Mars-Saturn and the Virgo New Moon

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Today is a big day. We have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, in the sign of Mars’ classical rulership. Mars is the night ruler of the water signs, another strong association to Scorpio. And we also have the Virgo New Moon. It’s always possible to spot new cycles in astrology; there are plenty of them. But there are none so powerful as conjunctions, and we have two of them today.

Planetary positions the moment I am finishing this post. Mars Saturn is way up top. the Sun, waiting for the New Moon, is the yellow disk.

Planetary positions the moment I am finishing this post. Mars-Saturn is way up top. The Sun, waiting for the New Moon, is the yellow disk.

For reference, the Moon ingresses Virgo at 5:32 am EDT (09:32 UTC). The New Moon is at 10:13 am EDT (14:12 UTC). Mars is conjunct Saturn at 3:30 pm EDT (19:30 UTC).

Note, this happens right on the heels of the Venus-Jupiter cycle turning over, in Leo. The solar system is still vibrating with the beauty of that meeting.

The Mars-Saturn cycle is one of those highly energetic ones, especially with the extra mojo of Mars in Scorpio. It is a Get Things Done combination. Most of the old-fashioned astrologers have turned people against this aspect. They forgot that we are in the phase of humanistic astrology, where all aspects can be be useful, and when an astrologer’s job is to see the purpose of any of them. This one is very useful.

Yes, there can be a degree of frustration, especially if one is already struggling, or you got on the ‘wrong side’ of the energy. Then, it’s time to stop, and allow the Mars-Saturn cycle to reset. That’s what a conjunction is.

To my eye, this aspect is about bold determination. It is Mars, fully energizing Saturn. It is Mars, bringing desire to a place of hesitation. It is Saturn, focusing Mars with an element of discipline. It is desire, focused within a structure. It’s rather erotic, in the power play sense of that idea. In this respect, Mars-Saturn is an exploration of tension and release. Everyone likes that. If you want to breathe easier, admit to yourself exactly what you want to do, and exactly who you want to do it with.

This happens the same day as the Virgo New Moon. There is a word in Yiddish: Mitzvah. This means a few things, including a moral commandment from God, a moral deed performed as religious duty, or an act of human kindness. I roll all three into one concept — an ordained blessing. That’s what the Virgo New Moon simultaneously with Mars-Saturn suggests.

Virgo Moon conjunct Sun offers a fresh analysis. It represents a new way of thinking. It can represent a new idea, or a new approach to an old situation. It will be especially influential in any aspect of work, healing or service.

Today is the day to begin things — bold enterprises, challenging tasks, writing a book, entering new territory. Today is the day to begin the thing you never thought you could do.

This is indeed the day to Get Over Yourself. This is the day to Find Some Confidence. Today is the day to Be Bold and Live Like You Mean It.

Eric Francis

About Eric Francis

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27 Responses to Mars-Saturn and the Virgo New Moon

  1. beth says:

    P. Sophia, I found this comment you shared to be compelling, “In the astrological chart, Chiron can indicate where personal healing is required, where we must create and cross a bridge, where transmutation is required, and where we will find our way from our Saturnian past to our Uranian future–how to get unstuck. It is always helpful to look at the placement of Saturn and Uranus to help understand Chiron’s role in an astrological chart.”

    So, I’m trying to discern how to interpret this in relation to my chart, Chiron is conjunct Saturn in Pisces (19-02 and 13-49) which is opposite Pluto conjunct Uranus (18-17 and 19-24) and they are all square Jupiter at 22-39 Gemini in the 11th. I was thinking that due to the 2nd and the 8th houses involvement, Pisces in particular, that it is to transmute in some way regarding my self-esteem and spirituality/creativity… breaking free of details and control and trusting more in the universe, courageous awareness and the unveiling of secrets, or creating boundaries to help sustain my self-esteem, or even constant sudden ‘death’ and ‘rebirth’ in this lifetime. Greater forces are in control. All as a means to break down beliefs or structures for the Higher Good and growth. Not sure. And, in order to determine Chiron’s role, I’m assuming you would look at where each of these planets are transiting as well? Thank you kindly for any assistance anyone can offer, I would like to know if I am on the right track in interpreting this because I would really like to have a better understanding of what is needed for personal healing and transmutation.

