Echoes of Reality

Full Moon setting in Centennial Mountains of Montana. Photo is from My Public Lands Flickr stream.

This is a truly interesting moment of astrology and we’re hearing echoes of that in the world around us. The Full Moon and the solstice are still vibrating like a bell that’s just been rung. Mercury is slowly moving toward its retrograde phase and Jupiter is about to ingress Cancer.

Driving home over the mountain from dinner in New Paltz, my friend noticed that a crowd had gathered on the lookout just above the hairpin curve, to watch the Capricorn Moon rise over the horizon. It did beautifully, fat and orange, looking down on our valley.

The Moon was at perigee as full phase peaked — its closest to the Earth. Directly behind it, far, far away, is Pluto in Capricorn, which means that overnight Sunday to Monday, the Moon is passing through the Uranus-Pluto square. The Sun will be doing the same thing this week and into next. A personal reading of the astrology suggests reaching for improvements: in your health, in your emotional state, in your family life. What was inaccessible last week or last year may be right within reach now.

In case you’ve missed the latest developments in the status of NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden (whose chart I will be doing on Monday evening’s blog of The Mountain Astrologer), Snowden left Hong Kong some time this weekend, reportedly en route for Moscow. From there, most reports are saying that he will be headed for Ecuador via Cuba.

[Note, as of Monday morning ET, he had missed his flight from Moscow to Havana and his whereabouts were unknown. My friend Ralph said a couple of times last night he thought this flight plan was a ruse. Link goes to exciting live blog by the Daily Telegraph.]

Photo by Brian Champaux.

He was reportedly accompanied by a member of the WikiLeaks legal team. The involvement of WikiLeaks, is a real development: the two biggest whistle blower stories so far this century have now merged into one. As I mentioned in last week’s Planet Waves FM, there is significant contact between Snowden’s chart, WikiLeaks’ chart and the current astrology — most of it focused in late Gemini. More on this tomorrow night.

Let’s go over the astrology of the next 72 hours succinctly. The Moon is still at full phase. It’ll ingress Aquarius Tuesday at 3:26:26 am EDT. At 9:39:59 pm EDT Jupiter will ingress Cancer, where it last entered July 12, 2001. It stays in each sign for about one year. Jupiter is a welcome presence in Cancer because it gets along famously with this sign. Remember that Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, so it has a strong affinity for the water signs.

Jupiter in Cancer is exciting for two other reasons — one being that it forms an extended grand water trine with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Scorpio. In other words, there will be full-strength planets in all three water signs for the next year. The other is that it forms a T-square with Uranus and Pluto. Both of these aspect patterns, which connect via Jupiter, will provide plenty to talk about in astrology and the events and personal developments associated with it. Jupiter in Cancer is a strong, useful placement — take advantage of it (and I will have more ideas how to do that as the process unfolds).

Then Wednesday, June 26 at 9:08 am EDT, Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer. This is one of those reminders to use your mind and your instincts; follow your intuition but keep an eye on the facts.

In astrology, Jupiter sign changes happen fairly often (once a year or so) and Mercury retrogrades happen more often. When events cluster up, that’s when we have the image of a unique situation. It’s rare that both of these things happen involving one sign, and happening in Cancer it is rare that they happen in context of so much other water sign activity.

What we’re being invited into is an experience of full-spectrum perception. We have planets in every one of the elements and significant activity in each of the modes — cardinal, fixed and mutable. Paying attention can be easier now than ever, and heck, there’s even some exciting stuff to pay attention to, and to be passionate about.

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  1. Today trans. Sedna has finally moved into a new degree, which I don’t think she had reached previous to her last retrograde. It gives me new hope for change regarding our climate disasters that heavyevvy gives us an example of. Briefly, here is what is symbolized (Sabian) by the degree she has just left behind, followed by the symbol of her new degree, 24+ Taurus.

