The Sun-Juno-Eris conjunction; the Venus-Neptune conjunction; a lunar eclipse and the astrology behind a lot of weird news — all in this week’s edition of Planet Waves

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Eric Francis

About Eric Francis

Planet Waves began in 1998 as the home of the Eric Francis horoscope, a prominent feature in our premium service. Going far beyond what most Sun-sign astrologers even dream is possible, Eric brings in-depth interpretations to his work. He is a pioneer in the newly-discovered planets, including Chiron and the centaurs, and is able to translate their movements into accessible human terms, offering ideas for life, love and work. Discover a whole new world of literary journalism in Planet Waves. We offer free trial subscriptions, discounts for students and seniors, and gift subscriptions for veterans and those on active military duty.
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14 Responses to The Sun-Juno-Eris conjunction; the Venus-Neptune conjunction; a lunar eclipse and the astrology behind a lot of weird news — all in this week’s edition of Planet Waves

  1. Elizabeth Michaud Elizabeth Michaud says:

    Just finished listening to the Spring Report preview, and I’m truly looking forward to listening to all 12 signs. When I read Fe’s comment, it reminded me of the feeling of Eric’s astrology reports — being unafraid of the future. There’s so much potential in the planetary energies these days, I think everyone can benefit from a little guidance from the stars!

  2. bodymindalchemy says:

    Raising a three-fingered hand (coincidentally the current symbol of the neo-Nazi Svoboda party in Ukraine) MSNBC host Rachel Maddow enumerated of the “Three stages of political conflict that fall short of an actual war” in her April 8, 2014 broadcast.

    According to Maddow’s simplistic logic, the “STAGE 3: Fisticuffs” in the Ukrainian Parliament indicate that the next step in the political conflict is war.

    What Maddow did not say in her April 8th presentation of the melee in the Ukrainian Parliament is the full context of WHO and WHY.

    Here are the facts Maddow did not report:

    Referring to the pro-Russian protesters who have seized buildings in eastern Ukraine, communist party parliamentary deputy Petro Symonenko said that neo-Nazi Svoboda and Right Sector militants had set a precedent earlier this year by seizing public buildings in Kiev. Now, Symonenko said, they were attacking people who wanted to defend their rights by peaceful means.

    “You are today doing everything to intimidate people. You arrest people, start fighting people who have a different point of view,” Symonenko said, before two deputies from the Svoboda party marched up and pulled him away from the rostrum.

    To say that these right-wing nationalists are neo-Nazis is not name calling. It is not verbal abuse or fear mongering. It is a description that is aligned with reality.

    The Svoboda party (formerly known as the Social-National Party of Ukraine in a deliberate inversion of National-Socialism) and Right Sector armed neo-Nazi militants exploited the largely peaceful Maidan anti-government protests, and violently seized power in Kiev in February. Neo-Nazis were given key positions in the Ukrainian government after the western backed coup.

    BBC Newsnight has documented the neo-Nazi influence

    Robert Parry’s Consortium News continues to report on the connection between American neo-conservatives and the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.

    Immediately after the violent putsch, the new regime proceeded to saddle the nation with IMF debt and suppress political opposition, particularly among the ethnic Russian citizenry of southern and eastern Ukraine. This led directly to referendum and secession in the region of Crimea, and calls for referendum in the Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

    If Mars in Libra describes the need to get below surface appearances, then Maddow’s “coverage” is a journalistic failure.

    If Mars in Libra describes the potential for a two-faced approach to a situation, then Maddow’s mainstream media version of events is a propagandist success.

    Maddow breaks it down for us. In my view, her broadcast is a commercial for war (regardless of her personal politics).

    The current situation in Ukraine is an example of the Grand Cross manifesting as a Hakenkreuz, a twisted cross in the form of a Wolfsangel or wolf-hook.

    A wolf-hunting device, used in a similar way as a fishing hook, a wolf-hook is attached on a chain which is anchored to a tree or similar stout object, and a bait is put on the hook. When the wolf eats the bait, it swallows the hook. The chain prevents the wolf from escaping, and it can be killed at will.

