A Tradition, a Feeling, Great Yearly Readings

Dear Friend and Reader:

Each year at this time, I am busy creating the Planet Waves annual edition. It’s an Internet tradition but it’s also a tradition in my life. I also consider it an invention: a way to get you a solid, detailed and authentic astrology reading, with information that makes a difference in your life — astrology that you remember and come back to — for a very modest fee. [You may listen to the free audio preview.

Venus presides over my work on The Mars Effect as it’s recorded in the Planet Waves FM studio. Photo by Eric Francis.

Every year is a fresh reading with a new perspective, taking up the astrology of the moment. After many years of research and practice, I am able to use current transits and get more detail than most astrologers are able to get with a natal chart.

The Planet Waves annual is one of a kind. There is nothing else like it in the business: an alive, immediate, accessible reading of the astrology that is happening right now and in the coming few seasons, presented in audio AND written form. The readings work for your Sun sign and your rising sign. It’s a full-service offering.

I write and record the readings to be motivational and inspiring, as well as factually informative about the astrological influences you will actually experience. This year in particular, that is going to be helpful. We’re about to experience the peak of the Uranus-Pluto square, in the form of a grand cross aspect involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Everyone will feel this influence, and you will benefit from clear, competent astrological information.

I also think of it as a kind of yearbook, recording the story of our moment, the issues that were occupying our thoughts, and the breakthroughs in astrology and astronomy. Every annual is created taking into account the newest planetary discoveries of the era when it was created.

Each annual has its own ambiance, music and feeling tones that I associate with it, memories of the place it was created, feelings for and stories about my collaborators. The Planet Waves annual has been a forum for developing the astonishing talent you see on our staff — a kind of learning laboratory and easy way to get involved, a place to try new ideas and, in truth, to invent the craft of astrology as we go.

For the Curious: The History of the Planet Waves Annual

When I started Planet Waves on the eve of the winter solstice in 1998 (the Planet Waves website has its Sun in very late Sagittarius), my first project was the 1999 annual edition. I was living in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey at the time.

Since then, I’ve created 14 more annuals, each more in-depth than the next.

The 2000 edition, The River of Night, one of my favorites ever, was done in Miami, and reflects some of the idealism that existed at the turn of the century, prior to the 9/11 incident. The 2001 edition, Under a Changing Sky, was done on an island in Puget Sound, as were the next three years. That’s where I met Chelsea Bottinelli, who most of you have talked to when you call our business phone. The 2002 edition was called The Great Curve, featuring the art of Carlos Solorzano Smith. The 2003 edition was called The Pisces Point, and was the first one that Chelsea worked on.

Astrology is an intimate art. In addition to extended written readings, presented in plain language, The Mars Effect is recorded in studio-quality audio. This is a Shure KSM32 microphone, which records my voice in full spectrum and true fidelity.

Aquasphere, the 2004 edition, was a breakthrough. Written on an island accessible only by boat and airplane, surrounded by 800-foot deep water, inhabited by huge octopuses and visited by whales, this annual was dedicated to water.

Aquasphere was the first annual with many contributors, including several who are still involved today. Originally developed as a CD, Aquasphere was also the first annual to incorporate audio.

The next three editions were created in Europe — Bridge to the Core and Parallel Worlds in Paris, both of which remind me of the approach of Pluto to the Galactic Core. Paris is an ancient city, and a beautiful place to write. I lived in the Latin Quarter, where many, many writers you love have lived and worked. While Parisians can be hard-nosed skeptics, they’re also curious about life, and I found this a fascinating place to do astrology. It’s also where I learned photography.

When Pluto finally aligned with the core of our galaxy, I commemorated that with an annual called The Spiral Door, which was written in Brussels and which featured the return of audio that was recorded in a hotel in northern France, just across the English Channel from the White Cliffs of Dover. The articles in The Spiral Door are incredible, as is the artwork by Deirdre Tanton. (She also did the art for Parallel Worlds.)

When I moved to New York, the annual edition entered a new phase. I began collaborating with photographer and designer Danielle Voirin, first on an edition called Small World Stories. This edition included readings for all the signs, as well as a series of articles about the minor planets, and a collection of reader-contributed essays about their stories of what a small world it is.

