The Magus — from Tarot of The Spirit, by Pamela Eakins

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While I’m away this week, guest writer Pamela Eakins again takes up the reins in my absence. Here, with her permission and with much gratitude, I have excerpted her description of The Magus — also known as The Magician — from her book Tarot of The Spirit. Pamela and her mother Joyce — who painted the Tarot of The Spirit deck — have an unfailing ability to capture the archetypes with clarity and precision, and this writing is a powerful act of creation in itself. I hope you enjoy it. You can visit the website for The Tarot of The Spirit here. I’ll be back on Sunday with the Weekend Tarot Reading.– Sarah

Key One, the Magus, is Beth, the House. The house is potential form in which the universal force can reside. This house can be viewed as the House of God. It can also be viewed as the physical body, that which houses the divine spirit. The Magus represents the ability to channel and direct universal force through the vehicle of the house.

The Magus - Tarot of The Spirit deck.

The Magus from the Tarot of The Spirit deck, co-created by Pamela and Joyce Eakins. Click for a larger version.

The Magus is the Supreme Magician: the master of dynamic power, expanded perception, the motivating energy at the center of the turning of the spring (see Key X [The Wheel of Fortune]). The Magus, standing at the center of the Wheel of Fortune, which is the circle of life, is the master of all things.

The Magus has mastered the three layers of mind: the subconscious (as symbolized by the dark), waking consciousness and the superconsciousness (called the light). The Magus is the master of the elemental forces of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth and the eight directions: South, West, East, North, Above, Below, Center and Ether. What does this mean?

Symbolically, the elements and directions are forces of spirit (Fire, South), emotion (Water, West), intellect (Wind, East) and matter (Earth, North). Spirit, emotion, intellect and matter are the first four directions. The next three are above, below and center. Above corresponds to superconsciousness, below to subconsciousness, center to waking consciousness. The final direction is Ether. The Ether is the substance that represents the summation of all that is. Ether is the direction which is everywhere and nowhere at once.

Through combining and recombining the forces and forms of the elements and eight directions, the Magus transforms the world. The ability to transform the world is the result of possessing the secret essence of the alchemical process of the ancients. Through this process, the baser metals of Self and world are transformed into gold and the elixir of perpetual life is discovered.

In coming to understand this secret alchemical process, the Magus must discover the power of the revelation I AM! I am unique. I am separate. I am powerful. I am magical. I can create the world as I so choose! I am a visionary. I AM THE ONE LIFE! I AM THE CREATOR!

Whereas the Fool is all potential, all that is possible in the circle of existence, the Magus is the focal point — Key One — at the center of this circle. Out of this point, all that was, is and shall become, all that is manifest or material, proceeds. Through the powers of the Magus, potential is focused and brought into existence.

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