Celestial Jaguars, Eagles and Deer

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By Carlos Cedillo

This week sees balancing of the Yin and Yang energies as one of the most masculine days, 12 Aj/Reed, and one of the most feminine, 13 Ix/Jaguar, occur Aug. 6 and 7, 2014. Reed is logical, the practical laws of physics and measurements, while Ix the Jaguar is intuitive, natural and raw earth.


I always thought music should be a link between the Cosmos and the earthly planes, so the idea of celestial jaguars devouring the universe seemed to fit my idea of what music should sound like. Cosmic Jaguar is the name I chose for my electronic space-jazz music act.

Consider also that two 13 Ix/Jaguar days bracketed the visits by Dr. Carl Johann Calleman to Texas in 2004 and 2005, when he came to teach his theories about the Maya Long Count calendar.

The time between any two 13 Ix/Jaguar days — 260 — days does not seem like a very long time. It was November 2013 the last time we were at this point in the tzolkin cycle, 13 Ix/Jaguar, and there were volcanoes going off all over the world in an impressive show of Earth’s magnificent energy.

260 days before that, we were at the beginning of March 2013 and we were still on a spiritual high after all the 2012 excitement. There was a sense, however fleeting, that all was going to be made right in the world.

This next treceña (13 days) from 1 Eagle to 13 Deer (Aug. 8-20, 2014) begins with four days for peace ceremonies designated by the Mayan council of elders one tzolkin round after the start of Operation Desert Storm. For all the chaos and violence the world has seen since then, it seems we need peace ceremonies more than ever.

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2 Responses to Celestial Jaguars, Eagles and Deer

  1. Lea Lea says:

    I am able to follow posts like this better, Carlos, since learning from my reading with you about the Mayan concept of cycles; and from taking your suggestion to heart, to pay attention to the numbers and glyphs for each day (from Mayan Majix’s website and / or calendar).
    It is so obvious that it seems to be hidden–the realization that everything “cycles.”
    I almost laugh as I type this. The Sun, the earth, the planets, the seasons, the day and night—“life” is nothing BUT cycles!
    And my tiny little infinitesimal life has it’s own little cycle among all the other greater and smaller cycles encompassing me and us.
    And my noting them, and where I am in my particular cycle within other cycles–can be extremely instructional.
    Thank you for modeling to us, week after week, how the wise Mayans lived in harmony with their souls within the cycles of the earth, the heavens and the cosmos, by taking heed to their underlying currents, filled with meaning.
    Thank you.
    (Translation: You make my heart grateful–
    RE-translation: Your sharing this wisdom makes my heart grateful)
    (And Pilamaye to you, Eric and all PW staff also!)

  2. LindeeTotems says:

    Oh WoW l’Oscar jazzing it up all the way. Phew ;-)) Let’s EnJoy ((-:
    All together Now

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