    Sedna has left the degree symbolized by AN INDIAN WARRIOR RIDING FIERCELY, HUMAN SCALPS HANGING FROM HIS BELT (keynote: The aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operation.)
    Sedna’s new degree symbol – A VAST PUBLIC PARK. (keynote: The cultivation of natural energies for collective use and recreation.) The info on these two degree symbols is provided by Dane Rudhyar’s book “An Astrological Mandala”.

    Sedna is one of several deities who live in and represents the treatment of water and the well-being of its inhabitants. As that, her very slow transit from such a great distance from the Sun can be taken as a harbinger of universal change in how we “treat” our precious resource(s).

    Looking at her aspects as she changes degrees, she leaves the exact degree square to trans. Damocles in Aquarius, and the degree trine to trans. Karma in Virgo. Now she exactly sextiles TNO Varuna and asteroid Apollo transiting in Cancer, and trines asteroid Astraea transiting in Capricorn. Varuna was seen as the guardian of the seas who doled out justice and kept cosmic order. Apollo is the god who drives the Sun’s chariot and the Sun represents our consciousness as well as the giver of all life. Astraea is the goddess who would not forsake humanity until the bitter end.

    It is a sign of hope, and for that I rejoice.

  2. Thanks heavyevvy for your link and for the example of how our present astrology relates to Earth’s climate evolution. Also, thank you Eric for expanding on the symbolism of Borasisi. I looked at yesterday’s Mars/Pallas-Athene pattern that included Borasisi as an inert situation waiting for a trigger mechanism. Mars and Pallas-Athene (half-brother/sister, fathered by Jupiter) provided that as only they could do. All the other minor bodies mentioned in the pattern (there are others ) move more slowly, but they (as a whole) provided the transitional (mutable) environment leading up to the initiating (cardinal) effect that will come with the T-square between Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus. Yesterday’s T-square participants, through their symbolism, provided a range of possibilities between positive and negative (as all astro symbols do), for my example cases as they relate to belief and non-belief. Zimmerman’s story and Snowden’s story can be taken at face value (belief) or, depending upon the listener, anywhere between total acceptance or total dis-belief.

    Last October before the election I did comment on Borasisi regarding a transit he was making to Mitt Romney’s chart, and Mitt did/does have a reputation for repeatedly lying to the public. In that case, Borasisi as a symbol of something “made up” seemed appropriate at the time because of the lies Mr. Romney was telling. Of course, all astrological symbols have multiple ways of expressing, depending on the sign, aspects, and charts they appear in. Only time can clarify how (or even if) Borasisi and the other participants in yesterday’s T-square will reveal what is real and what is Memorex. That would be the job of Jupiter opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.

  3. This comment is not so much in reference to this particular post, but more generally to highlight recent extreme weather events in Alberta, Canada, that bear out the watery emphasis of the astrology this year. You may (or may not) have heard of disastrous flooding in southern Alberta over the past week. If you would like to read about how the weather on the prairies (which are basically an extension of the midwest climate zone in the States) is changing, check out this article from the Tyee, an independent news source
    The irony of this situation is that Calgary is the capital of the Alberta oil industry (think tar sands) and seems to have just been dealt a harsh reminder that fossil fuel consumption leads to carbon emissions that lead to climate change. And sometimes that can lead to a whole lotta rain in your back yard. And the Bow River in your back yard too. Seems that there’s a reason why they call them floodplains. Welcome to the new reality.

  4. Hey there.

    I am concerned that the delineation of Borasisi that I see discussed here (sometimes reduced to the one keyword, “lies”) is becoming reductionist. Borasisi is about the complex relationship between beliefs, deceptions, the motives to deceive and the motive to believe what is not true. In my delineation of the point — still in development — it’s less about who is telling the truth and more about our motives for accepting any one position.

    Here is a passage from my article With Love from Borasisi, which in effect predicted Fukushima one week before it happened and raises the issues of Borasisi in the context that they were presented by Kurt Vonnegut — how we personally parse and process biggest issues in the world.

    [The ‘holy’ books] are not usually understood to be stories or allegories; they are taken by most religious people, and taught to kids, as the actual truth, as God’s actual word and as infallible law. In fact they are nothing of the kind. Indeed they are usually hooked into a deeper layer of social psychology designed to do little other than get control of people who would be too scary to those in power if they could actually think independently.

