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Dear Eric,

I wanted to drop you note thanking you for the excellent report. I’m so impressed! You’ve hit a lot of themes relevant to me: coming into a phase of high ideals, resurrecting old ideals that feel good, owning/authoring ideas, being impeccable re. authority (Nessus), and aligning myself with those who support my goals. For a while now I’ve been feeling a major surge of coming into my own power, and I assumed this was associated with a midlife Uranus opposition about a year away. From what you say, all these are part and parcel of the upcoming transits for the Gemini solar chart. (I’ve never heard of a solar chart and am pretty amazed by how accurate it is).

Thanks Eric! Keep up the great work.

Jess Lionne
Albuquerque, NM



Dear Eric

Thanks very much for the birthday reading, which was really interesting and insightful.

The part I found really illuminating was about how other people’s substance abuse issues can sometimes act as a distraction / and the multi-generational aspect of this too.  I do have family member with drug abuse / mental illness issues which I sometimes find difficult.  I suppose what I gain from your reading was not to be too affected by it all.

For a minute I wondered whether you were reading my personal horoscope!  I was wondering if you did personal readings?





Eric,Wow, what an amazingly insightful reading you’ve done for Gemini! I am stunned by your seeming x-ray ability to see into the soul’s unfolding growth. Your insights are tremendously valuable, especially your clarity around healthy versus unhealthy chaos.
You pointed out the need to choose which side of the fence we want to be on: tap true creative chaos vs disruption. I didn’t realize I was choosing disruption until I heard you describe ‘crazy makers’ – “there’s vulnerability to others who are committed to not having their lives in order. It is very important that you question what the role of anyone in any disruptive pattern in your life is doing for you (the ways in which you are “benefitting”, like for example if you are afraid of very high creative goals then sometimes it can help to have person in your life to make sure you don’t meet those goals….that becomes the function of the relationship. See it for what it is (an excuse not to achieve).”
Wow, OMG!! You just described a recent near-miss experience I had with a close artist friend. I almost put my foot in that trap of being emotionally mired (needing to fix others, constant self improvement, etc…) rather than walk my own path of creativity. As you said, sometimes we don’t know there’s something better until we discover it. But you shined a light on it. Thank you for the good advice to, “stretch and seek it out”. I know I want a creatively productive, goal oriented collaboration with other artist/healers (visual poetry being our common language). As you said, “Less emoting and more productive creativity”. I have never been addicted but tend to draw in others that have addictions (7th house Pisces). Now I know to give relationships the purpose of supporting what I do.
As you describe, I want to master harnessing my own creativity, and this is not a new goal but a resurrected one (a path I started on at 28, during my Saturn return). Your words inspire me to want to apply myself everyday towards living this aspirational vision. I realize that it will take personal mastery but I feel it is within my reach now. As you said, this accomplishment started long ago. I’ve been collecting an ocean of learning, experiences and skills from which to draw from (art degree, work related international travel, photography, writing and computer skills). I do feel as if I am, as you said, “merging, fusing or becoming one with your goals…stepping into the role of your highest possible manifestation, fully realized form.” Thank you for revealing this ‘high contrast moment’ and helping me recognize it. During the Gemini new moon, I will try to imagine the ‘feeling tone’ of my true life (living my values). I know I need to get out of my own way and beware relationships that take me off my chosen path.You also hit the bullseye on many other levels too…
– focal point of life right now is work/achievement (doubly so, with my 10th house sun)
– beware taking on the problems of other people (not usually an issue for me until now)
– Chiron is bringing clarity to what is intangible/foggy. Learning to focus creativity more & more.
– “Doing a lot of experimenting with being on edge of things, … on the brink of important decisions.”
– a feeling of having lived through this same repetitive mistake.
– times of creative metamorphosis (frontiers) are extremely vulnerable to distraction (YES!!)
– ability to “vision one’s life into being”You put it so succinctly when you said, “see, perceive, & make choices.” Thank you for being such a wonderful artist/healer for so many of us. Your work has endless reverberations in the world (and beyond?)
I am looking forward to the Gemini phone call.

thank you,
Loretta Bechert
(born 6/21/63, New York, NY at 11:00am )


Dear Eric,

Thank you for this awesome reading. I so identify with pretty much all of it and nice to know I am in sync and resonance with the fire and water involved.