    After World War II, the Wolfsangel symbol has been used by some Neo-Nazi organizations, including the Svoboda party in Ukraine.

    The question in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world today is: how long will we continue to take the bait?


    The NBC News online transcript of ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ for Tuesday, April 8, 2014 (excerpt) :

    But stage three of political conflict short of war is when we regress from
    words that will never hurt me back to sticks and stones. Stage three is
    when we give up on arguing with or without snark and we just start throwing
    punches. And that also happened today in the parliament of Ukraine.

    A full-on fight broke out when numbers (sic) of communist party in Ukraine
    accused members of a right-wing nationalist party in Ukraine of dividing
    the nation, by adopting with (sic) the communists called extreme tactics on
    the on-going Ukrainian crisis.

    The communist is (sic) accused the nationalists of playing into Russia`s
    hands and splitting Ukraine apart. And the nationalist party politicians
    responded to that accusation by basically starting a bench-clearing brawl
    that nobody could break up for a really long time.

    Since the opposition ousted Ukraine`s pro-Russian president, after months
    of protests, international attention has shifted to the other side of Ukraine
    where (sic) border`s (sic) Russia on the east. After (sic) invaded and then
    annexed the small peninsula in eastern Ukraine called Crimea, the Russians
    have since massed tens of thousands of Russian troops on the border of other
    parts of southeastern Ukraine. They have fostered fears that Russia is
    going to keep going. They are going to take more parts of that country.

    Well, over the weekend, pro-Russian demonstrators seized government
    buildings in three cities in eastern Ukraine. They declared each city a
    peoples republic. They called for a referendum on succession (sic) from
    Ukraine and each of those places. They ask Russia to send in troops
    over the border into Ukraine.

    The Ukrainian government says it is Russian forces and provocateurs who
    were sent over the border from Russia to try (sic) destroy Ukraine from within.
    Today, Ukrainian media posted this scary video reporting that an unnamed
    pro-Russian radical group had taken 60 hostages in the city called
    (INAUDIBLE) (sic – Maddow audibly and correctly identified the city as
    Luhansk) in the eastern part of Ukraine demanding that that city be
    allowed to succeed (sic) from Ukraine.

    Secretary Kerry and NATO, both issued warnings to Russia today to back off,
    to stay out of the rest of Ukraine. Secretary Kerry saying in between slot (sic)
    flight (sic) with Senator john (sic) McCain today that in his words quote “it`s clear
    that Russian special forces and agents have been the catalyst behind of the
    chaos of the last 24 hours.”

    But this is not just a fight between the United States and Russia. This is
    the fight the U.S. is waging with Russia in part on behalf of Ukraine.
    Ukraine where they are beating one another to a fault (sic) inside their
    owned (sic) parliament today, the men and the women both.

    Russia`s whole strategy is to try to crush Ukraine, right? To try to crush
    the people who ousted their pro-Russian president and took over the

    Looking at what`s going on inside their government right now, is Russia
    succeeding? Are we defending a country that can`t stand up itself? And if
    so, should that change what we`re hoping for from this fight?


  3. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    I have added the welcome message and technical notes from the 2014 Spring reading to this page. This is actually part of the reading but I think it’s worth bring out to the front.

    The original project preview states my intentions at the beginning; this was recorded after I finished Pisces on Friday afternoon. It’s a short program, about 15 minutes, that comments on the nature of the times we are in, the Uranus-Pluto square.

    The Spring Reading is a 12-sign library wherein I devote 40 to 45 minutes to each of the signs and rising signs. These readings go deep into the current astrology, exploring the potential of our moment and where you can open that up for yourself. I think they are useful astrology and a lot of fun.

  4. carecare7 says:

    My son (who is a Pluto in Sag) takes his cues from his older sisters and says he wants to try on female clothing (he is 12) to get a feel for his feminine side (his words). We are encouraging him to do so in the same way we encouraged his older sister to go ahead and wear (and be male characters for Halloween) male clothing when she said she wanted to do that.

