Dare yourself: Venus in the Uranus-Pluto square

With Uranus and Pluto still quite close in aspect after their most recent exact contact, having Venus enter the picture could feel profound for a lot of people. ‘Change’ is almost a dirty word for some, but in all honesty, it’s the only thing that ever allows us to grow and heal in the long run — and Pluto is the Lord of Change with a capital ‘C’.

Simplified chart section for Venus exactly square (to the arc minute) Uranus in Aries, and mere hours away from exact conjunction to Pluto. Also shown: the Aries Moon conjunct Eris, adding to the surprise factor. View glyph key here.
Simplified chart section for Venus exactly square (to the arc minute) Uranus in Aries, and mere hours away from exact conjunction to Pluto. Also shown: the Aries Moon conjunct Eris, adding to the surprise factor. View glyph key here.

Now along comes Venus, cruising through Capricorn (though not at her fastest, since she will station retrograde in Capricorn next month). She’s tucked in her shirt and tied her hair back in a ‘sensible’ style, and has comfortable shoes on. She’s made up her mind to be ‘proper’ (her usual in Capricorn).

But as soon as she turns the corner, who’s leaning against a lamppost in a leather jacket, with his motorcycle nearby?

Pluto. And he’s giving Venus the eye, a sly smile on his lips.

Okay — so that’s the pulp version. The point is, the Lord of Change (Pluto) meeting with a personal planet (Venus) means that Venus is in for some sort of transformational experience. That means that you — or the part of you represented by Venus — is also in for a transformational experience: something that has the power to change you.

Something this week will probably feel very daring to you. Not necessarily dangerous (referring back to the little story, we’re talking about a sexy motorcycle ride, not playing Russian roulette), but it will feel like you’re taking a chance. Something about you will not be the same afterwards, in a palpable way.

If this starts kicking up nervousness or a sense of resistance (or downright terror), remember Saturn is nearby in a loose sextile from Scorpio. There are guardrails; a safe boundary; a container for the experience — which could very well be exciting or passionate or surprising, even if it’s challenging and scary and pushes you deep.

Eric described the astrology saying, “This is not about letting go a little and ending up in the madhouse. It’s about letting go a little and maybe a little more, and deciding how you feel about it.”

If you dance at all, think of it in terms of contact improv: within the form of the dance (a container of sorts) two people enter into contact with each other. They try out giving and receiving each other’s weight. They allow their own movement to be altered by the movements of their partner. A lean may turn into fall to the floor and rolling over each other; shared momentum may lead to one person becoming airborne on the shoulders of the other.

The dance is not choreographed. It is full of surprises and discoveries; trust and fear; it demands mental presence, physical investment and emotional vulnerability as two distinct individuals create a dance that leaves both changed somehow. To dancers trained in more formal modalities, it can look like anarchy; but it’s not. It’s closer to liberation — just like the effect Pluto and Uranus are having on the conservativeness of Capricorn.

As the week progresses, notice if you’re engaged in any approach/avoid behaviors, or if you’re tempted to ‘act like the bad girl’ simply for the sake of ‘being bad’. The idea is not to be a rebel without a cause (or a clue); the idea is to choose what you truly want. To do that, it helps not to be in ‘reaction mode’. On Friday, the Moon’s movement though Aries could make that more challenging; best to practice choosing and responding consciously now.

8 thoughts on “Dare yourself: Venus in the Uranus-Pluto square”

  1. Thanks for sharing the love, Amanda!

    The vibration of love between two people benefits so many – thanks for sharing yours with us, Mia!

  2. Thank you for a wonderful article, Amanda.

    This has been quite a time for me, truly unbelievable. On Sunday, I brought a station wagon full of my possessions to Canada so that a number of my things would be here for the winter. I am spending the majority of my time here with my fiancé, strange to write such words but true. Two dogs and two cats come back with me in ten days or so. We will be here for Thanksgiving and through the holidays.

    Saturn on my moon in Scorpio for the past year has created a space for major restructuring on all fronts and it is truly amazing. Passion, fun, creativity, expansion, all shared between me and my guy. So much has been rearranged within me that manifesting comes so naturally now it is truly remarkable. He and I are in the same place/space so it is particularly interesting to see how opportunities present themselves. We put down the invisible fence line today so my dogs could run around, something they have been unable to do for the past year due to where we were living.

    Sending out the happiness vibe to all of PW!


  3. yes yeti — tai ji and CI share some properties and “flexibility” in that volume control you speak of. i really enjoyed the little tai ji and qi gong i tried years ago for that reason (among others): that it was so gentle, yet so strong; beautiful yet practical when needed; can be fast or slow; big or small.

    Contact improv also shares, i think, the ability to get one present enough in body/mind/spirit to find the meeting place between “internals” and “externals”, where everything flows and yet there is still enough distinction so that responses are continually calibrating and adjusting to new variables, rather than simply losing form…

  4. Oh yeah! I just experienced some soft contact improv last night at a karaoke bar. I love that the martial arts I practice have a volume control. In the park with the tai ji folk we try to knock one another over, on the dance floor I flow around my partner like water. MMmmmm…Venus in transit comes by to activate my Progressed Venus and take some of the edge off of Pluto so close to my Sun. The last square in 2015 with Uranus happens with Pluto on my Sun. I feel like I’m learning things that will come in handy as that time revs up.

  5. Great images! I’m really curious how this is going to look. This Venus C Pluto transit hangs out on my natal Mars in Cap opposite my 7 house stellium in Cancer including Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. It’s all so beautiful. 😉

  6. Amanda: Thank you for consciously eschewing the “pulp version” and focusing on this crucial (and necessarily improvisational – love that), yet ephemeral step in a longer evolutionary process that we might otherwise overlook. You have helped us to see the longer process by encouraging a firm foothold without which further steps would be moot.

  7. Oh, my! I feel a little heat in my nethers 🙂

    Really love your post, Amanda. Lively language with clarity of astrological elements made so personal it’s impossible to miss. I esp enjoy how you all make transits so embraceable and welcome.

    btw, Pluto (I swear) has been hanging out at 9 degrees forever … it’s my natal Venus and I’m feeling a bit ravaged 🙂


  8. You really have a way of illustrating this aspect. Thanks so much Amanda for your talent.

    Venus feels so very serious and sensible here and that building of security feels good –but at the same time, so ready for that sexy motorcycle ride! I have definitely worked hard on putting myself out there. What more must I do? Most recently it’s been a lot of mental rehashing of the ideas. (I believe Mercury stationing is impetus here). And it feels exactly as you describe, the idea is in choosing what I really want to go for. I know what it comes down to, is most important for me, is that sense of a strong foundation and partnership in enjoying all the blessings and adventure of life.

    The planets offer the power- I noticed Venus is presently conjunction to Natal Part of Fortune and the Sun is also in opposition to Natal Jupiter today. If there was ever a time to grab my truth and live that dream -it’s now! God knows, and I am ready…I can feel that warm wind blowing through my hair.

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