Thank you for your work and dedication.



Not only are Eric Francis’ reports incredible, but so is your customer service!



Eric’s reading was very interesting and affirming in lots of ways that I am already experiencing.

Straddling the constant change and movement of a Capricorn over a number of years has not been easy. Trouble is, part of this path is that often when the momentous change is taking place, it appears to the outside world as though little or nothing is happening, though each day is dynamic and shifting and for a long time felt like an endurance test.

It does help a lot to have this sort of guide and to know that this energy is there, though sometimes formidable and palpable it is carving a pathway towards a better way of being.

Just knowing that the experience is viewed as and respected as BIG in astrology terms, kinda takes the edge off it somewhat.

Thanks and compliments on this work.


Two years ago I came upon my 70th birthday. MY immediate thoughts “God, what happened to those lovely 50’s (Mom and I freaked out as the girls around us threw their underwear at Elvis, singing in our small school auditorium) and those shocking 60’s (carpooling with Janis Joplin…her wearing love beads and no bra and me in my pony tail an bobby socks and loafers). Then it hit me…70 is a number that comes after 69 and before 71. Oh, okay. And, the past 70 years had been a placenta that I just got booted out of.

The past several months I have felt like my ass was strapped to some unnamed comet with no off switch. My exposure to astrology in the past left me wanting…no substance…too generic. I decide to give it another chance and gifted myself with your Sagittarius birthday reading. Well, finally! I now understand that this comet doesn’t HAVE an off switch, but I have at least found the steering wheel. Thanks.

Tree Ravenwolf


I listened to my Sag recording. So incredibly on target. I loved listening to Eric’s details. It was mesmerizing. Dug into it twice and took copious notes.

Your artist Debra Cortese is a friend and past client of mine. I’m so happy you do business with her.
Thanks, Laney


Dear Eric,

I’ve just finished listening to your Libra 2013 forecast, again. When I first purchased the reading I was floored by how much it resonated with me, and after a month or so of respite from having it on repeat in my car, it rings truer than before. Your reading provided me with great insight into my present state of evolution, which has been intense to say the least (if you want a chuckle, feel free to look up my birth chart: 23/09/1983 @ 4:10 PM MST). I was born on the first degree of Libra and am cardinal in spades, with a recent progressed sun into Scorpio while nursing aong a Saturn return. Needless to say, your counsel has been somewhat of a lighthouse in recent years, and every year your writings seem more accurate. Funny–maybe this is because I’ve strengthened my dedication to myself, or because your astro-prowess is getting more precise with time, which is hardly possible given how relevant and qualitiative your work has always been.

I am so happy to have learned of your work years ago. It is a spark of light in times of doubt and a reminder of my power to direct the myriad energies that abound in positive and productive ways. Please accept this email as a sincere thanks for all that you do and for being such an incredible resource for my self-growth. I think I speak for all of your readership when I say: We are so lucky to have you!

In gratitude,

Mr. Francis –
First and foremost, thank you for the amazing work that you do. I really appreciate your depth of insight and interpretation, however I would expect nothing but amazing intuition from a Pisces such as yourself.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note re: your Scorpio birthday reading. I purchased both the Libra and Scorpio readings because I am a Libra with a Scorpio rising. (Likewise, my Venus, Mars and Uranus are all in Scorpio as well). In the Libra reading, when you said life has been nuts since 2008, that was nothing short of an understatement. Sigh lol.

During the tarot portion of the Scorpio reading, it appeared that the presence of the “Devil” card made you take pause for a moment. However, I just wanted to affirm that your interpretation of it was on the right track.

Did I mention I’m a seminary student? Quite an unconventional one, however the word “devil” makes me take pause as well, for obvious reasons.

As I’m sure you are aware, Scorpios have the capacity to embody darker forms of energy, and thus the ability to engage in darker/shadowy activities, especially when it comes to sex. One of my astrologically astute friends has often wondered how I managed to avoid sex clubs/dungeons during my younger years.

So, for me, the presence of that card represents the definite presence of some shadowy sexual energy, and the process of opening up to that energy and living into my sexual maturity. For example, at one point in my life, one of my ex-bfs and I were sharing fantasies, and after I told him one of mine he made me feel so ashamed and guilty, which did nothing but exacerbate the guilt and shame inflicted by my parents. Now, I’m at a place where I’m learning to accept my sexual prowess, be comfortable in my own skin, and seek healthy relationships which support that process. No judgment.