    Things are changing in the young generations. It’s a good thing.

  5. carecare7 says:

    Eric, you wrote:

    “Imagine how much easier things would be if people could actually express their needs and their expectations and negotiate on level ground. Imagine if we could take up the power to design our own relationship agreements and not have to sign up for the stock model. Most people put far more time into evaluating a one-year lease than they do the implications of the marriage contract.”

    As far as I can see things (and what my young adult kids tell me) the Pluto in Scorpio generation is doing exactly that. My young adult daughters have discarded the whole hetero-normative, monogamy, marriage and kids, binary genders ideology. One daughter is asexual and non-gendered. The other has no plans to “marry” in any traditional sense and the third thinks she wants some sort of union but is not liking the way marriage is done. Their many friends on Tumblr, their international friends (whom they skype) are all saying and doing similar things; this generation is changing (Pluto) the whole sex and gender (Scorpio) issue. They are also very much into sharing resources and they seem to have been a lot deeper as children than a lot of adults gave them credit for.

    Just thought I would throw that out here.

  6. Musicman 1 says:

    In support of the integrity of the truth … ( a second opinion )…here is a link to Douglas Parkers’ analysis, which widely quotes Rheinhold Ebertin.

    Personally I tend to hold off from passing judgement, but I guess that ultimately the cards stack up! The deeply flawed and seriously wounded souls probably never new why they met! But it would seem that Reeva led him all the way there!

    And I do agree that the bumbling idiot defence, which is all that he has got, plays straight into the hands of the prosecution!

    Douglas Parkers’ last sentence makes quite chilling reading!

    “In March 2013 Pluto is coming within a degree or so of Oscar Pistorius’ 12th house cusp of imprisonment. If he is born just 5 minutes earlier Pluto is now hitting his 12th house cusp and he will go to jail for a very long time ”

    I applaud you Eric … balls on the line … in that great tradition of Mr. Seymour Getfurther!!


  7. Patty says:

    What Fe said, and thank you Eric and PW staff.

  8. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    “Iā€™m really surprised that the writers of this article feel qualified to say that the accused is a liar and that he has an absurd and insulting claim of self-defense.”

    That was me. No other writers were involved in that statement. Nobody will ever know what “actually happened” except for the fact that he shot her. We are all, all of us, assessing from testimony and evidence.

    I have listened to Pistorius testify, and in my perception, he has no excuse. Since when does a burglar go into the bathroom and lock the door? When your girlfriend is in the house? Since when is shooting at a closed door “not knowing” who is in the bathroom self-defense? Where a gun is concerned, it’s self-defense if YOU are cornered or confronted.

    Even if he “made a mistake,” he killed her, and he had every reason to be cautious about not doing so. He knew she was there. There are no other extenuating circumstances, like support for the claim of a third person in the house. One does not ethically, morally or legally use a semi-automatic weapon prophylactically and open fire when one cannot even see who or what one is shooting at. This is the thinnest, stupidest, most insulting self-defense claim I have ever heard.

    An insanity defense is more appropriate. He is a liar, but I also believe he is mentally ill. Note, I am not a psychiatrist. That is just my perception.

  9. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    There is a lot of powerful and moving material in this edition, Eric. As witnessed by the commenters before me. As witnessed by what each person reading these words is going through today. You have tapped into the power of the astrology admirably, moving people with your words. One thing which has been my privilege to glimpse which is not evident here, which i wish everybody could see, is the hours and hours of work and preparation beneath the surface of your final product – both your feature writing and the best horoscopes on Earth.

  10. Oh, and the new eyes-open pic is nice. Every girl crazy for a sharp-dressed man šŸ˜‰

  11. That peeling-back of the veneer to reveal passive aggression for what it is has certainly showed up in my life this week. I’m still reeling. And trying to look for the same dynamic in myself…”Where is my so-called niceness covering up that kind of viciousness?” I’ve seen it often enough to know by now — if it triggers me in someone “out there,” there’s a good chance I’ve got something going on with it “in here.” Yikes. Calling in your projections blows. šŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the peek into an unvarnished reality, Eric.

