Sept. 11 Resources – Not Just a River in Belgium

Orson Welles and the cast of Mercury Theater on the Air performing the War of The Worlds broadcast in 1938. Everyone believed there were martians in New Jersey, because they heard it on the radio. This was the first and most important test of public perception of mass media.

Larry Silverstein, the leasholder and developer of WTC 7, saying, “Pull it.” This was originally broadcast on PBS on Sept. 11, 2002. The video was removed from You Tube this week. I have a copy of the original broadcast.

These are the psychologists who describe what happens when we are confronted with something threatening to our worldview, even if we consider the possibility that it’s true.

Here is this week’s edition of Planet Waves FM, which takes up the issue of denial in greater detail.

Here is my article on WTC 7, called History, Turning on a Phrase.

Here are two articles on the Pentagon — Call it What it Is, and Were it So.

Several years ago, a little crew of Planet Wavers created our Sept. 11 Resource Area. Lots of great stuff to explore there.

Biography of Carl G Sauer Jr

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