That was followed by Next World Stories, the first annual to incorporate fiction. Then came Cosmic Confidential, Light Bridge, and then the 2012 edition timed with the ‘end’ of the Mayan calendar and the Uranus-Pluto square — Revolution, Revelation, Reality Check. The 2012 edition also came with a third return of spoken word readings, which has remained in place ever since.

For 2013, the annual was called LISTEN, featuring music for each sign by Renee Blue O’Connell, a classically trained musician who went deaf and learned to hear, play and sing again.

The Mars Effect: The Tradition Continues

There are moments when the astrology is so potent, I am especially grateful to be an astrologer and to offer my work to my readers. We are about to enter such a moment. As I mentioned, 2014 comes with the peak of what I call the 2012-era: the Uranus-Pluto square. I will be covering this in detail in The Mars Effect, your 2014 reading.

We are about to experience Venus retrograde, Mercury retrograde and then Mars retrograde in rapid succession. These retrogrades can stir up a lot of material and pretty much compel us to reorient ourselves mentally and emotionally. However, Mars retrograde, which spans from March through May, will be one of those truly unusual threshold events — a kind of one-way door to another reality.

Astrology is a holistic healing art. My work is informed by many sources, including homeopathy.

Mars in Libra, for its part, will be making a series of aspects to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, representing effects in our personal lives and in the world that you will be grateful to have competent information about.

The Mars Effect readings continue and develop my tradition of expertly prepared, impassioned astrological guidance. They include two-part audio readings of about 70 minutes each total; plus extended written readings that will cover additional themes, particularly the relationship subject matter that is inherent in Libra.

Your 2014 readings will also have a focus on finances and employment. The magnificent Lois Rodden (1929-2003) once said that Mars is the money planet. I believe she is right: getting your finances in order, and excelling in the game, takes both motivation and a competitive spirit. It takes a devotion to doing things well that also comes in abundance with Libra.

Your readings will also cover Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer and its sign change to Leo, and the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

As ever, I provide abundant information from the realm of the newly discovered planets. And this edition includes a collection of articles on the topic of Mars, covering every topic from desire to anger management to gender identity.

This edition also features theme music by Gary Lucas, a great friend of Planet Waves.

You are invited to participate in the Planet Waves annual tradition. We are still offering individual signs for $19.95 each. On Sunday, the price will go up to $29.95 — so order now to save $10. Current members and subscribers to the 2013 annual can also get all 12 signs as a package. Please write or call about that — you can reach Chelsea at (877) 453-8265 or by email at chelsea@planetwaves.net.

Your readings will be done in mid-January. I will keep you posted as to my progress.

I want to leave you with a few lines of poetry from a nearly forgotten 20th-century poet, H.D. that I discovered long before I was an astrologer, and which have always been an inspiration to my work. This is from her book Helen in Egypt, a commentary on traditional male-centered epic poetry.

So I would read here
in my crystal
the writing

Even as Achilles
measured the stars
with the sway of a ship’s mast

Even as Achilles
counted, figure by figure,
the outline of hero and beast

With love,

PS: Please be aware of our Burning Man-styled pricing policy. We offer the best prices early in the game, and increase as publication time approaches, and then go to full price once the edition is out. We offer many options not listed here, including the 2014 All Access Pass.

Eric Francis

About Eric Francis

Planet Waves began in 1998 as the home of the Eric Francis horoscope, a prominent feature in our premium service. Going far beyond what most Sun-sign astrologers even dream is possible, Eric brings in-depth interpretations to his work. He is a pioneer in the newly-discovered planets, including Chiron and the centaurs, and is able to translate their movements into accessible human terms, offering ideas for life, love and work. Discover a whole new world of literary journalism in Planet Waves. We offer free trial subscriptions, discounts for students and seniors, and gift subscriptions for veterans and those on active military duty.
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10 Responses to A Tradition, a Feeling, Great Yearly Readings

  1. nilou suria says:

    Valleys of shadows of unintended consequences and unforeseen circumstances, not my words.
    Who would I be to judge?
    Where and when would I stand to be judge? Judgments issue from the darkness of shadow.

