Capricorn Moon and the Uranus Pluto Square

Last week while I was researching the Citizen Hearing on ET Disclosure taking place today (Monday) in Washington DC, I noticed that the Moon ingresses Capricorn at 8:21 am EDT, less than an hour before the proceedings begin.

Simplified chart showing the Capricorn Moon entering a conjunction to Pluto (red golf tee) and a square to Uranus (blue ‘H’) in Aries. It is also sextiling Neptune (blue trident) and Chiron (orange key) in Pisces.

This happens with a magnificent Taurus stellium developing (Mercury arrives Wednesday). At the moment, the Sun, Venus, Mars, Pallas and the South Node are in Taurus, and we’re fast heading for an eclipse of the Sun that takes place May 9, covered in detail in Friday’s member edition of Planet Waves.

As for Monday: the Moon in Capricorn is a focusing influence. It may not be thought of as fun, though plenty of fun is possible — including the satisfaction of a job well done, and some of the more devilish things that Capricorn is famous for. It’s a ‘work hard, play hard’ Moon — though there’s also an element of spiritual depth to today’s astrology.

When the Moon gets to this sign, there will soon be a conjunction with Pluto and a square with Uranus — these two slow-movers are in a loonnng square aspect that lasts into 2015. On a fairly regular basis, sometimes with more energy than others, faster moving planets pass through the square and we find out what’s going on behind the scenes.

As we’ve written before, when the Moon makes a conjunction to Pluto in our era of history, it’s actually an eclipse-like event. If I recall correctly there are 19 of these, one per month, and we’re currently around the middle of the cycle. Pluto is too far away to see (a fancy spacecraft called New Horizons is on the way, and we’ll eventually have photographs), but this conjunction can have an astrological effect. The aspect is described as Moon occulting Pluto, meaning that it passes directly in Pluto’s path, in effect, hiding it. But an aspect where a planet is ‘hidden’ can translate into revealed.

I would say that’s the thing to look for this week. It may emerge from your emotional body, or you may make some deep connections that teach you the ways in which the past makes more sense than you thought previously. There is the potential here to release yourself from old ideas, and to make contact with your ability to choose in a way that is appropriate for you now.

Early on Monday the Moon is opposite Vesta in early Cancer, and some hours later will also make an opposition to Ceres in early Cancer. I see this as being about relationship choices, knowing what we have the option to offer or not offer. There’s a reminder to do the ‘nourishment check’ in your personal encounters, verifying that what you’re experiencing really is nourishing to both people. That would include the pleasure of service, which is a different thing from codependency.

One other sign to consider: Pisces. The Capricorn Moon makes its first aspect to Vesta in Cancer, which may be subtle, and then it makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This is a reminder to keep your imagination involved in whatever you’re doing. Vesta might hint at what you think you have to give up.

Neptune is a reminder to keep your vision alive, to consider how you may use your resources to create something beautiful, not just practical. Allow the creative element or the fantasy aspect of thought to describe not just what is practical but what you want that will also work for you. Reality has a lovely way of melting under the warmth of the creative imagination, and we’re in a moment when you can sculpt your life.

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  1. “Awesome to read someone distinguish “service” from “co-dependency”. I have a stellium of four planets in Virgo and I am a very service-oriented individual. Some of us are just like that and it would be nice if society could embrace those who are wired this way without concluding prematurely that our dispositions make us co-dependent.”


    Can I steal your post? This is exactly what I have been arguing about for most of my adult life. For some of us, service is like breathing; we must do it because it is what we ARE.
    I feel this deeply and your post said it far better than I have ever been able to express it. Thank you for posting it that way!

  2. not a steal D, fairly certain i didn’t coin the term, plus i posted it online – open game. AND, i’d say music is polyamorous, loving each of us in its most Divine, sublime and sensual (sense-You-all) ways! 😉

  3. you know, i just re-read the Cap Moon essay, and i noticed it is much more heavily weighted toward the experience of women with a Cap Moon than men — at least, in terms of intimate/sexual life.

    do the sections on female Cap Moon sexuality apply equally to men with that placement, or is “But they need to be less political in their personal relationships, and more centered on the needs of their partners,” pretty much the extent of the male-Cap-Moon sexual description?

  4. Thank-you, Eric, for enlarging my understanding of the Capricorn moon. In my experience, it can come across as rather cold, acquisitive, even grasping, when it appears in a natal chart, which is probably only a small part of the picture I’ve perceived.
    The conjunction to Pluto will be welcomed (by me), as the latter is hovering just below my 7th house cusp, & I’ve been working through layers of memories around relationships for quite some time. Perhaps the lunar square to Uranus may also energize this process.
    Daniel – “Who shows up is not important as much as I’ve shown up..” Thank-you for that.
    It could become a mantra as I re-collect/recover parts of me hidden along the way. It’s NEVER too late to show up!

  5. ah, synchronicity…just after reading this i checked my mail to find the quote by einstein (speaking of the timeless/spaceless All That Is reality) – “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere.”
    riding the wave ~~~

  6. i have to say, both the ideas in this post and sarah’s weekend tarot reading seem to speak to me of a loosening of previous ideas/boundaries/needs to allow something truly nurturing into my life; something that feels very right and supportive, even if it’s taking baby steps and adjustments to see how it all can grow and fit together.

    funny how “new” ideas can become “old”, outmoded ideas. and sometimes the old really is new again — but with a twist, or a new framework and perspective…

    it can be tricky to discern when that shift has happened, and to realize that one is not regressing or “giving something up,” but rather figuring out a new, truer equilibrium.

    at least, that’s how it’s feeling today!

  7. “Reality has a lovely way of melting under the warmth of the creative imagination…”

    I love that. I’ve always felt that. My music has been my constant lover, wrapping me in it’s unconditional love, it’s tenderness, and it’s constant voice nudging me on to greater expression. I’m finally out of the old cabin where once I could only watch through a closed window at the experiences I deeply desired. Now I can play outside freely, with the door and windows of that cabin open feeling the breeze blowing through and all around. No one is saying “no” – only “YES”. Who shows up is not important as much as I’ve shown up, and am on purpose, and am right on time.

  8. During meditation last night, I had a strong and lasting perception of existence without boundaries – that is, I could sense my past, future and present all as one, and the people and things in it as part of that oneness. It was a rather profound (and joyful) moment, and I’m grateful to have the experience of timeless/spaceless-ness of the all-that-is while living solidly within present consciousness.

    What I brought away with me, was – once again – how/that in order to live in this “life/dimension” we necessarily create borders – and therefore relationships. How/who/what is up to us. (And this is such an incredible time for re-designing and re-designating!)

    Thanks, Eric for the reminders and updates.

  9. Awesome to read someone distinguish “service” from “co-dependency”. I have a stellium of four planets in Virgo and I am a very service-oriented individual. Some of us are just like that and it would be nice if society could embrace thosewho are wired this way without concluding prematurely that our dispositions make us co-dependent.

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