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Here it is, just in time for the Uranus-Pluto square: the Planet Waves guide to Pluto through the signs. In this issue, Eric sharpens his powers of observation, interpretation and wit on the whetstone of the generations — including those not born yet. In fact, he covers 250 years of Pluto in this one article, into the 22nd century. Also included are astro-news briefs and this week’s horoscopes for all 12 signs.

You can pick up this issue individually here to see how you — and your various loved ones — express the energies of Pluto (in all its amusingly dubious glory). You can also try out a one-month free trial subscription to our weekly service, and sexy, insightful, thought-provoking issues like those in our slideshow above will be delivered right to your inbox.

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  1. KathyC KathyC says:

    I have to say, that as a Pluto/Virgo,(2nd degree, 2nd house) I have fully confessed my ‘ways’ to my 2 girls, and was honest if it turned out to be a good result, or bad- to my circumstances… and listened with loving guidance without judging to their challenges, etc. – I was prepared to be understanding no matter what, I had their emotional back. Funny how I didn’t need a 1/4 of my knowledge because they were great growing up. Maybe my frankness took away the curiosity just enough it didn’t intrigue them ? who knows. (and I would NEVER allow Gardisil) *wink

  2. luckydriver luckydriver says:

    According to, Lady Gaga’s birth info is: March 28, 1986 at 10:55pm. This is the chart they show for her, although who knows if their info is correct:

  3. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    Let’s just say that my visceral, as in olfactory, response to Gaga and Madonna is totally different. No interest in sniffing Madonna, never had…

    We know Madonna’s data and I’ve worked on her chart a lot — it’s amazing. Does anyone know if Gaga’s chart data is available, as in the time? A follow up piece could be a comparison of three or four example charts from different Pluto eras. I could not do all of them in one article but I could contrast three or four.

  4. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    One other — it’s interesting to watch the way that one generation picks up from the next…in a way similar to how we inherit and then try to reinterpret our parents’ stuff. Then we have to get out of their bad ideas and learn from their errors. One example is that the last big test case of activism we have comes from the Sixties which were run by the Big Heavies — the famous “leaders.” Now we try to do things by consensus without understanding what that means or how to do it. For this reason the Occupy movement has struggled and has been dominated by those who yell the loudest. Somebody get me Chiron on the phone!

  5. shebear13 shebear13 says:

    “though Gaga with Pluto in Scorpio is a different creature than Madonna with Pluto in Leo”; is she ever?! and I am fascinated by the difference. Gaga has a captivating depth to her which she seems to have embraced fully and to an extent that she counters it with a playful, open heartedness to others. It will be intriguing to see you probe further why some take the pluto ride as you call it as opposed to remaining stuck and stagnant and I’m sure Chiron plays a big part, as I feel does Uranus as well. At least in my chart it does.

    Btw, my son belongs to the Pluto in Sadge crowd and he is currently experiencing a Pluto/natal sun conjunct. We hung out yesterday and I seemed to push all his teenagey buttons as I was probing, in my usual intense Pluto conjunct Venus motherly manner that he runs hard in the opposite direction from, in my attempts to bring light to some of his suppressed emotional dynamics. It was hard work for both of us but we stuck it out and some important breakthroughs in communication were achieved. Yay. I think it happened as a result of my wisdom and trusting and focusing on those crystal clear waters that beckon us both to lie down and float in. For his part, he worked hard at controlling his emotional reactions and accessing his otherworldly wisdom, that has to be the Sadge/Jupiter influence on his Pluto, I’m sensing. Fun and games all round, and mothers of teenagers *know* what i’m talkin’ ’bout here, right?! 😉

  6. zerosity zerosity says:

    Eric’s comment in Pluto with Gemini about twin talk brought to mind that viral video from last year of the twin babies talking:
    Gives me hope that we can learn to communicate again.