So, that’s all I wanted to share. Be blessed!


I have listened to the reading numerous times and know that it’s right on target, because I’m living it!!! Wow!
The reading was encouraging and reinforcing what I’ve been doing with myself, as difficult as times might be.
Very worthwhile!With gratitude,
The Libra birthday reading was wonderful. As a Libra sun and Scorpio moon I’ve been feeling lately like I’m walking on a cliff at midnight without a flashlight, and it illuminated things beautifully. Up to and including reminding me that the two or three knotty situations I’m dealing with right now can be unraveled simply by asking how they align with my values.
When do you expect the Scorpio Birthday Reading to come out? Leo was so totally excellent. I want to give Scorpio as a gift!
Just finished listening to the Libra birthday report for my rising sign! Wanted to show my gratitude for such great work and share some thoughts. I’m an avid supporter/lover of Planet Waves because it is grounding, nurturing, intuitive, spiritual, sensual, innovative, moving, electric, fresh, addictive, loving, my favorite song, I could go on and on but really what are you waiting for? See for yourself.Best,
Hi Chelsea,
Thank you so much for sending this wonderful birthday report. It is fabulous and I was so astounded at Eric’s completely intuitive and amazing ‘feel’ for a much more deep and meaningful explanation of the approaching transits.  He never ceases to amaze me with his very unique ability.
I thank my lucky stars that I found Planet Waves!
Bless you all.
With much appreciation and love,
Dear Eric:
Oh my.  I’m a Virgo with a Libra rising, and some of the information in this (these) report is nothing less than uncanny. You are a very talented man, Eric Francis. Oh, and the thing about scratch a Virgo, find a Pisces?  That is also spot-on, and, interestingly, my father was a Pisces.  More spot-on info — clearing the influence of ancestors (I have been doing my own version of that fairly vigilantly since late October of 2012, and really, I was doing it sporadically even before that — or perhaps it would be more accurate to say I’m doing it now more regularly and with more awareness).
I also feel a need to remark on the pertinence of your weekly and monthly issues.  For me, the 8/9, 8/23 and 9/13 issues.  The part in the Libra reading that begins “You encounter something that triggers you emotionally” couldn’t have been more accurate had I whispered it in your ear myself.
I also want to thank you for the extras.  I’m just now getting to some of those — like the Midyear report with the info about the two careers.  I’ve been grappling with that for a bit, as it seems to me, I may have even more than two (you obviously have at least two also)!  Choices, choices.
Thank you for doing what you do; you are now my favorite cousin.
With gratitude and kind regards,
Just got the Leo reading and went to the tarot first for a short, quick burst. I am Cancer sun with moon in Leo. Your tarot reading really spoke to me, in a way that the readings for my sun sign (Cancer) and rising sign (Pisces) somehow did not. It brought tears to my eyes. I do feel the stagnation that you speak of very intensely, particularly with regard to a matter of the heart. I am ‘heartened’ to know that there is value in pausing and waiting. Delay is meaningful and transformational. Courage is needed. Something came to fruition but appears to not be going further. Something works suddenly and unexpectedly. With courage, there is always a creative solution. Somebody with a young point of view. Illumination. Relationship with someone who is innovative, which leads to success. Isn’t there something more? Yes. Do not place emphasis on sense of stagnation, but nurture the creative part of who you are. Outcome: the Emperor. Fiery, masculine energy. Energy stagnant on the yin side. Ocean waves and tides. Hanged Man is a yin card. Patterns of this yin side. A conscious choice to go with the flow rather than unconscious acquiescence. Recognize that there is a pattern which is working out, and not drowning in emotional response to that pattern. Last card is Change. Summarizes everything. There is definitely energy and don’t think there is no movement. Everything is a creative opportunity. Do something interesting with what is in your environment. Move a little bit. Get up and move.
Thank you to you and Chelsea. I listened to it last night and it could not have made any more sense to me — please tell Eric it was great.
Thank you,
AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING, SO RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!   Just what I needed to hear as times they are a changing!! Not my sun sign but one who is connected to me, and CONFIRMED my intuition is right on!!
Thank you all, simply the best!!!
I just wanted you to know how this report affected me.  Last fall (10/26/12), I had a bad ending to a very important love relationship in my life.  It was not something I wanted, but I had seen it coming for some time.  I finally felt like I had no choice, and had to stand up for what I know is right….mainly, how I should be treated in a relationship.  There is a lot of unfinished business, a lot of anger, and a lot of emotion that I have been trying to work through, even up to today.

