Ahoy Landlubbers: An Age of Pisces

Not your average sunset -- the setting of a precise conjunction of the Sun and Neptune over Fort Pond in the middle of town. Neptune is invisible to the eye but not the soul. Photo by Eric.
Not your average sunset -- the setting of a precise conjunction of the Sun and Neptune over Fort Pond in the middle of town. Neptune is invisible to the eye but not the soul. Photo by Eric.

Welcome to an age of Pisces. Not the big kind of age — that would be 2,000 years or so, of which we’re supposedly at the end (and it’s a long ending). This is a phase more human in scale, of a generation or so. Though Neptune ingressed Pisces a couple of weeks ago, Sunday the Sun caught up with the eminent god of the sea (and of earthquakes, which often happen at sea) and formed the first conjunction to Neptune in Pisces in more than 150 years. This will happen just 13 more times between now and 2025 as Neptune makes its way across Pisces.

Chart for the Sun-Neptune conjunction earlier Sunday. You can tell there is a conjunction because both points have the same degree value, 00 Pisces 36. Note the Aquarius Moon above, and the many other points in Pisces and Aries below.
Chart for the Sun-Neptune conjunction earlier Sunday. You can tell there is a conjunction because both points have the same degree value, 00 Pisces 36. Note the Aquarius Moon above, and the many other points in Pisces and Aries below.

Neptune events have a way of being subtle in their obvious manifestations, at least for long stretches of time. It’s like they’re invisible or can be perceived only at the far end of our senses, and our sense of time. There is something undeniably mystical about this alignment, though we may only be able to see it out of the corners of our eyes, or notice it like the subtle changes of light when the Sun is nearing the horizon. Neptune summons us to another level of awareness, the deeper world than this that Sting once reminded us is tugging at our hand.

This may be that unusual something that’s been coming through your dreams, your fantasies and your art or music the past few days. Neptune can have a slightly narcotic feeling, or a touch of clairvoyance that you might wonder whether is real. It’s a quality of presence that most often goes unnoticed in the world, or it’s so exploited with glamour, liquor, meds and advertising that it verges on impossible to notice because the frequency is so jammed up already. That and the too-often prevailing chilly cynicism of the world are enough to make most people impervious to the subtler dimensions of Neptune and Pisces.

But let’s pretend that we’re not, for a moment. Let’s imagine we really can pick up on the imagination that this transit inspires, and think of it as what was once an opaque veil being made transparent; now the choice is whether to pull the veil back and reach in a little deeper. Where would you let your mind go? What would you do with your imagination? In what ways would you demonstrate the sense of ‘universal calling’ implied by such potent Pisces energy? Many of our readers are involved in both artistic and spiritual exploration as a way of life. Be grateful that you have those modes of expression, and take this as a cue to go deeper with them. If you long for some way to express what cannot be said in words, this is an opening, a direct invitation to take the chance.

There’s a lot more than Sun-Neptune happening in Pisces by the way. Sunday the Sun joined Chiron (a slow-moving centaur), Pallas Athene (a classical asteroid) and Mercury, all in the first 10 degrees of Pisces. Jupiter and Chiron are still in a sextile pattern, which brings the traditional ruler of Pisces into the equation by aspect. So we’re talking about a lot of Pisces all at once, in the form of planets well-suited to that sign. And though the fast-movers will all move on fairly soon, we’ll be left with Chiron and Neptune as guiding forces in our lives.

It’s difficult to count the ways in which this setup harkens another way of seeing the world in contrast to so much of what we’ve been through for so long: the contraction, the unmitigated fear, the constant suspicion and the shamelessly unloving political establishment giving us every alleged reason to be selfish, to deny nourishment to others, and to live like God only favors some people. It’s time to laugh at any such notion and go on with participating in a world of which we are all part, supporting one another in lives to which we are all the inheritors if not of happiness, then the authentic quest for happiness.

The Moon is in Aquarius right now. It’ll make its way into Pisces just past noon EST on Tuesday, followed by the Pisces New Moon at 5:34 pm EST. This is a special New Moon, happening at the midpoint of Chiron and Neptune, two of the most distinctly spiritual influences available. It’s also conjunct Pallas Athene, one of the most mentally astute influences in astrology. Though both Neptune and Pisces have that dreamy quality, this chart is more like the chart of a lucid dream, a dream in which we awaken to the fact that we’re dreaming and, in so doing, gain a modicum of influence over what we experience, where we go and how we feel. (If you want to know more about lucid dreaming, check out the film Waking Life).

