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Eric Francis

About Eric Francis

Planet Waves began in 1998 as the home of the Eric Francis horoscope, a prominent feature in our premium service. Going far beyond what most Sun-sign astrologers even dream is possible, Eric brings in-depth interpretations to his work. He is a pioneer in the newly-discovered planets, including Chiron and the centaurs, and is able to translate their movements into accessible human terms, offering ideas for life, love and work. Discover a whole new world of literary journalism in Planet Waves. We offer free trial subscriptions, discounts for students and seniors, and gift subscriptions for veterans and those on active military duty.
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13 Responses to Looking deep into the heart of Gemini — a new article about astrology and tarot, and your extended monthly forecasts by Eric Francis, now being sent to Planet Waves members

  1. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    I agree with you about dream interpretation sites, Eric. They are not an adequate tool for interpreting dreams – especially as the writer usually has his/her own agendas that they pursue. But I find the two I mentioned here can sometimes stimulate my imagination and help me to come up with some insights. It was thanks to the Aisling dream website that I recognized warning dreams about serious food intolerance, for example, and after years of tests and doctors was able to diagnose myself through a very powerful dream on gluten intolerance. Thanks for explaining the Gestalt dream theory approach. Really interesting.

  2. Elizabeth Michaud Elizabeth Michaud says:

    Funny to read that last comment (thanks akapluto), because I was thinking along similar lines– I have no idea why I have any mental resistance to Gemini, but I have in the past. And I’m an air sign, so there’s no reason for me to take that stance. I get along well with Geminis, but there’s something that I stereotyped as “superficial” or “flighty” about the sign. An unfair bias, for sure, so I need to take those blinders off.
    That point Eric made about who’s listening when you’re talking to yourself seems to have hit the point home with all of us– the sign Gemini really points to our consciousness. There’s nothing superficial about that. And I think that this upcoming week during the New Moon period will be productive, especially if we work on some good conversations with ourselves. Like Len wrote last week, “Astrology only works with your participation.” I plan on whispering this in my own ear regularly. :)

  3. akapluto says:


    A very enlightening read! Gemini and Mercury have been an ongoing part of my life, somehow so difficult to integrate and yet always so close to me.

    I find myself very resistant to Gemini, almost dogmatically. I’ve often wondered what the energy was all about and have gathered little more than “intellectual and shallow”. I greatly appreciate a more in depth description!

  4. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    Edgar Cayce said that each persons dream symbolism is personal, and in the Search for God groups (my experience of that was in the 1960s) we were encouraged to keep a dream diary in order to decode our symbols for more accurate interpretations. It was really helpful — every so often I run into that old diary, read some of those entries and realize that those dreamscapes are as familiar in memory as actual events. Powerful!

  5. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    I recommend against using any dream interpretation tool that purports to tell you what a dream or dream symbol means. A dream has no objective meaning; it’s subjective to the dreamer.

    A dream symbol, though it may be a common object or an archetype, is highly personal and a direct expression of the person having the dream. Dream dictionaries and guides can seem to give insight, but at the expense of the personal meaning that is the essence of your communication with your deeper mind. They can take away from the actual message.

    It’s necessary to take, and keep, total ownership of your dream and its symbols. This is a boundary issue. The ‘event’ was wholly contained in your mind.

    Gestalt dream theory uses an approach where the dreamer embodies and monologues as the individual symbols. Let’s say you dream of arguing with your sibling and there is a glass of water on the table. The dreamer can tell the dream from the viewpoint of the glass of water, in the first person: “I am a glass of water. I am on a table. There are two people here with me….” and then tell the story.

    Then you can shift perspectives — to the other person, to the table, to the room itself — soon enough the message will be resplendent.

  6. jinspace says:

    Eric, wow! What an exciting and enlightening article. Thank you!

  7. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Hi Hillary, check out this great dream interpretation website (which I’ve already posted on PW in the past):
    Aisling dream is also very interesting. Sweet dreams!

  8. Amy E says:

    Eric: I don’t doubt it.

    Have added Esoteric Astrology to the absolutely-must-get-or-die section of my booklist.

  9. Kosmic Mind Kosmic Mind says:

    Thank you, Eric, for this exceptional piece. As a Gemini myself, this was a delightful read =) I too talk to myself quite a bit, ever since I was a child. I’ve wondered the same thing: who exactly am I talking to? I often talk aloud, when no one is listening. I find that it’s a way of sorting things out as well; but also I tend to have conversations with myself and through the process receive insights and realizations I was completely unaware of before. Quite an interesting thing. Also–the horoscopes were truly amazing, so completely accurate for where I am right now. I will have to ponder this for a bit–perhaps talk it out with myself 😉

  10. Hillary Ghee says:

    I agree with you Lizzy, I often find myself in conversation with myself and I actually realized that its like there are two parts of me working out some kind of decision that I am making. Eric’s piece made me realize it is not one of me talking amongst myself but two parts working out an issue. Very interesting. I am also a Cancer and the horoscope was so accurate it gave me goosebumps. I have dreams that have symbolism that I can’t quite grasp so hopefully they will become more clear in the near future. Thank you, amazing.

  11. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Yes – thank you for this spectacular piece, Eric. I love this, “It is the human consciousness aware of itself as the other. If you talk to yourself, who is doing the talking and who is doing the listening? When you have the feeling of observing yourself, who exactly is doing that observing, if it’s you? There is a quality of reflexivity to the human mind, and that is Gemini”. I have been working a lot with duality and non-duality these last months – and have been particularly drawn to the spiritual teacher Rupert Spira on this matter – who has alot of videos on youtube.
    I have a lot of twininess in my life, with one older, Gemini brother and a twin brother – who has kept himself apart from the family for most of his life. I suffer a lot from his distance, and recognise so much of myself in him – but have eventually learned to let him be.
    And your Cancer horoscope made me whoop with joy. it’s been a pretty dark period lately, but I think that it’s a kind of detox and am beginning to get an inkling of the wonderful things you talk of on their way. Thank you, all of you, for another amazing edition.

  12. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    Bailey and Rudhyar were quite a pair, and I’ve had tangible confirmation that they are right here with me.

  13. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Eric: My longtime fascination (and yes, love) of the solar Gemini tribe has also long been a source of confounding experience (probably because my 12th house cusp is Gemini). With this issue, you have closed the gap between my affection for and questions about the Gemini modality. In addition, i think both Alice Bailey and Dane Rudhyar would have been proud of how you combined some their most insightful work to bring us solar Gemini as no astrologer has ever before. Many thanks also for your sparkling and deeply coherent June horoscopes. Finally, gratitude for reminding us to always keep Chiron in mind all ways!

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