Video Selections

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  1. Fazie says:


    I’m interested in your prediction of the outcome for Julian Assange; have you any posts on
    his future?
    (apologies that i’ve used this area to ask the question but I’m not PC literate and thought I might ‘get through’ to you from here.
    best regards Fazie AU

  2. granma says:

    Am I the only one to have tapped into this secluded PW nook? (or has this video been around so long, everyone else has already viewed it?)
    Eric, you’re such a sweetie. I get a different ‘sense’ of you from this video. (I don’t believe you’re on something… but your eyes are sure sparkly!)
    When was this filmed?

  3. granma says:

    Forgot to mention: your description of “a good Nazi streak” brought me up quick. It’s a strange reference to deep human pain, shame, tragedy. I just never thought to link the adjective “good” with “Nazi.” I will reflect on this.

  4. granma says:

    Just found PW’s “Video-Selections.” This is a terrific addition! Rick Levine and Eric, nicely done!

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