A deeply personal political crisis

If you’re nauseated, confused and/or outraged at the federal government shutdown in the United States, you’re not alone. It’s nauseating, confusing and outrageous. What is more outrageous but predictable enough is that the people who have created the crisis are blaming the people they’re inflicting that crisis on.

Ted Cruz, the junior senator from Texas.
Ted Cruz, the junior senator from Texas.

I would rather watch Cialis ads all day than have to see these gasbags belching out lies about the Democrats not coming to the negotiating table. They know that Obama, love him or hate him, got reelected; they know Democrats kept the Senate, which is an actual endorsement of the direction that things were headed at the time of the election.

Those who try to pass for Republicans today know their plan for existence was voted down — and to this hour they are proceeding with gritty, antagonistic contempt for human beings. They must have to pound down a lot of Johnny Walker Black to fall asleep at night.

This weekend, The New York Times published a lengthy article about a federal budget crisis months in the planning, with a guy named Ted Cruz, the junior senator from Texas basically designing and spearheading the whole thing. OK with help from Ed Meese, an old Reaganite creep, and many conservative organizations.

And a lot of help from House Speaker John Boehner, a demon in human form, and the lean, hungry Eric Cantor, who is not wise, caring or melodic enough to have that last name. This is not just something that is happening — people are making it happen. It may not, however, be the people whose faces we see associated with it.

One of the top comments to the NYT piece expresses exactly what I was just thinking: “I came away from reading this article with the feeling that there’s something deeply subversive going on here. The phrase ‘grey men in grey suits’ comes to mind as I envision the likes of the Koch brothers pulling the strings on the likes of Sen. Cruz.”

What we are seeing is the result of string-pulling and manipulation, for a goal; that goal being chaos, and who will profit from that chaos. We don’t know how bad it can get, but if the United States stops making interest payments on its considerable debts, which would happen if it could not borrow money to pay the interest, that could trigger a world crisis.

This must be really, really fun for the people who are pulling it off, who seem to relish the notion of The End. It’s not fun for the people who depend on federal services, such as research hospitals or daycare, or who need their immigration documents approved, or who depend on the federal government to live or do business; for employees of the government who have bills to pay, jobs to do and missions to fulfill; for people who will have to clean when the party is over. And it’s not saving ANY money at all — it’s only costing money. You can be sure someone is doing this for a reason. That reason, the motive, is the thing to ponder.

The list of points to assail in this mess is endless, but to begin with, available and affordable health coverage is something the people of the United States are desperate for. The Affordable Care Act (the ACA, or Obamacare) only goes part of the way, but it’s a step in the right direction.

That the Republican Party forced a shutdown of the government specifically to block the ACA, important provisions of which took effect last week, is about as cynical as it gets, but then that’s a large territory.

That the shutdown is denying the American people of services already paid for with their taxes is another true outrage. Most of us who work are working two to three days a week for the government; that’s what being in a 30% to 40% tax bracket means. We have paid a fortune in taxes and we will continue to do so — and the supposedly anti-tax ‘Pubs have made that their rallying cry. Well, they might want to deliver what we shelled out that money for.

Libra New Moon, from long ago -- this past Friday. Click for larger chart.
Libra New Moon, from long ago — this past Friday. Click for larger chart.

Yet most insane of all is that this crisis is pushing toward the edge of another one — the debt ceiling. That’s the federal borrowing limit, which must be increased so that the United States can pay its old bills. That anyone says this is about a “balanced budget” is not just full of shit, they know it.

Looked at one way, we’re being controlled by a bunch of loan sharks, who are preventing the country from making good on its debts, and taking a big risk in the process.

The astrology associated with this is a mix of weird and discouraging, and yet comes with some potential breakthroughs. The first of the three biggest events on the immediate horizon is the Sun square Jupiter on Oct. 12. That’s a bursting point; the emotional quality of Jupiter in Cancer is going to get a push from something with a lot more authority — the Libra Sun. We may see all kinds of blustery antics between now and then, particularly the days before and of the aspect.

Along a similar vein, the next Full Moon is a lunar eclipse. We are still living under the influence of a powerful Libra New Moon that occurred this past Friday, Oct. 4, and as that matures into a Full Moon, the colors will come out in the wash, the scene will become more contrasty and there will be more of a deadlock. Full Moons tend to break or release deadlocks. There will, at least, be some pressure to do that — and it may come with a considerable crisis. The Sun is getting late in Libra and this whole drama will be very, very old.