    Almost every organized religion systematically oppresses women. Nearly every religion is used, at one time or another, as an excuse to go out and kill a lot of people. In fact, the day he ordered the bombing of Hiroshima, Harry Truman got on the radio and said that God told him to do it. Then they tell us that God is love.

    Perhaps you’ve noticed that nearly all religion is rooted in the fear of death. There would be no use for religion if people were not scared of what happens after this existence seems to end, and then religion comes along and fills up the whole question with all kinds of stories and theories and things you’re supposed to do in order to go to heaven, be forgiven for sins you’re accused of (by religion), or be loved by God (who is available only from religion).

    Vonnegut challenges his readers with the idea that these lies are actually fairly harmless contrasted to the ‘truths’ of science. He’s not exactly offering any commendations to either, just showing us the contrast. The lies lead to people being temporarily happier. Truths lead to mushroom clouds and Superfund sites so large nobody knows how large (such as GE’s contamination of the Hudson estuary system, which killed off fishing as far as the Long Island Sound).

    But speaking of the Hudson, no amount of contamination could stop the 21st Annual Shad Festival, which is sponsored by none other than Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Hudson Riverkeeper. Just keep eating those fish if you want some evidence that the river is perfectly clean.

  5. I see two examples of using your mind and your instincts among the many stories making headlines today. One is the saga of Edward Snowden and the other is the trial of George Zimmerman. Facts is facts unless they aren’t real. Mars in Gemini has been squaring Borasisi in Pisces, making it difficult to be sure if it’s real or make-believe. The make-believe Sun god in a make-believe religion in a made up story is accompanied by mad, mad Ophelia in the sign of sometimes deceptive Pisces. Mars is accompanied by the master weaver Pallas-Athene, and they share this (sometimes deceptive) Gemini space with Chaos, out of which all stories are created. To balance out this energy Chariklo (I’ve been victimized), Pandora (pandemonium) and Arachne (anything you can weave I can weave better) all sit in truth-seeking Sagittarius opposite Mars et al, and they too square Borasisi and Ophelia. It’s gonna be tough to sort out the truth from the fiction in both scenarios.

    Take Ed Snowden’s north node at 25+ Gemini (+ Sun + Mars) for example. Julian Assange has a natal Venus at 25+ Gemini. Between the lunar eclipse on May 25, but before the new moon on June 8, transiting Jupiter (the big picture) occupied 25+ Gemini and therefore was under the influence of the Gemini lunar eclipse which represents something hidden. Both men have Scorpio Moons so they know how to keep a secret. Both men have natal Chiron’s and Julian’s is conjunct Ed’s Juno (partner), while Ed’s Chiron is conjunct Julian’s Saturn (dad) and opposite Julian’s Neptune (dream or illusion or divine sight). Chiron brings things to consciousness but can we trust these men to confess their plans to the press? I don’t think so.

    They say you can’t tell whose screaming on the phone recording at the time Trayvon Martin was killed, but then who stopped screaming when the shot was fired, the dead man or the still living man?

    If the Sun shines longest on the day of a summer solstice and the Full Moon is bigger when it’s nearest the Earth and these two things happened 2 days apart, is it fair to say that they are balanced, and that mental powers are equal to instinctive powers? Logic, and my gut say maybe.

  6. I had an amazing dream last night that I was composing a brand new piece for orchestra and the notes were appearing on the manuscript as I was playing. The form, motif development, and emotional catharsis were all present in a crystal clear moment. I was playing this work for my partner and our daughter. She comes up beside me at the end and in her little voice says, “see, you finished it! It’s all flowing now!”

  7. I just love getting the astrology here … I feel connected to myself and all the rest in perfect ways, ways that I barely comprehend. Thank you, Eric and Co.


    ps: I’m recalling one of my favorite quotes from Pema Chodron that I works for me: “you are the sky, the rest is weather” (if memory serves)

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