All that remains unsaid, unquestioned, ungrounded

Among the many events of the sky this week, two stand out: One is Mercury in Leo opposing Juno in Aquarius on Tuesday, Aug. 13, and the other is Venus ingressing Libra on Aug. 16.

Before we go there, however, the Moon will be void of course (done making major aspects to major planets in its current sign, Libra) all day until it ingresses Scorpio Monday at 4:17 pm EDT. Two ideas apply to this state of affairs: one is to avoid making firm commitments till the Moon has changed signs. What is decided or begun might not count, as things done under a void of course Moon often end up seeming like they were in an alternate reality once the Moon enters the new sign.

The road barely ever traveled -- ancient wood road in the labyrinth of Lot 1 on the Grandmother Land. Photo by Eric Francis.
The road barely ever traveled — ancient wood road in the labyrinth of Lot 1 on the Grandmother Land, heading back down toward Clove Road. Photo by Eric Francis.

It is therefore a good time to sort yourself out, reflect, and wrap up old business. Fulfill prior commitments, or get ready for what you’re going to do next, rather than just plunging in. The Moon makes two useful aspects to minor planets — an opposition to Eris, a version of the wild side, and a trine to Nessus, which could help open a dialog that is not hindered by the rampant sex-o-phobia that our society is soaking in.

Once the Moon ingresses Scorpio, the tone becomes more serious, but there is also some firm power of commitment (Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio) and a clairvoyant property (Moon trine Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron, all in the water signs).

As for those two interesting events: there is a subtle grand cross in the sky forming, in the fixed signs: Mercury in Leo is about to oppose Juno in Aquarius, and this is square the lunar nodes in Scorpio and Taurus.

Here’s my take on that. Remembering what we learned about Juno around the end of last year, which I covered in two articles in the subscriber series (Something about Juno, and The Mayans, Juno and the Abyss), we have a chart element that represents what typically goes unsaid and gets mired in jealousy and resentment. Juno is currently retrograde in Aquarius, suggesting that there is an impediment based on what you think others will think you will think, if you say something that’s true — especially about your ideas of relationship.

I suggest you take an inventory of everything you don’t say because you think you’ll be out of one gang or another, or be met with the disapproval of society, and ask yourself the cost of that choice. Consider the group dynamics you fear the most. Remember, your family and the expectations it set up are the most important group there is.

Trail system of Lot 1.
Trail system of Lot 1.

Mercury in Leo comes sauntering along and wants to have a real conversation. If you have that opportunity, will you take the risk? Will you have the courage to be yourself despite what anyone might think? This is a clear and straight forward opportunity to do so. Remember: speaking up, being willing to listen and being the initiator of the conversation all relate to owning your values. One way to look at this aspect is about claiming back your power from the group situations that you’ve invested it in. Groups of two count.

The square to the lunar nodes suggests that this is the conversation that will lead to progress. What squares the nodes is either the obstacle or the path to getting something done. The Taurus-Scorpio axis pushes the issues of jealousy and possessiveness.

Second interesting development is Venus ingressing Libra. Currently she’s walking across Virgo, which is the picture of wanting everything perfect, not being satisfied till you find the perfect mate, not being satisfied with that until you are perfect, and so on. And on and on…usually. This week Venus plunges into Libra, one sign of her rulership, which may feel like the whole dream of perfectionism bursting like a bubble.

Venus makes some impressive moves while in Libra — for example, it passes through the Uranus-Pluto square over the next couple of weeks. That comes to its first peak on Aug. 24 when the Moon squares Pluto. So this is Venus at her most relational, and then being challenged to go to a new depth.

This first destination is about owning your desire in all forms, taking hold of your need to grow, challenging yourself to act over and above your fears, and remembering your first relationship is to yourself. For now, though, you get a few days to obsess over how your world would be if everything were perfect; then you get to move onto how your world would be if you were simply real.

Rock plateau on the Grandmother Land, Lot 1 of the Nineteen Partners Tract. Photo by Eric Francis.
Rock plateau on the Grandmother Land, Lot 1 of the Nineteen Partners Tract. Photo by Eric Francis.
Moss on a rock plateau of the Lot 1 of the Nineteen Partners Tract.
Moss on a rock plateau of the Lot 1 of the Nineteen Partners Tract.
Wood road on Lot 1 of the Nineteen Partners Tract.
Wood road on Lot 1 of the Nineteen Partners Tract.

