What happened to John F. Kennedy?

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John F. Kennedy with his daughter Caroline.

Caroline Kennedy and her father John, at Hyannisport, Mass., aboard the “Honey Fitz” on August 25, 1963. Photo by Cecil Stoughton, then the White House photographer.

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I consider the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and how is murder led to the state of affairs that we now must contend with in the United States. My musical guest is the string rock quartet Darlingside, along with The Grateful Dead. If you have a chance to see Darlingside, I highly recommend it. It’s been one of my most memorable experiences at BSP Lounge, where I saw them play over the summer. Here is a list of upcoming shows in New England and New York City.

The first half of the program omits any discussion of astrology and covers the basic facts of the case. Below is the chart that I read in the second half of the program. Here is my member edition article from this time last year, looking closely at some of the issues that I raise in this edition of Planet Waves FM.



Eric Francis

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2 Responses to What happened to John F. Kennedy?

  1. Eric, I very much value and appreciate the depth, sensitivity, and effort you put into this particular piece. I think it is one of your best presentations because it is so sincere and clear.

    I have been doing a lot of listening and reading about this event since it is SO up in the collective’s awareness these days. I’ve learned so much that I did not know before about the whole cast of characters involved in this drama. PBS in particular had several interesting contributions. Nova looked a great deal into the ballistics of the rifle found at the scene…and came to some surprising conclusions. The forensic sciences around ballistics has improved vastly in 50 years with high-speed digital cameras, lasers and such. While I found obvious holes in their report, it was still quite interesting to see what they can say now that they could not say back then because the tools did not exist.
    There has also been a very compelling documentary on Oswald and I learned more than I ever knew about him from that program as well. Of course, HOW these stories are presented, what gets put in and what gets left out is all part of the same myth-making machinery that one needs to keep in perspective. Oswald did apparently have skills in marksmanship with a rifle so it is possible that he could have fired some of the shots… but I have no doubt that he was not alone.
    While it can be quite a trip down a million rabbit holes to look into all the popular conspiracy theories, some of them have some compelling arguments that have me feeling there could be some truth to this one. Your program asks the most important question however which is not “who did it?” or “how was it done?” but rather, “who gains from an event like this?”…. and I feel that you are very much on the right trails with your conclusions.
    Regarding how things were handled in the immediate aftermath, of course mistakes, human mistakes, were made during many steps along the way shortly after JFK’s death. It is hard for us now to appreciate how very high the stakes were back then since we lived at that time with the very real threat of all-out nuclear war. As you pointed out, there were many in our own government who were itching to pull that nuclear trigger and with Kennedy gone they had a lot to gain. But aside from those who rushed to control the situation afterwards, in general people were in SUCH shock and sadness that even if they were not part of a cover-up, their mistakes could have just been simply grief and numbness clouding their vision and abilities. That said, a cover-up does exist, of that we can be sure. No doubt the (gloved) fingerprints of John and Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover are all over this one as well as many other shadow-government-puppet-masters.

    On the bigger picture and because of my personal connection to this degree in the Zodiac, I find it remarkable that the day (and thus that mysterious degree of 29 Scorpio) saw several luminaries lift off. So while I listened to your presentation which was focused on the larger-than-life personality that left the earth that day, I was aware that the chart reading was also applying to others who died that day, though probably not the same hour so the house placements would be quite different… but I was keeping them in mind as I listened and could feel that for our collective this was a pivotal day for so many reasons. Some of those reasons we can better appreciate with some hindsight and some are still deeply shrouded in mystery and the use/abuse of power.

    Thank you for this very fine presentation. I look forward to listening to it again, several more times just so I can take in more of the details.

    Well done!

  2. Bette Loreen says:

    Thank-you, Eric, for bringing us your excellent research & interpretation of the JFK assassination. I am Canadian, but the event changed all our lives, I am certain. I had read a few astrology articles about this over the years, which only validated my gut feelings about the “official version”, which never did ring true. Your article & program serve to substantiate that feeling, & the answers you postulate to the question “Why?” make perfect sense in the context of that time.

    At the time of the assassination, I was a 17-year-old student, in my second year of teacher
    training, & had just completed a week of practice teaching in an elementary school. My faculty supervisor was an American, a visiting Professor, & I have never forgotten walking into the staff room & seeing his ashen face as he sat by a radio with a group of teachers.
    Someone whispered the news to me, & we just sat & listened. There was a felt reluctance to get up, put on our coats, & head out into the winter afternoon bearing what we had just learned.

    I didn’t have access to TV at that time, but I remember seeing the images on the front pages of the newspaper, & the hush that fell over the university campus. That such a thing could happen in the world we knew was stunning.

    Today I read an article stating that without Kennedy’s influence in Canada, we would not have had the Liberal government that brought us universal healthcare, old age pensions, & improvements to the social safety net programs. One can only wonder what JFK may have been able to create in his own country, had he been allowed to live & serve out his Presidency.

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