Sandy Hook School Massacre: Connecting Cause and Effect

The astrology for Friday’s mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut is as strange and as complicated as the event itself. [View chart.]

Olivia Engel, age 6.

There is no possible solace for the loss of 20 little kids and the adults who tried to protect them. There is no way to comfort every parent in the country who will put their kid on the school bus, wondering what will happen that day. For those near the incident and far away, the question now shifts to why this happened.

There appears to be no motive for the alleged gunman, Adam Lanza [see his charts here, set for noon], to have done what he did: shoot his mother some time before 9:30 am Friday, then proceed to a nearby elementary school, somehow gain access, and then shoot 26 people and then himself. Note that the only notion of what happened we’re being given by government and mainstream media is the ‘lone gunman theory’, which with rare exceptions has been used to explain everything from the assassination of JFK forward.

Many reports from surviving relatives and people who knew him confirm that Lanza suffered from some form of autism, possibly a high-functioning kind known as Asperger syndrome. Still, his mother, a gun collector, is reported to have regularly taken him to the shooting range. Yet we have to ask ourselves how he could orchestrate murdering the school’s administration and 20 students in a matter of minutes — all of it spontaneously, that is, without extensive planning. I spent much of the night Saturday into Sunday trying to suss out the possibility of additional shooters.

Charlotte Bacon, age 6.

You can see that extensive discussion on my Facebook timeline. I was not able to confirm or deny this, nor can I account for what seem to be two or three additional possible suspects or subjects — people who may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, or who may have been involved. They are omitted from discussion in the media.

Absent a motive, the search for answers seems to have shifted to a wider scale, particularly given that what happened Friday was the 16th mass shooting in the United States this year alone. The ones that stand out are the movie theater massacre in Aurora, CO, the shooting in the Sikh temple in Milwaukee, WI a month later, and the mall shooting in Portland,OR last week. There are many others that you may not have heard of; The Nation has prepared a chronology.

If our choices for 2012 were revolution, revelation or reality check, we seem to be doing the latter.

It is clear that we have a systemic problem. Children raised on killing-based video games, action films and crime scene TV programs are steeped in violence from a young age, informed that killing is meaningless. Many of these same children are raised on psychotropic drugs. I’ve read that 100 million prescriptions for these medications are written in the U.S. alone every year. Combine this with the existence of one gun on average for every citizen and you have a big problem. It is a systemic problem.

It’s good to hear people talking about this issue on the many levels where it exists, including the mental health issues involved, the use of drugs and programming our children with violence. As I have said many times, the distinguishing characteristic of our time in history is our failure to connect cause and effect, or the conscious severing of the two.

Daniel Barden, age 7.

When 88 people die in 16 mass shooting incidents in one year, that’s begging for a cause and effect relationship. In 2007, there were 12,632 homicides with guns committed in the United States, about 242 a week. You can see more statistics here.

Part of the systemic problem involves the aggression of the United States government. Most people don’t like to look at this. Some still believe we “liberated” the Iraqis. Does that include the 500,000 children killed by lack of fresh water during the Clinton years, which then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright admitted to on 60 Minutes?

It does not help that ex-convicts and people who admit to being mentally ill can buy weapons at gun shows due to a loophole in the law combined with the greed of gun dealers. And it doesn’t help if a young autistic man can get hold of his mother’s weapons and use them to commit mass murder. Ethically, this makes her an accessory to the crime, perhaps even an accomplice. Intent is not necessarily about what you want. It’s about what you knew or should have known might happen; and what you did or didn’t do about it.

The Chart for the Sandy Hook Massacre

When doing the astrology of an event such as this, it’s helpful to have a question in mind. We want to know the motives involved, for example, but my question is: does the official version of events check out? We can do that without astrology; it’s necessary to. So first I’ll summarize the basic facts as I understand them.

After allegedly killing his mother, Adam Lanza took his mother’s guns and drove a few miles to the school. He somehow gained entrance to the locked building. For the first 24 hours or more after the incident, we were told that his mother either worked as a teacher or volunteered at the school, which is how he was allowed into the building.

Chart for shooting at Sandy Hook school on Friday morning.

Then the school district walked back that story, though it seems that the one point of forced entry was done by a police officer. It’s still not clear to me how he got into the building. [We have now confirmed from sufficient corroborated reporting that he shot his way into the school.] Whether his mother worked at the school becomes an important issue in terms of the motive, that I will get to in a moment.

He is then alleged to have killed 26 people “execution style,” all of them, according to the medical examiner, with multiple gunshots. As authorities closed in on him, he killed himself.

Early reports had him targeting a school where his mother worked, which would have at least given a direct connection. But lacking even that, we’re left with no motive whatsoever — in its absence, the issue is taken to the systemic level — which is exactly what this chart describes.

