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Have you signed up for this free environmental newsletter from Planet Waves? Info and link below.

Thanks to some wild thunderstorms just as this week’s Monsanto/ECO Newsletter went to press last night, I neglected to post it to the blog — so here it is now. This week’s issue features topics as diverse as one Kentucky state senator’s curious “facts” about Mars’ climate; the World Council of Churches divesting from fossil fuels; the settlement of a lawsuit finally granting dioxin-affected residents of Nitro, West Virginia, benefits from Monsanto; and more. Read this week’s issue in full here.

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4 Responses to This Week’s Monsanto/ECO Newsletter

  1. mackie mackie says:

    I second Len’s observations and gratitude. Authenticity rocks!

  2. marymack says:

    I am happy so happy to find a place that is not about negative political stuff – just good old fashioned sharp reporting. What a refreshing source. There is just too much snide and sarcastic to muddle through out there … thank you all, Amanda et al, for keeping it clean and clear and without all the crap.


  3. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    I’m going to post this FCC comment petition here, too, even though it’s not an environmental thing:

    The period for public comment to the FCC about keeping Net Neutrality (as in, making sure faster connections are not available only to those companies that pay a higher fee, and then pass that fee on to customers) has been extended through this Friday.

    The deadline was supposed to be yesterday (Tuesday), but so many people were sending in comments, that the FCC website crashed.

    Given that PW exists *solely* online — whether you pay for our membership/subscriber services or read the free blog — this issue is of vital importance to our ability to sustain this online community (and for your ability to access it without hassle, and without additional cost imposed by Internet Service Providers).

    Part of the message the FCC needs to hear is that the Internet should be reclassified as a telecommunications public utility.

    The CREDO information reads, in part:

    “[FCC] Chairman Wheeler says that he wants to preserve the open Internet. But his proposal explicitly states a preference for not reclassifying broadband — the one and only thing that will allow the FCC to protect Net Neutrality and ban discrimination on the Internet.

    “The public can’t be silent in the face of this. You can bet that Chairman Wheeler will be hearing from the army of lobbyists who work for the big telecoms intent on destroying Net Neutrality.

    “We need to make sure he also hears from us. Don’t delay.

    Thank you for taking action!

  4. Len Wallick Len Wallick says:

    Many thanks to Amanda and the rest of the ECO team for so effectively spotlighting the abysmal ignorance of Senator Brandon Smith. Gratitude in addition for the genuine and valuable authentic information that has already become a trademark of this newsletter.

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