Finally, Mercury stations retrograde on Oct. 21. This is the first of many Scorpio events that we’re about to experience. I have noticed a quality associated with Mercury stations that I’ve never seen documented anywhere else — the truth comes out. If the crisis persists for another two weeks, it’s going to get ugly — we are going to learn things we don’t want to know.

Actually if you look at the scene as is, you will see plenty of that. There are enough votes in the House of Representatives to solve this — estimates are that 22 Republicans would support a clean resolution to continue funding the government, more than enough than is necessary (222 votes is a majority of the House). But John Boehner, the House speaker, is not allowing the bill onto the floor for an up or down vote. The Senate would pass it and the president would sign it.

Forget about a democracy. This is a republic?

20 thoughts on “A deeply personal political crisis”

  1. I read your articles and comments about the behavior of the government over the last couple of days and quite frankly I don’t see how the “dramatic attitude” is going to create more equality and justice, since judging reality as bad and wrong is a low frequency activity. You are free to make this choice. But, you can’t expect to create high frequency solutions, based on compassion, love, and value, with low frequency broadcasts.

    As someone who spent decades as a spiritual warrior supporting the Divine Plan, naming, categorizing, and describing in detail an energy gives it more juice. So, it mystifies me that an adept spiritual writer would participate in behavior that will strengthen what he perceives as negative energy and behavior. I would hope that you would want to get beyond duality and work on reality by moving to a frequency above where the problems exist.

    I am not saying, “Don’t acknowledge that there are issues.” What I am saying is that if you want to bend reality toward fairness and compassion, then you must focus on where you want the reality to move, not where you assess it currently is. Envisioning God/Goddess in everyone and everything, seeing value in all, celebrating life on earth, seeing people well all over the world, imagining positive effects of affordable health care for users, providers, businesses and so on — these are the foci that will create the world you say you want to live in. There is more power in these prayers of power, love, and appreciation, done even by two people, than armies of light workers fighting the battle of good vs. evil. What years of spiritual warfare teach is that no war is worth fighting, when you can move reality beyond the battle.

    Duality is set up to remain polarized, because direction is based on either/or choices. There is a 5% margin either way at any point in time, but duality is designed to be 50/50 light to dark. As long as you keep fighting, the most light will win is 55% of the time.

    My question is “Why bother to fight to “improve” duality when with a positive focus you can align reality with Unity Consciousness, Oneness, and the both/and reality?” You are a very powerful writer and man, Eric. So, you can make this shift quite easily, I believe.

  2. The behavior of the Republican politicians is unacceptable. When they get into power, they undermine the social safety net, interfere with the work of public sector employees…And when they are not in power, they resort to sabotage and blackmail to get their way. A political party loses its legitimacy when its members are willing to resort to such despicable behavior.

    It is important to know when to acknowledge a loss, when to try again, and when to persevere.

    Default is only a problem when politicians do not have the vision needed to provide an alternative to a debt-based economy. As repulsive as debt is, debt is unavoidable so long as private banks lend money to governments with interest. If governments issued currency, debt would be rarer.

    I am concerned about the possibility of default because of the fact that we are dealing with politicians who were merely trained to preserve the status quo, and who come from a generation that came of age in the Reagan years. So I can only expect so much from the current crop of politicians, who have few constructive solutions to offer. Hopefully, the next generation of politicians will be better.

    When is the full moon, and under what sign? I am intrigued about Mercury’s station into Scorpio, and what we may find out.

    I am making an effort to be patient and resilient in the face of this challenging period. I’ll be rewarded soon enough.

  3. Reading your two responses, Eric, I am having a serious disconnect about the why. Why destroy the country, the government, the economic system, and possibly the world? Money isn’t a good enough reason… the string pullers are already richer than god. Power? They’ve got that already. Is it because they can? Just like the military drops bombs because it has them?

    Is it really religious idealogy? Creating Armageddon, just in case god reneged on the promise to destroy the world.

    Whatever it is, fascist seems accurate. Sedition, definitely accurate.
    And a reasonable approach to reporting seems pointless, and impotent. There is no REASON being applied.

    Legal? only if people have passed illegal laws. In 8th grade civics class, I learned that gerrymandering was illegal. Something changed.

    I have to get back to work changing the world, but damn, I want to pull a self-destruct lever on the HoR.

