In last moments of Taurus, 2 mile-wide tornado hits Moore, OK

Moments before the Sun ingressed Gemini Monday, a two-mile-wide tornado cut through Oklahoma mowing down homes and schools, ending its approximately one-hour trip in a town called Moore. It happened within hours of the third of seven Uranus-Pluto squares, what I call the 2012-era aspect. Before I discuss this chart, I have a comment that I’ve wanted to make several times recently when I’ve been covering the seemingly endless litany of disasters that we are witnessing.

Chart for tornado hitting schools in Moore, moments before the storm unraveled. It probably touched down in Newcastle at about 2:53 pm, as far as we can tell, though other times have been given.

The world has been fitted with an extended nervous system that connects anyone with access to television or a cell phone to endless information — including instant contact with the pain and struggle of people many miles or continents away.

Often we see these things unfold live, or moments later on video recordings; that was the case today, as video cameras tracked the tornado’s approach to Moore, Oklahoma.

While we’ve all been gradually interconnected by radio and television since the first commercial radio broadcast in 1920, human consciousness has never experienced anything like the instant, global spread of imagery and information like we have now. What might have taken hours or days to reach people in remote areas (or even years, if ever), now we can watch live coverage of — for example, as happened today, a tornado makes its way across the landscape and eventually slams into a school. There is conflict between the ability of technology to deliver the image and its apparent inability to do something about what is happening.

Our senses were never intended to extend this far, or to perceive from this point of view — especially for those who are empaths or sensitives. They are more practical, intended to provide information about our local surroundings and the people with us in any given moment. Now we’re subject to incursion by anything that happens anywhere, and most of the time what we hear about is painful. We can watch the view from a helicopter as homes are splintered. We survey the damage instantly on live television rather than reading about it a day or two later, accompanied by a black and white photo, or seeing it on the next night’s news.

That is different than being presented with the immediacy of parents missing their children, something almost every human, especially one with kids, can feel viscerally. The benefit here is that perhaps the pain will get us to rise to the level of wanting to stop this from happening to others. The pain humanity and certain industries in particular is spreading would finally have a purpose if it actually focused anyone’s attention on why we collectively don’t want it.

Map for the local region where the tornado hit. It seemed to land in Newcastle and made its way northeast into Moore.

Our senses were not designed for this, and neither were our emotions. If it feels like all too much, that’s because it is. I suggest you be aware of that as you watch the devastation in Oklahoma unfold; your emotional capacity was not made to be subjected to this kind of assault. You can do nothing about what you see, speaking in the sense of what is meaningful within your experience or your environment.

And we experience this more and more as these events and incidents come closer together. If you’re feeling a mix of grief and helplessness, that’s what I would say is about right, given the factors involved.

The real question is: what else can we feel, what is most useful, and what allows through the healing energy most effectively? This is am actual discussion point. Much of A Course in Miracles covers this theme — of how to get out of our own away and allow that core strength to come through.

Let’s take a brief look at this chart. The data is from a friend and someone on my disaster coverage team who was following the tornado’s movement minute by minute. She spent part of that time on the phone with a friend stationed at the Ft. Sill Air Force Base in the local region. I asked her to backtrack and document her times and accepted her work as providing data suitable to work with.

It seems like the last thing that the tornado did was strike Plaza Towers Elementary School. From what I can piece together, the tornado roped out four minutes after hitting the last school. Yet it continued on after that. My client in Oklahoma City wrote to me this morning, ” I had friends who had broken windows and tree damage as far northeast as Harrah. They were in their storm shelter while it went through — and it was definitely still a severe storm.”

What is striking about this chart is that the Sun is in the last arc minutes of Taurus and the ascendant is in the last arc minutes of Virgo. The Moon is moments away from rising above the horizon, which you can see with your own eyes in the chart on the left side. It’s an edgy moment when the Sun changes signs, which is exactly what’s happening in this chart. Weird things can happen, not all bad, but definitely weird — for example, the Sun was in this degree of Scorpio when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The late degree Sun, sometimes called the void-of-course Sun, seems to act like an opening through which strange things can pass.

I was not surprised to see that the rising sign was in the equivalent degree of Virgo, picking up on the Sun as if tuned exactly to its frequency.