  12. I must object to the characterization of Oscar Pistorius in this article. We do NOT know what happened. We have no idea what it is like to grow up with such a huge physical challenge as no lower limbs in a country that is so imbedded in the Patriarchal value system. I can easily imagine that his bravado and uber-male personna is a carefully crafted construct to compensate for feeling incredibly vulnerable all his life.

    Ive been following this story ever since it happened that sad Valentine’s Day and I have to say that the coverage in the press has been horribly one-sided. Yes, living in a violent culture leads to paranoia and having a cavalier attitude towards guns and violence seems to be even more pronounced in SA than it is here in the US. I”ve noticed that there has been little said in the press reports here about how the gun culture permeates the white, upper class societies in SA and how living in fear of home invasion is a constant and real burden. I don’t think we can fully appreciate that factor here.

    Another aspect of our twisted relationship with the Mars energy is that we, as a culture want our warriors and our sportsmen, especially the men, to be super aggressive and competitive in order to WIN at all costs… yet we expect that these individuals should then be able to flip some sort of inner switch inside and become good, calm citizens. The shadow aspects that have to be repressed in order to be successful in the sports and military arenas are bound to cause havoc if allowed no respect. In a culture that is brutal towards anyone who shows vulnerability, we cannot know how this shapes a person…even now, if Mr. Pristorius shows vulnerability by weeping or showing any signs of upset he is immediately branded as being false and untruthful. Just look at how twisted this is! The vulnerable male cannot win no matter what!

    The press has a lot to answer for in the way it has sensationalized this whole tragedy. I don’t know what happened that night but it seems to me that the prosecutor is using what is considered culturally revered aggressive male behaviour now against the accused and this plays beautifully into the press. I also have often thought, would we be so fascinated if the victim had been plain-looking? or black? I’ll bet not. South Africa has an abominable record when it comes to violence against women… perhaps part of the incredible push-back against Mr. Pristorius is also some shadow-pomp of this record being enacted on the public stage to try and purge itself of some of the guilt it feels as a collective.

    I’m really surprised that the writers of this article feel qualified to say that the accused is a liar and that he has an absurd and insulting claim of self-defense. Sure, the prosecutor showed dramatic and disturbing video that supports their side. However, did they show any of the videos of the athlete in his charity work that he does for kids with disabilities? (he has done so for many years since becoming famous) Did they show any videos of the defendant and the incredible obstacles he’s had to overcome to become a world-class runner when he never had feet, something we all take for granted? No because the prosecutor’s job is to de-humanize Mr Pristorius and paint just one picture of the man. We know better. We know that people are complicated beings and that societies shape, mold and pressure individuals to behave in ways that are not always balanced and thoughtful. I’m disappointed that Planet Waves has fallen for the Fox news version of this story.

    At the end of the day I ask myself why would a man with so much to live for, who had overcome such incredible challenges in his life and who’s star was really beginning to rise, why would he try to get away with murder? Why would he jeopardize his career that he had fought so hard for to just get rid of a girlfriend? This part just doesn’t make sense to me.

  13. Fe Bongolan Fe Bongolan says:

    This week’s AND last week’s column are so rich with content I feel as though I am reading a Real World Gazette, a chronicle of global history that makes utter sense!

    So proud of our little web voice that is PW, a voice that says so much that its penetrating like water globally. PW makes me feel unafraid of the future, because it re-assures me that we don’t have to be cut off from the truth, and that the pain that sometimes comes with realizing that which is true, releasing the blinders that hold us captive, is healing.

  14. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    i’m really glad eric managed to address the juno-sun-eris conjunction in aries (which is opposite ceres — and vesta, though i don’t think vesta got a mention), which is happening along with the venus-neptune conjunction. i didn’t have room to work it into the daily astrology for yesterday, but it’s a compelling aspect — especially in the context of the rest of the sky.

    so much dynamic relationship energy going on right now…!

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