Note the concentration of planets in the top left quadrant of the chart — the one that deals with the ‘whole systems’ of society, from corporations and government (starting on top, the 10th) to the public, groups and organizations (the 11th, one house counterclockwise) to overwhelming institutions, all that is hidden, secret motives and secret enemies (the 12th, one section counterclockwise).

On one level, the official version of events, including mental illness, the shooter’s mother, and the wide-scale response focused on the complexity of the problem, is supported by this chart. Nancy, his mother, shows up in the chart — as the Moon, which has just made an exact conjunction to Pluto (called an occultation) before the shooting at the school; this illustrates her death prior to the events.

As I mentioned in my podcast last week, the New Moon the day before was conjunct Pholus, Ixion and Quaoar, three heavy-duty slow-moving points. Pholus is about a runaway reaction. Ixion is about the expression of amorality, which is becoming a defining feature of our society. Quaoar is about the family pattern, which was disrupted by this event.

If you ask the question, “What was the nature and cause of death,” you would look at the 8th house for information. That is associated with Virgo and ruled by Mercury.

Mercury is square Chiron, which argues for mental illness, and Chiron’s placement in Pisces can be about a spiritual injury and the drugs that Adam may have been on, or taken as a child, to treat his condition. It certainly points to the stressed out mental state of both children and the whole society, and our obsession with pharmaceutical drugs that seems to be making it worse.

Noon chart for the alleged killer, Adam Lanza, age 20. This is not the chart of a natural born killer; well maybe not a pro. It’s the chart of a person in deep emotional and psychological confusion and pain. The problem is that Venus and Mars are in mutual reception. Mars in Pisces is more passionate than aggressive, but when the rule of mutual reception is applied and it switches place with Venus, we’re left with Mars in Aries conjunct Eris – an explosive mix – square Uranus and Neptune – in total this is about as dangerous as it gets. But it’s not who he is all the time and indeed this may have been the first time. That’s what seems to have happened; he flipped to an alternate personality. With Neptune so clearly involved, we have to see what his tox report says, if that information is released and if it’s accurate.

But Mercury also is about a message. We don’t know who is sending that message, but it seems to be, “Your children are not safe.” Who would be sending that message, and why? I am going to leave that particular question open. One does not need to resort to conspiracy theories to go down that road. The effect of this whole incident is to destroy the peace of mind of the entire country and to bring down the vibration.

If we look at the houses where most of the planets are concentrated, we see persistent evidence of the involvement of government and corporations, which can manifest many different ways because so many planets are occupying one anothers’ signs. (The mutual receptions include Mars and Saturn, Pluto and Saturn and Mercury and Jupiter. This indicates that there are many alternative scenarios as to what happened, and many people are growing suspect of so many mass shootings in such a concentrated phase of time.)

On the most mundane level, both government and corporations are involved in this incident because it is government policy to make all of these guns available, as well as setting the tone of society through its aggression. Even the smallest rural cities have SWAT teams now. There is the legitimate feeling that the government is gearing up for war against its civilians, which feeds pro-gun paranoia.

We must not forget the companies that are making staggering amounts of money on the sales of weapons. Every time there is a shooting, Mr. Glock personally makes millions because so many guns are sold, out of fear that they will be taken away. The NRA is the lobby group not for gun owners but for gun manufacturers.

When you work out the astrology, the planets in this chart move around in such a complex pattern that it is either describing the whole society in which we live, or how this event is part of a much more sinister plot that’s not appropriate for me to get into here. Both may be true.

Three days after this horrendous event, we are left with more questions than answers. At least there seems to be a shift in the direction of asking those questions, and raising not just the issue of gun control but also of programmed violence, mental illness and the role of the government in supporting what is becoming a very ugly situation in these last days of the Mayan calendar.

Gun control is going to help, but it’s not what will save us. What will save us is understanding the whole problem and dealing with it in its complexity.

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  1. As always, I so appreciate Erics analysis and others comments. I am just now catching up with other Astro anaylsis of the events. I am in the town next to Newtown and the kinetic field and emotional body of Newtown has been so effected that I , and seemingly most others, have been processing everything on the visceral kinetic level. The energetics so pronounced and distinct , I’m not checking charts and seeing the experience of my electrical and emotional body confirmed in charts. VENUS very prominent. Men experiencing life right now as women *do* ; openly weeping, nurturing, consoling, being consoled , distraught. The energies in Newtown are fecund, wet, dense …water element very active but all tethered by Saturn. The pluto/ saturn combo prominent. People exhibiting great strength , a willingness to do the lesson, transform. In some cases rapidly. In the midst of all this Venus/mars/Pluto/saturn is a very HIGH vibration. Uranus in Aries midwifing somthing VERY progressed , brilliant ; not only on personal levels but SYSTEMICALLY > Politically> Socially. Newtown is not *over*. The initial event was a catalyst , however horrific . Saturn/ Cap energies so evident ; controlling at present that these other energies are gathering gasses on levels personal and cosmic > yet to bubble UP and THRU. I expect more suprises. It maybe that the Revolution begins in Newtown. So To speak.

