New issue on its way to Planet Waves members

New issue of Planet Waves.

New issue of Planet Waves.

This week’s premium members’ edition includes the first installment of a year-end review as only Planet Waves can do it. Along with Eric’s incisive lead article, the issue includes two separate SKY segments covering the current astrology, a rich array of astro-news briefs, and this week’s horoscopes, covering the weekend and the Gemini Full Moon for all 12 signs.

To read the full issue, you can purchase it individually here. You can also get instant access through a free one-month trial offer here — which will also make you eligible for significant discounts on Eric’s 2014 annual readings, called The Mars Effect.

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3 Responses to New issue on its way to Planet Waves members

  1. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    Thanks Eric, the narrative style of the main section was true Art. That row of army dudes is an amazing image, each one of those fellows is an expert, in his own unique way, of bottling up his own life force. Saturn in excess.

  2. marymack says:

    I love how it feels when you are interested in posting something that everyone is going to love, be interested in … I don’t love how it feels when you know full well that no one is going to be into it. So, I push forward and submit regardless of how anyone wants to react … this is HUGE for me and god bless all the others out there who know how it feels to be not included.

    I was reading this and thinking how cool is Eric Francis that he knows what it’s like to be a nutter!! but alas, he was going somewhere else, somewhere a little less out there. Me, I liked very much that Nelson et al was including the insane. Huzzah!! we are all included!! and someone not so normal got through the filters. Isn’t this what the whole Newtown Sandy Hook was all about?? We can try really hard but the crazy bits are going to leech out and perhaps slime all over our very urbane prose.


  3. sally says:

    holy crap! what an issue. read it people. top to bottom–smokin’ stuff.

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