Summer Solstice, and Casey Kasem of American Top 40

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM
I cover the Cancer ingress of the Sun — that is, the Northern Solstice. I look at the last days of the Sun in Gemini, Mercury now retrograde in Gemini, and check out the ingress chart. After a music break from The Grateful Dead, I visit with the chart and the career of Casey Kasem, creator of “American Top 40.”

Note, during my reading of Kasem’s chart I mention that Venus is the ruler of Gemini — it is if you’re using the esoteric rulers, described by Alice A. Bailey.

Cancer solstice with minor planets.

Cancer solstice with minor planets.

Casey Kasem, data documented by Lois Rodden's Astrodatabank.

Casey Kasem, data documented by Lois Rodden’s Astrodatabank.

Eric Francis

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2 Responses to Summer Solstice, and Casey Kasem of American Top 40

  1. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    What Elizabeth said (you go, young lady!).

    In addition, special thanks to you, Eric, for how you catch a whiff of any given impending season with unerring authenticity. It’s like you have found the cat door shortcut into where the Sun has not yet gone. How do you do that, man?

  2. Elizabeth Michaud Elizabeth Michaud says:

    Interesting read on Kasem’s chart. As a 12th house Sun, (with an exact Mars/Uranus conjunction in the 1st), I relate strongly to the idea of “pressure behind the veil”. I’m glad to have learned about your take on 12th house– especially with the intercepted Aries area in his chart. I think part of the 12th, in my perception, is that there is a secret world, which you may let people into at times, but which essentially will ALWAYS be private. Even if the essence is expressed in creative ways, the secrets/impressions/vibrations are not something that can be directly spoken of. So it is sort of amazing that he had this outgoing personality, and I honestly wonder how he felt about it. He had a sense of purpose– he wanted to offer a connection to his listeners, a link to our common humanity. But I wonder what was going on behind that curtain. And I admit, I do love hearing him swear during those bloopers. :)

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