  2. Just before shooting began at the school on 12/14, VENUS entered the Sabian Symbol with the image “An Indian woman pleading to the chief for the lives of her children.” At one level, this describes any/each female teacher making an appeal from her heart to the shooter, “the chief” in the event. Note that Venus is elevated, conjunct the Lunar North Node, which is in turn conjunct the M.C. in the event chart. VENUS has the most important message of all in this chart. At a more profound level, THE GODDESS VENUS seems to be appealing to a different, even more important “chief” — Commander-in-Chief of the world’s most powerful Empire. VENUS seems to be saying, “No! No more taking the lives of children anywhere in the world!” Obama’s tears for the murdered children and their Venusian teachers seemed sincere to me. Perhaps his heart can open to also care about the children of the world, and to preside accordingly.

    Although other Sabian Symbol images (see my website) help tell the story of that sad day in Newtown, Venus’ message is the most important of all.

    Themes echo through an astrological chart, saying things similar and in complimentary ways. History tells us that Chiron’s transits through Pisces (where Venus is “exalted”) resonates with a similarly compassionate heart. To reference but three examples, Chiron was in Pisces during and after the American Civil War, during and just after WW I, and from about 1960 through 1968. Each time, after significant mass carnage and suffering, and several significant assassinations (Lincoln, JFK, MLK, RFK), there was a growing movement in the collective conscious to turn away from violence. After the horrific war between the states, mothers from northern and southern states created the original “Mothers’ Day” to discourage further slaughter of mothers’ sons. Just WW I ended, there was also a horrific deadly flu in the U.S. and Europe that oddly was most deadly for young people. The sentiment that emerged then was that “the World War” should be “the war to end all wars.”

    Before discussing the last time Chiron was in Pisces, I’d like to attempt “to set the record straight” (LP pun intended) about the astrological “spirit” of the ’60s. Astronomical Chiron was not discovered until November 1977. Not knowing any better, astrologers gave credit for “the spirit of the 60s” to Uranus. However, the 60’s was an era most influenced my singer-songwriter-guitarists who catalyzed change in the larger culture, including the end of the war in Viet Nam. Mythological Chiron played a guitar-like stringed instrument that enchanted all listeners, including “the rocks themselves”! We could say that Chiron was the first “Rock” musician, unplugged and organic. One of the most prominent Chironic singer-songwriter-guitarists of the era was Bob Dylan. He sang out against the “Masters of War.” Lyrics to other Dylan songs included “How many deaths will it take ’til they know that too many people have died?” and homage to “the warriors whose strength is NOT to fight.”

    Coming to the present, it is astro-logical to anticipate a collective shift away from violence and cruelty. During each of the three previous historical periods mentioned, there was, for example, a significant war resistance minority of conscientious objectors and deserters, and of soldiers who deliberately shot over the heads of their purported enemies. Personally, as a very active demonstrator against the war, I always liked a famous 1960’s poster that asked, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

    Complimenting the synchronicity of this event and its astrology, as “GWIND” noted, the event comes coinciding within one week of the greatly anticipated date of 12/21/2012, as connected to the long count Mayan calendar. At this time, “GWIND” reminds us, there is a great longing in our Collective Soul for a new reality. I wrote about this shifting consciousness on my first ever e-letter released 12/14 (within hours of the shooting). It’s available to read on my website:

    Before I knew about the shooting that day, I’d written about our ongoing transition between the most violent and exploitive 5,000+ year era into “The Age of the Spirit of All Living Things” (quoting John Van Auken). It is notable that the final “Baktun” of the terminal era began in 1618, coinciding with the British capitalistic colonization of North America (Plymouth was 1620, e.g.).
    It seems that the around now is the beginning-of-the-end of the most ever-technological, ever-more ultra violent “American” baktun is coming to its official end, although the transition will continue for some unknown period of time.


  3. abc123 A book has been written. It is called A General Theory of Love. written by three doctors whose last names are Lewis, Amini and Lannon. Your conjecturing is borne out by their studies. Sigh.

  4. Tim McVeigh has an April 23 birth date. He was supposedly driven by the Waco suicide/murders. His innocent victims also included young children in a day care center.

  5. Be, You are one awesome lady.

    Would you say that Pluto is in the 8th house of Ceres? I mean, could it be interpreted that way? We seem to be looking at Pluto as the house of death in this case.