  7. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    One thing I did not mention in the article but will develop when I cover Chiron is that there are people who take the Pluto ride and keep moving with the Pluto sign changes as the years go on. Others can get stuck in one era or another. I think the piece today tended to poke fun at the people who get set in their ways during Pluto transits when they’re fairly young, and we could look at a variety of actors that are involved. For example, Pluto in Sagg is growing up mostly with Neptune in Aquarius, which I covered a few weeks ago in a Friday edition. I’ll leave that here in case you’re not a subscriber if you’re interested in a more ‘serious’ examination of an outer planet through a single sign (and seeing the kind of thought that goes into these issues).

    There’s also the Chiron factor. Chiron orbits about five times more frequently on average than Pluto, but its got one similarity, which is a widely elliptical orbit. I just got an email from Tracy @serennu reminding me that kids who are now 12 are having their Chiron first square, which is on the young side. Many of us had this transit at 22 years old. That’s how these planets with very elliptical orbits are.

    There is a similar situation with Pluto. Many young adults now have their Pluto first square (when Pluto reaches 90 degrees to its natal position) at age 36-37. But our grandparents were having their Pluto first square at age 60 and some ancestors at age 66.. That’s a big difference; a long 25ish years to have as the difference in ages — approaching midlife and on well the other side of midlife. And that aspect and when and how it happens influences the experience of the Pluto generations.

    Then there are other aspects. For example, many with Pluto in Sagg grew up concurrently under a series of Saturn-Pluto oppositions (think 9/11, contraction, War on Terror mentality). Today Pluto in Cap kids are growing up with a series of Uranus-Pluto squares (think liberation, Occupy movement, same-sex rights, claiming back the space given up by society during the 9.11 era). There are a lot of factors involved.

    One thing I learned from writing that article all week is the hilarious way that society is dragged through the trends of Pluto through the signs, though for all its supposed depth, there is something trendy about Pluto; it’s setting the pace of fashion and appearance in the behavioral sense and the presentation sense (though Gaga with Pluto in Scorpio is a different creature than Madonna with Pluto in Leo).

  8. shebear13 shebear13 says:

    Today’s edition was a highly entertaining read. Thanks PW. Each segment had at least one line of hilarity: Pluto in Cancer: “Still astonished that appliances no longer come with a protective dust cover, and disappointed that you cannot order one even if you’re willing to pay for it.” Heh. Pluto in Leo: “Many now live on a steady diet of Prozac, Viagra and porno.” : -) Pluto in Virgo: “You never know; transmission through toilet seats has not been disproved.” etcetcetc. LOL Thank you, I really needed those chuckles!

    Better still, for me, were the links to more information on Pluto. I was asking a friend earlier in the week for some literature on Pluto, and to see that link pop up today at very the close of the article, leading to the terrifically informative and very humourous article, “Planet Why”, made me very happy.

    I personally have had a love/hate relationship with Mr. Pluto *forever* and a day, and to be able to understand it’s energies more fully has been a recent goal of mine. As a gardener, Pluto’s energies for me are the alchemic forces that make composting work. You toss in the raw and visible veggie scraps through the top of your composter, then after a period of time, you poke around at the bottom, lift up the flap and collect a pile of “black gold”,; the sumptuous, potent soil newly produced at the bottom. Thing is the composting process will not work if it doesn’t have the right amount of *water, air and fire/heat.* The new earth/soil appears when all the elements work together, kind of like how the citizens on this planet have to pull together, don’t ya think?

    I think that we need to consiously start now and commit to learning how to harness the position of Pluto in our charts and see how it applies in our lives and learn, for if we don’t we’ll be missing an important boat here, perhaps the last one. Each of us can take whatever is being stirred by Pluto, allowing the waters to get muddied up while working hard not to fret but really trusting and knowing that once those muddy waters get to settle down, clear, crystal waters appear and things are good.