This Moon also comes with a healing agenda, which one of our astrologers here likened to an art therapy session on a cosmic scale — this is on account of the conjunction to Chiron and the New Moon being opposite Orcus, a distant planet that’s a kind of proto-Pluto — a god of death and transformation currently in early Virgo. We’ll describe that and offer other messages from this New Moon in tomorrow’s edition.

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23 thoughts on “Ahoy Landlubbers: An Age of Pisces”

  1. Thank you Hugging Scorpio, Amanda, Zerosity for your words of encouragement! You’ve given me much to reflect on.
    Zerosity – I, too, wish I’d gotten serious about astrology 40 + years ago; for many reasons it just couldn’t happen. But stumbling onto PW, I realize I’ve got now the *gold standard of astrology* to dive into every day (and I’m a strong swimmer). Richard Tarnas’ “Prometheus the Awakener” just arrived in the mail yesterday – I love it!
    Amanda – your suggestions are helpful. I will remember to find the quiet space within and to breathe deeply. I’m a journal writer too. Your right – all part of the toolkit.
    Hugging Scorpio – whether your the hugger or the huggee – I send hugs back to you.

  2. Granma, I truly know what you are feeling about learning astrology, and that there wasn’t enough time to learn this new language at my age. I mentally kicked myself for not having found/studied/learned/absorbed astrolgy forty years ago, and felt that I could never ever understand it. And, I began my earnest quest to learn astrology by reading Richard Tarnas’ book “Cosmos and Psyche” – not exactly the beginners’ intro. That said, I also know that it does evolve to what Amanda has described, including the obsession to read as many astrological sites that I could find. Well, not quite. Now I am quite grateful to have found PW – it’s pretty much all I need to read, though I do read a few other brief articles around the moon phases. The perspective and information at PW is, in a word, empowering, in the articles and in the comments. (Thanks to all at PW.) Settle in and enjoy the shared learning experience. Fluency will increase with frequency.

  3. granma —

    not sure how eric will answer, but here’s how i went about it when i started reading PW — and believe me, when i started, the only astrology i’d ever read was sun-sign horoscopes.

    at first, i just noticed what resonated with me that day — either while i was reading it, or later in the day or the week if something happened to make me think of what i’d read. if i was journaling, i might write about whatever thoughts & feelings popped up or whatever connections i made to things happening in my life. regardless of signs and houses and whatnot: just “what idea here resonates with me right now?”

    little by little, i found things that i’d read coming to mind as i was living life, and i could say, “oh — *that’s* what that meant!” and guide my choices and actions with a little more awareness.

    there’s sooooo much information, it’s ridiculous — we don’t even cover a fraction of what’s happening in the sky, and all of it interacts with everyone’s natal charts differently. so you can just listen for and feel for the things that actually ring a bell for you, notice, and use that insight in whatever way fits your situation.

    sometimes the trick isn’t reading as many astrology websites as possible, so much as finding the quietness and space inside to actually hear that bell ring. lately, that’s where i struggle sometimes.

    as time goes on, more of the astrology will become part of your toolkit, part of what you bring when you read what PW publishes. it happens little by little, and then sometimes there’s a “growth spurt” of sorts. and it can be really easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “oh my god — BIG ASTROLOGY is happening RIGHT NOW and i don’t know how to use it and i’m going to miss it and…. oh no!”

    that still happens to me regularly. but the sky is always offering another chance to grow, another way to learn the lesson.

    when things start to feel overwhelming, like you can’t possibly catch up enough to “get it right” or “use the astrology completely,” take a deep breath and remember that you’re where you are now, getting what you’re getting, and whatever that is is likely exactly what you’re ready for & need.

    oh — and as for the 2012 readings: they’re so rich, i don’t think it’s possible to absorb them in a short time. i’m a big fan of printing it out, taking a highlighter to it, and then pulling it out every couple months for a refresher & to see what’s ringing the bell at that point. it’s a lot easier to feel the resonance when you’re in “it” — kind of impossible to memorize it all and have it in mind for the whole year.

    ok, like i said — no idea how eric may answer, but that’s my 2 cents’ worth…

  4. Note to myself, carrie and aword

    Just spoke to my trainer. I will be getting the information on the book from her by Thursday, which I will post as a blog comment or, if fate has it and I get it earlier, will post in my article for the week. Stay tuned.

  5. Eric – thank you for that good question. I’ll attempt an answer.

    Each day PW publishes new information – and I see so much of great value and intensity is happening right now, this year. And I’m feeling that I can’t keep up. I haven’t even absorbed the information in my 2012 Solar chart yet. (Maybe an “Astrology Immersion Course” is called for here.)

    Not sure I’m answering the question.
    “What exactly am I wondering about?”