  2. beth says:

    P. Sophia and Be, thank you so much for your discussion about Saturn, Uranus, Chiron and Neptune (and a little Pluto too), it really opened up a new perspective for me, another layer. Especially since the current astrology is heavily impacting each of these planets in my natal chart. I hope it’s not annoying that I keep talking about my own chart, but I feel like it’s the first goal of learning astrology for me, really understanding my natal chart (though I do understand that it is always unfolding, layer after layer, year after year).

    I did manage to plant a new section of garden early Tuesday morning, a friend was moving and giving away perennials, so I had no choice but to get them in the ground. Which is symbolic of this astrology, plant the roots, get the new growth going, the plants will struggle a bit at first, but then recover. Plants, like humans, are very resilient.

  3. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    having gone away for several days (completely offline) with some genuine cautions (and actual fears) regarding the mars-saturn conjunction opposite my sun, it is fascinating and fun to return and read this after the fact. after living in a safe, eros- and compassion-filled community of dancers for 5 days, not only did my fears not materialize, but within that container of community space was found for transformation, confidence, new trust, new insights…a little more breathing room for self-expression and understanding between me and another (not to mention me and my body: a knee that had gotten tweaky just before going to dance camp responded quite well to all the dancing).

    a “reset button” and new start, to be sure. saturn is providing the new structure to build on, mars the desire and propulsion to do so.

  4. bkoehler says:

    Marvelous P. Sophia; thank you so much for bringing this astrologer’s views to us here. I’m a firm believer that we all “see” from different angles and it is the combining of these vantage points that flesh out the picture making it more meaningful. Not only do these 3 planets share aspects with each other, their symbolism (Saturn the terra firma, Chiron the bridge and Uranus the breakthrough), when added to their Sabian symbols, adds clarity to the purpose of the pattern they form. Saturn, no longer satisfied by earthly passions, seeks challenge and renewal (Chiron) which will lead to a sense of wholeness/integrity (Uranus) and fulfillment.

    In the birth-chart I’ve been working with for this cycle of Saturn and Neptune, Chiron in Cancer is opposite Uranus in Capricorn, two feminine signs at polarized points across the same spectrum. In the chart for yesterday’s New Moon, Chiron in Pisces does afford Saturn in Scorpio easier “translation” (water trine) of Uranus energy that’s being delivered through masculine Aries (semi-sextile Chiron and quincunx Saturn).

    My own pursuit to uncover Pluto’s role in his present-day position found some answers in the Saturn-Neptune chart; Pluto sextiled the Moon then which was conjunct (3 degrees from) Saturn and Neptune (who were in the degree now occupied by Pluto), plus Pluto also trined the Piscean Sun. Pluto, therefore, had easy access to the consciousness (Sun) of man but also it’s unconscious (Moon) when working within the framework of the Neptune-Saturn cycle.

    Next month, when transiting Jupiter in Leo passes through all those sensitive degrees (11 through 15) within the 1989 chart he will activate those planets (Pluto, Moon, Sun, Saturn, Neptune), I hope to gain a better understanding (Jupiter) of how those energies (set in motion 25 years ago) are manifesting in the Now. Transiting Jupiter will “fill in” as an apex for a temporary yod to the 1989 chart’s Sun sextile Moon, will quincunx the Saturn-Neptune conjunction itself and square it’s Pluto. It’s an age of discovery isn’t it?

  5. Lady Terra says:

    Good morning Eric:

    Well…I’m all for changing negative energy into positive power–as my Natal Chart is all about Opportunity & Opposition.

    I decided last March that major changes were required in my life and began that process in deliberate ways on the second day in April. My first House is Ruled by Taurus and all of the Planets that are in play (at present) play prominent roles in my Chart. I have squared my shoulders–lowered my horns–and moved (deliberately) forward–ever since–making radical changes–in order to move forward into uncharted territory.