    There have been a lot of other mass killings in the US, with one in Michigan in 1927 (Bath) where 38 students and teachers were killed, and I heard Waco TX mentioned as a comparison. Seems most mass murders have to do with the ‘end times’ or have to do with some kid wanting to be famous (Batman, The Matrix [Columbine shooters} and so on). It seems to me that Waco was one of the causes of people building arms up against government intrusion in our lives. Wonder if the astrology shows a link.

  6. My Boy Was Born 2 Months After This Kid.
    South Node isnt about needin the Mom. It is bein stuck with the Mom, needin the Dad.

  7. 1912 was also a rough year; the person I believe was the first American serial killer was at large. The most famous of his crime scenes was in Villisca, Iowa, the night of June 9, 1912 (crime scene found Monday morning, June 10). I have been investigating this case for several years. When the time of the anniversary came, amidst much else happening (the transit of Venus and everything around it), I didn’t want to do the piece, but I may eventually.

    The killer was likely to have been Lee Moore, who was only convicted of his last ax murder, in early 1913 in Missouri — of his mother and grandmother. Then the murders — about seven of them with the same MO — stopped, but there were no convictions and no credible suspects in any of those crimes besides the last one.

    The Villisca crime was a turning point in American history, I believe. When you research this, please note that the “haunted” bit about the crime scene has no validity, in my opinion. I’ve been there and it’s a very disturbed place, but that disturbance is a kind of opportunistic infection rather than containing any information, or resolution, about what actually happened.

  8. Thanks all for helping illuminate the various influences, charts, methods surrounding this event. I woke up this morning and wondered about what seems to be a lot of feminine/female energy involved–Lanza obtained the weapons from his mother, the vast majority of the victims were female, both very young and all adults, the location and descriptions of the school seem to really stress the nurturing (female energy) of the students. I guess I’m just trying to wrap my head around this like everyone and appreciate any insights or thoughts. Thanks again.

  9. Thank you Be for illuminating the weave in this fabric with your wisdom and experienced sleuthing…. your insights really helps me appreciate the complexity without being quite so overwhelmed by it all…much like this event itself. Brilliant! Thank you.

  10. I think I may have found a handle in the astrology as to why this is happening to us.

    Remember the story of Eris tossing the gold apple into the wedding party with a message that it was for the fairest of the goddesses. She was forcing awareness of a flaw; that of vanity. Remember that Pholus started something small, within a confined space which grew into a great confrontation among many. Transiting Eris and Pholus are trine in the event chart and also in the just passed new Moon chart (which was conjunct Pholus and trine Eris). In the 2 charts – Adam’s and the event on Friday – Pholus in each chart was trine Venus in the other chart.

    Eris is forcing us to become aware of one of our flaws; not dealing with the problem of assault weapons availability. Pholus has taken one small private pain (1 person, 1 small town) and made it a nation-wide suffering.

    It is Venus who brings these two minor bodies, Eris and Pholus, front and center. In Adam’s chart she was conjunct his Eris and square his Neptune-Uranus. In the event chart Venus was quincunx Ceres and conjunct the North Node. She was also sextile the ascendant. The ascendent in the event chart is the same degree as the U.S. natal (Sibly) Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. The event chart Venus-sextile-the ascendant (+ US Pluto) form a Yod (Finger of God) to the event chart’s Ceres, the grieving mother. At 27 Gemini 43 rx, Ceres is very very close to the degree that Eric has made us all conscious of, found in the charts of other disasters such as the 9/11 chart. Through the act of one deeply troubled young man we have all become conscious of what must be done.

    When Venus occulted the Sun last June it was the last part of a 2-part process that happens between centuries. In the 1st Venus-occult-Sun in 2004, Pluto was where the Sagittarian New Moon was on Thursday, the day before the tragedy in New Town. The 2nd Venus-occult-Sun in 2012 had Mercury at 27 Gemini 08, opposite the Galactice Core/Center and Mercury was in the same degree as Ceres was in the Friday event chart. Venus’ story for our present century is of a mother’s grief (Ceres) whose child was stolen from her by death (Pluto).

    I hope this will help clarify in your minds and hearts why we are all devastated. There really is a reason for it.

  11. (By the way, that was Arno Stern, who has seen generations of kids painting in his studio since the end of world war II, and talks about how he has seen them changing with the years).

  12. I read the article linked by Gwind. Don’t have the words to say it, but this seems as a HUGE issue exploding right now, as a long suppressed bubble. Huge.

    We knew it would have exploded one day. We saw it coming. An educator (who works with art and expression) I studied with said in 2000 “Those who are little kids today will destroy the world when they will be 14”. (And he does live in France, not USA, which on the top of it does not have health assistance).

