Late Leo, plus Sun Virgo and Mars conjunct Saturn

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Thanks for bearing with the slow updates of Daily Astrology (and for my clients, the pause in SMS messages). I’m currently in one of those tight curves that included finishing Good as Gold, leaving town for a few days, then returning to many horoscope deadlines packed into a few days. I cover the current astrology in the new edition of Planet Waves FM, which mainly consists of the Sun ingressing Virgo Saturday, then the combined aspects of the Virgo New Moon and Mars conjunct Saturn on Monday.

I will repeat what I’ve been saying about Mars-Saturn in a diversity of places — “Do not let any matter that might be a confrontation come to blows. The best martial artist knows how to avoid a fight, or only take it as far as nobody getting hurt. A martial artist knows how to work with the flow of energy and not against it.”

This is indeed martial astrology. But being in Scorpio, there is a sexual attribute to this setup. This has been building for a while, focused by Saturn in Scorpio. There are of course many manifestations of this, but you can think of it as an iceberg lurking just below the level of the emotional waters. It’s the thing you run into when you want to express yourself sexually. It’s the hidden obstacle, the temporarily out-of-sight issue.

There are many ways to keep concealing this, to keep pretending, to avoid the whole issue, though they are all short-term and not solutions. Mars about to make a conjunction to Saturn is a direct encounter, where desire meets resistance. They range from clinging to relationships that don’t work (especially when you know they won’t work); to the thing you have not talked about that keeps coming up for you (for example, something that happened in the past, being triggered by your current situation); to unacknowledged fear that is running your life from behind the scenes.

Ask yourself how well it works to live from control drama to control drama. Question whether jealousy gets you anything at all, except anguish and exhaustion. Better still, question the origins of jealousy.

Pay attention as the Sun moves through these last degrees of Leo; plenty is revealed in the last degrees when the Sun moves through a sign. Notice what comes up as the Sun ingresses Virgo, which indicates the advent of a whole new energy field. Then keep your focus as the Moon closes in on the Sun and Mars closes in on Saturn. Do yourself a favor and tell yourself the truth. Ask how long you want to live in denial, in particular based on how well (or not so well) it’s gone in the past.

Eric Francis

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14 Responses to Late Leo, plus Sun Virgo and Mars conjunct Saturn

  1. gwind gwind says:

    I have a general question/comment that your post, Eric, brought up. I have noticed that quite often the energy of a transit comes into my awareness well before it actually occurs. Situations will develop days, sometimes a week or two/more, before I read about them. [depends upon if they are slow or fast movers] Then, taking the info learned, I try to apply it to the present as well as processing the past. Can you speak about this sometime? It is like that striking of the first chord of proximity is the strongest and if I pay attention, I can grasp a theme, work it, then move on much faster. Thanks.

  2. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    I have also been working this same energy strategy with people when they are just pain communicating irrationally, act out double standards and, or are clearly stressed out, over-reacting. It is from an objective perspective of standing back, not responding, or not getting drawn in anymore (most of the time). I have found the energy that used to get drained from me as they try to point towards me negatively, if not amplified is reflected like a mirror back on them. I can only suppose what transpires within them personally, on my side it is beginning to happen quite naturally, requiring patience to feeling liberating. On their side, the response some days later is remarkably a complete change of approach towards me.

  3. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    Yes — especially a strategy of restraint, when people are unreasonable, and a longrun plan for the rest. I am learning a strategy in my old age — let people overreact, then give them time to regret it. Eventually they figure out this isn’t working, and I don’t have to be papa. I would rather be a cousin or uncle.

  4. SaraVictoria says:

    Very spot on. Caution merged with Willful Desire. In the sphere of Deep, Hot, Intense & Scary. O, Joy. One positive manifestation of this conjunction I can imagine would be a disciplined & strategic approach to implementing will and transforming a situation. Strategy could help by-pass frustration.

  5. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    This is a big, bad denial trip, imo.

  6. bellablue says:

    I have been dating someone for 5 years off and on. In the 5 years, there has been a hidden part of his sexuality that he will not reveal. In the first month upon dating him, I noticed little things in his home that were not apparent to everyone else, but me. He had a small wooden panel on his ceiling in LR where there was a hook and he had a rope that hung from it with handles.

