Show How — Water Trine Sun

Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.
— Albert Einstein

Before tomorrow is history, know-how will be on the way out, and show-how will be on the way in. It begins with Jupiter’s ingress to cardinal Cancer just before 9:40 pm EDT today. It will flow into the reversal of Mercury’s apparent motion through watery Cancer tomorrow shortly after 9 am EDT. All very showy stuff, but nothing shows more than the Sun.

Astrology by Len Wallick

All during the 24 hours of Jupiter’s grand entrance and Mercury’s retreat, the Cancer Sun will illuminate how to handle it by being precisely positioned to take its turn in the grandest water trine since the origin of our modern calendar.

Retrograde Neptune has held forth continuously from its Pisces home for more than a year after a century and a half of hiatus. Retrograde Saturn has entered the third season of its first Scorpio sojourn since the 20th century. Mercury retrograde will reprise 1967, and Jupiter’s return to Cancer will take us back to the first year of our still-new millennium. The like of this combination, collaborating through the water signs, has not seen the light of day since before our calendar was first used. A light of day which comes from only one place.

Solar preeminence is so pervasive as to require no gilding. There is no other source of day or light. That’s how, in astrology, the Sun comes to symbolize consciousness itself, without which there is only darkness.

Mercury and Venus have previously held the place in recent weeks. Each provided a brief prelude, connecting all three water signs from Cancer in the course of a few days with successive trines to first Neptune, then Saturn.

Tomorrow, in the course of one day, the Sun will take its turn by precisely completing the same unprecedented grand water trine while also illuminating both Jupiter’s advance to the role, and Mercury’s turn back towards the moment.

It will be a moment when you would best emulate the Sun. To begin, you need only be aware of what is happening. Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter will symbolically swim upstream for more than a year. They are returning from the vast ocean of modern history, effectively bringing all of it with them, to spawn the future you will help determine simply by being present.

To be consciously present for such a confluence is to illuminate yourself from within. It is not to be afraid. It is to accept and embrace the sacred responsibility of your birthright as co-creator of the lives that will follow yours, perhaps for centuries to come. You will not be called upon to know how to accomplish the task for which you were born. Know-how is on the way out.

Instead, you will be called upon to show what modern history has not previously shown you, or anybody else.

You have lived sufficiently long and seen enough to show how it is done by example. You have been shown more than enough war, want and ignorance to show it to anybody else. It is for you now to show the light within. It is for you to let the Sun inside you shine the way so that those who follow will emerge from, rather than enter, an increasingly unconscious darkness. A darkness that has gone on for far too long is now converging, not as a doom to defeat you, but to be reborn in fresh waters, and redeemed by your example.

Don’t worry about what you don’t know. Show us what you got. Show us how to do it, as it has never been done before. Most importantly, and to use as your guide, show us as you would have any one of us show to, and about, you.

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22 thoughts on “Show How — Water Trine Sun”

  1. Thank you Len. You are the Master weaver of words that only confirms what we know somewhere in our hearts, but don’t know how to articulate!!

    Be, interesting to read your interpretations regarding Wendy Davis’ filibuster. Yesterday Australia’s first female, Prime Minister Julia Gillard was not able to prevail the third leadership challenge/ballot that ousted her last night, returning Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, almost three years to the day, that Julia ousted him. I only hope he keeps the many good policies she brought into law, like carbon tax, disability care, education reforms. And I hope he enjoys his PM-ship with only a few months till the Sept elections, it may be short-lived. Interesting times on the world-stage indeed!

    Have a beautiful day, fellow travellers xx

  2. Hey, I’m sorry about saying QB1 & Bienor were sextile Ceres and Hybris. They weren’t sextile, the two sets were square each other, Ceres and Hybris in Leo and QB1 and Bienor in Taurus. Guess I got too caught up in it all looking similar to a yod. Oh well, trans. Atlantis is conjunct my Sun and I’m drowning in all this astrology, esp. the Venus Occult Sun chart. . gurgle, gurgle!

  3. Green Star, Thanks for acknowledging that auspicious act of courage and sacrifice by One on behalf of the Whole. Wendy Davis seemed to personify the warrior princess Pallas-Athene yesterday as she occupied the same degree Venus did when she made her rare occultation to the Sun last year.

    At that time Mars was square (challenging) the Sun-Venus at 15+ Gemini promising fire-works down the road. Yesterday, Pallas-Athene (aka Wendy) was supported by Asclepius the physician in Aquarius and Zeus in Libra among the aspects she made, but I can’t help but wonder about the effect of Ceres (motherhood) conjunct Hybris (arrogance) in Leo as they semi-square’d the warrior princess.

