One Simple Truth — Sun Enters Taurus

The Sun enters tropical Taurus at 6:03 pm Friday to say now is the time. In general, solar Taurus is the time when the season initiated by solar Aries becomes plainly evident. Specific to this year, the Sun’s ingress to Taurus will be a time for all good people to feel and restore anew the simple truth of our connection to the Earth, and each other.

Astrology by Len Wallick

For thousands of years, human existence was an agrarian existence, which required a sense of connection with our planet to be sustainable. The many generations who derived their sustenance directly from the Earth were obliged to understand and participate in its cycles. From such practices, reinforced by the experience of each generation, came the simple values that shaped every human culture, the consciousness symbolized by solar Taurus.

Then, many things changed rapidly; but one thing did not change at all.

Humanity’s relationship with our planet changed rapidly with recent centuries, and with it our relationship to each other and our physical selves. A sense of separation displaced obligatory participation. Things got out of balance. Now, the consequences are widespread, as plainly evident as the season. It seems that nothing and nobody is well anymore, that ill will and ill health are the rule, but all is not lost. 

One thing that never changed is your need to eat. That simple fact cannot be abstracted. That fundamental requirement keeps you connected to the Earth, its cycles, and other beings. Now is the time to honor that reality, one step at a time.

The first step is onto a patch of bare ground with your bare feet. At this time of year, in nearly every place where people reside, the surface of Earth is exposed and warm enough to stand on, at least briefly, without shoes.

Please try it as soon as you possibly can, if you possibly can. Take your shoes and socks off and put your feet on the ground, focusing on where they touch the soil. When you take that simple step, consider this — what you are feeling with and what you are feeling are one and the same thing. That is the reality. Separation is the illusion.

Every cell in your body is made from what you have ingested. Everything you have ingested comes from the Earth, and ultimately, goes back, so that somebody or something else can take their turn with it as part of their physical being. Your very body, feet and all, is only your turn in the cycle, nothing more and nothing less. You are the ground you stand on, and so is everybody and everything else.

If you can grasp that one simple truth in the body, you will have grasped in the mind what it means for the Sun to enter Taurus. For the sake of life itself, please keep it that simple if only for as long as your bare feet remain on the ground. Now is the time, and yours is the moment.

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16 thoughts on “One Simple Truth — Sun Enters Taurus”

  1. today, i was feeling some kind of anger roar inside me – apparently for no reason.
    as the day progressed, the intensity started ramping up. (in fact i ‘caught on’ to it only in the afternoon).
    by evening, i knew if somebody crossed my path, or made a wrong ‘pass’ at me… he would be burnt steak. yet, i couldn’t breathe into it enough for it to cool down or subside.

    then, late evening, sitting by the road and waiting for friends… i remembered your advice, Len… of this post.
    and i removed my shoes, and stood ‘naked-feet’ on the ground. on the sidewalk floor.
    the moment my feet touched the ground… all my tightness and anger seemed to fall through, into the ground. like in electrical earthing, i was ‘dis-charged’.

    thank you Len.
    your spot-on advice, saved my day.


  2. Is anyone awake and keeping up with the Boston Marathon bombing event? It is crazy now. Neighborhoods around Boston (Watertown and several others) where the residents have been instructed to stay indoors, not to congregate outdoors, don’t answer the door, don’t use mass transit, shopkeepers asked not to open for business. . . . on and on. Suspect #1 has reportedly been killed.

  3. All comments seem lovely and wise, a gentle antidote to these explosive days.

    Len, you help me recognize another expression of my Taurean Mars (6th house): my NEED to go barefoot. This is lifelong. I’ve always kicked my shoes off at the first opportunity, always loved to dig my feet – and hands – into the earth, the sand, the grass, the water, smooth stones, a bare wood floor, a bowl of dough, a mass of wet clay. It’s such a strong instinct that I don’t understand how people can prefer to wear shoes inside the home, especially city dwellers. It makes me wonder that shoes themselves aren’t the earliest culprit in the long march toward our great disconnect!

    Such a sweet post.