I also purchased the recent Leo birthday report, as the man involved in this situation is a Leo.  It sounded so much like him; he has major fears about relationships, which he admits to, but does nothing about.  I really feel that it is related to past family issues.  I have worried that maybe my actions were too rash, or maybe I could have changed things at a certain point, but I just felt there was no real willingness on his part to work on this.  He is very blind to the pain he is causing.

The tarot section really hit home…it was very accurate.  My whole life is in a state of flux, and I am stuck.  I am dealing with it, and doing what I can to be ready when the time comes to move, but I am still waiting on outside influences that I have no control over.  And you are right, I do not like not knowing where things are going. I have felt very alone, but I do have friends that are supporting me (especially two women).  I am trying to be patient, but this is not my strong point.  This tarot helped me to feel that I did do the right thing, and that everything will be alright. I could no longer invest my time or love with someone who doesn’t care, see,or want to grow. This has been about a whole new level of consciousness.

This last year has been a mess…a lost relationship, a house remodel, knee surgery and recovery, looking for a new job, and hopeful relocation to a new state.  Talk about transformations.

Leo birthday readings are totally FANTASTIC!!! I so totally recommend if you are Leo or Leo Rising. Wow! Even Eric’s Tarot card reading seems right on the center spot with observations, intuitions and thoughts I have had for myself going into this birthday anniversary time. Thank you for the explicit reinforcement, Eric Francis!
Dear Eric,
What a wonderful Leo reading.  It was very special indeed.  You are truly gifted.
Thank you for your love and care in how you delivered the Leo Reading. It truly touched deep within my Leo core and whole-self.
The journey your speak of I have embraced, which has been a blessing on so many levels but also challenging within this 3-dimensional existence that is not easy to explain.  Your reading was able to see this, acknowledge and honour it with profound accuracy, and for that I am truly grateful.
It is not easy to find the depth and insight you offer for people who are consciously embracing their journey (granted with the human foibles, lessons and challenges of which I have had many).   However, I know deep in my heart who I am and what I am doing here and your style of reading, knowledge and connection to the higher realms gives so much reassurance and comfort.  Thank you Eric – lots of Lioness unconditional Love and Blessings to you. oooxxx
Will you be my brother? Im an only child Leo and when I listen to your readings, I literally curl up with my soft blanky and almost go to sleep. That , however, is a compliment because it means I have reached safe harbor as your pour out your insightful words.
How can this chart be for all Leos, when you nailed each important event, prompting, frustration and calling of my personal life all in this one reading? OMG. I had already decided to start letting go of the inherent frustration and fear about certain events around me because I thought, “you know all something better is approaching and you would rather make the shift not looking like an ASS, because its best for Leos to make transitions in dignity if at all possible!”
(although throwing cartons of yogurt at my beaufriend at the grocery story did feel really good)
My friend, I thank Zeus for thee:) I kiss you across the net. I love me because you see me and then of course, how I can I not love you?
Any one hesitant bout purchasing this reading better think again.
With love,


Thanks for responding.  I finally found the e-mail confirmation for my purchase, pasted the link into my browser, downloaded the MP3 files and enjoyed immensely Eric’s reading for Cancer.  It was nice to receive confirmation of the impulses I have been feeling and to trust that I should follow them.

I love Planet Waves!  I get my best “insider” news from Eric.  Glad that he was a journalist before he became an astrologer.



Hi Eric,

I bought your Cancer birthday reading the other day and of course it was wonderful! But I think the part that resonated with me the most was your description about how, during the past few years, it feels like there has been no energy for Cancer.  I am a Piscean (9th house 14deg), with Cancer Rising (8deg) and Cancer Moon (13deg) and its all felt like a rather hellish experience since 2008.  I have felt like there has been so many things happening ‘to’ me, all out of my control and for which I felt I had nothing to back me up, no energy to use to alter anything.  I love how you described Jupiter’s ingress into Cancer because I literally ‘teared up’ at the mere suggestion that some good might be soon to come my way.  Your reading has lifted my spirits immensely and given me the energy to hold on just a bit longer with faith that my smile may soon return.

