All In, All Right

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By Maria Padhila

With all the post-election confusion, news coming out without anyone being fully confident about its full import yet, I wanted to start off with some good news: the first openly bisexual woman has been elected to Congress (after a lot of scrapping about the vote count).

Poly Paradise at Burning Man. Photo by Eric.

Poly Paradise at Burning Man. Photo by Eric.

Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, was raised Mormon but is a secularist (she is careful to say she’s not an atheist, but she is being hailed as such by skeptics and atheist groups, and whatever her spiritual orientation is it can only help to restore the balance in the House). Her top issues are veteran support, health and schools, and she has written and spoken about the importance of bringing both sides together in political disputes (bah-dum, but Congress could use that type of balance as well).

Of course the other big sex-and-politics news this week has been the general fraternization flaps. One of my favorite things written so far about the Petraeus/Broadwell affair was by one of my favorite writers, David Simon, who is also the creator of HBO series The Wire and Treme. “The Media’s Sex Obsession is Dangerous and Destructive” is brutally frank about hypocrisy on all fronts, including among journalists, and explains the writer’s own decision to avoid “sex scandals” as a topic for coverage:

Not a year earlier, I think, I’d been guilty of dragging to the front of the metro section some sad sack who happened to serve on a mayor’s advisory committee — an unpaid position, mind you — and happened to get arrested in a car with a lit marijuana cigarette between his lips. At the price of that misdemeanor, I’d messed that guy up good. Wasn’t my fault he caught that charge; hey, I was just the cop shop reporter calling districts and reporting arrests. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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2 Responses to All In, All Right

  1. mariapadhila says:

    Judith Gayle’s column below is required reading, too, for its look at sexual assault in the military.

  2. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Thanks for another great, thought provoking piece, Maria. Love the extract from David Simon – good for him.

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