  13. I find it very poignant, eric, that you talk of this event as a crossing of the issue of gun control, the issue of mental health and psychomed given to kids in huge amounts, and the issue of violence so abundantly watched on the media since an early age. If society starts to question itself on all three these subjects, it’s a good thing. From your article, it seems it does.
    (The newspapers article here speak just about the firtst one, gun control).

  14. Green Star I truly appreciate what you wrote & the insight from that perspective.

    and I would like to add that, what if the gun issue is the result, not necessarily a cause. What I am hearing is that we are finally getting to the discussion about how sick & disconnected our culture is becoming. Have you read this article called “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother”?

    I then add it to the Mayan calendar issue. I think part of the discussion about 12-21-12 is about the collective soul wanting so desperately for a new reality. We want a correction and do not know how to go about it. Like someone who may attempt to commit suicide; they may not want to really die, they may just want the pain to end. I think it is more helpful to reach out in every way we can, rather than make fun of people that are really fearful. After all, it is part of OUR discussion and we are a part of it, or else it would not exist. We minimize and laugh at things we do not understand or what we are afraid of, most often without realizing it.

  15. abc123 there’s the Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff. Dibs in Search of Self by Virginia Axline.

    Nourishing/restoring/maintaining foods (Breast cancer? Breast health! by Susun Weed

  16. I cry a lot these days, these months, these years.

    For the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School, fall the most recent tears. I cry for Pickles, I miss him so. I cry for my health. I cry for Life itself.

    We are here to be joyful divine sparks. Except for The Pain. Ripping chasms into our hearts, our psyches, our souls. Drowning us, disabling us.

    We need to flip the coin. Take that pain and change the world with it. Not in repercussion, with hate, because We are the problem.

    But, we are also healers and builders. We can and must heal ourselves. We can and must build a better world, for how much tragedy are we willing to endure, to become numb to, and have amnesia of, before we let it change us, lifting us up our of our first chakra caves?

  17. Thank you, Eric, for your thoughtful commentary on the complexity. I’ve not yet had the focus to absorb the astrology, but will do so later.

    “When you work out the astrology, the planets in this chart move around in such a complex pattern that it is either describing the whole society in which we live, or how this event is part of a much more sinister plot that’s not appropriate for me to get into here. Both may be true.”

    “Whole society” – as in global. In February of 2011, in a mass shooting 69 people were killed in Norway, which included 50 aged 14 through 18. Not young children, but still children. How many other incidents of “non-war zone” mass killings occur worldwide that are not reported here in the self-absorbed US? Then there are the “garden variety” of other killings: drive-by shootings, gang executions, robbery related, drug related, family feuds, or “just because.” (I live in Southeastern Michigan where many daily violent deaths are just not reported.)

    Are we numb to such violence unless it is on such a large scale that it becomes incomprehensible? I don’t have the answers, but at least here at PW we know it isn’t simple, and that there are many questions. May we find answers. May we find solutions.


  18. And the real insanity is that these things happen again and again, almost as if it’s normal, because of the ease with which one can get hold of guns in the US.

  19. Thank you Eric, Sarah, for having the compassion and sensitivity to write about this here. Confess that I find this one too unbearable to read about right now, to see their photos. I usually like to get to the root of these things, to find out what, why, how – but I just can’t bring myself to do it this time – just too painful. Will catch up with it later. My heart and love goes out to all those who are suffering.

  20. Eric, I love your writing. This event does not need a conspiracy to explain it; a person equipped with an automatic weapon of the type he used could achieve what he did on his own. Those types of guns are made for killing as many people as possible in a short time, and are horrifically effective. It’s the type of weapon that was banned here in Australia after the killings at Port Arthur.

    What is interesting in this case, is that his mother had survivalist interests and was ‘prepping’ for a cataclysm to come. Unwittingly her paranoia contributed something to this cataclysm.

  21. Eric,

    Did you see that 22 children were stabbed in China on the same day?

    I’m not surprised to see you touch on conspiracies, as I’ve grown accustomed to seeing that peppered throughout so many of your stories. But I would also say that as a person who’s always been drawn to learning how things work, I’ve found my way behind the scenes of all kinds of situations, ranging from cheerleader try-outs to government offices, where I’ve heard every kind of speculation re: motives behind this or that, conspiracies, etc..

    So often, however, the explanation is much more simple:
    – the team was stretched beyond capacity,
    – getting 1000 times more requests than could ever be fulfilled,
    – client or public expectations are HIGH and capabilities and resources LOW.
    – People do their best and work themselves ragged all to be under appreciated.
    – Sometimes the people trying out for the job have unrealistic ideas of their own talent. (This is played out daily in talent shows like American Idol, The Voice, etc.)

    Over and over again I’ve found myself or my team the target of bizarre assumptions and anger. (yes, it does seem to be in my chart; my role to play here on earth.) Sometimes the anger is directed at me when I’ve only just started the job and haven’t yet had a chance to influence anything at all.