    So, it appeared that he used it to work out. He had the same one in his room. He had home made poles in every corner of his room. He had a black leather braided whip hanging in his closet that he claims is not a whip. He just braided some leather together. (lol, yes he really said that) He has 3 belts hanging alone in his other closet. One is a strap made of leather. And one is a leash.

    They were subtle hints. And if asked he could easily BS his way out. Anyway, the past 6 months, in bed he has slipped and used the term slave/master – which I have never said nor has he in 5 years. He also said he like some part of a movie where the girl was tied up and her clothes were ripped off. When I bring it up and say I know what you like and why are you lieing he denies it to the end telling me I am the one who likes that stuff and to stop acting like its him. I am at my end with this.

    I know he likes to be restrained and wants to be submissive. When I tell him I know and its safe to tell me and I would be willing to do it with him if it helps him he claims its not true and a huge fight errupts. I know there is a part of him that wants to tell me. I think he was molested by a female or male famiiy member, he says no. I know he wants to tell me but is scared, this last fight was last nite.

    The truth wants to come out. Its on the edge of bursting. He is making me second guess myself when I know in my soul I am right. Any suggestions??

    lways claimed to have no actual sexual fantasy’s, as when I asked he always said he didnt have any. He never asked me to wear anything sexy nor would he ever commment on anything pretty I was wearing in bed. I had no idea what he liked and like I said when I asked he didnt need all that. Ok, that’s fine. But why do you have a box in your closet of porn mag’s and dvd’s? Even labeling each and every one them yourself? And what about the harness in your closet? Oh, you claim it was a gift bought for you and your ex – which you two never used.

  7. Christina says:

    I just looked up control dramas and it was very helpful. I am in a dispute with someone and she is Poor Me/Aloof whereas I am Intimidator. No wonder we cannot seem to get anywhere. Our styles are completely opposed to one another. Btw I just listened to the Good as Gold as – WOW! It was profoundly accurate. The Gemini recording perfectly described by adversary and our dispute – to a T! Looking forward to the upcoming Good as Gold call.

  8. Holly Coleman says:

    About time us Virgos are getting some action. Awaiting your solar return is always an exciting time. (Mine is September 15). I think, personally, the Mars/Saturn duet will help me with school. Now that I think about school, the way they plan the school year in most corners of America makes a lot of sense. It’s either the last week of August or the first day of September. (Back to school/back to work). Perfectly describes the attitude of Virgo to me. Leo represents the height of summer vacation, and Virgo is summer’s end. This is actually my favorite time of the year, when the leaves slowly start coming down. Lucky to be in new England in the late summer/early fall transition.

  9. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    The House of Seven Towels – sounds like polyamory!

  10. starrynight3 says:

    Lol that’s 7th house not 7 towels! Ha!

  11. starrynight3 says:

    Oh my God. I hope I’m handling the energy well. I have been pausing pausing pausing pausing I have 10 draft saved in my email draft box that thankfully I have not sent. Yet I seem to have successfully confronted some long simmering concerns; this is in the area of a writing project I’m involved in that involves a writing program and community I’m enrolled in. Sept 2-19 I’ll be working with soldiers returning from the wars, something I haven’t done in quite a while. An suggestions for September and this energy? Will it dissipate? In the meantime Uranus is squaring my natal Venus and that is difficult. I think the way it’s playing out is that the roles in my marriage are evolving. And in my relationships in general parentheses seven towels I am having to practice rigorous honesty since I can no longer stuff my feelings to caretake others.

  12. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    There may be some people who try on the role of total asshole under this astrology, when they could be having a lot more fun. Most likely they need to run their course and burn out on their own resistance. With a little slip of the mind, you can get onto the productive and useful side of this aspect — which seems designed to work out inner blockages and open the way to progress. After having spent four days at the Woodhull Foundation conference, I understand better than ever the role that sexual cowering plays in many or most of those blockages, and how much control drama goes into preserving faux conservatism and the image of being a prude.

  13. Laura says:

    It feels like waiting for a hurricane and it keeps growing and growing and no one is really sure where it will land or what category it will be. But I’ve gotten through hurricanes before (of both the real and metaphorical variety) and know that with proper planning and heaps of calm and humor despite the storm, everything truly important will survive. Taking Eric’s advice of working with the flow of energy and not against it to heart.

  14. OH my. There they are…the truths I’ve been swimming around for a week, put directly into straight forward language. Can we broadcast this to the world? Thank you…

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