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Dear Friend and Reader:

This week, I'm going to introduce you to several members of our writing, editing and art team -- the people who help co-create. They will offer their reasons why Planet Waves is so awesome, and encourage you to get involved as a website member.

You will meet a diverse and beautiful collection of souls, who have joined me on our journey over the past 15 years, through many countries and phases of history. I am truly honored to be sharing their point of view with you. You'll be hearing from one each evening for the next week or so.

Planet Waves
If you're searching the Internet for astrology, it can be difficult to find something spiritually satisfying, that's comprehensible enough to be meaningful. Like a lot of my readers, I glaze over when astrology comes on full-strength with techno jargon -- and when it makes promises that it cannot keep.

Enter Planet Waves. We treat astrology as an everyday miracle. Astrology is about understanding our present moment, and locating ourselves here. I present it to you in clear language; in real-time, focused on our current needs as busy members of society and as evolving souls. I like to tell a good story, beautifully illustrated, always meaningful.

One of the most unusual things about Planet Waves is that we do not accept outside advertising. Ads are so pervasive (before the 'net, we were looking at 5,000 a day) that we expect to see them everywhere; they even lend credibility. But advertising is a menace: it compromises editorial independence and integrity, it pollutes your mind, it's ugly, and it is not necessary.

Instead, we offer you a clear space to enjoy what we present -- and additional services that are designed to enrich your life and your growth. That is my purpose in writing: to help you focus on your development, on tapping your deeper creativity and on having more fulfilling relationships.

We are once again offering a special introductory rate of $49 for a year -- which we're unlikely to do again any time soon. The usual annual fee is $88, and the special rate is just for your first year. What do you get for this membership fee? I've just completed a page describing the many, many benefits of membership.

Really, it comes down to two: you get access to my best work, and you get the satisfaction of supporting an organization that is revolutionizing both astrology and journalism.

Here is a link to that special discount offer. Thank you for giving us a try, and for contributing your energy to something beautiful.

We'll see you tomorrow night with a letter from our beloved Len Wallick.


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