The degree on the midheaven, at the very top of the chart, is arc minutes away from what I call the Atlantis Degree, which seemed to follow many natural and artificial disasters for years, and strung together charts that should have had no relationship to one another. [You can read that article, which was written as member content in 2011, via the link.]

Planets at a 90-degree-type  angle (conjunction, square or opposition) to Typhon. Chart:

I accept the possibility that these storms can be intentionally created and manipulated, however, even if that is not possible, not what happened or not what one is capable of believing, we still have a very strong likelihood that this most massive tornado ever seen is the result of global warming. These storms are all powered by atmospheric heat, which is what’s increasing steadily as the carbon levels rise.

Global warming is, in turn, the result of a kind of ecological war that has effects we see every day, and hear about in every different form.

For events like this, involving cyclonic storms, I check a point called Typhon. It’s named for the “father of all monsters,” who is also the namesake of typhoons — known to us as hurricanes. It’s a very strange minor planet, considered both a centaur and a scattered-disk object, which never made sense to me. We will have to wait a few days to sort that out; I cannot at this time tell you the length of the orbit, but we do know its position, in Libra opposite Uranus.

[Note, Tracy, who created the Serennu site, wrote to me and said Typhon has a 233.62 (i.e., almost 234) year orbit, which takes it out of the running for Plutino (Plut0-like planet) or Cubewano (classical Kuiper object). It has an elliptical orbit that clips inside the orbit of Uranus and takes it out well past Neptune, which kind of makes sense for a centaur and an SDO, so now that dual categorization makes some sense.*]

You can see that it’s making a lot of aspects — most notably being mixed up with the Uranus-Pluto square (the 2012-era aspect) and currently with the much faster moving Vesta, an asteroid that can indicate sacrifice. The Uranus-Pluto aspect was exact for the third time about three hours after the tornado struck Moore. This storm is very much a sign of the times. And those times are characterized by strange developments that result directly from what we have done to the Earth’s environment, our home ecosphere, with industrialization and technology.

*The Kuiper Belt is the region that Pluto occupies, with closer-in bodies like Pluto having elliptical orbits (the Plutinos, orbiting in approx. 250 years like Pluto), and the others having more or less circular orbits out to about 310 years, known as ‘Cubewanos’ or classical Kuiper objects. The Scattered Disk is beyond the Kuiper Belt. Centaurs tend to cross the orbits of larger planets, such as Uranus or Neptune.

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  1. sort-of “better” news:

    the oklahoma medical examiner has revised the death toll down to 24, including either 7 or 9 children, depending on the news outlet reporting.

    still a tragic loss and brutal disaster, but hopefully the death toll stays at this lower number.

  2. Thank you!

    Thank you dear Eric and Green Star-gazer…
    and dearest Amanda and kind/wise/sweet Len… and Chelsea for your patience and Anatoly for your many skills…and entire Planet Waves Community!
    Thank you for being you and for sharing that incredible person with me… for these many, many years. Because Eric …While I remember how I felt, as you first wrote from some distant Paris café… And again, how I was blessed over these numerous years, as I am blessed today by the contributions of the Planet Waves Team and it’s readers… I, myself, have never written or contributed.

    It seems to matter not whether you have shared specifically with me but, it is the fact that you have shared at all, that pushes, inspires, demands me to write to you now and thank you for your many kindnesses.

    It was just last Thursday that doctors told my baby brother that he has Stage 4 cancer and that it has metastasized in his lungs…by the next night, he was in the hospital crashing… and by Sunday … he had been placed into Home Hospice. He cannot speak or move from his bed as his doctor’s have provided for his departure from his earthly body. They do not believe he will remain in this state very long.

    I was born at 14:47 Taurus with a Gemini moon and my trusty Virgo ascendant.
    Even as I share this birth information, I wonder if I have presented it correctly. I do not feel able to offer the running commentary on transit life that is shared so freely here. And, while I have read Planet Waves maybe longer than I want to admit… it is because I track so little of what the community is able to share in the blog posts…but in truth, I find I am afraid of being silly or worse, ignorant.
    So, I find I have not shared in the past.
    I have always felt there were minds so much smarter and more aware and able to access thoughts and feelings… hence, not much to really, truly contribute.