    How do I take the information about all these planets currently in Pisces, for example, and connect them to me? How do I know what is affecting me if I haven’t yet the basic knowledge of each planet’s signature, the issues of each house, the meanings and actions of each aspect, the characteristics of each sign?

    That’s as close as I can get at the moment to answering your question.
    I’m sure as heck not despairing; I’ve got fire burning deep in me. And this is all too much fun… .

  6. So what is it with the knees? I have been grateful for the last several weeks that my knees haven’t been wobbling when I walk (especially stairs) and my hip bones securely supporting me as I take steps, which had not been the case for the last several months. And my toes are tingling and hands hurt from too much keyboarding. Time for a visit to the chiropractor for sure. I don’t think I’ve been doing the “bar stool straddle” (ie, sitting leaning forward on the hips, with legs twisted around the chair/stool legs)…haven’t been in any bars…

    A quick check of the planetary correspondences: Saturn- knees and kneecaps; Jupiter -thighs. Zodiac: Sagittarius – hips and thighs; Capricorn – knees and joints.

    So, what is it with the PW knees?


  7. Adding…strangely, I do not have anything in particular “going on” — I’m not feeling like I’m anywhere but “right here” in the “here and now” and taking my life step by step as I have been for longer than I can remember. (Loads of Dreams however.)

    Re: Orcus — Transiting Orcus is conjunct Natal Pluto/Natal Zeus (among others) and Sextile Natal Orcus. Glad to have heard a bit about him as he is clearly part of my birthday party tomorrow!

    (Looks like Magdelena in Pisces and Industria at 2 Virgo join in the party as well).

    With the New Moon arriving almost precisely at my birth hour I only know that this is one
    Grand Party in the Stars of which I am pleased to be invited.

  8. So interesting to read everyone’s comments. Thanks for that, All.

    Fe, I too would love the info/book on the pressure points. Not been able to see Naturopath/Chiro for awhile and not in forseeable future – my knees only “go bad” when my hips go out – my problem lies there (directly tied to tipped uterus I might add – is this a uteran moment? – and/or some “past-life” injury….right hip rotation since childhood).

    (If you don’t mind sending….thank you! hfgvideo@yahoo.com)

  9. This past week was a general feeling, like when the eye doctor dilates your eyes and the whole world is shimmery and bright and you have to drive to work now but everything is all squishy/shiny/watery looking and you’re driving, like, 20 miles an hour, tops, and other drivers are honking at you and you’re just trying to move without hitting something. I felt that big kind of vulnerability about life in general and I wasn’t terribly happy about it or embracing of it, mostly I was glad the week was over.

  10. Carrie:

    email sent. There is a book that my Pilates trainer uses which specifically addresses knee issues as I described.

    It would be a good idea to go over the points of stress on your legs and knees with someone who can critically assess the sensitive points. My trainer has worked with me for over five years, and we have been working around and with my problem of my knees not tracking correctly for that long. It was when my thigh bones where turning inwards further and further and I could not walk downstairs without pain that I promised myself to get this right once and for all. My trainer answered the call.

    What I will do is send her your symptoms and see if there is chapter in her book which addresses it.

  11. The ingress gave me a weird dream about my now dead older brother. It was as if he was trying tl tell me something but his dysfunction still was in the way. It was not a fearful or bad dream; more frustrating and annoying than anything.

    Then yesterday, my daughter was playing her electronic keyboard so I laid on her bed to rest and listen. It was great until she began playing Fur Elise. That was a song my mother always played whenever she played any piano and suddenly I began to cry silently. My mother is NPD and I thought I was doign well by establishing no contact but that song brought up all kinds of feelings.

    I also recently began reading a book titled “The Purpose of Boys.” It has been an eye-opener and has lots of research I have to verify (I never take author’s words on this stuff because I always question their agenda; a legacy from that same older brother who exhorted me to question everything before believing it). If the author is right, it helps me to understand my son and husband better and will help me better parent my boy. So I have a lot of research to look up.

  12. Fe, would you be willing to share where those pressure points are? I injured my left leg in 2007 (sprained my ankle badly and had no idea how badly that affected my WHOLE leg) and now have knee pain and leg pain despite losing over 120 lbs. If you don’t wish to post it here, can you e-mail me at carecare7atmsndotcom?

  13. Since my Ascendant is 1 Pisces, I’ve been plowing through on my agenda to completely revamp my physical habits, and working with my Cancer stellium trainer to re-orient my body.

    My knees especially are feeling the transit — I am walking without pain, thanks to some sage advice from a physical therapy book which DOES NOT support orthopedic medical theories or practices. No drugs or surgery for me. I’ve been activating trigger points along my legs which actually re-align my thigh bones so they fall right back into the right place.