  4. It’s pretty clever actually, and to me it was obvious in 2003: rack up huge debt, then pull the plug, in this case on our ability to pay it back. The debt arises primarily from the wars, the explosion of the national “security” state into its current 1 billion square feet of office space establishment, the tax cuts for the wealthy, the prescription drug giveaway to Big Pharma…in truth we have more than enough resources in this country to pay the debt down, fix our roads and make sure people have doctors — all that money goes back to people and is ultimately taxable, and it builds the country and facilitates business.

  5. Diva, yes — it’s an attempt in the next stage of a gunless right wing coup — if you consider 9/11 to be gunless. Post-Watergate, which was a setback, we had the Clinton impeachment, Sept. 11, the financial meltdown of 2008 (massive debt = automatic fascist threat, from potential depression) and now this. What we are seeing is a series of moves by the neocons to run the whole show without any form of majority…a viciously anti-progress, anti-progressive movement…fueled by religion.

    Chris Hedges writes of this revolt:

    << Dominionists believe they are engaged in an epic battle against the forces of Satan. They live in a binary world of black and white. They feel they are victims, surrounded by sinister groups bent on their destruction. They have anointed themselves as agents of God who alone know God’s will. They sanctify their rage. This rage lies at the center of the ideology. It leaves them sputtering inanities about Barack Obama, his corporate-sponsored health care reform bill, his alleged mandated suicide counseling or “death panels” for seniors under the bill, his supposed secret alliance with radical Muslims, and “creeping socialism.” They see the government bureaucracy as being controlled by “secular humanists” who want to destroy the family and make war against the purity of their belief system. They seek total cultural and political domination. >>

  6. My questions have to do with Neptune / Mercury in the chart: Whose message is deceiving who? What is the smokescreen of the shutdown trying to hide? And, what dream of change do we believe in?

    There are so many layers of deception, including self-deception, entangled in this sedition (excellent word, Eric) that it is almost impossible to disentangle them all. We are all swimming in these Neptunian waters of delusion.

    What I suspect and fear is that this whole planned coup is a smokescreen for the REAL ‘shut down’ of democracy and Constitutional crisis: the TransPacific Trade agreement. The TPP is the ‘tpp-ing point’ of democracy. It denies citizens pretty much any legal recourse against corporations for anything, and gives corporations the right to sue governments for their profit losses in the event of ANY environmental regulation. The ‘shutdown’ is nothing compared to the TPP — and that’s why I think it is being staged now, as a fatal distraction from the REAL Constitutional violation of our rights with the TPP. Very Neptune-Mercury foggy.

    We have two warring dreams of change: a corporate planetary coup in which the most powerful global actors are “legally permitted to burn the planet,” as environmental educator David Orr recently said at a weekend summit at Omega Institute. OR the dream of changing our deadly, toxic world into a life sustaining civilization.

    The TPP has been scheduled to be signed by the leaders of a number of countries, the US, Canada, China, the UK and India among them, so far as we know almost exactly at the time Mercury stations in Scorpio. So if the pattern of exposing the truth that you are seeing, Eric, holds here, we MAY get lucky, and this well-planned sedition goes not at all according to the Republican plan — which raises the question: What’s Eris up to?

  7. nilou, thank you. I realize you’re talking about something completely unrelated to what I’m thinking about, but I needed that. Love to you.

  8. I realize I may be incorrect, and I would never desire to hurt someone who was innocent. Sincerely.

  9. Yes this is a form of seditious treason. It also may be legal — the issue is about an agenda, but it’s also about how a non-parliamentary government works or does not work — with all these party divisions. The problems also involve rigged districts. They also involve manipulation from people such as the Cocaine Brothers.

    There is a long list of issues but in the end, it’s easy to attack or shut down something than it is to make it work.

  10. I seriously would appreciate an explanation Nilou how in the world you know what state I live in?????

  11. Nilou, you’re a preacher aren’t you? I like what I wrote. You don’t need to correct me. Yes, I live in Ga, how did you know that?

  12. The simple truth is the GOP are committing Sedition and economic terrorism, and they should be treated accordingly.

  13. Where there is light, there is shadow. Unless it is noon. Noon will come and all will be seen in full light. And of course, there is the GA.

  14. Yes, the truth, the impenetrable truth. Makes this fight even more significant. Looking forward to knowing all the gory details and forcing shadows to lurk somewhere else.

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