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Members, check your inboxes soon. If you have not signed up for membership yet, see below for info on our twice-weekly emailed astrology service containing premium content.

The world lost one of its brightest lights this week: humanitarian and statesman Nelson Mandela. In today’s premium members’ issue of Planet Waves, Eric takes a look at Mandela’s natal chart, which prominently features the newly named centaur object Orius.

To read the full issue, which includes a wealth of astro-news briefs by our editorial staff including updates on the Fukushima situation, the Seralini GMO study retraction and defense and much more, you may purchase the issue individually here. Or try our twice-weekly premium service with a free one-month trial membership here.

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  1. PWOutsider PWOutsider says:

    To Iamstandinghere, hello, I just wanted to let you know that I “get it” about some of what you said in your post. Without wishing to comment on the subject matter of Israel or other comments here, I can relate to how I think you feel and just wanted you to know that, if that helps.

  2. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    What a lovely, generous and heart-warmng comment, Green-Star-gazer! Thank you for that. I agree with all you say.

  3. One of the things I appreciate most is the safe space which has been created here in the Planet Waves community. Strong views, authentic stories, controversial discussions, flirtatious winks and nods and all manner of human exchanges happen here while at the same time managing to remain respectful of all the contributions. Astrology is just part of what happens here. We are all the richer for it.

    Challenging the status quo is what these times are about. Questioning why things are the way they are and offering alternative views/opinions/dreams is what is needed now from us all as we navigate the powerful tides and pressures of these transformational times.

    There are parts of this world that are deeply troubled, other parts that are drenched in violence and darkness…and other parts (thankfully) which remain relatively peaceful. I long for the day when all people will be free of oppression, where everyone can wake up in the morning eager to live their dreams (as long as it does not harm others) rather than living in fear.

    This addiction to righteousness and “might makes right violence” must end. The dominator model is on the way out. The cooperation model is on the way in but is not yet fully arrived.

    Here in Planet Waves we walk our talk and the scintillating spectrum of views and expression is what I come here to bask in…time and again.

    deep bow of appreciation to all the contributors, writers, web support, business support, and this vibrant, strong community of thoughtful and heart-full readers/supporters. Thank you for making and maintaining this place which nourishes, provokes, inspires and confronts me daily.

  4. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Some nice material on BBC about Nelson Mandela today, for example,

    I totally agree with you Carrie about the appalling state of affairs in Israel. My sister lived in Jerusalem as a student and was so horrified by what she saw that she went back there as a journalist to report on the plight of the Palestinians and also edited a beautiful book of short stories by Palestinian women writers. You’re right, it has to stop. However, this is just not true, “most Christians are taught that the Jewish people of Israel are “God’s chosen people” which means to mess with them in any way is to engender the wrath of their god”. Eric talks about writing comments that are factually grounded, and this is something I totally agree with.
    But, I respect the fact that Carries is able to express her opinions freely here. I think that freedom of speech, in all situations (written or spoken) is a fundamental right in a free world.

  5. lennie says:

    I appreciate the obvious about planet waves and my co-readers, the quality of the astrology reporting and discussion. A n d I have also had my (mature?) mind opened to new ideas, that are often related sooner or later to astrology…sexuality, politics, ecology, culture, spirituality and now the possibility of considering Israel and Palestine to be in an apartheid-like situation. Ever since I was a student in a French university years ago, I knew there was much more to the story than met the American publics’ eyes. Yet it is here that the idea of apartheid came through.

    So thank you for the possibility of open discussion. It is precious.

  6. carecare7 says:

    “But let me just say that her views are general and seem to come from someone young.”

    Well I “feel” young sometimes. At age 53 (and having actually lived in the Occupied West bank for almost 6 months) I have direct experience of some Israeli actions against Palestinians (and those who are friends with them). Even so, I appreciate the dissenting view.

  7. nilou suria says:

    Iamstandinghere: My assumption, based on the evidence, and the editor’s comment below, is that if a comment has been posted it has met the criteria that the editorial team are working with. You sound a bit upset – would you like a hug?


