Sarah Taylor: Planet Waves Astrology: Interwoven With Life

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This letter from Sarah Taylor is the latest in a series we’re running from my Planet Waves co-creators (introduced here). I’d wanted for a long time to add a tarot column to what we offer on the Planet Waves blog, so when Sarah approached me about writing one, it was an easy decision. There’s a reason I waited so long to publish a tarot writer: there are not so many trustworthy ones. Sarah takes the art of tarot to the highest level: that of offering a vision of the potential in the spread, the options, the choices. Sarah’s approach to tarot is similar to what I use in my astrology, though her perspective is all her own. — efc

Dear Friend and Reader,

For the last five years, I’ve been a regular visitor to Planet Waves; for the last three, I have written about tarot theory and practice, as well as the Sunday “Weekend Tarot Reading.”

I found Planet Waves through an article that Eric had written on another website, clicked through, and immediately felt like I had found something worth getting to know better. Save for checking up on my horoscope whenever I thought to do so, I was a stranger to astrology.

After reading through the first few posts on Planet Waves, however, I realised that astrology wasn’t limited to 40-word digests, nor was it separate from the rest of my life. I began to find that astrology is interwoven with life, reflected in everything, and that far from astrology simply ‘happening’ to me, I learned that we were happening together — a subtle but radical distinction that has had a marked impact on how I choose to live my life.

Not only that: Planet Waves is a community. That doesn’t mean that I agree with everything that is written or posted, but — again, a rarity — there is a level of openness and support of others that emphasises individuality over conformity, and which provokes a deeper exploration of both self and other.

I knew a good thing when I first saw it five years ago, and I signed up as a member. To this day, I remain a member and the Tuesday and Friday email editions are highlights. I get to learn about what is happening in the world at large, and at the same time I have the opportunity to learn more about myself. The journalism is unutterably professional, the subjects engaging, and the astrology is accessible without being dumbed-down — something I appreciate more and more as my own knowledge of astrology increases as a result, which has in turn enriched my tarot practice.

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What I can say is that, five years down the line, it has been worth every cent, and much more besides.

With warm wishes,

Sarah Taylor

Eric Francis

About Eric Francis

Planet Waves began in 1998 as the home of the Eric Francis horoscope, a prominent feature in our premium service. Going far beyond what most Sun-sign astrologers even dream is possible, Eric brings in-depth interpretations to his work. He is a pioneer in the newly-discovered planets, including Chiron and the centaurs, and is able to translate their movements into accessible human terms, offering ideas for life, love and work. Discover a whole new world of literary journalism in Planet Waves. We offer free trial subscriptions, discounts for students and seniors, and gift subscriptions for veterans and those on active military duty.
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