    However…I am being met by resistance that is seemingly designed to keep me stuck in this holding pattern–as I must shed my material belongings–in order to move forward.

    What I would like to know is…when will these forces begin to dissipate?

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight.

    Ever your friend,


  6. rabbity divergence rabbity divergence says:

    Somehow I was looking for the beginning of a quiet discipline to modestly motivate for all projects that are needful of my attention and less work on ego-driven notions of improvement so I might gain a little more in life. What I actually got were bursts of energy to do enough work on the projects that need to be placed to the side for now. Literally, anatomy and microbiology. One more round of reminding myself of their facts and focus whether I retain it for quick recall in conversation or thought in future is unimportant. Frankly, a little manic.

    I think i might have succeeded a little more in divesting myself of the notion that i need to find something “new” to study for a degree, career, and sense of accomplishment. I’ve got two of three and they are good-enough, it’s career that’s the big hangup. In theory i sell myself short all the time but in practice my body simply won’t take a step in that direction. A physics book arrived from India (incidentally), just the same one used often in the States only lower print quality, and I feel positive about the project of recovering the quantum physics teaching i had received in earlier schooling but had failed to find its relevance. It’s something that can’t be repeated in a future life. I think about future lives far too much because my Gemini Mars has difficulty prioritizing. Too catholic.

    On the other hand today i’m being admitted to a mental health hospital for a study on medication levels in the blood because i need the money. I can’t tell yet if the experience will be progressive or regressive as far as my faith in medical treatment and the people who administer it. My goal is usually to keep the part of me that believes in my health and sanity strong and that’s usually not too well achieved by fraternizing with the recognizably mentally ill, no matter how much empathy I might have for them. Also doing this to have plausible stories to tell to people in my life who might be using me as a scapegoat or fall guy for craziness. The more time I spend at home without career or relationship the greater this effect has become as people settle into their supposedly comforting and definitely convenient (to them) explanations for how life fits together.

    Trying to decide what book that I’d like to read cover to cover that doesn’t illicit the wrong kind of attention in the hospital from patients or practitioners. Something science that implies victimhood so I seem to have a story that makes sense. Evelyn Fox Keller about Gender in Science would do well. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (somehow sane, but crazy) would also do but I don’t currently have a copy.

    Yes Virgo perfectionism is annoying I’m sure everybody is going to try to convince me I need a lower standard. They are right USUALLY but not now, really.

  7. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Be: as always, appreciate your comments! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge here.

    Regarding the influence of transiting Uranus to transiting Saturn, and what Saturn represents (in order to survive) I recently read an interesting interpretation by Nick Anthony Fiorenza concentrating on these aspects and our time. Relevantly, he adds Chiron to the picture as the key that links the realms of Saturn and Uranus. Paraphrase, as follows:

    “In the astrological chart, Chiron can indicate where personal healing is required, where we must create and cross a bridge, where transmutation is required, and where we will find our way from our Saturnian past to our Uranian future–how to get unstuck. It is always helpful to look at the placement of Saturn and Uranus to help understand Chiron’s role in an astrological chart.”

    Looking at the Sabian symbol degrees and Rudhyer’s interpretations, I see a connection in Saturn and Uranus’ current degrees, working together (through Chiron) gaining the respect (and ultimate growth) in what makes the other unique.


    Poised and dispassionate outlook, involving either great dignity and integrity of self, or inability to live life fully.



    A symbol of ”high moments” in life, when man challenges himself and renews his faith in circumstances. Self-improvement.


    The light which transfigures the soul after passions have faded away. Revelation of inner wealth. Radiant consummation.

    The purpose of Uranus is very simple—it wants to take us higher. If we’re very attachment- and security-oriented, a Uranian relationship isn’t going to be an easy ride for us. Uranus is designed to take us beyond the Moon-Saturn dynamic into a new order of relating. It will insist on its own way, and its own pace. It will insist that we are equal partners with our eyes on the same goal. It will not guarantee that we will always walk side-by-side. However, we will know that we are connected to one another, and to the rest of the universe, by an unseen universal law. And that, in itself, can give us more security than we could ever hope for on Earth.