    I first experienced this while in a massage session in Negril, Jamaica at this magical retreat on a coral reef. After the massage, where she had put gentle pressure on those exact same trigger points, I could walk easily and dance in flip-flops without fear of knee falling out of joint.

    Now I am doing this same pressure work on those same trigger points and viola! What this is doing is also re-gearing my energy level and easing down the feeling of physical vulnerability — fear. It’s a slow process – working to heal the body of a trauma that occurred in my teens with my right knee. Now, in my 50s is the time to do it right or slide completely downhill. I want to dance well into my 90s, so I’m going whole hog on this, drinking bone broth from grass-fed animals and keeping the grains at a very very low minimum. Walking has always been a miracle. Now walking without pain is a revelation!

  14. Oh. For Sol/Pisces ingress yesterday I discovered that my *favorite* dark green silk dress had a perfect, Rorschak water stain running right down the center. I looked up, and a fiftycent-sized blister on the ceiling told the tale: another breach in the roof. Precisely over the center seam of the dress.

    Sigh. The dress is salvageable (I immediately soaked it in Woolite), but now I am puzzling over the water pattern ~ which I photographed. The exact middle of the dress? Seriously? There has to be a message.


  15. This egress has been rather quiet for me, so any shifts in perception have been subdued to say the least. Like Amanda, I can’t recall any dreams for about the last two weeks, although not even fragments have remained.

    This weekend was marked not by fortune or positive action for me: my father had one known heart attack on Saturday, and possibly another on Friday – he’s recovering well and will probably have a defibrillator implanted. It appears he now has arrhythmia of the sort that can go into fibrillation at any moment, hence the de-fibrillator.

    It’s been a little tense here this weekend.

  16. Granma: please don’t worry about not knowing enough or wanting to catch up. You are getting info and digesting it at a rate that is perfect for you. Take it in steps and pieces. Slowly, the bigger picture becomes clearer as you see the meanings unfold in your experience. For example, just this year, I contacted my hospital to get my birth records as I needed to know my rising sign (records I thought were lost). As I got that info, I realized more about what the rising sign is about and a slightly new perspective on my life emerged too. Astrology is fluid and organic. Enjoy the process!

  17. sarah — indeed. it’s like for the last couple weeks not only am i having tremendous trouble remembering enough of my dreams to do anything with them when i wake up, but even while dreaming there is this sense that it’s all too random and fractured to find any meaning in them. if i lie in bed trying to remember, i just get sucked back into a slippery mix of more sleep, waking fantasy, dream remembering, and more bits of new dreams. goodness.

    edayis — i can’t say i felt the ingress palpably, but in the last week or so leading up to it i have felt some similar things to what you describe. that is to say, i’m trying to see through my own inner “matrix” in a friendship more than someone else’s, though i’m not sure how well i’m slicing through to someplace clear. it’s a bit like a fully-waking version of what i just described to sarah. these waters ebb and flow and swirl quickly. or maybe i’m just resisting swimming away with them to the next shore?

  18. Did you guys feel that? ha! what an intense sun ingress it was for me. As a person with a stellium in Pisces (Sun, moon, Venus, mercury), I definitely felt extremely poised and supported by the heavens as I cut off a long-term rocky relationship, which caused me a lot of psychological anguish over the past 3 1/2 years. I was able to see the “matrix” like Neo, and cut through a lot of BS, that I previously didn’t have the discernment or full confidence to call out– at my compassionate stellium Pisces expense. Have you ever been entwined with someone so skilled at twisting reality to the point you question your own take on what happened? There was something Nessus about it all too.
    Anyway, I thought, throughout the day, this new confidence to break free has to do with the powerful, graceful ingress!


  19. Feeling impatient with my lack of astrological knowledge and understanding. Want so much to ‘catch up’ and utilize the wealth of information and healing PW brings every day. Not sure there’s enough time.
    The waves of feelings in the last week have been intense; contraction and expansion almost moment to moment. Don’t know if I attribute this to my Aquarius moon in 8th; my Taurus sun; my Cancer AC. Or is it how the Sun, Neptune, Chiron (Mercury, Pallas, Vesta) in Pisces are affecting me? So much to learn!
    I love Eric’s photo (and explanatory caption) – a ‘centering’ visual!

  20. Neptune is a strange energy indeed. Like trying to grasp and hold on to a bar of wet psychic soap. I am taking PW’s earlier advice and writing things down. Thank goodness I have! It’s all feeling very liminal. Subliminal.

    S x

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