Loving — and Living the Questions

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By Elisa Novick

There are times when I feel a need to go back in to question my most basic assumptions. The following conversation took place in one of those times. While I do not fully understand everything that comes through, the theme that emerges is one that has been repeated to me in various forms. What I especially enjoyed was that when I questioned God, I was the one who got questioned!

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

I’ve always wanted to know what we are doing here. What is all this for? Why this particular confluence of spirit, matter, souls, bodies, emotions, thoughts, imagination, action, limitation and possibility? The combinations are infinite, the expressions as well. And somehow through all of this, we have come to believe that there is room for improvement, change, progression, at the same time as we are told that there is a perfection. Yet while we might be perfectible, we never seem to reach perfection. No resting place, no final moment where it all comes together and stays that way.

There has been a teaching in some traditions that in the spiritual realm there is perfection, while in the physical realm, in these infinitely variable bodies and lives, we have lost perfection and somehow have to find our way back. We worry about what we have done. How could we have messed it up so badly and how come we can’t stop and just do it right, make it all better, just be there for once and for all?

I ask God: Is this, dear creator and creation, some ridiculous quest or is it an enjoyable journey? Does it have any meaning at all? And why do we look for meaning, for healing, to be out of suffering? Why do we seek to be good in a world with so much badness?

Dear Elisa,

This is a good introduction to the questions that have plagued this world. What do you think of these questions? Are they relevant? Do you want answers? Who is answering this question you have brought forth anyway? Why do think there is a God? Do you know for certain?

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6 Responses to Loving — and Living the Questions

  1. Viviane Viviane says:

    “a moving, living being comes upon the face of this earth, a creature of consciousness that has tried, experimented, survived, and lived to a great age, with a newfound, hard-earned wisdom, and all will rejoice.”

    I saw this happening in the sessions, and this is not the only one I saw there is another one too, but it comes from a different plane and has a completely different color, you never asked what I did see all those days you had me traveling, I saw a lot. Thanks for that.

  2. Elisa Novick Elisa Novick says:

    Every time I read your comments, I am so moved — my heart just blooms!

    And for starrynight3, I agree; I don’t know anyone who does not go through those moments of questioning. That is what we do. We want to have all of ourselves line up with our inner knowledge and that is a process. I believe it was a teacher of mine that said, “When in doubt, check it out” meaning that we use all of us, including our intellectual honesty, to lean into the understanding we have otherwise and certainly into teachings we take on from others. Some use doubt to not look, but I’ve always taught and try to live by the idea of being a spiritual scientist. Being thorough can be fun and there is always new learning in the process. Fortunately, those who are working with me (us) in the higher realms are infinitely patient with my questions and my need to be secured. We all need to be secured. That is the tender love that makes it all worth while and is the hallmark of the Spirit.

  3. beleclaire beleclaire says:

    Thank you for this piece Elisa ..it touches me deeply..I have read and re read and find more each time but mostly it warms my heart.

  4. starrynight3 says:

    Beautiful. I live as though God is everything because the alternative is unthinkable. No matter how many glimpses of the truth of this (and there have been and continue to be multitudes) I still question. I still doubt. And so it goes.

  5. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Elisa, you are here at just the right time, in just the right way. Thank you.

  6. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Thank you for sharing this conversation Elisa. Your ability to open and sustain such a dialogue is every bit as awe-inspiring as the content. Thank you for helping me to remember. Thank you for changing my mind.

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