Two Wind, Two Spirits, Too Breathtaking

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By Carlos Cedillo

We have just begun a new round of the sacred Tzolkin calendar. Let your counting begin. Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013, is 2 Wind, the spirit form of Kulkulkan.

Mayan ceremonial Chocolate vase, Uaxactun, Guatemala. Photo: Carlos Cedillo.

Mayan ceremonial Chocolate vase, Uaxactun, Guatemala. Photo by Carlos Cedillo.

A Full Moon is still being felt, bringing a new Spirit, a fresh perspective. Dec. 17, 2013, was 1 Imix, the Crocodile, the first day of the Tzolkin. It was also the birthday of Pope Francis, and also my own father! I hope you got to put down some prayers you would like to manifest this new season.

There is still time to take advantage of such a joyous time like we are experiencing. 2 Winds are like in-breath and out-breath. Maintain awareness of your breathing and your heartbeat. Thursday dream your future and clean house! Friday is abundant and a good day to connect spiritually with animals.

The solstice, Dec. 21, 2013, falls on 5 Serpent day. This day holds the energy of the throat chakra. Watch how your voice projects what you wish to create in your life and allow it to surprise you. The Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting happened on a 5 Serpent day, July 20, 2012. It seemed at times, through 2012 and 2013, that all the karma of 5,125 years came home to roost. There is no more use for aggression in human character; we have wisdom to find and develop solutions for peace and comfort and freedom for all. This is why we must go through these events together. Facebook isn’t even fast enough to keep up with our inner souls’ sharing.

This year, humanity itself cried out to prevent the escalation of the war in Syria; we knew it could only spread more bad feelings. We see that one lone David (Edward Snowden) can take down a Goliath (NSA). Stargates opened with Merkaba geometry in the stars, Rainbow Universe with no Big Bang, Solar Poles show signs of flipping, Fukushima is still capable of destroying the Pacific Ocean. Time is done speeding up; now we are in the infinity of awareness.

We have heard about Ascended Masters, and our Higher Self; now we have the science behind it all. There are many souls still not in alignment with these new energies. It just makes it more important than ever to hold your Light. New Year’s Day is 3 Owl. I suspect there will be much reconciliation going on in the world as the “Powers That Were” let go their grip on humanity’s throats and allow us to build the world as a sacred object, not to exploit but to cherish.

Heart of Heaven
Heart of the Earth
Heart of the Waters
Heart of the Air.

Spirit of the Volcanoes
Spirit of the Mountains,

May we all be free from suffering,
No more war, no more contamination,

Let the Spirit of our Ancestors come
To restore Mother Earth
To bring us peace and healing.

That no more will we be controlled
By anything other than our own hearts,
Our own minds.

Let the dawn come, let the Awakening begin!
May we be free to soar over the borders
Like the clouds and the birds.

— Mayan-style prayer recited at fire ceremonies

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  1. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Thank you, Carlos. This is so rich with spiritual support and also helpful with my gaining more clarity on some purpose behind my natal Pluto/Sun opposition. Blessed be those who create the way for me and walk beside me. Blessed be those whom I will one day walk beside.

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