    Usually, if I can just walk people through a bit of training they begin to finally understand. I try to show all my info, strive to be objective, and allow the recipients to draw their own conclusions.

    Usually, they walk away feeling much calmer. And then we can continue to dialogue constructively, and work on solutions to complicated problems. I love that.

    Just another point of view.

    But in terms of what could really be causing these mental illnesses that generate mass shootings– I’d look into how much human touch they got as infants and children.

    Humans for centuries have raised babies by carrying them with them throughout the day. Babies were swaddled onto a mama’s back, and felt the rhythm of her movements for hours and hours. They didn’t need to holler for attention. Simply begin to fuss a little and the mother, without distraction of today’s TV’s, computers, having to hear from across a room, immediately noticed.

    Today, babies are raised in plastic baby carriers in rooms filled with babies at daycares, where they have to compete for attention from a small number of care-givers, none who are invested as family.

    It doesn’t surprise me that we’re raising a population of apathetic, narcissistic people who are locked in their own thoughts, if that’s the way they got started in life. I’d love to see a study done on this; comparing how people turn out when they’re raised w/ constant human touch vs. little to no human touch.

  22. Speaking of empty, the empty trine (no major planets) between Adam’s Jupiter and Sun denotes a Locomotive Pattern. Marc Edmund Jones in his book The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation, says of this pattern “A third part of things, in a symbolical sense, consisting of a free span in experience [the empty trine], is set against a two-thirds part, embracing a related but limited span in experience. The power lies in the disproportion of these two parts. The basis of the dynamic is found in the native’s resulting strong sense of a lack or a need, of a problem to be solved, a task to be achieved in the social and intellectual world around him.”

    Adam’s Moon in Capricorn implies a lack of nurturing which his south node in Cancer showed a need for and a reliance on. Adam’s only major planets in water signs were Mars in Pisces trine Pluto in Scorpio. Adam’s Pluto was conjunct the event chart’s midheaven in Scorpio. I feel that Adam connected to his mother through her gun obsession and the violence it represented. This was his nurturing experience.

    Adam’s Mercury (youth) was sextile his Ceres (nurture) and they formed a yod with his Jupiter (excess). This put his Jupiter at the apex of the yod pattern, the planet which was also the “leading planet” or engine in the locomotive pattern. Transiting Uranus conjunct his Mercury was the trigger finger. Transiting Uranus also trined Adam’s natal Chiron which was square his Sun. Meanwhile, transiting Chiron was quincunx Adam’s natal Chiron and opposite his natal Jupiter. It was too much pain and his trigger finger was itching.

    Adam’s centaur Pholus is conjunct the event chart’s descendent-7th house cusp and was trine the event chart Venus. On the other hand, Pholus in the event chart was trine Adam’s Venus (conjunct Eris) which was square his Neptune-Uranus conjunction. This double cross-over Venus trine Pholus was like a love potion. I suspect Adam was drunk with power.

    Add this to the already mentioned transiting Moon occult Pluto, and the boy’s natal Moon being conjoined by transiting Pluto (give or take a few degrees), Adam’s unconscious was in control over any consciousness that might have kept his driveness in check. He was only 20 years old.

  23. Like everyone else who has borne witness to this incredibly tragic moment in our collective history, my heart too is broken. We all are trying to make sense of these events. Seeing these charts has helped me a little bit because I sense that this moment in time is far bigger than it first appears to be, for our collective.

    I tend to look at events like this from a Shamanic perspective. I’m not saying this is the only way to look at things – it is one of many – and one that often is not spoken aloud because it is so mysterious and sometimes is contrary to what the usual/political take is on things, but this moment is so profound for all of us and a Shamanic perspective may offer something that might be useful.

    But first it is important to frame this way of observing life (and lifetimes – for in many Shamanic perspectives this lifetime is but one is a continuum of incarnations) with the basic belief system that says that nothing is ever an accident, that there is purpose and meaning to all great and small events and that there are no victims – only courageous Souls who incarnate for a time to work on personal and collective levels with the ONLY purpose to move us forward in our evolutionary journey.

    Many folk have a hard time embracing this way of interpreting worldly and personal phenomenon, but it is a framework that ultimately can provide much solace and sense of purpose where looking merely at the surface of things would bring only despair … like now.

    One possible layer to this incredibly complex tapestry of recent gun-perpetrated mass killings is to imagine what it would be like if all the individuals involved in these event had, before incarnating here, made an agreement together to do something so big, so bold, so heart and gut wrenching that it would act as a catalyst, to shake us up in pure, direct Uranian fashion and bring us to a collective choice point.