    Today… when I read your words Green Star-gazer and was immediately propelled into thoughts of my own second Saturn return, now upon me…
    and how my baby brother will not be reaching his… “I used to feel that I was a victim to the whims of the collective. A helpless leaf upon the vast ocean. Now I see it differently. The relationship between the individual and the collective is a feedback loop that goes both ways. I get to choose what I put back into the loop.”

    Today… I choose to put back into the Planet Waves Feedback Loop.
    I don’t have much to offer you but my gratitude.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Thank you for your contribution to a safer place.
    Thank you for being a part of an environment that fosters acceptance.
    Thank you for your strength and wisdom and courage.
    I pray that your lives be full.
    I hope you laugh more… (I am sure you have a great smile.)
    I wish you no regrets.
    I hope that you are not afraid.
    May you be especially blessed… today.

    We only have this very moment. It is our only true reality and it is a grateful one for me.
    And, as we all sometimes, forget to tell our families that we are grateful for their everyday participation… Today I thank you!
    That same media/technology that subjects us to the overload of challenging, destructive emotions with vivid pictures included…has also created families/communities that were impossible or unthinkable previously…
    Bigger Familial Type Relationships that we might sometimes forget to be grateful for…
    Today I thank you!

    AND, as it has been said so eloquently just earlier this very morning… also:
    “Thank you so much for covering this important event’s astrology and also for saying what you did about where our growing edges are in this pivotal moment. I very much appreciate your work and everyone who make Planet Waves such a great community.”

    Today I am grateful!
    Today I thank you for your many kindnesses!
    With love I remain…
    a sister

  3. ok, so it still didn’t post right. Look at calcium – the GM corn has 14 parts per million of calcium, and the non-GM corn has over 6,000 parts per million!

  4. Here is a chart from science in society (United Kingdom), that shows the chemical analysis of Gm and Non-GM corn. Would you have ever guessed that corn supplied so much calcium? Not true for GM Corn!!!! The chart wouldn’t copy so I worked it with the space bar. Anyone interested can see the original here:

    Parts per million (ppm)
    Ingredient GM corn Non-GM corn


    Glyphosate 13 0
    Formaldehyde 200 0
    Nitrogen 7 46
    Phosphorus 3 44
    Potassium 7 113
    Calcium 14 6130
    Magnesium 2 113
    Sulphur 3 42
    Manganese 2 14
    Iron 2 14
    Zinc 2.3 14.3
    Copper 2.6 16
    Molybdenum 0.2 1.5
    Boron 0.2 1.5
    Selenium 0.6 0.3
    Cobalt 0.2 1.5

  5. Wow Be. Yes to the owls. I saw a young indian friend in a dream one night and he was so scared and told me that the owl was trying to take him. We found out two days later that he died by suicide that night. His family was from Oklahoma. The farmers can’t fight Monsanto, but WE can. Our children and grandchildren will have lost it all if we don’t stand for something.

  6. Patty’s “missing an important point about children” explains in part the importance of Mercury and Gemini in this chart and many other recent event charts. Mercury’s usual associations with communication, copious amounts of data, speed and trickery sometimes over-shadows his (and Gemini’s) symbolism of young people, esp. school age children.

    In this chart, Jupiter in Gemini is opposite Pholus in Sagittarius and they both speak of ‘too much’ of something. Pholus is in the 3rd house which symbolizes (along with communication and transportation and neighborhoods) grade schools. This aspect affects people and countries all over the world, but for the U.S.A., it is a direct hit on the natal (Sibly) Mars at 21 Gemini. By progression, the U.S. Mars is retrograde and therefore has turned its focus of energy inward (on itself, us, the US). The U.S. Mars is in Gemini and so that inward focus includes our children.

    The U.S, as represented by it’s solar return chart (July 2012) is being given a kind of 2nd chance to correct past mistakes on many fronts. There is a symbol in astrology for 2nd chances and he’s called Ixion. Presently, Ixion is conjunct Pholus in Sagittarius. Their opposition to Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius and who himself seeks to expand understanding in whatever sign he finds himself in) who is (in the above chart) conjunct the U.S. Mars and they in turn both square the U.S. Neptune in Virgo. Neptune can symbolize devotion to spirituality, art, compassion, confusion, chaos and delusion, to name a few. When in a square aspect there is a challenge, and in this case trans Jupiter (too much) conjunct U.S. Mars (aggressive) in Gemini (air, ie tornado) is challenged by the U.S. Neptune (confusion). But it doesn’t end there.

