Conversations with Elisa Novick

To listen to Eric’s first interview with Elisa on Planet Waves FM, which aired Oct. 12, 2011, please use this link. Eric writes, “You will hear things in this discussion that are definitely out of the ordinary, but — as I prefer to keep all matters of a spiritual nature — eminently practical. [Elisa] is someone who works on a planetary level but also serves groups and individuals. Anyone who aspires to this kind of work would benefit from hearing from her.”

Eric’s second interview with Elisa
was split into two parts. Part one, which aired on July 10, 2012, is available here. Over more than two hours total, they cover the vast topic of learning to listen to your inner spiritual guidance, as well as how Elisa got her start.

Part two, from July 17, 2012, is available here.

The May 4, 2012 Beltane subscriber issue of Planet Waves, titled “In Praise of Trees,” included Elisa’s thoughts on her work (and play) with some very special trees — along with insights from the trees themselves. This issue was made available to non-subscribers at this link.

Finally, the hosts at The Weekly Vibe, who have also interviewed Eric, spoke to Elisa recently in a podcast you can hear here.

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