21 thoughts on “All that remains unsaid, unquestioned, ungrounded”

  1. Mimik – Juno is very prominent in my chart and I know holds many answers to trends, events and attitudes in my life, but I’m usually left unsatisfied with the explanations, knowing there must be more. Your added perspective has added a different dimension entirely, and many more things begin to make sense. I thank you!

  2. Mimik, yes, thanks for another perspective on Hera/Juno. I’ll look at my placements with these ideas in mind. I am an advocate of ecosexuality. You just described it. Ecosexual is not new, it’s old, very old, the oldest!

  3. Mimi… I echo wandering Yeti’s applause. Thank you for such a lovely roundup of Juno’s other story. I am wondering where you found this scholarship… Would you be able to share that?

    And WY, while I agree that the screen is king (here we sit, eh?) I would say that in about half of the households I visit (even in the hotter states) a hearth is present. It is something of an atavism – used once or twice a year – but reminds people of a connection they haven’t quite lost. I have moved to a state where most fireplaces are kiva – great robust engines of heat and light in the winter/spring. And since 10% of the population is First People’s here, I look forward to seeing how they are used ritually. Will keep you posted.


  4. This far along the Empire’s trajectory we don’t even have hearths anymore. The family home of a Modern has as big a TV as the family can afford as the focus of the family shrine. Playing money games while the world burns.

  5. Mimik: I love what you have to say about Juno. We may not remember or be aware of any vows, but then all the indigenous people left in the world say that the spirits have left the Moderns. We’re forgetting the limits of human existence on Earth when we consider ourselves an independent creature, just like the modern obsession with isolation of ‘active’ ingredients to make highly destructive drugs. This practice of extracting ourselves breaks a kind of vow. Zeus was basically a model of the early capitalist dictators, the dominating horse cultures, the early wizards of money as metal. His ilk deforested the Middle East to fire the forges to shape steel and gold to enslave the people with fear and greed. Capitalism seeks to destroy life, or at least that’s what it does contrary to it’s PR spin.

  6. MUCH more is involved with Juno, Eric.
    Here are the core factors:

    1) The original — and ecological — idea of the marriage that she represents.
    In the specific ritual ceremony dedicated to her, Hera was symbolized by a tree that was dressed up as a bride, bedecking “her” with ribbons — origins of the Celtic Maypole — who then “married” a chosen “bridegroom” from the village/community, symbolizing the marriage of nature and human community. The weaving of the ribbons on the Maypole in dances honors the great web of life. Juno/Hera, then, symbolizes a HARMONIOUS MARRIAGE WITH THE WEB OF LIFE, a life long commitment to a loving marriage with life itself. Here is BIOPHILIA in the form of a life long commitment. Juno is the Biophilic Marriage of Man and the ecological feminine.

    2) In her mythology, when Hera/Juno pitches a fit, it is NOT jealousy. She is “upset” by “upsets” to the sacred ecological balance in the actions and behaviors of humans AND gods and goddesses. When she is ignored, dismissed, not honored, it symbolizes a break in the biophilic commitment to the ecosystem, and that is why she throws a fit. Her deep divine job is to maintain the “domestic” order of THE ECO System. “Eco” comes from Greek oikos, meaning “hearth, home.” THAT is the ‘domestic’ realm that Juno is responsible for, our earth home.

    In reading your 2012 post about her, the ‘something’ about Juno in the 2012 solstice chart is our lifelong, faithful marriage to our earth home. She is there on that chart to warn us that we have broken our vows — hell, we never even made any vows! — to our earth home, and have upset the sacred cosmic balance.

    What we would want to look for in any chart is aspects of Juno to Jupiter/Zeus: Hera is always reigning exuberant, expanding ‘endless growth’ Zeus in to keep the ecological balance and harmony of our earth home.

  7. I did spend yesterday day wrapping things up, and preparing for the next step in a new venture, and I did put off until later in the week an appointment I suspected would have been sabotaged had I held it yesterday (instincts functioned perfectly). I’d have been content to be left to my own devices all day. Instead it was several others who chose to start (or renew) conversations with me. I found myself a willing participant when others reached out. Family, about looming matters to be dealt with, and a few unexpected and surprisingly sweet messages. There was no bullshit; I discover or am reminded that I mean more to certain people than I imagined. Surprising.

    I love Ulster County. Those ferns are beautiful, and so is that handsome little dog.