    Judith, I come this website for astrology. Not political issues unless relevant and astrology related. I don’t read your polital posts. That’s fine, I don’t have to. Because this is astrology site specific. What Eric said to deal with what carecare wrote pretty much sums up in my opinion what should have ended the conversation. I won’t get into why. But let me just say that her views are general and seem to come from someone young. But Judith I don’t understand why you had to comment at all. You are giving an entirely different message to her. I take it you know these people since you refer to her as carrie. And you’re in the comments a lot talking to them. I don’t write comments here anymore because there’s a few people who use it as creative writing platforms and what not and I dont like how I was treated the last time I posted. It appears like people here use the comments to amuse themselves. And you encourage a lot of these convoluted comments. But today after reading this inappropriate post about Isreal I was happy to see Eric nip it. Then here you come absolutely agreeing. Indulging this behavior. I for one, won’t come here anymore if this is encouraged by you. Why not just tell her websites to visit where she can go write her opinions on the state of Isreal or better yet start her own website. But you didn’t. So Ill leave it at that rather than get pulled into another argument with argumentative posters who are ill informed.

  9. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    Absolutely agreed, Carrie — and there is a growing understanding in this nation that what is happening to the Palestinians is, indeed, apartheid … and does not represent American (or world) interests. Not all Jews are Zionists, especially not the younger generation. We can thank the fundy churches for muddying the waters on this one.

    And while boycott is not new, it grinds slowly. One of the first stories I reported on at PW ten years ago was that of American peace activist, Rachel Corre, run down by an Israeli bulldozer driver while protesting the demolition of a Palestinian home.

  10. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    Political correctness, which is what I am talking about really, is another standard — largely based on intimidation, and a false association between a concept or choice of words and what they supposedly mean.

    This is not a “free speech” forum — it is a moderated discussion. Within that moderation, appropriate cultural critique would include calling out antisemitism if such is perceived, pointing out the established factual basis for that perception.

    As an editor, I hold what you might think of as “letters to the editor” (comments offered here) and articles (published above) to the same standard of being factually grounded. Just because something is someone’s “opinion” does not relieve it of the need to be based on observable facts.

  11. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Ps provided that the ‘free speech’ doesn’t turn into offensive remarks or a slanging match…

  12. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    But Eric, if Carrie is allowed to give her opinion freely on this matter (which is as it should be), surely others are allowed their say too, even if you may not agree with them? After all, that’s what free speech is all about, isn’t it?

  13. carecare7 says:

    Thanks, Eric. I appreciate that.

  14. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    On my watch, accusations of antisemitism will be kept to a minimum on Planet Waves, and reserved for actual antisemitic statements. The space has to be held open for appropriate cultural critique, particularly of the conduct of the Israeli state.

  15. carecare7 says:

    Another site that is a US site with info on the boycott can be found here:

  16. carecare7 says:

    “The forced separation of blacks and whites in South Africa was one of the great blights on the world, and one of the most important political issues of the 1970s and early 1980s. Apartheid was largely brought down by activists who demanded that one institution after the next — banks, universities, corporations, pension funds, cities, towns, states, countries, whatever — divest their funds from anyone doing business with South Africa.

    After being enriched for decades by numerous capitalist entities, Apartheid was, under public pressure, finally starved of money and died not a day too soon.”

    I am going out on a limb and risking being called an anti-Semite by writing this but the above needs to happen to Israel. Israel is practicing apartheid against the Palestinians and until everyone sanctions Israel (especially the US which grants them a ton of welfare funds …er support funding….every year) they will continue the human rights abuses that their apartheid is causing. Israel has become the “sacred cow” in the US that is so sacrosanct (and the AIPAC is a very vocal and wealthy lobby) that the US government would not even think of doing sanctions. Because of the Shoa (holocaust), Americans, and Europeans assume that Israel must not be messed with. Also, most Christians are taught that the Jewish people of Israel are “God’s chosen people” which means to mess with them in any way is to engender the wrath of their god. It is unfortunate that this is the way of things because they ARE practicing apartheid with their walls and human rights violations. It HAS to STOP. It is just as evil as the apartheid practiced in South Africa.

    There is a movement in the US and elsewhere for individuals to boycott Israeli-made imports. Here’s the website about BDS; Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel for the apartheid:

    Just for the record, I am not against Jews, not against Judaism, and not against Israel’s right to exist; I am against Israeli apartheid against the Palestinians.

    There; I wrote it. Let the accusations fly.

  17. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Such a beautiful piece about Nelson Mandela, Eric! Comforting to read in this moment of sadness at this ‘beautiful soul’s’ passing. And so loved Amanda’s Sky piece about the astrology at this time (and yet another gorgeous photo). Thank you, all of you, once again.

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