    Jupiter (+ U.S. Mars) opposes (conflicting view) Pholus (begin small, become big) and Ixion (2nd chance) in 3rd house (neighborhoods, grade schools) and these two also square U.S. Neptune (chaos, compassion).

    Cue the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse this Friday, May 25, with its eclipsed Moon at 4+ Sagittarius, the same degree where Mercury (children) was found in the Sandy Hook school massacre chart. You remember that degree’s symbol about the old owl sitting alone on a tree branch? Was it Patty who told us that owls (in some cultures) symbolize death? Dane Rudhyar gives the owl a sense of wisdom acquired through ‘seeing’ what men “normally fail to perceive”. Observe and learn the old owl seems to say.

    This degree, 4+ Sagittarius, showed up when Mercury (children, thinking, copious data, communication) went retrograde on election day last November in that very same degree. It happened just a week following the Hurricane Sandy landfall event. The grief and helplessness (Neptune + Chiron) we are feeling each time there is an occurrence of this magnitude (Jupiter+Pholus) is a step toward understanding (Jupiter) what causes violence (Mars), and be wise enough (old owl) to learn (Gemini + Sagittarius) to control (Saturn in Scorpio) it.

    We began this series of 3 eclipses with the (eclipsed) Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio (shared resources) opposite the Sun conjunct Mars in Taurus (possessions we value) on April 25. Mercury was conjunct the U.S. Sibly Chiron in Aries, and for the U.S., the message (Mercury) of the eclipses would likely have to include the teaching method of pain on an individual level. As Eric says today, “the benefit here is that perhaps the pain will get us to rise to the level of wanting to stop this from happening to others.” Amen.

  7. I found this really helpful, Eric. Thank you for pointing out that our senses were not created to receive all this information at once as it is happening. As a Pisces Sun with Cancer Moon and Cancer Rising, I feel so much pain when these sufferings happen. I have had to make a concerted effort to NOT look at the news/see photos/hear stories. I feel it all enough without those inputs. Thank you for pointing out that very important piece of information. I am really enjoying your broadcasts and articles. Peace – Natalia in Philly.

  8. For an informative alternative perspective on what may have happened in Oklahoma, please check out the following website:

    Since the Fukashima disaster, ‘DutchSince’ has been analyzing the archive and real-time sites of academic, regulatory, and commercial agencies to assemble a coherent working theory about how our environment may be manipulated via Doppler radar, enhanced radio signals, and other energy focusing devices.

    The ultimate potential of these devices is only partially understood by a very small group of academic and governmental scientists and their correlates in private industry.

    ‘DutchSince’ seeks to examine the pattern signatures of weather radar, to predict before or confirm afterwards, involvement in unusually destructive weather phenomena. Hurricanes, tornadoes, hail stone in summer, thunderstorms with unusually heavy rains: all have signature radar patterns 36 to 72 hours earlier.

    Perhaps we could start charting the times of the actual radar events to gain some insight on who or what motivations are causing these horrific weather events?



    28+ Gemini, though I’ve seen it active in the degree on either side so let’s say the last three degrees of Gemini. The article above describes my deduction process about this degree which took me about 10 years.

    Note re Facebook discussion of whether the Sun can be void of course:

    Lilly, Volume I:

    “A planet is voyd of course, when he is separated from a Planet, nor doth forthwith, during his being in that sign, apply to any other: This is most usually in the Moon; in judgements do yoe carefully observe whether she be void of course yea or no; you shall seldom see a businesse goe handsomely forward when she is so.”

  10. Eric has a link to some of his articles on the subject, in the body of this article. He calls it the Atlantis degree – 28 Gemini.

  11. Eric…as always, but particularly today, thank you for your thoughts and helping me make sense of the currents moving about now.

    Just read a quote by Thomas Merton (thanks Elaine) that says “you do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment and to embrace them with courage, faith, love and hope.”

    Greenstar…big thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    Patty…what does it mean, “on the nuclear degree in the 9th house” ?? Curious, because I haven’t heard this term and I do have Sun/Moon/Chiron in the 9th.