    I’m leaning toward think/feeling that these two represented the misguided patriarchal faction listening to Wendy’s filibuster. It will take time to see how it all pans out of course, but Ceres was just passing out of a sextile to QB1 (threshold) newly at 0 Taurus (with Bienor the Strong Man) who was also semi-square Pallas-Athene yesterday. The Ceres/Hybris in Leo formed a sesquiquadrate (same family as semi-square) to Arachne in Sagittarius (a splendid weaver who at one time was the arch enemy of Pallas-Athene). Arachne was opposed to Pallas-Athene yesterday.

    To add intensity, QB1/Bienor (in Taurus) who were sextile Ceres/Hybris (in Leo), were ALSO sesquiquadrate Arachne (in Sagittarius). Now I don’t know if this pattern has a name but it looks a lot like a yod. Instead of the sextiling planets being quincunx the apex (point) planet (in this case Arachne in Sagittarius) as in the yod pattern, they were sesquiquadrate her. None-the-less, Arachne was “getting it” from both sides and she was opposite Pallas-Athene in Gemini.

    What I’m trying to determine is, was Pallas-Athene trying to help out her old enemy, or was she being pummeled by Arachne’s release of the double sesquiquadrate energy, OR. . . . was Pallas-Athene reaching out to Arachne for support, due to the double semi-square energy she was getting from the Leo-Taurus entities. Hmmm. .

    Well, it was plainly a team effort, and it was a remarkable show of strength, as well as a quality piece of theatre. Best of all, it featured the feminine symbols in starring role(s). Let’s not forget Wendy’s supporters who protested the disqualification ruling of Wendy’s filibuster.

    Again, grateful for your calling attention to this milestone Green-Star-gazer, and all you contribute to Planet-Waves conversations. And thanks to Len for providing the platform to discuss these things, and to Eric and the PW staff for providing this venue. Much obliged!

  4. Dear Len, I always feel so nourished and informed by your articles. Your gentle way with words yet cutting right to the razor-sharp point of the heart of things always amazes and delights me. You are a VERY big reason I come to Planet Waves. This feeling is re-affirmed every time I read one of your articles yet I rarely say it out loud. Today with all the changes being mapped in our collective sky and psyche, I want to acknowledge the NURTURANCE you bring to the PW community. It is HUGE and incredibly important.

    with palms together…. a big “Thank you”

    I know that there are others here who cover the political world with great attention to detail but these are such heady days now that I felt I must call attention to a BIG moment. Yesterday right as the Jupiter move into Cancer was underway something really monumental happened in Texas. State Senator Wendy Davis held a 10 hour filibuster to hold up the vote which was scheduled to take place at midnight on one of the most restrictive abortion laws this country has ever seen. SHE PREVAILED !! Talk about drama!!

    Of course the conservatives will re-group and try again under some other ruse no doubt, but the Aries-point moment was well acknowledged and continues to be so today with the SCOTUS rulings. Monumental times indeed!!

  5. “Fear not darkness, rather work to heal it as only you can do”. Thank you, dear dear Len, for the precious time and care you give to all of us. ((( ))))

  6. Thank you so much Len. Interesting too, that by around 8pm PST vibrating had begun to level and meditative visual showed me my physical body as a sort of sieve with water flowing fountain-like from all over it – but like a source, with unlimited supply. Kinda cool. Very water-y. Very Jupiterian. 🙂

  7. Mia, Len – you two are cracking me up. I had to do quite a lot of googling to catch the Wilde reference. Brainiacs.

    Chief – Thank you. I was wondering how I got through the weekend; now I know. I’m grateful for your support.

  8. That is so funny, Len.

    I was thinking of you and your writing this past weekend in relation to Wilde and his De Profundis, which he wrote while in prison. In it he states that true love is generosity, something you know well. Wilde was a generous spirit, even if he was a brown-noser.


  9. Thank you, Mia, you make me feel just like Oscar Wilde.

    aword: Thank you. i think you have hit on the “water underground” about to become artesian well, perhaps because of your contribution. Excellent observation, excellent job discerning the particulars from each other.

  10. One hour to ‘launch’ and I am physically vibrating from the inside out, like a car that’s going as fast as it can on the brink of lofting? or one of Sambo’s tigers, tricked to turn into butter as we chase each other ’round and ’round the tree? (remember that tale? -or tail? haha).

    I don’t seem to have any good reason for this other than Jupiter’s ingress into Family and Home, so we will run with that.

    –and there’s a bit of that feeling of being on the train when the other train passes so you can’t tell if you’re moving or stopped or going forward or backward? Maybe that’s Merc getting ready to backpedal.

