Participation is Reciprocation — Venus Sextile Saturn

By 9:03 am EDT (13:03 UT) on Sunday, Venus will have advanced through Virgo to the point where it will be sixty degrees away from Saturn in Scorpio. That will be an aspect called a closing sextile. The result of that aspect will largely depend on the extent to which your participation is reciprocation.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Venus sextile Saturn will not happen in a vacuum. It will take place just hours before Mars advances through Sagittarius to precisely square Neptune in Pisces.

For all intents and purposes, astrological events that are only hours apart can be considered concurrent. Hence Mars-square-Neptune will be functionally simultaneous with Venus-sextile-Saturn.

Eric has emphasized Mars heavily this week here on Planet Waves, and justifiably so. Look at your own life and how desire, wanting, assertion and other issues associated with Mars have come to the fore since Mars entered Sagittarius last Saturday.

Additionally, the impending Martian square to Neptune has received a lot advance attention for good reason. Mars aspects tend to express significantly for days and days before they are exact. Also, Neptune is known for the width of what astrologers call its ‘orb of influence’.

Venus sextile Saturn, however, is no slouch. Venus is, in the words of Robert Hand, “a Yin planet.” As such, Venus is by definition a reciprocal complement to the “Yang” that Mars (among other things) represents.

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