

The Moon will make a diversity of aspects in early Cancer before making a conjunction to Vesta and a trine to Saturn.

And there can be a question of whether you really know what you feel. Venus is in Gemini and Neptune is in Pisces. Both of these are considered dualistic signs, that is, energies where there are distinctly two facets. Actually there are more than two for each — and together they can multiply one another.

When you factor in the feelgood qualities of both Venus and Neptune, that can add up to not being sure what you feel. It might take you a while to figure it out, or it might sneak up on you. It would probably be a good idea to use some discernment today, and either tell the truth or refrain from speaking about anything you’re still trying to figure out.

The thing is, you might not have figured out that you’re trying to figure it out.

Neptune also potentially implies the willingness to sacrifice. You might want to check any such impulse — check as in pause, and check as in verify. This is highlighted by the Moon, which ingresses Cancer at 5:56 am EDT.

The Moon treks across a few unusual, even obscure points early in that sign (Hades, Apollo, Kronos) which imply a possible state of emotional self-doubt. If you’re questioning something, let it be a question for a while rather than a conclusion.

The Moon arrives at familiar territory later in the evening when it makes a conjunction to Vesta. Where there is Vesta there’s always the question of whether any sacrifice is appropriate.

Devotion to caring for the home and emotions (implied by the Moon and Cancer) can be done in service of “love.” Remember that you have a choice in which direction you take that: more on the level of an idea (Venus in Gemini), or more creatively universal and “spiritual” (Neptune in Pisces). There are a lot of possibilities for how to mix and match these ideas; there’s no one right answer.

Remember that you have a choice, though it would probably be a good idea if you sort out how you feel and what’s motivating you before you make a decision or commitment. That said, I think this is an aspect combination where most people are likely to do what feels right. And that will likely be the best choice to make.

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  1. Hm, I’ll go with over-indulgence in wine, women and song (hold the wine), thank you. With the Moon in Cancer tickling my Cancer Moon, and recent communiques from a female friend, this course of action holds the most appeal right now.

  2. yeti — i was just trying to sketch out some thoughts for tomorrow’s post, and your statements about the “herd of buffalo” and saturn holding down the fort — and providing a point of grounding, containment and focus for “monkey mind” and all sorts of projections is along the lines of what i was feeling my way toward. great image!

  3. Neptune: the last big planet before the cloud. I think the resonant feature of the human might be the heart’s magnetic field, the qi field, the less dense aspects of sense surrounding the body. For most people in modern society it seems to me that this field is populated by the trash of industry, the brands and images manipulating us into being mere consumers. Monkey mind experiences Neptune as delusion when no spacetime is given to meditation, that is teaching the monkey how to sit and listen. We’re simply manipulated by forces we never sit still long enough to witness and regulate.

    I don’t think Neptune is a source of delusion. It’s how a force represented by an inner planet spins the subtle sensations of the edge that creates the delusion. Free of delusion Neptune can function as a subtle sense informing compassion. From Neptune’s perspective the inner solar system is a single point in the sky. In the silence of meditation the contents of the qi field can be sensed and cleared so that we can relate to other sentient beings without projections. From the perspective of compassion all sentient beings are children of Space. No blame.

    There’s still a herd of buffalo in Taurus roughly in opposition to Saturn holding down the fort. It takes Saturn’s force to hold the attention of a sentient being in meditation sufficiently to restrain the howling monkey.

  4. Dear Be,

    I would say that, as they often do, your beloved cat is communicating with you from another dimension. Orcus.

    Here’s to everyone figuring out how they really feel. It sure feels like we will be called in the not too distant future to articulate that answer to ourselves and those around us. Hopefully there will continue to be food in all our cupboards.


  5. Is it Personal or is it Political; do I feed “me” or do I feed the “world”. The possibility of sacrifice might be in neglecting personal love/needs for universal love/needs.

    Although always a good thing, compassion for others can become obsessive and, at times, cause personal (local) needs to be overlooked or even neglected. The opposite is possible too, but with the Moon crossing the Aries Point into Cancer she could just favor fellow water sign traveler Neptune who is beyond the personal.

    If you can (Neptune can be so engulfing), check that inbox (thanks Flavia!) and at least be aware of the things you might be overlooking. (I dreamed I couldn’t find any food for my cat – only garbage in the ‘fridge’ that needed tossing, nothing in the cabinets – and I had to drop everything and go to the store. I have no cat, but when I did, she/he was my greatest ‘personal’ love.)

    Thanks Eric, you are right about discernment being the key for Venus square Neptune, but it is so darn hard to come by where Neptune is involved. If compassion for the greater good has you by the heartstrings, try for just awareness-of-what-you-could-be-overlooking. Don’t crucify yourself because you want to take time away from doing “good” to inspect your cabinets or your inbox either. This would be an opportune time to experience guilt, either way, if you succumb to any one drive when Venus squares Neptune. Is there a way to follow both (or all)?

    Maybe that’s how the Moon’s conjunction with Hades (what we don’t want to look at), Cronus (timing is everything), Apollo (wait until the Sun goes down), Vesta (what we invest in) and tomorrow, Ceres (who and what do we ‘feed’) is helping us figure out just how we feel. Saturn (responsibility) also trined Vesta this AM and later this evening the Moon will trine Saturn. By bedtime it is possible we could know just what is in our best interest and just how to spread the Love fairly.

  6. asteroid Flavia right now conjunct Moon and right between Kronos and Hades, instantiating the synchronicities involved in this process of becoming aware of these objects …

  7. Just found the points – not asteroids – and can see now the significance in my own chart and how it would make it more likely to me than average person in the world. And it’s Apollon, not asteroid Apollo, right? Applies too…

  8. I woke up and found in my inbox 2 messy (Hades) business situations involving timing and competence (Kronos), 2 mini crisis both exposing something that is not acceptable (Hades), each involving a recurrent element (Apollo). Now that i’m paying attention to asteroids, they are showing themselves to me. The funny thing is that this seems to be true not only of the asteroids that i have already been paying attention to – that would be expected, once we index something it becomes a parameter in our constellation of reality – but also to asteroids that are new to me. To what extent were they already at work before, just unseen? Did everybody in the world meet such situations today? The events are all implied in the space of the possible, but do they actually occurr? Does awareness increase the likelihood of occurrence itself – not just of awareness of causality?
    Would I have gotten the same events had i not been paying attention to asteroids? Would a different, parallel event space occur? Reminds me of the question whether mathematics is discovered or invented.

  9. Thank you Eric, very interesting and intriguing subject. Right on time, of course.
    I was struck by the words “Neptune also potentially implies the willingness to sacrifice”.
    Can you expand a little on that? I did not know that Neptune was connected in any way to sacrifice…
    Thanks and love.

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