  4. Lizzy: You are very welcome.

    be: Thank you for the update on Jupiter’s progress and the anticipation of our next series of eclipse. In the meantime, as you say, sweet it is.

    recognizant: Thank you. Look to solar Taurus to renew your balance with a sight, a sound, a smell.

    Mia: Thank you for your call to action. Life is to important to be left to chance.

    Fe: It is for me to thank you, and envy your weekend as well. Here’s a tip: squirrels and most birds don’t recognize white strawberries as strawberries. Best regards to Celeste Raven Auk as well.

    eco 11: You zen is a welcome inspiration, thank you.

    Sina: Speaking of inspiration, you really brought it with your beautiful rendition of a grand experience. Felt it down to my toes. Thank you so very much.

    Chief Niwots Son: Good point, thank you. The demarcation is perhaps not so sharp in practice. My intention was not to either include or exclude the plow, but rather to include all of those ancestors who made it their business to watch and follow the cycles of land and sky such as few do now.

    P Sophia: Thank you for showing us the way and invoking one of the most beautifully evocative Sabian verses.

    Druidclark: Welcome and thank you for sharing how the season may be deferred but never defeated.

  5. Thank you for the reminder. 11:00 pm here in PA and I stepped outside and it’s still 65 degrees. Peepers (wood frogs) are apeepin’. They’ve been “under glass” twice now and will no doubt be again this weekend. And after three times frozen, it will be spring for sure. I love the Taurus time of the year–nothing better than the smell of fresh dirt, mud in your toes, and tangy taste of wild cress. When we get that we are part of the circle of life, then change will happen. Perhaps not soon. Maybe not in any of our lifetimes, but it will happen. Gaia will out. Blessings.

  6. “A sense of separation displaced obligatory participation. Things got out of balance.”

    Yes, in a (the) moment from acceptance to shame, we are still completely, or move in separation from source. But you are so right in mentioning Len, it is an illusion and it does not have to be this way. Thank you for reminding us to feel what we are a part of inside and out.

    In honor of our Sun and it’s Friday placement –

    Sabian Symbols (TAURUS 1°): A CLEAR MOUNTAIN STREAM. KEYNOTE: The pure, uncontaminated and spontaneous manifestation of one’s own nature.

    “Matter is still imbued with great potential energy, energy being matter at its source. It is flowing irresistibly toward its own destiny. It is simply ITS OWN NATURE.”

  7. “For thousands of years, human existence was an agrarian existence, which required a sense of connection with our planet to be sustainable.”

    I would offer that for entirety of our existence as a species before agriculture (10K years of farming, 190K years before) we lived off the land, but in a entirely different manner. And until recently in our history, within the last 200 years, a whole bunch of folks were still living that way here in North America. The differing modes of consciousness engendered by these two radical different ways of survival fascinate me, and as one who lives in a farming culture I wonder what gifts of consciousness we can receive from those cultures who lived another path.

  8. “Now is the time, and yours is the moment.”

    Thanks Len. Now is the time to realise that we are ALL connected to Earth, each other, and everything that happens in our world. It’s our moment to to make a difference in our communities, as Mia has said, and that any small action contributes to the whole, and to the change we wish to see in our world.

    Went to American Samoa on the weekend, and was delighted with how much the place had changed since my last visit 8 yrs ago. The new governor, sworn in only 100 days ago, had improved the roads around the market place and hospital in his first 15 days in office, after 15 years of residents having to navigate the large potholes. He has saved $200,000 USD since he took office but recalling all government vehicles to be impounded every evening and on weekends. But the best thing he did was make all the government departments responsible for cleaning up the rubbish around the roads and public parks and areas. It was so nice to see the best of Pago Pago harbour, as it is so picturesque.

    I had to put my feet onto the earth, when I arrived at my friends beach. I had to say hello and introduce myself to the spirits that care for that area, and to thank them for having me. My friend declared her beach and that of the whole village a marine reserve in 1980, so I got to enjoy abundant bird life, and sea life. Two days of bliss ended too soon and my farewell gift was a hawksbill turtle swimming up to the beach just before I left to say goodbye…….magic!

