Aftermath and Reconstruction

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By Carlos Cedillo

The broken languaged transform themselves
From their evil ways.
No one will cause it to cease.
This is Calendar Round Death
Fulfilling it’s word
over the Mayan Sun priests, truly.
The Word of God

— Chilam Balam, Jaguar prophecy for katun 10 Ahau

I hope everyone has fared better than myself through this eclipse and grand cross cycle. It feels like there has been major war going on in the heavens, in the heart of the sky and in my bowels!


For all the emotional bang-ups and turmoil, I remain optimistic that life is still getting better. It’s rehabilitation time. The energy of the current trecena began on 1 Monkey, April 26, 2014. We had to realize we can do this on our own.

Monkey is a thread weaver. I fixed a broken string on my sitar and made phone calls my ex-assistant used to make.

Today is Wednesday, April 30, 2014: soar high with the 5 Eagles! Heal your temple on May 1 — that is 6 Ajmac, owl of death. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are 7 Earthquake, 8 Edznab/Flint Knife and 9 Kawak/Rainstorm, respectively; all in all it should be a great weekend!

The trecena ends May 8, 2014, with 13 Akabal, the Cosmic Night, the darkness before the dawn, the day for dreaming the future. Darkness can be scary, but we need it to rest properly and to dream prophetically.

We are in the uinal of Ten Ahau, “Black Hole Sun.” This uinal ends May 5, 2014. It is fitting that the solar eclipse of April 29, 2014, (4 Ix/Jaguar) happened during this uinal. Jaguars rule Mother Nature and study the night sky. This darkness covers us like a blanket during this trecena and uinal cycles. What we once believed was understood about ourselves is going through this dark solar portal.

It is what is inside of us that changes, so incrementally we haven’t really noticed. It’s ok to stay under the covers a bit longer this week — we need the rest and recuperation — but don’t ignore that you have a future that nobody can dream up but yourself!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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6 Responses to Aftermath and Reconstruction

  1. Judith Gayle Judith Gayle says:

    Perfectly timed, perfectly said. Thank you, Carlos. You lift me.

  2. kcritelli kcritelli says:

    I can stay under the covers another week? Thank goodness! I need it! I’m not ready to come out yet!

  3. Aqueryass says:

    I’ve been questioning myself since Monday – Is this allergies? Am I getting enough sleep? Doing too much? Over analyzing? Then today, I surrendered to my process and let my lack of energy just be.
    Thank you for this powerful validation!!!

  4. paola paola says:

    Me too… on Monday! :-)

  5. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    me three Carlos & Lizzy, spent the day going from my desk to couch to bathroom, releasing releasing releasing! fitting the uinal ends on the 5th, right in time for Beltane!

  6. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    I’ve been going through it too, Carlos! Thanks for this great piece – makes so much sense to me.

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