  8. bkoehler says:

    Yet another synchronous event; the midpoint between transiting Saturn (+ Mars yesterday) and transiting Neptune is where transiting Pluto is, 11+ Capricorn. On March 3, 1989, the conjunction between Saturn and Neptune happened at 11 Capricorn 54.

    This conjunction (1989 Saturn-Neptune) chart has connections to points in the charts for the U.S. (Sibly), the Gulf Oil Explosion, Ferguson, Missouri, and who knows how many others. The concept of Neptune’s dissolving capacity combined with Saturn’s resistance to it, Neptune’s veil of illusion combined with Saturn’s stark reality, and Neptune’s disdain of worldly success combined with Saturn’s tireless climb to reach it has been pushing and pulling us for the last 25 years, ever since the cycle’s inception within the sign of Capricorn. I believe the purpose of this cycle has to do with finding new meaning in Capricorn, a better understanding of the sign’s possibilities and a higher expression of it.

    Generally speaking, Capricorn represents societies and governments, many of which are dissolving (Neptune) now, while the leadership (Saturn) of those societies fight back to retain control. Individuals can see this in their own lives – once dependable structures dissolving yet attempts to hold them together or rebuild them continues.

    The job of Uranus in Aries continues to be to force new consciousness into already existing ways of living. Uranus’ main activity has been to challenge Pluto, but Uranus has also been seeking to push Saturn into new patterns of leadership and structure.

    If Saturn and Neptune started this cycle at 11+ Capricorn, and transiting Pluto is presently at 11+ Capricorn (for a prolonged period), and the midpoint between presently trans. Saturn and Neptune is where trans. Pluto is, and if Mars made a conjunction with Saturn at the time of the New Moon in Virgo (that conjunction being the start of a new 2 year long cycle), then we can expect the next 2 years to include not only staunch resistance to total dissolution of any or all forms of structured institutions, but a fighting back.

    In addition, with Pluto and Mars integrated into this Neptune-Saturn edict (new expression of Capricorn), then the Scorpio function of death and rebirth as well as the function of feeling will be a central focus of the process. Shared resources and shared values will be the stage it plays out on; shared property, banking, community resources such as food and water, policing, health care, and education will be targeted. Saturn and Mars meet again at 9+ Sagittarius in August, 2016, four months before Barack Obama ends his Presidency.

    It seems likely to me that the influence of transiting Uranus on transiting Saturn has been significant enough to change whatever it is Saturn represents (in order to survive), and for the next 2 years there will be warrior energy to support those edifices. Our Capricorn structures are in the process of dying and being reborn. So are we.

  9. Hugging Scorpio Hugging Scorpio says:

    Last night and today, I’ve been experiencing quite intense headaches. This evening in particular I was feeling feverish. Tonight though, it clearly occurred to me: The Mars/Saturn conjunction is like the Kundalini energy breaking through the various chakras. The breathing practices are like the structure in the energy of Saturn, and the conjunction is harnessing the energy of Aries to “break through”. Now, Aries is a masculine sign and Kundalini is feminine, but I would think that the context here is Scorpio, a feminine sign and one highly transformative – as is Kundalini.

  10. carecare7 says:

    I started back to school after taking a year off. I am not happy about the workload (typical American “rigorous” education BS) but it is what it is.

    I do have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks which will start Wednesday, barring any last moment impediments.

  11. Holly Coleman says:

    Today was actually a lazy day for me. My dog was constantly begging for walks so I took him out 4 times this morning. Getting ready for class that starts on Wednesday. Moon is conjuncting my Mercury, Sun pulling away from natal Jupiter, and the Scorpio duo right on my Pluto. My sister returns from Nepal on Friday. My youngest 2 siblings go back to high school on Thursday. Guess the theme of this week is “Back to Normal” for me.