    For the first time, I felt my connection with Tutuila Island also. Samoa was split between the Germans and USA in 1899, even though we are all related, still speak the same language, and acknowlege each other’s hierarchy in our parliaments, our paths have been different over the last 114 years. We always regarded our US brothers and sisters as the wealthy ones, while we fought on towards independence 50 yrs ago, and have been struggling to develop our country since. This trip made me realise that while they had adopted US life wholeheartedly, they were now wanting to return and acknowlege their unique cultural roots by building traditional Samoan buildings, and returning to traditional farming and protecting the environment, reflected by the lively market, beautiful flowers adorning gardens again, and eight protected marine reserves.

    Through my time there, and my barefeet in the sand, I felt the political divide melt away, and we were one people again. I felt I belonged there, just as much as I belong to my ancestral island of Savaii……magic!

    Looking foward to feeling all your feet through our beloved Mother Earth, and connecting with all of you brothers and sisters.


  9. Thank you Len.

    Today, it is raining sideways. It goes from a purple, still, quiet, atmosphere, like a pause after breath exhaled, and then pours, like it is washing, scrubbing into the pores of the earth and all its, magical, amazingly resilient buds.

    I was looking up about 67 feet to a plastic bag high in a silver maple outside my back deck. It flew there and entwined itself a couple of months ago. The storm only wrapped it tighter onto the branch it has claimed. I thought, was it finally blown out? Now I see it would have to take the whole branch to get the bag, or a climber on a precarious ladder with a bit of an insane determination.

    Then I thought: maybe it’s not about the question to the storm: “Did the bag come down?” Maybe it’s more about: There aren’t three more bags in the tree.

    (You/your articles do this to me, Len, and off I go into the Zen. 😀 )

  10. Thank you Len. I will be with Celeste Raven Auk, my magnolia tree, all weekend, potting strawberry plants and greens. A little barefootedness is never a bad thing.

  11. Thank you, Len, for the simple purity of your post today.

    In the days to come we will need all the grounding as we can find so as to not be buffeted about by the winds of change. Hopefully Venus will provide enough loving encouragement for each of us to stand tall as we push our toes in the dirt and roll up our sleeves for the creative work that needs to be done.

    The bombing in Boston was not really a surprise for any of us. The weather is getting warmer and people are coming outside and acting upon the ideas they came up with over the winter. My concern is that we will not address our needs collectively in a timely fashion before current eruptions have the time to fester and grow into something much larger. Yesterday I heard Chris Hedges say that it took several years from the time Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat till the Free Rides, perhaps six or seven years. I don’t think we have the luxury of six or seven years. I hope that everyone will think about the contribution they can make to their community and follow through on the thought. We can all make a difference.


  12. I HOPE it is warm enough to put my bare feet down by Saturday when the sun ingresses Taurus, surely NOT today! Also realizing I have a lot of raking to do. Collecting branches and twigs for kindling in the woodstove…..leaves sharp bits of debris strewn around. The big old dooryard rose bush, creeping across the yard, new shoots and old dying trunks. makes GREAT kindling, burns like sparklers, but ouchy to pick up or step on.
    With the tr. Mars / Sun conj. 29˚ Aries today squaring my Pluto in Cancer, & tr. Ceres Cancer 2 ˚ from conj. my Chiron in the 1st H, I am experiencing strong anorexic tendencies……I JUST don’t want to eat……..anything……….the Monsanto/ antibiotics in animals/HFCS…blues…………Beans hurt my not the gas its the roughage…..
    ANd I am a Taurus.always loved my food; eating, cooking, tendency to gain if I don’t watch it…..very disconcerting!

  13. Just to honor your words today, Jupiter starts his transit of the degree where Venus occulted the Sun last June, 15 Gemini. There he will stay until Tuesday the 23rd when you bring us a new offering, and when our focus will move on to the eclipsed Scorpio Moon. But until then, we will be filled with the love represented by Taurus’ ruler Venus. How sweet it is Len, how sweet it is.

  14. Thank you, Len! Will do just what you suggest, and will bear your lovely words in mind these coming days. So happy that we’re moving into Taurus time.

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