    Lizzy…always appreciate you heartfelt thoughts expressed here.

    Be…thank you for putting together contour lines that I can sometimes follow !!

  12. Lilith is on the nuclear degree in the 9th house. “…Lilith is named after this eternal youth, frozen in time” “the shadow of Uranus” – Darkstar astrology quotes. Seems to me we are missing an important point about children.

  13. Thank you, dear Eric, for this lovely, compassionate and sensitive piece. And thank you, Greenstar, for your amazing comment and wise words. I remember after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and a second hurricane was poised to strike as people lefr the area in droves. I remember the terror I felt when I saw the lines of cars on the roads – but as I sent out prayers that night and just before falling asleep I had a kind of vision of flickering lights appearing in in that area, and the next day I
    learned that the second hurricane hadn’t hit as expected. My heart goes out to the town of Moore, which I read “was hit by a severe tornado in May 1999, which had the highest winds ever recorded on Earth” Surely some of the death and destruction this time round could have been avoided – by building proper shelters etc? As always, indifferent, self-interested leaders are to blame as much as global warming.

  14. Thank you Eric for your thoughtful comments about the times we live in. I was born at 29:58 Scorpio with Moon exactly conjunct Neptune in Libra and part of this package deal for me is about being incredibly sensitive to collective events.

    While I would agree with you that in general our neural nets and our psychic receptors may not seem to be “designed” for times like these, I’m beginning to sense that part of the Uranus/Pluto trans-mutational upheavals are actually here to provide us with events and technology so that we grow and create more robust ways of handling this new level of connectivity. The drama and the witnessing that we are now immersed in daily are very much part of the core process of evolution for humanity now. Yes, it is easy to get overwhelmed…and to become caught in addictive-like time-wells where things spin very fast and very focused on a single event (rather tornado-like in fact), so we must learn to pay attention and take care that we are not overdosing.

    In the collective body we are all connected and we feel huge and deep (Plutonic) feelings coming out of “nowhere” (Uranian). Our task and challenge on this evolutionary roller coaster is how to stay present, grounded and keep tracking with our emotions without shutting them down or fearing what we may feel.
    Today in the afternoon, I was driving down a perfectly ordinary country road heading into town to do a few errands when a wave of loving compassion and grief washed over me…I could feel a huge shift was underway somewhere. Tears rose, my heart literally ached…and that welling feeling (like you get when you love someone so much it hurts) came up and spilled out…I had to pull off the road. I didn’t know what was happening, but I checked the time…it was 4:15 my time, 3:15 Central time. Now I see.
    I’ve come to know this feeling well…it came to me during 9-11, during the Tsunami in Thailand and again during the tsunami in Japan and many other smaller events as well. Overwhelming grief is also always coupled with the most extraordinary experience of Love. In those moments when large numbers of humanity face their own possible (or eventual) death, it strikes a chord in the collective body. Angels lean in close…. spiritual doorways are opening and souls are moving in large waves between the worlds. It sets up a frequency that we all can now track with more easily since we have the technology to help us….but handling the feeling load is indeed something new. We are learning how to accept this tuning now. Our technology and live-view coverage of tragic events like this are helping us to grow the neural networks into systems that are more sensitive AND more robust… at least this is how I choose to frame this process.
    For anyone who is feeling the sensation of overwhelm there are many tools in the toolkit which can help: Yoga, prayer, deep breathing, flower essences (Star of Bethlehem and Walnut are excellent), eating “grounding” foods like root vegetables, human touch, singing, poetry, walking a labyrinth…. the list is practically endless. We have been working on developing these tools for the past 30 years….when Pluto and Uranus set up the band that would play the theme music to this movie. We have our tools. We know what works for us…and for our friends. This is why we’ve spent the last 30 years learning about this stuff…. so we can apply ourselves to these big shifts in transformational evolutionary leaps in consciousness now that we are rounding the squaring times.
    We’ve all been saying for years that more and bigger things are coming. What may be helpful to remember is that the emotional and psychic connection is a two-way conduit. Just as we can feel the powerful and deep emotions of grief, loss, fear and devastation ( and there is SO much of it these days) coming to us from “out there” we can also turn around and SEND our compassion, loving support, equanimity and unconditional love BACK along the same ‘fabric’ that brought to us the difficult emotions. We who are witnessing are not helpless. We who are tuning in to these powerful moments of human struggle can contribute something positive and healing to the collective if we apply our heartfelt intentions by taking in the hard emotions but not getting stuck there….rather we can learn how to transmute them into something positive and cycle them back around, back into the collective.

