Sagittarius Moon, Capricorn Moon

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I opened up Io Sprite (my real-time planet animation software) a moment ago and noticed that the Moon is exactly conjunct Pholus, the second-ever discovered centaur (key concepts: small cause, big effect; homeopathy; four generations; runaway reaction; release into the environment). A centaur is a small body that crosses the orbits of larger planets. Pholus is in a conjunction to Ixion, a planet similar to Pluto (key concepts: anyone is capable of anything, what we do with second chances, amorality). This triple alignment is/was exact about 6:15 pm EDT (22:15 UTC).

There are many of these planets in late Sagittarius right now, and the Moon will make conjunctions to them this evening and overnight. Next is centaur Chariklo, one degree away (companionship, abiding love, endurance, partner in healing). Then comes Cupido, a hypothetical (gathering people together, family, group, tribe, affinity). Then comes asteroid Orpheus (longing for what you don’t have; what has gone out of your life; what ‘might have been’ or what was –MLW). Then comes Amycus, a centaur prominent in the charts of The Yes Men; then comes Quaoar (creation myth; origins of humanity; the rhythm and dance of your family of origin; all things related to tribe or family); then centaur Hylonome (the cry of the poor; the Palestinians); then asteroid Eros (vitality, cardio, sex); then centaur-like asteroid Hidalgo (rebellion against irrelevant or hypocritical social rules); with the Galactic Core right aligned with Hidalgo.

The Moon aligns with the Galactic Core Thursday at 4:45 am EDT (08:45 UTC). It ingresses Capricorn at 9:38 am EDT (13:08 UTC) when it mounts the cardinal cross and passes through the Uranus-Pluto sqaure on its way to the Aquarius Full Moon this weekend.

Eric Francis

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3 Responses to Sagittarius Moon, Capricorn Moon

  1. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Thanks Eric! (and for the lovely music too).

  2. Lucia Cazimi Lucia Cazimi says:

    Aloha from the Big Island. Thanks for posting this moon’s incredible contacts Eric, it’s timely food for thought as I head back to the beach where I will camp tonight – yes, as the dual tropical storms approach.

    That moon is sure stirring it up, and your key phrases so chime on the current vibe as well as the many-layered, historical unjust trials of the Hawaiian people. Add Hawaii’s natal “House” asteroid at 20 Sag, to the list of contacts to boot.

    And tomorrow morning, Thursday, is election day in Hawaii as the nearing full moon get’s all over Hawaii’s natal Saturn at 1 Capricorn. The passionate anti-GMO+ activism here is a force to be reckoned with (Hidalgo), especially on the east side of the Big Island where the storms will likely make landfall – incredible timing.

    Surely, people are gathering together, family, group, tribe in preparation (Cupido). And the world watches. Venus just passed over Hawaii’s midheaven. The transiting moon’s nodes and Haumea both squaring Hawaii’s MC and conjunct HI’s natal Eros and ascendant in Libra. Haumea represents the Big Island as well as “soulful confidence, an unshakeable personal inner knowing, creativity, regeneration” (Phil Sedgwick).

    The environment here is super-charged while poised in humor… laughter and jokes of lashing oneself to a palm tree and waiting it out. Personally, my astro-cartography has lunar north node and Venus lines crossing where the storm enters the island. I had such a strange feeling when booking the flight here… now I get it. Don’t worry, I will be leaving the beach for higher ground in the morning. ; )

  3. Holly Coleman says:

    Should be coming over my moon at this very moment. I expect my Venus in Leo is getting some trine action. The moon looked beautiful and big tonight. You could actually see the craters more clearly. Hope everyone had a good day. Love you all!

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