    We each need to be transformed into our own unique black gold and then, when we hang out with others in our particular circle of friends and family, they can’t help but be captivated and enticed to emulate a similar process. People are fed up and want a way to stick it to the man! Ya Pluto’s what i’m saying, even if he killed me *several *times over in my own life process. Now that I like where I’m standing and happily owning who I am, Pluto’s churning was without a doubt worth it, in the end.

  9. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Eric, very funny and tyvm* for not waiting until 04/01 to give us a chuckle. (*Pluto in Virgo learns txt-speak – probably from her cubicle while concocting a marketing scheme on her computer.)

  10. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    E2 – lol! As a fellow Pisces – I’m not at the “bottom” of any list at all; in fact, I know EXACTLY where to find my horoscope each and everytime. It’s everyone else who has to scroll around to find themselves. ;}

  11. zerosity zerosity says:

    Too, too funny!!! I settled in with a printed copy, all set for blinding revelations about Pisces, and instead got revolution! Reality check!! Check!
    I was snorting and guffawing all the way through. Thanks ever so much from this Pluto in Leo whose only and original email address is still at (There are at least three of us left on the planet that have a prodigy email address.)

  12. a_priori a_priori says:

    hey there ~ is there a ‘like’ button somewhere? srsly

  13. E2 says:

    Dear Eric,

    Wonderful issue. A quibble, however. You might want to re-think the idea of calling some of the Pluto in Leo generation the Redeemers, as that was the name taken by southerners after the Civil War as part of their campaign to suppress voting rights of freedmen, and take back the state governments from the military governors post-Reconstruction.

    Your take on Pluto in Sagittarius is dead on, but don’t underestimate the amount of transformation they are prepared to accomplish-and don’t expect them to show up if you don’t have free Wi-Fi. They are a little surprised at their own power-the oldest are just starting to flex their muscles and find their strength. Once they get rolling, don’t get in their way. The satirical Onion article about school kids from the future learning about the marriage equality fight is already true for these kids:

    “While the future students, roughly one in eight of whom were raised by gay or lesbian parents, are scheduled to write essays debating the different viewpoints on gay marriage in the 2010s, a number of them told reporters it was hard to conceive of arguments against something as clearly justified as gay marriage ‘as though it were some big controversial issue, like marrying your clone.'”,19099/

    And since Neptune is now in Pisces, it seems like an appropriate time to complain about always having to scroll down to the bottom to find Pisces. Why not have a rotating list, with the sign in season at the top?

    And maybe Romney’s chart explains why he is running for president? He just wants to be the first Mormon president as far as I can tell. He doesn’t seem to have any other real motivation. Even for a Pisces, that’s not enough.

  14. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    a bit of breaking news —

    This has been suppressed for 20 years. The backstory is in the article SEE NO EVIL on the Dioxin Dorms website — the story of how the study got held down. It’s actually a lot more than a study, it’s a total reassessment of the toxicity of dioxin that was begun in the 1980s in an attempt to cover up the dangers; but when the science came in, it did the opposite so the whole thing had to be stuffed. And then out of nowhere it appears today.


  15. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Eric: You are most welcome. It was you who conceived, i only believed.

    Anatoly: Thank you.

    Carrie: Take my word for it, seeing my face would cause folks to cancel their subscriptions. Best to leave me unseen, only heard.

  16. patti.t16 patti.t16 says:

    Thanks Anatoly, I was wondering if it was something I was doing wrong!!

  17. Carrie says:

    Thanks, Anatoly! I chose a Water Godddess avatar. I can change these just like in FB. Too cool! Since we are tweaking things, can I request making it so we can edit our posts too? That would be wonderful because I get to typing so fast that I make tons of typos and have to re-read everything before posting only to find that I missed something.

  18. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    thanks for the tip, anatoly! you’re a rock star. :*

  19. Eric Francis Anatoly Ryzhenko says:

    Hello Amanda,

    If you go to the yr wordpress dasboard (Edit my profile) you will see a new feature Avatar / Upload Avatar / Delete Avatar. You can delete yr current Av. or replace with something else.