  12. DeBellony says:

    Thanks for sharing this affirming post! Today was the day I moved forward on some things that I have been wanting to do in my career and creativity for a long time. With Venus, Mars, Vesta, Jupiter and my rising sign all in Scorpio, I couldn’t think of a better day than today!

  13. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    Thanks Eric spot interpretation. Oh yes….feeling it, and in my personal chart for today, New Moon (conjunct Sun) are opposite natal Saturn 4+ degrees Pisces …as well as the Mars-Saturn conjunction is sitting conjunct natal Pallas, 18 Scorpio. Wow all the research and ideas of the last few months are racing. As is my heart. A walk, or better yet a run is in need. Ha, thankful I gave up coffee and started tinctures last week. Just in time to meet these power packed alignments.

  14. Rebecca Brown says:

    I actually was not feeling like the day was a blessing as both my daughter and I found out we have unexpected delays with our student loan refunds which not only leave us really broke for the week but my trip to my land in AR for Labor day weekend might be delayed and I was really looking forward to a much needed retreat in the wilderness and seeing old friends. Also the weekend was wrought with small but anxiety provoking arguments with my husband and I feel generally frustrated. Then I reread your post and realized I had acted boldly. I had called the dean at the law school as my daughter was feeling too upset to talk and I wrote a letter to the president of my school, emphasizing their quest to increase profits at the detriment of providing students with adequate information. The other day I had to contact Learner Affairs because a professor was challenging my posts because of personal and conservative bias and he had to apologize. Although days like this bring out the Leo assertiveness and confidence I have, I prefer days that are less confrontational even when I am right. In other words, I felt to stressed to take be creative. Maybe tomorrow……

  15. beth says:

    I feel dazed and kinda spacey, which doesn’t seem to fit, but I attribute it to a lot of Neptune, including natal Neptune conjunct the Mars/Saturn conjunction in the 4th, sextile my sun, square my Mars/Pholus/BML/Pallas conjunction, trine natal and transiting Chiron conjunct Orpheus in Pisces (I need music to heal me and to distract me so I am not lured by the sirens song, that beautiful day outside), sextile transiting Mercury conjunct natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo/2nd (Mercury is exactly conjunct Pluto), and transiting Neptune is part of a yod with Jupiter conjunct my ascendent being the focal point (which also involves Mercury/Saturn/Pluto). I’m also sick today, so that adds to me not feeling that drive that this astrology seems to indicate (although I usually can’t work while I am sick, so this writing is an achievement). Though I do have a project I have been trying to work on with little opportunity to do so, perhaps I will dabble in that today. Especially since the chart seems to be saying both healing and new beginnings using art (Orpheus/Chiron and the new moon), expansion of my sense of self and how others see me with Jupiter conjunct my ascendent, and I believe that having transiting Mercury exactly conjunct natal Pluto (and Uranus exactly 1 degree away), which is trine (a wide trine, 7 degrees away) to transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Mercury, that I am in the midst of a process of deeply changing my way of thinking, communicating, self-esteem -especially surrounding my creative work and communication, and ultimately my mind. And then I re-read this that you wrote about the Virgo New Moon, “Virgo Moon conjunct Sun offers a fresh analysis. It represents a new way of thinking. It can represent a new idea, or a new approach to an old situation. It will be especially influential in any aspect of work, healing or service.” It seems like the chart is reinforcing this aspect and idea in more than one way… I have been itching to write, perhaps I will start a novel today!

    I’m still learning, so if any of this sounds off base to any of you, I would love to know how you see it…

    This is wonderful: “we are in the phase of humanistic astrology, where all aspects can be be useful, and when an astrologer’s job is to see the purpose of any of them.” It is one of the many reasons I have been drawn to Planet Waves. Thank you.

  16. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    So exciting, Fe — great news and Perfect Timing!

  17. Rob Moore Rob Moore says:

    You really nailed the nature of the Mars-Saturn dynamic as I have twice gotten on the “wrong side” of situations since you first posted about it last week. This was sexual energy that I “got on the wrong side of” after grasping the “right side” ever so briefly. Problem was, I opted against the ‘right side’ thinking there was a more rewarding answer and instead descended into quite a bit of hell. On a personal AND collective level.

