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This week's members' issue is on its way; check below for membership info soon.

This week’s members’ issue is on its way; check below for membership info soon.

This week, Eric looks at the current disruptions to transportation and commerce in the U.S. — two Mercury-ruled areas of life being impacted by extreme weather events. We don’t normally associate Mercury with the weather, but the mundane decisions made in response to it definitely come under that planet’s purview.

Eric also covers the Leo Full Moon in the context of our shift from the Pisces Age to the Aquarius Age: moving from the age of belief to the age of systems — and how we can uncouple fearful thought systems to remain flexible.

He has interpreted the Leo Full Moon for all 12 signs in this week’s horoscopes — horoscopes by “perhaps the most talented astrologer around,” according to one reader. You can read them through a single-issue purchase, or else sign up for a free one-month trial membership, and receive Eric’s spiritually grounded horoscopes automatically every week.

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3 Responses to Planet Waves Premium Member Edition on Its Way

  1. Shelley says:

    I have my head full of the Hobby Lobby case in the Supreme Court right now and it fits into Eric’s mention of the Age of Pisces.

    Hobby Lobby is a craft chain store with over 18,000 employees whose owners, the Greens, are challenging the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act. The mandate requires health care insurance plans to cover all FDA approved forms of contraception and the Greens are refusing to cover four of them, claiming this violates their religious freedom.

    Eric wrote, “Evidence of the Pisces age still having its effects is that belief trumps reason. Denial is still considered a viable way of life.”

    Should a religious belief that certain forms of contraception are immoral trump the reason behind providing access to contraception in a nation where half of all pregnancies are unplanned? Some people think so.

    Beyond that is almost a denial that contraception is even an option.

    The next question is whether the new system (the Affordable Care Act) is strong enough to withstand it.

  2. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Many thanks to Eric and Team for a concise explication of the Mercury retrograde in action, a warm and personal assessment of the Full Moon, the news you have to know (written to cure cabin fever) and the best horoscopes in the world. This one is a many-faceted gem!

    Ronny: welcome!

  3. Ronny via email says:

    I went through a hungry ghost phase where I was downloading all these different things, and subscribing to websites that had money back guarantees during a bout trying to fill an emptiness last month.

    I’ve been busy opting out/canceling/getting refunds from all (ended up being way more complicated than I anticipated); opted out of all of them – except one. The only one that resonated with me and I plan to stay subscribed passed my trial date (which I believe is tomorrow) is Planet Waves :)

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