So, for that I thank you.
Brisbane, Australia.


Most often I am delighted and astounded at Eric’s accuracy. My husband’s Cancer birthday reading received last week is so on point he’s wondering if Eric is a psychic as well as an astounding interpreter of astrology. A mathematician who has cast horoscopes for thirty plus years, my husband is aware of the amount of work it takes to do half the astrology but he lacks Eric’s interpretive talents.
Peace and good cheer,
Kathryn Pruitt-Bruun

Dear dear Eric,
Just listened to my Cancer horoscope – best money I ever spent. Would need to take notes in order to do justice to your work, and write about it after listening – but I prefer to sit back and enjoy the show! As always, I’m knocked for six by your extraordinary gift, your love and care – and this time there was an added sense of joy because we’re moving into a different era and leaving the hardships of these years behind, but taking with us the determination and resources that have been built up over this time.
I LOVE your take on Mercury retrograde and the shamanic type journey – makes so much sense and helps me open up to a pretty emotionally testing time right now.
You describe so perfectly what I’ve been through and show me the wonderful things that are on their way, and already a sea change has taken place in my life, though it’s still not easy.
I can’t thank you enough!
Much love
Liz xx
Eric, You are a wonderful writer, speaker and very evolved, sensitive person and I feel as if I know you. You certainly know me. It feels like you not only have access to my soul but can illuminate my struggles in a way that helps me put words to what I am going through, so that it is easier for me to talk to the significant people in my life. Your words are so poetic, and meaningful, and precise; they capture my struggle for freedom in a way that is helpful and hopeful at the same time. Because of you and Planet Waves, to a significant degree, I have come to understand my struggle differently. I see how it really is about my our growth and development, and access to my feelings of self-worth, and not really so much about the people I am in relationship with. Your tarot is absolutely mind blowing and beautiful. I am praying for the appearance of wise, evolved mentors, preferably of the male gender (since i have so few role models along those lines) to enter my life. They do show up in the reading, and I have no doubt they will really show up. I am ready! Thank you so much for what you do. I am a Planet Waves member for life. Lovingly, Deb
“I’ve been having a few astrologers read my chart but it all seems fluff. I am amazed at the accuracy you brought into my Gemini reading this month even though it wasn’t based on me personally. But I do feel that a lot of the things you are sensing seem to be realistic for my current events.”
Hi! I just listened to my birthday reading, and I am overwhelmed with the amount of information in it. Thanks for a great offering.
As you can imagine I’m Gemini Sun, and I wanted to thank you for giving such a focused and objective portrait of what I’m living today.
> I’ve discovered Planet Waves almost a year ago and now I can’t live without it.

Hello and thank-you! – I have spent the greater part of today listening to the 2012 and 2013 Gemini Birthday Astrology Reports and Tarot which I ordered yesterday.

I am absolutely amazed at the accuracy that both hold for me as a Gemini celebrating my birthday on May 27th!  

If I had purchased and listened to the 2012 Reports and Tarot last year, I do not believe the changes I have made to my life would have come to fruition (I had to learn by DOING – the hard way) and the effects might have been different as my only resistance was to myself! 