    You spoke of a strangeness that might exist amongst others and indeed this vibe seemed to permeate an establishment I frequent. Normally quite jovial and alive with camaraderie, everyone stood resolutely apart and seemed quite suspect of each other.

    I want to wrap this up by noting how you have indicated this can be quite a successful period once on track. Having essentially witnessed the wrong track a couple of days ago, I indeed have pulled back to regroup. From what I could see, there was nothing else TO do.

    Your confirmation of what’s up always helpful and appreciated –

  18. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Fe; Great News!! Congratulations. :)

  19. Fe Bongolan Fe Bongolan says:


    I guess loading in moving boxes to begin a house take-down and organizing moving labor for the weekend is in order!!

    Waiting until the Mars-Saturn conjunction separates a little to call the utilities and make the switch. Signing the lease and dropping off the check to new landlady tomorrow.

    This week is full on production week, the project is called “My New Home”.

  20. Sailor says:

    Virgo rising sun in the tenth. Woke at 230 am the committee met until 4. Ready to launch two ideas sorting through the details. Feeling able to succeed in this configuration.

  21. bkoehler says:

    “Bold determination”, I like that a lot. Thanks for such a positive outlook on this remarkable New Moon with it’s Mars-Saturn conjunction. I’m also thinking we could pull in some back-up energy by adding Pluto into the equation, what with the Sun and Moon having wider orbs than the other planets. A realistic (earth) get-er-done trine – Virgo to Capricorn, also puts a double emphasis on Scorpio via synchronicity. With both Scorpio rulers Pluto and Mars focused and disciplined (by Capricorn and Saturn), there is also a (within orb) coming quincunx from Jupiter in Leo and a square from Pallas in Libra to channel Pluto’s contribution. Expanding (Jupiter) a partner’s (Libra) creative (Leo) plan (Pallas) with a few adjustments/quincunx (or the New Moon’s new approach to an old situation) might be the solution to a lot of problems. Napa Valley could use this energy for sure, Baccus is square the New Moon today!

  22. LindeeTotems says:

    @ hugging scorpio :) with 2 weeks in québec, you have nothing to worry about 😉 enjoy!

  23. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Thank you, Eric, for being the means by which we receive the blessing of a purpose and a use for this special day.

  24. Aqueryass says:

    I awoke this morning and as it is my ritual, I pulled a tarot card, knight of wands. A sign for energy and action if there ever is one! Synchronicity plays out again as my Dr is back from holiday and is putting me on Natural Thyroid, some energy would be nice.

  25. smileandrelax says:

    The Mars/saturn conjunction is also conjunct my natal Neptune and within 2 degrees of my natal Sun and Venus. Oh how I loved reading the word “mitzvah”!! I’ve been feeling quite tense and worried about a dear friend and this word necourages me to structure (Saturn), with effort (Mars), and simultaneously release with faith (Neptune), through actions, my worried mind.

  26. Hugging Scorpio Hugging Scorpio says:

    Perhaps the whole Mars retro period has been a preparation for this moment. This conjunction is conjunct my natal Sun. I’m feeling really fertile with new energy and potential. I’m a little scared though. Transformation is exciting, but it’s still an emotional process of discovery as the old passes away for the new. This is a portal to an entirely new paradigm. I’m back from a lovely 2 week vacation in Quebec with my gal, so back at work this morning wondering about my path.

  27. Elizabeth Michaud Elizabeth Michaud says:

    Yup, I’m feeling the Virgo-ness of this day. Awake at dawn staring at my ‘to do’ list, eager to check things off.

    I think the challenge that I’ve been hearing about from others and feeling myself is wanting to get so much accomplished that it’s frustrating to get started (Mars-Saturn). And of course, that Virgo perfectionism is annoying sometimes. But I do like the fact that a lot of the clutter and drama of the past few months seems to have simplified, this focused energy is a welcome change of pace. OK, I’m off to Get Things Done. :)

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