The Mars Effect — Astrology Readings for 2014

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In 2014, we experience the peak of the 2012-era’s astrology — the Uranus-Pluto square, plus Mars retrograde in Libra, plus Jupiter in Cancer, will combine and conspire to create one of the most memorable years of our lives.

I will be covering this in THE MARS EFFECT, the 2014 annual edition of Planet Waves, which offers extended audio and written readings for all 12 signs and rising signs.

To be sure, this is challenging astrology, and challenging means that you can rise to the occasion. You’ll be compelled to ask the deep questions about your relationships and your work — and also to make the spiritual and creative contacts that make your life meaningful.

In this half-hour preview, introducing the music of Gary Lucas, I go over the major events of 2014 and describe THE MARS EFFECT. If you are a Planet Waves member, subscriber or customer, check your inbox for our special discount offers. If you would like to take advantage of a discount but are not yet a member, you can join for free (one month free trial membership at this link). Then you can get the discount link.

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Eric Francis

About Eric Francis

Planet Waves began in 1998 as the home of the Eric Francis horoscope, a prominent feature in our premium service. Going far beyond what most Sun-sign astrologers even dream is possible, Eric brings in-depth interpretations to his work. He is a pioneer in the newly-discovered planets, including Chiron and the centaurs, and is able to translate their movements into accessible human terms, offering ideas for life, love and work. Discover a whole new world of literary journalism in Planet Waves. We offer free trial subscriptions, discounts for students and seniors, and gift subscriptions for veterans and those on active military duty.
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One Response to The Mars Effect — Astrology Readings for 2014

  1. Salamander says:

    Thank you for this podcast, Eric. I feel more prepared to deal with the 2014 transits by focusing on reforming my relationships, and my family interactions for the better. It’ll be easier said than done when I see how Mars going through my 7th house affects my daily interactions, but at least I see the direction I need to head towards.
    I learned about my Nessus, it’s in Virgo and in the 7th house. No wonder I feel a strong need to focus on service in order to overcome the baser side of my self. So I see that Nessus heading into Pisces will be another Piscean challenge to my natal chart (any time a planet goes into Pisces, it squares my Sagittarius (Moon, MC, Saturn and Uranus) and Gemini planets (Pholus and Jupiter), and it opposes my Virgo planets (Black Moon Lilith, Nessus, and the Sun), but then it trines my Scorpio (Pluto and Ixion) and Cancer (Chiron) planets, and sextiles my Capricorn Neptune).

    I am looking forward to any political reforms that recognize basic human realities and ecological realities. Communism failed because it failed to recognize that people have an ego, and that people need to make exchanges (it doesn’t have to be in the form of money, but people need to feel like they are getting “something” in return). Capitalism, the austerity agenda and the growth paradigm are failing because they are failing to recognize that people need to have time to take care of family, to relax, that people need meaning in their lives (people need work that nourishes the soul, not work that destroys the soul), and that nature can only provide so much for human desires. Private-bank-issued money is also failing as a measure of value. And then, the daily work of people needs to benefit self and others, the idea of mitigating dishonest work with charity rings hollow.

    I’ll probably expect those reforms to happen either when Saturn goes into Capricorn, or when Pluto enters Aquarius or Pisces.

    As far as my position in the world is concerned, I have social consciousness, but I have limitations as far as what I can do, between the Pluto in Capricorn era (notably with the Pluto in Virgo generation in power), the community I deal with, and the family situation I deal with. I am using the Uranus-Pluto energies to prove to the world that it is possible to have work I can be proud to talk about, while keeping in mind the main themes of my natal chart (strong 10th house themes, having Mars Rx in Aries in the 1st house, and being between Saturn and Uranus), having good relationships with my local community and my family.

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