On This Island: Transcendance, Mercury-Jupiter and the Moon

By Len Wallick

Transcendence is the order of the day. The dramatic events accompanying the last hours of Uranus in Pisces and its first days in Aries have transcended what anybody could have predicted. As individuals we face a choice of how to respond. We can hunker down and hope we will somehow be able to ignore what is going on, hoping we will somehow be passed over and unaffected. Or we can practice a little practical transcendence ourselves. If there is anything to synchronicity, the latter is what the astrology is asking us to do, especially now.

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It may seem like a tall order. It’s not a big deal. Transcendence means to go beyond. If you go further down a road than you have ever gone before, you have transcended. It’s that simple. Yet it is also that middle ground between the rational and mystical, the familiar and the unknown; the place you look back at and realize something magical happened even though the circumstances seemed ordinary at the time. It can begin by raising your attention, and your eyes, from what confronts you. Take a few minutes to look — just look — at the brightest object in the night sky, the Moon.

Today is named after the Moon. Luna is the stuff of dreams. To look at it for long is to drift off from where ever you may be and transcend the moment. That’s another form of going beyond, with your imagination. Most of the time, it is the first step in the process. Today the position of the Moon supports that. It is in the cardinal sign of Cancer.

When the Sun enters a cardinal sign (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn or Aries), a new season begins. The same principal applies for any object entering or moving through one one of these signs: something is in the process of initiating itself. Of all the signs, the one most closely associated with the Moon is Cancer. Having Luna there now places an emphasis on the comforts and security associated with home and hearth.

This emphasis may be taken as an invitation towards indulging physical gratification as a comfort in the hunker-down mode. That is the opposite of going beyond. If, on the other hand, we take our cue from the initiative implied by the cardinal quality of the sign placement, we can have our feet firmly rooted in the values of home and hearth while allowing our minds to expand beyond it.

That expansion is symbolically supported by the fact that Luna is waxing (growing larger), rounding the bend towards a Full Moon this weekend that will usher in the Vernal Equinox. But there is something more: a conjunction. Two planets are coming together for a dance tomorrow night (or early Wednesday morning, depending on where you are). A dance at the hottest club in the sky.

One would be Mercury, a planet not only associated with how we think but also purposeful, directed thought. The other would be Jupiter, the planet associated with, well, expansion. The hot club would be Aries, where all the beautiful luminaries and planets are coming together. It’s the first sign of the zodiac, home of me myself and I.

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is a cue to go beyond the necessary and powerful initiative of self-awareness as a being in a body that Aries represents. It is time to go beyond that necessary and valid beginning to growth and development; time to go beyond and transcend to seeing ourselves in others, to transcend to a great awakening that has been long in coming. It’s a wake up call that is now urgent because there is one thing that we cannot, for the time being, go beyond. The fact is this Earth is all we have; the only place we can continue to exist as corporeal, physical beings.

The Sabian symbol for this day (Sun at 24 Pisces) speaks to “a small island, surrounded by a vast expanse of sea,” where “people are seen living in close interaction.” That’s us, folks: on small Island Earth, in the vast expanse of the cosmos, the only place we can live. In close interaction, our individual actions do not have individual consequences. We must therefore expand our thinking, our imagination and transcend the notion that responsibility is an individual and separate matter. We are literally and physically one with each other in actual, practical circumstance. It is no longer a mystical abstraction, if indeed it ever was. Transcendence is the order of the day. Go beyond.

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5 thoughts on “On This Island: Transcendance, Mercury-Jupiter and the Moon”

  1. Out of the rubble of that other horrendous earthquake a year ago comes this awe inspiring, must watch video. It’s about a dancer called George who just might cut one heck of a rug at the “hottest club in the sky” tomorrow night, ya never know.

    Yay to to spirit of George and his powerful rehab team, for watching this video that I just received in my mailbox has made my day. Powerful forces are obviously already at work on this planet and it is so good to tune into them and to be able to share this brilliant phoenix from the ashes story at the click of a button.


  2. Thank you Len, for your solid inspiration here today. To transcend while planting both feet firmly on earth is the way to engage with our current zeitgeist. I’m thinking that the time Mercury and Jupiter pull up alongside each other tomorrow will be a very powerful time for us to connect and pray. (For my time zone EST that will be around 8pm, taking into account the fact that we just moved our clocks forward one hour at the w/e, here in Toronto.)

    To let our thoughts be expanded, forged and fired by Jupiter in Aires, to feel ourselves and to *will* ourselves, individually and collectively onto a new frontier, one that we co-create here on earth with courage and passion. I connect with that energy put out by the PW team and by the many wavers who drop in here, and realize we must go beyond what brought us to this point, and move on up to a whole “nuveh” (!) level.

    Power to the people who are awakening and who care.

  3. Thanks Len,

    I suppose even if we really wanted to hunker down at home with our creature comforts today (it’s raining here, even more reason), somehow, in some way, the new baby in Aries is demanding our attention. He’s so loud, even if he’s only “just born”, that the whole neighborhood is aware of his presence. I’m thinking that when the little Mercury and big Jupiter have their dance tomorrow night it will somehow tie into all the attention this new baby is getting. Maybe all the little ideas will combine into some new form and produce one big idea of dealing with the crisis this new baby has brought to our attention.

    It is true that all neighborhood communities are individual and have their own issues, but as you say, we all share this one world, and if there is a world problem that affects all the neighborhoods in the world, well. . . . . what are we to do? The new baby who is so loud and demanding attention in my neighborhood is most likely the same type baby in your neighborhood and why not share our ideas with each other? How remarkable; the Sun is still in Pisces where sharing in encouraged, and the Moon is in Cancer where nurturing a new baby is pretty natural. When they reach opposition – and balance – a new way of thinking and communicating could be the outcome of the shared dance and this could provide practical solutions and healing for all communities.

    It would be hard not to think of Japan in the Sabian symbol for today’s Sun’s degree, but as Dane Rudhyer says “Every individualized person is a small island in the vast ocean of mankind.” What we see in the pictures and hear in the stories coming from Japan are probably being experienced in some form by all of us in our own personal earthquakes and tsunamies and volcanoes and meltdowns. As we transcend our thinking of what is comfortable for us individually, remember how closely we are tied together on this one planet. The luminaries in watery Pisces and Cancer make it easy to share our feelings and have empathy for our fellow Earthlings today. Tomorrow we will think about it.

  4. Thank you Len, that is a beautiful message to wake up to this morning. With the ebb and flow of the chaotic information and images we are now witnessing, the cadence of your writing helps me to reflect and take a deep breath.

    I rarely post opinions or converse online anonymously, but I think hooking up with this interactive side of PW at this time reminds me that old and new friends of likemindedness abound. That feels very important right now, if nothing else, it is reassuring. (Just like the mockingbird that sings outside my window each and every morning.)

    Demonstrating peace and grace in the midst of adversity is the ultimate challenge in disarming the ego. Thank you for your eloquent reminder.

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