But I am HERE and as I look forward to the rest of 2013 in a more positive light, I truly do feel as if I am on the “edge of a genuine threshold!”
Hi Eric,
This report hit home and I felt that it was directed to me at this time of my life.  Finally an astrologer who acknowledges that some of us are seniors and can relate to your readings.  Most astrologers appear to talk to younger people in their interpretations which leaves me feeling left out alot.  Thanks.
First of all, Eric, you ROCK!
> I don’t know how you do it, but your readings get better every year–it’s
> amazing! First of all, the entire reading was spot on, but you have never so
> eloquently discussed the Pluto in Capricorn transit that began in 2008 as
> you did in this reading. You went deep and intuitively allowed the
> information to flow through you–it was as if the information was for me
> alone. You NAILED it! I’m listening and thinking–that is soooo true. And
> then I listened to the tarot reading–was I in your thoughts when you did
> that spread?! The answer is of course not–you don’t even know me, but
> that’s how personal it was–your insight  was truly a gift for me. So thank
> you. I’m one very happy Aries woman right now and that’s thanks to your
> invaluable information!
> Now skip the other signs and do the birthday reading for Cancer cause that’s
> my rising! : )
> Gratefully,
> Alisa Petitt
> Oh and here’s to a fabulous 2013!!!
> What you do is very inspirational, so thank you.
> By the way, your tarot reading was accurate and gave me comfort in knowing that what happened was a result of me evolving for the better. Some uncomfortable emotions were the result, but I trust that all is as it should be.
> Thank you thank you thank you ~*~* <3
I just finished listening to my birthday reading again. I was feeling this inner tension pushing me to get some clarity, and decided it was time to renew my subscription. I am glad I did. I am glad I ordered a birthday report. Astrology is my passion, and my creative outlet. However, due to the demands from school, my son, and my the internship I just began, I haven’t had the time to figure out whats going on in my world, or the world at large. I am barely keeping up. Of late, I have found my inner voice is more nagging than usual, and that it is (of course) always right.
I need to be able to answer the “why” and “how” questions that keeping popping up. I need to identify the “what”. I can feel with my inner radar there are lessons to be learned, new methods of experiencing to commence, and that my process isn’t bad, but it needs tweaking.
Your reading and everything else you write for that matter (plus the amazing writing of your team), helps me to define the boundaries between my inner realm, and the outer realm. In this case, the birthday reading put words to the energy I am channeling, and clarified the interpretation of the behavior of the glyphs on my astrology charts. The purpose of all of this profound, innovative and tremendous energy is more clear to me now, and I feel better and stronger because of it.
Thank you for that,
yours truly,
Somer in Virginia
Thank you for the tour! I am going to have to listen again because there is so much to take in! My birthday is March 11, and I’m looking forward to the new moon and starting out this year positively.
This reading rocks! Sun and Rising, order yours today. You want to be awake to the goodness of being Pisces this year!
Just want to say, I love my horoscope audio. Capricorn with a capricorn rising. whew… AND, I think the team of Eric and Planet Waves is amazing, insightful, and the best on astrology anywhere on the net. xo


I just wanted to tell you that I literally cried listening to your report.  You put so much love in what you do.  It is so on the mark, so helpful to navigate the year ahead in alignment to what matters most.  I don’t know how you do it, but you continue to amaze me, and inspire me.  Bless you.


Loved mine too! Eric is always right on!


I was 5 minutes into my birthday reading when I realized I was dealing with a superhuman being.  Eric Francis is most definitely a gift from the heavens and I want every person I know to be given the opportunity to be inspired by his incredible gift!


It’s amazing!!! Thank you so much


Eric, thanks so much for this reading. I was reading it yesterday, at about the time of the new moon. It was very inspiring and right up to what’s happening in my life. It also helped understand and trust. Trust is what I am in need most at this time… I guess your moon in Aqua helps you get this group of people. I’m Aqua/Aqua, 7 planest in Aqua…


I purchased the Aquarius Birthday report for $19.95 and I am so blown away I have decided I want all 12 signs!


I’m a Cancer with Capricorn rising, all I can say is that I was stunned by LISTEN and by the Birthday Report for Capricorn! They are both absolutely superb, a tremendous tool for my psychological growth (Pluto transiting my 1st house…). It strikes right to my soul.

I highly recommend your profound astrological knowledge to others!


So, once again Eric, absolutely freaky amazing!  I am aquarius rising…the reading was so clear and accurate and the tarot totally landed you in my heart and my physical space.  you are magical!!!   A healer of the heart and soul.  Thank you for your work.


Thank you Chelsea, can’t wait for the 2013 of Virgo!!  I got my 2013
Capricorn ( my sign reading) and i can’t tell you how much this has helped
me!!  A good friend told me bout Eric couple months ago and I have not been
able to get away from my computer, listening to everything and reading all
he offers along with his staff!!  This reading ( even tho I was looking for
2013) opened my eyes to so much that happened last year. A year of great
change that I was taking on someone else’s energy but taking the hit on my
own soul.  OMG, what a great universal “mistake” to get 2012 reading!!


Thank you all so very much, and a special thank you to Eric for all he does,
the time and research he has committed to for the rest of us!!  I am telling
everyone about him/ staff, with many already hooking up with your network of
great information..

Best to you all, and blessing to this awesome gift given to all of us!!

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