    The Souls who embark on missions such as this would have to be very advanced beings… knowing what they were signing up to do. If we were to take this imagination a little further we would see a progression of events each being more horrific and terrifying than the ones before or at least equally so…culminating (we pray to Goddess and God that it be so) with the last event involving the littlest and most innocent of bodies being destroyed by one hardly much older physically or mentally than they were.

    All these events strung together could bring us to an ultimate cross-roads of sorts. A point in time where we as a culture, as a collection of families would start to connect the dots and see that we have done this to ourselves. And this is the bad and the good news….because this means we can UNdo it too.

    What if all of these events were not merely senseless random acts done by deranged individuals on poor helpless people, but what if they were about wise souls coming here to sacrifice their incarnations so that we as a collective would FINALLY begin to wake up from our self-induced delusions and illusions and start to see, as Eric points out here, that there is a relationship between cause and effect here at this Earthly level of being.

    What if as a result of all these sacrifices (including and especially those of the Souls who incarnate as the ones who pull the triggers) we are given a moment to STOP and ask ourselves if we are really doing what we’ve come here to do? Are we really doing the very best that we can with what time we’ve been given here? Are we really giving to each other, ourselves and our planet our very best, most creative efforts, full of passion and compassion?

    Or are we following the lemming trail off the cliff because we’ve gone so far asleep that we don’t believe that we have any power to affect change? What are we doing here? Why have we allowed ourselves to become so dark and full of dread? Why have we allowed ourselves to perpetuate violence against each other at every turn….in casual conversation, in music, in games, in media, in politics, business and even in intimate relationships?

    Why do we allow ourselves to be immersed in a culture of fear, dread and violence? These are good questions to ask ourselves, here at the turning of the ages.

    I’m not saying I am wise enough to know that this is how things work, not at all….but part of gaining a Shamanic perspective is to try to see what lies hidden and behind the obvious…and to see things from a bigger perspective.

    When I look at the chart for this event, I see that this Uranian-direct moment could have a crystalizing effect…. that it could potentially bring our hearts and minds into such sharp focus that each individual is finally beginning to wrestle with their relationship to the collective and, most importantly is invited to start making CONSCIOUS choices instead of unconscious ones.

    To start by understanding that what we put into our minds and into our imagination is what we will reap in our outer experience. If we buy into anything less than Unity consciousness, then we will be locked in an endless war with the Self…and it will be enacted outside of ourselves with The Other.

    Our human, animals bodies are easily addicted to certain stimuli which in turn grows these bodies in certain ways. We would be so much better served if we understood this relationship of cause and effect… and learned to give each other only the very best of what we have to offer rather than the steady diet of darkness, decay and destruction both in our food, our politics and in our culture that we’ve come to accept as “normal”.

    I am reminded that one of the best-selling books and subsequent movies of this and last year was “The Hunger games”…. the aggrandizement of the idea of children killing children for the amusement of others. We held the books and movie up as some kind of model of “success”.

    We pretended that is was “only” a fiction, only an edgy piece of daring work….we gave these producers and writers our praise (and our money) and we dis-empowered ourselves a little bit more by letting our children read the stories and see the movies telling ourselves it was OK, they knew it was just a story, that everyone was doing it and so therefore it must be OK…….and now here we are…unable to turn away from the endless news streams about just such a horror; a child killing children…and we don’t see the connection….and we feel helpless and powerless to stop it.

    When are we going to wake up and see that we are CHOOSING to do this to ourselves? To me, that is what this chart of this moment is ALL about. It is a huge billboard reminder that we can make different choices at every turn and transform our outer reality if we are sufficiently motivated and have the courage to stand up to the dark forces and say “You are not what I am going to support, with my choices, with my actions and with my energy (which can be money) anymore. Period. End of story.

    The question is, are we finally ready to stand up and really start to behave as if every choice matters…..because it does.

  24. That empty third quadrant feels so IMPERSONAL – Taurus 3 ‘sleepwalker’ sure fits, Star-gazer. It’s like the shooter was barely present. I read that he didn’t like to be touched, when he was mainstreamed [school] and in the halls, he would flatten up against the walls when people passed by.

    Bloomberg hit the air hard this morning, gotta give him his due. This is also the first time I’ve felt/heard/seen this kind of energy gathering for gun control and the Sunday pundits all managed to say real things, including not only issues of mental health and America’s preoccupation with violence in the conversation, but I even heard the phrase “erotic intensity” in that regard. Mike Moore sez the NRA Facebook page is down and they’ve kept quiet, so far.

    Shits happening. It’s an amazing moment and at such a heartbreaking cost. What little comfort there is, is in the thought that exposing the darkness hastens the Light.

  25. Hi Eric

    Thank you for posting the charts and article.