    For me, this is one of the biggest lessons of the second Saturn return that is now upon me. I used to feel that I was a victim to the whims of the collective. A helpless leaf upon the vast ocean. Now I see it differently. The relationship between the individual and the collective is a feedback loop that goes both ways. I get to choose what I put back into the loop. Human beings can transmute and regenerate (Pluto) these wild and unpredictable turbulent frequencies (Uranus) into something profoundly peaceful and helpful, even if the event is happening thousands of miles away, for as we are now experiencing, we are all connected…both metaphysically, metaphorically and now, in 3-D sensory physicality. We are working our emotional muscles now, just like an athlete works her/his physical muscles…all to get stronger, have more agility and stamina.

    Thank you so much for covering this important event’s astrology and also for saying what you did about where our growing edges are in this pivotal moment. I very much appreciate your work and everyone who make Planet Waves such a great community.

    Namaste to One and All

  15. The Pleiades are also in that last degree of Taurus and are often associated with poor eyesight or blindness. Vision is one of those senses you remind us that wasn’t intended to be pushed this far. Yet we as a whole are unable to see what’s in plain sight right in front of us; global warming causes freaky, often destructive weather patterns. Transiting Jupiter at 21+ Gemini is conjunct Sphinx at 22+ Gemini, who is conjunct Atlantis at 23+ Gemini. He, transiting Jupiter, is also conjunct the U.S. Sibly Mars at 21+ Gemini who squares the U.S. Neptune (and the President’s Mars) at 22+ Virgo. Jupiter can enlarge something symbolized by whatever it is aspecting, and it can provide an overview – a big picture. It loves to teach. Jupiter alone and conjunct the U.S. Mars could produce a big storm in the States. It seems that Jupiter with Sphinx (secret, silent, riddle) and Atlantis (value technology at the expense of humanity) conjunct U.S. Mars (force) and square U.S. Neptune (unable to see through the fog) is trying to teach by making a point. Again.

    You’ve taught us that Chiron repeats until he gets our attention, and transiting Chiron trines the U.S. Sun now. For 2 years in a row the U.S. solar return charts have featured a yod with Chiron sextile Pluto, both of whom quincunx Mercury and create a yod pattern. Mercury, the point of the yods where the combined energy has been releasing for 2 years, has been within orb of the U.S. Sibly north node in Leo. It is Leo’s style to dramatically display, to perform, to act out, and it is Mercury’s job to communicate. Today, transiting Saturn at 6+ Scorpio squares both the north and south nodes of the U.S. natal Sibly chart. He is in the bending between those nodes; the north bending where reception of universal messages is clearest, and Saturn symbolizes sorrow. Sorrow can lead to wisdom in time.

    Time can move so slowly though. It was just over 60 years ago that a book titled Silent Spring was published. At the time it was published, transiting Neptune was at 11+ Scorpio, the degree where the present transiting Saturn stationed retrograde in February. Retrograde planets give us time to review, rethink, recall and return again. Silent Spring’s author, Rachel Carson, was born when the Sun was at 4+ Gemini, the same place as where the U.S. solar return’s south node and Ceres are. The same place where this Friday’s lunar eclipse Sun will be. Her natal Sun is opposite where Mercury stationed retrograde on election day, just after Hurricane Sandy hit land, at 4+ Sagittarius. It is also the degree of the eclipsed Moon this Friday. The message is being repeated and repeated, time after time. Are we as a whole so blind as to not see that? How much time will pass before another perfect storm or hurricane comes to destroy and cause sorrow?

    If we have learned one thing in the last 11 years it is that we must demand, as a whole, that our government take action on anything that is truly beneficial to the People. Rachel Carson has waited over 60 years for action to stop global warming before it’s too late. Perhaps this tornado, that hurricane and these eclipses will finally enable our senses to perceive beyond what they were designed to do. To see the big picture in time to make changes.

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