  20. patti.t16 patti.t16 says:

    I had mixed feelings about this one too. At first a sense of humour failure which I put down to kind of a long week, but then on second reading just a feeling like “Meh..”. Not sure what we were supposed to take away from this piece in the end. I guess when I want the Onion I go to the Onion…

  21. granma says:

    Wow. Thanks, Amanda, for that “reality check.”
    I think I take everything published on PW sooo very seriously (… I’m a new subscriber? … I don’t yet recognize the PW humor?)
    I’ll read it again.

  22. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    carrie — apparently i wasn’t given a preference. my face just showed up. i’m not sure i’m a fan of that, even though i’ve had photos of myself posted here on the blog. something feels vaguely weird and narcissistic to me to see my face splashed there every time i comment. a little too Facebook-y for my taste.

  23. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    easy there, granma — it’s a satire. we *all* got blasted. it’s meant to be taken as broad humorous strokes, with a grounding in truth and a grain of salt, knowing that *of course* not all of this applies to everyone in each of these generations.

    try reading it again as though it’s a stand up comedy routine & maybe it’ll sound different?

  24. Carrie says:

    Hey Eric,

    Would Len, Amanda, Sarah, Anatoly and any other PW contributors I have missed be willing to put their faces up on a Contributers page? I would love to have faces to put with the articles. I understand if they are reluctant; that is fine but if they are willing that would be great.

  25. Patty says:

    Oh now Raph….we do need a little bit of the Molly Brown in us, don’t we? It isn’t so much thinking we are unsinkable, but rather Pluto in Leo generation is quite problem-solving oriented.

    The world didn’t change for us in the 60s; we changed the world – quite a different thing really. The later generations were a lot more into themselves, whereas we tried to initiate environmental awareness (EARTH DAY), the move to natural foods, the end of DDT, and the beginning of the peace movement.

  26. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    Want to add a writing or really editorial guidance credit for today’s issue to Len Wallick. As I reread the piece I see more of his influence than I thought originally — thank you Len.

  27. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    i am totally offended. FU Pluto!

  28. granma says:

    I’ve just read “What’s Your (Pluto) sign? Wait — Let Me Guess”
    I’m a Pluto in Leo (b 1946) and I feel compelled to respond!
    ~ My ‘old reality’ was shredded!
    ~ The colors of my childhood were brown, red, navy blue and Evergreen. With the 1960’s (Beatles, psychedelics, love-ins, Haight Ashbury, protests against the Vietnam War) – my world erupted into brilliant rainbows, crystals, shimmering possibilities. Opened our minds!
    ~ Yes – I was a Baby Boomer.
    ~ No – I’m not a Conservative. Nor am I a Freak. I’m a seeker.
    ~ 70’s is definitely the new 40’s (I’m more alive and conscious now than I was 20 years ago!)
    ~ I don’t believe in Vit. C – in fact I don’t subscribe to any vitamins – whether “natural ones” or otherwise. I rely on good, organic, bio-dynamic food (whenever possible).
    ~ The world didn’t “change for us.” The World Changed! (Music, hallucinogenic drugs, art, awareness).
    ~ I was never a Girl Scout (my older sisters were). I thought the whole thing was a complete bore. (But my mother wrote the book, “Come Along With Us: the History of Girl Scouting in America” – self-published).
    ~ I do not feel I “missed my chance.” I marched on Wall Street and closed down NYU to protest the Vietnam War.
    ~ Have absolutely no desire to own a Harley (though that is the ultimate goal for my Swiss husband, who is 14 years younger than I am).
    ~ Tea Party Conservatism is bull shit!
    ~ Those who claim they are “Redeemers” are full of the same!
    ~ Never – Prozac
    ~ No – Viagra
    ~ No – Porno (I have a fertile mind)
    ~ But ‘yes’ to finding myself, pleasuring myself, expressing the truth of my deepest self and understanding the true purpose of this physical existence on Planet Earth. And the fire burns deep within me!