  8. I’ve added a map of the trail system of Lot 1 to the post. I’ve also added three photos of what it looks like up there — I was there Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013.

  9. Thank you, Eric, for replying about the labyrinth. I asked because really appreciate labyrinths as a meditational tool, and seek them out to walk them.


  10. And this ain’t bad news, good news,
    or any news… it’s just the truth
    ~ Jimi Hendrix, “Valleys of Neptune”

  11. I had a really beautiful sexual dream last night. Lately I’ve been looking at how “fun” was something missing from my encounters recently. As if I was more interested in getting it right, in feeling it right, and being self conscious in the process – which pretty much buggered up the orgasm. So, in the dream, I was with a friend and we decided to have some fun together. I was like “beep beep!” road runner style and she was more laid back. I think I had the most wonderful erection I can remember. So I started giving her oral sex and really taking my time. She loved it and was showing it. As I was taking her in, she said, “oh that’s gross.” I said, “umm NO it’s not; it’s you, it’s a wonderful part of you.” Then we switched. And when my turn came (oh, the pun), there was a moment of fun, of exploring and talking, of looking at me and my cum as something beautiful, and as a part of me. The “fun” took the self conscious aspect away and there was no pressure.

    I can only hope this one of those reoccurring dreams………

  12. DivaCarla: I had exactly this confrontation this weekend: “Today I meet again the deafening silence of a legion of ancestors. It should be a comfort and liberating to realize all the people I seek to appease by holding back are dead.”

    Today, I’m holding my ground against that sea of faces, feeling out my own determination to live the life I came here for. “How much is this life worth fighting for?” they demand to know. “How willing are you to live it, every day?” They’re good questions. Ones I don’t feel adequate to answer, yet my answers come with every breath.

    One of the beautiful developments I’ve noticed in my life since those spring eclipses is that random people have begun relating to me on a profoundly real level (I keep asking myself, “are we that close?”). For me, the risk was in choosing to being real–people who want to relate on that level are finding me daily, and teaching me things they can’t imagine.

    I wish you every ounce of courage it takes.

  13. Many thanks for this view into the astrology. One of the beauties of astrology is cycles. What goes around comes around, and we get to meet it again. Either further along the path, and at a deeper level, or with the kick in the pants or the earthquake, whatever it takes to get unstuck. Today I meet again the deafening silence of a legion of ancestors. It should be a comfort and liberating to realize all the people I seek to apease by holding back are dead. Oh wait! what about all my Baptist cousins who just found me on facebook? Am I unconsciously censoring myself because they might see? What about conversations with humans face to face. How many people am I holding at arms length who would be blessed, as I would, if I take the risk to start an intimate conversation about what matters to our souls?

  14. Good to know what to look out for Eric, very helpful for me too. I’m still a student of astrology, mostly self taught, but had six weeks basic training, and i love to learn as much as I can, so any new asteroids out there, if you can lead me to some more information or be a little bit more descriptive of each asteroids personality, which helps me understand and try to put it all together,that would be so appreciative, I would also like to add, that i love to read all the feedback, as there are many here who share wonderful information as well. thanks again.

  15. One more thing: is there truly a labyrinth on the ground at the Grandmother Land, or were you speaking metaphorically?


  16. In my case, it generally is not an issue of not saying something, having spent a lifetime generally saying what I think. With Mercury about to go cruising past my natal Leo Moon. taking inventory of what to say – and what not to say – is a good thing now, along with more of those balancing exercises for sure, which include being careful about the choice of words and the tone of voice. That’s communication, instead of confrontation.

    Taking to heart and practice the advisory to “Remember, speaking up, being willing to listen, and being the initiator of the conversation. . .”

    With rain predicted all day here in Michigan, I am also taking to heart and practice the void of course moon (as it cruises past my natal Sun) and shall inventory twenty-five boxes of theology books to sell, donate or trash as the case may be. That’s wrapping up some “old business” of books that were boxed a week ago with this intent. Time to get it done.

    Thanks, Eric. Great post filled with pearls.


  17. With a hearty natal stellium in Virgo and a mutual reception between mercury/venus(in Libra and Virgo) I am finally getting it and living it… I am loving REALITY instead of some illusory perfection. Your blog is my guidebook to the fun that can be had dropping that whole dead road of perfection. Thanks again and always, for sharing your vision for the road we are on. I love the photo, an old ,pioneer,”corduroy road” overtaken by a rich,lush diversity of life….beautiful!

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