    When loss is a point of view, it is just a point of view, just a point of view, not even my point of view, not ever my point of view -
    an ill-fitting and constricting garment.
    Circumstances unforeseen, unforeseeable
    from someone else’s vision.
    I make my own:
    from here, I weave my own
    from here I own what is mine
    for what I do not own of me will never be.

  2. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Ha ha! Love ya, Daniel! And if I may continue the metaphor (and following on from one of Strawberry’s comments) life is a series of up and downs!
    Off to spend Christmas with the folks. Much love ‘n a very Happy Christmas to you all. I probably posted this last year,, but can never get enough of it,

  3. Well, Cheers to Tumescence!! You’re the greatest, Daniel.

  4. Daniel Daniel says:

    :) Thank you! What a year indeed! There have been sad moments, “learning what bullshit is mine and someone else’s” moments, “did she just say that to me?” moments, cold sweat moments, High-five moments, shutdown moments, all systems go moments, saying bye to friends moments, creative moments, downloading from the Sun moments, “is that my natal chart or a Christmas Tree?!?” moments, getting electrocuted by said Christmas Tree moments, blue balls moments…….. a few of them. And “celebrating Nocturnal Penile Tumescence with someone” moments! Whoot!

  5. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    So lovely to read your beautiful words just now, dear Strawberry and Daniel! Thank you! “the most important thing is staying focused on your core goals”. You’re so right, Strawberry.
    Daniel, it sounds great! Sounds like you’re clearing so much stuff – and that is scary at times, good for you for taking it slowly, moving into new territory is really challenging. Enjoy the lovely sex you’re having!

  6. Daniel, hooray!!! SOOO thrilled :D for you! If melodrama was what it took to get you here, good for you, for knowing it & having the courage to follow. You’re beautiful. I love the idea in a recent post of Len’s about how, things having gone about as far in one direction as they can, it’s time to start something new. That’s lovely, lovely news. What a year, huh?? mmmmmmwah!

  7. Daniel Daniel says:

    Amazing news Lizzy! I’m so happy for you! It’s easy, it’s flowing to you, it’s abundant! Taste this moment and savour it. Strawberry, I know how you feel!

    I’ve been enjoying some flow and ease as well. I had some pretty lovely sex last night which was then followed up by some pretty amazing sex early this morning. I just might be getting the hang of this despite my feeling rather fatigued right now! Oh, wow… Wish me luck. I still need Temperance time, but there is a shift and it’s pretty interesting. I’m a little scared. So many things surfacing, old voices, old beliefs, old stories. I’m going slowly and gently, and each one dissolves a holding.

    ps, sorry for being slightly melodramatic back in October. I shot myself in the foot.

  8. Lizzy, congratulations! On both the contract renewal and on finding work that truly feeds you! I’m so happy to hear it. You’ve been an inspiration to me this year — confirming that all the ups and downs are just how this works, & the most important thing is staying focused on your core goals. Love to you, my dear!!

  9. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Thank you, as always, for putting it so beautifully, dear Strawberry.
    This time a year ago I lost my main job and went through months of anguish as I scrambled to find more work. A year on…. on Thursday I was told that they would renew my contract for the job I started in September. It’s a job I like and believe in and for the first time ever I work for someone I respect and admire. It’s a whole new landscape in my life inside and out – have never been in such a place of relative ease before. For anyone who’s going through it right now – have faith. There are times when one has to fight the good fight, but if you’re able to keep on keeping on and keep your spirits up as much as possible – you’ll come out stronger and more serene in the end – and your life can change in ways you would never expect.
    All this to say, i couldn’t think of a more splendid way to celebrate my turn of the wheel by getting Eric’s amazing Mars Effect reading – can’t wait!

  10. Eric, I love rereading/listening to your reports. I’ve taken a whole afternoon a few times this year to really sink into my sun & rising sign reports, & each time, I’ve not only grasped ideas I hadn’t had access to earlier, but I’ve enjoyed charting my progress — and relishing in the fact that what you’ve created is all still perfectly relevant, regardless of where I am. Your readings are so much more than astrology, & you write/record them in a way that always feels fresh. So looking forward to the Mars Effect! You’re a true original.

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