    If I sound over-heated – I am. I take exception to what was written about “my Pluto generation.” I allow that what Planet Waves has written for others of my “generation” might be true, but it’s not true for me.

  29. Carrie says:

    “Obsessed with health, these people have more vitamins in their closet than the GNC warehouse, but their daughters will get six rounds of Gardasil.”

    Almost. That obsession with health means we Pluto in Virgos don’t just vax our kids with any new thing that comes down the pike. We read, research, and refuse to do it when it looks like it isn’t well researched or tested. That goes for any new meds; many Pluto in Virgos that I know are the most picky about meds and don’t take them (or administer them to their kids) unless absolutely necessary (myself included). Statins for example; the research doesn’t make a definitive connection between cholesterol and heart disease as much as it does for homocysteine levels and heart attacks; homocysteine can be controlled with cheap vitamins whereas statins damage the liver and are expensive (Virgo is frugal too). The vitamins; we will take ones that have been shown (via long research) to work but not every snake-oil supplement that comes into town. My kids were only vaxed with ones that I knew had years and years of research backing them. No gardisil for them (I have three daughters and a son). Virgo = caution, frugality, very health conscious, and practical.

    The overprotectiveness is true to a point though not all of us Pluto in Virgos are purity pushers; I know a lot of us who are very open about sex with our kids but also very up front about what to do to remain healthy. It is funny though to read about how helicopter we are as parents; that is so true! :::laughing:::

    Pluto in Virgo is known to some as the Generation Jones folks, immortalized by Jonathan Pontell. We are also sometimes known as the Assassination Generation because of the many assassinations that happened as we were growing up (the Kennedy brothers, MLK, Malcolm X). These assassinations made us fearful of speaking out or being a “front man” so the ambiguity and anonymity of the Occupy movement is perfect for us. We are also the generation which first embraced technology and know how to use it so we are able to keep pace with our kids. We use the internet like old pros and keep learning. We also experienced the huge rise in dovorce rates and the changes Feminism brought.

    We are also the generation that got our entitlements changed; 1960 is the cut off year so anyone born then or thereafter has to wait until age 67 or older to get Social Security. We lived the good life growing up but then came of age during the de-regulation, downizing, pink-slipping, trickle-down-theory of the 1980’s. So we realized that loyalty to any employer is suicide. We taught our kids not to work for the money but to be happy because we could see that our parents worked for the money and too often were unhappy and downsized after years of loyalty.

    Pluto in Virgo straddles two worlds; that of the past and conservative values (I still think it is my job to cook for my husband, be a stay-at-home mother, and buy pink baby clothes for new female babies) and that of progressive values (I am for women’s rights, pro-choice, pro-LBGTQ marriage and full rights, against racism, spiritual but not religious). Our generation is said to be practical (there’s that Virgo word). We are sometimes referred to as the Ambassadors because we are good at mixing old and new, conservative and progressive, old ways and technology, and bringing together opposing sides for agreement. Obama is a Pluto in Virgo. There ya go.

    This was a great article, thanks for publishing it!

  30. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    My friend Raph has replied:

    I felt I need to reply. I know you are probably so incredibly busy with you Multidimensional Meanderings that you won’t answer me. It’s o.k. This one’s on me (senza obligato per ti).

    Learn to be grateful for those lovable flat world, geocentric, monotheistic slave, conservatives. They are wonderful, if not perfect barometers for the resistance to evolution. They are the perfect examples of the silly passengers of the Titanic who believed that their ship was unsinkable.

    By the way the first class passengers had a vastly greater survival rate than the third class. They were the first ushered to the life boats. At this time blind, obsequious servility to the aristocracy is suicide. It always was. We just can’t lie to ourselves in the same numbers as we did in the past. Some of us are waking up.

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