    A few observations: There is definitely an element of fate from Adam’s perspective in this incident. Transiting North Node is conjunct his natal Pluto and transiting Sun is within orb of conjunction of natal Vertex. Also his natal Saturn is conjunct the part of fortune of the shooting (event’s) chart.

    It is also likely true that what is being reported in the media that his parents’ divorce was a traumatic event for him. In 2009, when they got divorced, transiting Pluto was conjunct his natal North Node, as if his North Node was primed for what was to follow. Depending up on his time of birth, if he was not born too late on April 22nd, then transiting Pluto may now be within orb of conjunction with his natal Moon – releasing whatever the North Node was primed for, wounding not only his own mother but many more mothers (and fathers) – a personal and collective wound.

    The Nov 13th (2012) total solar eclipse at Scorpio 22 was conjunct his natal Pluto and last June’s total lunar eclipse at Sag 24 was conjunct his natal Vertex.

    His natal Moon (mother) is ruled by Saturn which is deposited by Uranus in Cap in a tight conjunction with Neptune. His natal Ceres (mother) in Aqua is also deposited by his Cap Uranus. His Sun, deposited by Venus-Eris conjunction in Aries, deposited by Pisces Mars, which is then deposited by Neptune in Cap, deposited by Saturn in Aqua in mutual reception with Uranus in Cap. Thus the Saturn – Uranus mutual reception along with the Neptune – Uranus conjunction is where the buck stops. With Neptune in the mix, there is plenty of room for deception, delusions, disappointments and drugs – including prescription meds.

    Lastly your theory about govt role and confusion about information does show some promise. In the (shooting) event’s chart, along the 1s-7th house axis, Aqua and Leo signs are intercepted. You cannot get to Aqua unless you go through Cap (govt) on the rising. Cap (govt) rules 12th and 1st house. So whatever is working behind the scenes is also in front. And you cannot get to the heart of the matter (Leo) because all sorts of emotions (Cancer) are guarding the door.

  26. Eric, First, thank you for giving us these charts to try and start the conversations about what we may learn from this horrific event. I also have a kind of dumb question…since I don’t know much about progressed charts… does a chart progressed to a date beyond a person’s death still apply to the person? I find this idea very interesting.

    I’d like to add some snippets from some degree symbols that I use (the Chandra degree symbols by way of Ellias Lonsdale’s “Inside Degrees” book) collected from Adam Lanza’s natal chart to see if they might help tease out some meaning here for this incredibly complicated and difficult chart:

    – Taurus 3 – Sun- A Sleepwalker. – “…Subliminal, enchanted, anxious and at peace. …you feel like you’ve been taught in the dream state, shown everything in dreamless sleep and through dreams…Always searching for something more… you are like a stranger, knowing something else is at stake here.”

    – Cap 9 Moon – A woman washes a man’s feet and dries them with her hair. – “Unfallen light becomes a force to be reckoned with, for it seeks to renew the world…”

    – Aries 6 Mercury – An Aquamarine in a woman’s navel – “…Impressionable, suggestible, youthful….you are the one who stands out, who makes a point of it, who is unashamed.”

    – Aries 19 Venus – Someone performing trephination [ ex: creating holes in the skull to release pressure/demons] – “The head holds the patterns of the past as fixed routes….a radical departure into the unknown becomes the only way to go….”

    – Pisces 20 Mars – A perfect black cube sits lone in the desert – “Isolation.Uniqueness that becomes self-referential. Exquisitely designed to be only a certain way and not any other way…. yet something is wrong. …you are not listening, not paying attention to the subtle cues. You are so intent upon self-consistancy that you have tuned out far too much in the process…”

    – Virgo 5 Jupiter – A skull on a pole at the entrance to a dark wood – “…the self against itself…Forebodings are a self-fulfilling prophecy. The self proves itself right and wrong. Right about nothing working and wrong to be in that position…”

    – Aquarius 18 Saturn – An American Indian woman in a canoe. She is gathering wild rice. – “…outwardly you greatly prefer and gravitate towards any form or style that will throw everybody off and leave you in peace…on the inside, many times and places, many dimensions and worlds are set loose to be simultaneously worked out, played out, encompassed and freed up…”

    – Cap 19 Uranus & Neptune – A half-eaten piece of bread. – “…observing the self through objectified eyes…Decadence, barbarian tendencies…difficulties and struggles all pervasive. Never content, always aware of what is not happening. The bitter perspective and relentless repetition of the litany of gloom and doom.”

    – Scorpio 23 Pluto – A collection of dolls – ” …becoming bound up with subtle and hidden layers of existence and tuned out to what is obvious and straghtforward. Deeply driven to move out beyond the known into other realities. A resourcefulness that knows no bounds…. in the process you crack through every kind of consensus agreement, becoming an outlaw, fused with core existence…”

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