    Maybe it’s also the water beginning to flow; me being personally all aspect-ed to the trine and all.

    Thank you for your encouragement, Len. As always.

  11. Thank you, Mia. Your generosity is exceeded by none. Your kindness is unequaled. Your gentle spirit is very welcome here as well.

  12. DivaCarla: You are very welcome. It is joy to know that my words have served your needs well.

    Strawberry: Thank you for your kind appraisal. If my service has empowered you (or anyone else), my highest objective will have been achieved.

    be: Thank you once again for being one of the greater (n every sense of the word) parts of the picture here at Planet Waves. Thank you for catching Sedna’s advance, which is indeed significant given its distance (nearly three times farther away than Pluto) and consequently its very slow apparent motion. Your concise, yet adept interpretation of Sedna, your mastery of Sabian symbols, and your emulation of Jupiter in your erudition (both expansive and insightful) is beyond being simply a welcome addition, it is what we would not want to do without.

    P. Sophia: Voltaire! Thank you. Would that i had half of his courage and but a smidgen of his genius. As for Sun (natal or transiting) on the mid heaven, that is usually a very happy Sun – fully and universally expressed.

    jinspace: You are most welcome. Bob Dylan once said something to the effect that inspiring other people is one of the most gratifying things he has done. If my service has inspired you, it is for me to be grateful.

    Lizzy: You are very welcome. Fear not darkness, rather work to heal it as only you can do.

    Chief Niwots Son: Speaking of gratitude, it is we who should be thanking you for all of the times you have been our Dylan. If my service can only reciprocate in part how you have so kindly and consistently contributed here, that will have been gratifying in its self.

    Darcy: You are so very kind to honor me generously. Thank you.

  13. Len- you’ve done it again Brother, lined up a slew of astrological happenings, and with a deft stroke to the cue ball of the English language, sank them all together in the side pocket of experience. Bravo!

    Strawberry- I read you tale of cowboy boots in church last week, I was humbled by the depth of your self-insight and the scope of the healing path you are walking. My prayers are with you.

  14. Yes, I join the other lovely commenters, to thank you, dear Len, for this wonderful, inspiring piece. “A darkness that has gone on for far too long is now converging, not as a doom to defeat you, but to be reborn in fresh waters, and redeemed by your example.” Hallelujah!

  15. Beautiful, Len. It’s impossible to read your majestic prose and not feel inspired to participate as fully as a person can in this very momentous moment. Your post today is like a blessing. A huge thank you.

  16. The Sun she will be directly on my MC at 4 degrees.

    Finally, a release from self-incurred immaturity in this age, daring to think for oneself.

    ‘Enlightenment’. Yes, Len, thank you for sharing, personally (with me), with humankind.

    “An Ascending Sun that you,

    The light of the North,

    In your infinite wisdom have followed”.


  17. Bravo Len, you are so inspiring, and never more so than now in this remarkable period of human history. To your great vision of the whole, there are small pieces of the picture that might be overlooked during so much astrological excitement, one of which has already captured my imagination. As I said on an earlier blog, trans. Sedna slipped almost undetected into the next degree of her long stay in Taurus around the midnight hour last night. She leaves behind her long stay in a degree symbolized by violence and aggression and enters a degree symbolized by A vast PUBLIC park, conjuring up visions of what can result when people put their effort and resources into something for the common good. It seems to go hand in hand with Jupiter’s entry into Cancer (a symbol of rootedness, caring and protection), and his merge into the ongoing water grand trine. Sedna’s story is about water first and foremost, along with the price one pays when family can no longer be counted on.

    It could be said that Jupiter will increase our perception of what family really is. No longer bound by blood alone, family must take on an Aquarian Age perspective where family can mean anyone who shares your values and dreams. If you dream of enough unpolluted water to go around for every living creature on this planet, then follow Sedna. Her new position puts her exactly into a sextile with Varuna a god of the sea, along with the god Apollo who is chauffeur to the Sun, giver of life and consciousness. She now forms a perfect trine to goddess Astraea who promises to never leave mankind until the fat lady sings. In her previous degree, Sedna was under the thumb/blade of Damocles and Karma, but things have changed and there will be even more change coming if we can keep our faith in evolution’s promise of a better world. 🙂

  18. Len, you are beautiful.

    Oh–and so is the example for empowerment your interpretation of this moment offers 😉

  19. Let me be the first to say, THANK YOU!

    The deep diving Tarot readings, the turbulence of the eclipse cycle, and the recent Fool Moon casting long summer shadows — It is a true gift to hear that it’s time to let my sun shine. Mucking about in the dark for two months had almost shut me down.

    I love it when the sun shines on the water. I can too!

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