Astrology Today: Oracle for Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Today’s Oracle takes us to the Leo monthly for Dec. 5, 2005.

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Jupiter in your 4th house of home and security is a rather unusual transit for you, because you have Scorpio in this house. What makes you feel better is precisely what makes most other people feel like they have something to hide. Long ago, you discovered that there are no taboos, and now you’re in a great position to send this message to your environment. So why don’t you hold a naked holiday party and invite all your relatives and neighbors? Well, you can probably think of a few good reasons — but for some things, it really is the thought that counts.

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78 Responses to Astrology Today: Oracle for Wednesday, June 20, 2012

  1. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Alexander! (((HIGH-FIVE)))

  2. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Mystes (back on topic!), I started “the” practice again. I hadn’t done her sadana since I was a monk! I think my guru spoke through you (see what I mean?!?). I also feel a lot freer with the practice now than before, mainly because I was a bit scared of her being so sexually free of inhibitions or me attracting physical distractions (women!) back then. I remember doing a type of commitment with this practice and already feeling myself individuating (sexually speaking). Looking back on that, I can see why that added another layer of fear and even conflict at home. Anyway I think this is really amazing. I won’t say more though! …inner voice, inner voice! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Alexander De Witte says:

    Hi Daniel! I’m not trying to speak for anyone really, except as to factor in some awareness of a context of readership beyond the immediate participants. On your point that Fukushima is not an Oracle posting, agreed at face value. The point is really here that cyberspace and 3D are different kinds of architecture. Rooms in houses have dividing walls. In cyberspace one often ends up with undifferentiated spaces – the markers of space are different. I can appreciate the kind of freedom that is untroubled.. you know, just always express yourself, regardless of subtleties and trends developing outside the window. But to draw some attention to some broader factors and trends outwith immediacy is surely just an attempt to add some food for thought that is constructive (at least in its intent).

    I don’t mind if people speak of pink Kangaroos or post in Swaheli, but eventually, if we pretend that there should be no looking at the mechanics of the debating forum then we are kind of reducing this space to a chill out friendly forum.. which it is.. but it aspires in its nuts and bolts, to be a little more than that too. There is room for everyone here if we can contribute with our eyes in our head, as well as with free rein. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hugging Scorpio says:

    paola, yeupers, Toronto city boy here!

  5. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    …and, for the record, my own comment had more to do with some recent trends/events promted by alexander’s points, not necessarily this specific thread. ahhhh… context! oops!

    mysti… i’m not so sure the shift had to do with your defining a term, but who knows…

  6. paola paola says:

    So, HS, you are in Canada? (Totally off topic ;-))
    I thought you were in England.

  7. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Hey Alexander Man!
    Just a couple of things I wanted to chime in on. You’re a very sophisticated writer. I had to read your comments a few times over (I failed half of high school but got the 2nd highest mark in Canada in Conservatory Music Counterpoint!!). I get the focus part, but we’re not debating Fukishima. We’re having fun sharing thoughts spurred on by an oracle. There’s a big difference. I love clarity but I’m also very playful. While I understand your points, I’m also not sure it’s up to you to speak for these silent folks who you think don’t want to comment because you feel PW has no strict rules on commenting. Eric and team, are fully equipped to make those calls and moderate if needed. I’ve seen him do it MANY times and with great ease, and as we have seen last week, even close comments when things got out of control. So c’mon, hang out, and take your clothes off!
    Peace Bro!

  8. Alexander De Witte says:

    mystes hi! I do believe I framed the intelligibility issue as being about the degree to which the onus is upon reader and/or writer to address the intelligibility question. It is not simply one or the other. I wasn’t suggesting either polarity as preferable. What I WAS saying is that new cyberstructures could offer different containment and that some kind of discussion around consensus communication would be useful. I didn’t feel particularly reactive when I wrote! Just keen to clarify what my point actually was… that getting clear on folk’s perceptions of the purposes of this space might clear some matters up as more new commentators surface. ๐Ÿ˜€ I shall now continue in my calm state…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. CaraSusanetta CaraSusanetta says:

    *I* didn’t think we’ve been off-topic (until we started talking about being off-topic LOL), I saw a natural progression to the discussion that was very interesting, and not at all of the “you people need to get a room” variety, but that’s just me. FWIW, I also am not put off by everyone’s different vocabulary or communcation styles. Where there is an urge to ask a question, I will, or I may refrain to just go with the flow if I see that to be the better option in the moment…

  10. mystes mystes says:

    Oh deWitte, oh the *humanity*!

    #1 – I wasn’t talking about you.

    #2 – You are here to defend “intelligibility” and “standards in communication?”
    Seriously? Seriously?? Have you *read* your own writing?

    Sweet boy, calm yourself.


  11. pam says:

    AdW, it’s a sort of musicality (for me) rather than sameness: chiming, transposition, elaborating a theme etc etc. no snub intended. Moderation praps when the comments get to 300, or when we start talking about the weather? I get alot from all these pages.

    Following an url added to a comment ‘off piste’ might work (to continue the conversation)?

  12. Lunesoleil says:

    It is also the discovery of a secret that can us to strip on the plan not physical but psychological. I have known a Scorpion man who had Jupiter 4 th house with Venus, he was attracted by the UFOs, its share of intimacy with retro March in opposition in Taurus he gave the reference a inaccessible and visible things at home….

    I have Mars in Scorpio, the transit of Jupiter in 2005 in this sign square Neptune in world, it is clear it was downright conventional framework…

    I remember at this time a man was ready to do per kilometre for a part of pleasure

    12 years rather approfondissais my knowledge in astrology with Jupiter in Scorpio, I lived also the return of the ascendant, Uranus at the zenith in my solar revolution…. I had the meeting of a man he was who had initiated me Astrology but it was not really free, between his ex wife and his ex girlfriend who was left to join him. In the history I had won all these books on astrology for the rest no thanks

    good weekend to you all :)

  13. Alexander De Witte says:

    “Off topic” It is instructive to see just how effective advertising and its taglines have been through time upon human consciousness, focusing attention like a laser!

    There was also a clear focus on standards of intelligibility, which crops up not infrequently, and which is a huge part of successful communication. A lot depends upon how folk idealize community; in can simply be a bunch of folk hanging out or it can be a community of interest, geared to action and transformation. If anything, it was I who went off topic, with good reason!

    The goal of many communities is truly one of participation and we may add, growth as a corollary. As the nature of the community demographic alters, it profits us to reeview and to consider our aims in participating. If that necessary debate attracts no focus then some will be wanting to use the space to hang out, others a place to take an occasional dip in an enlivening pool, while others yet would seek a progressive debating forum that moves the collective thinking forward.

    I fail to see how the tagline “off topic” is the same as what I actually said! Just as I don’t see how a summary of a thread is the same as the thread in all its facets. It does benefit forum participants, I am sure, to examine their needs, wants and expectations from this space. Without that, the ‘point’ of the blog and its relationship to the broader Planet Waves mission can get vague. Certainly, potential new contributors may be discouraged, if certain standards are not clear. I suggested chatrooms solely because conversations more like chats have a natural life/flow of their own. Serious debating of issues (say Fukushima) requires different standards and protocols of communication, if they are to find productive progression.

    I trust that this unpacks my last somewhat and addresses the decoy of “Off topic”.

  14. mystes mystes says:

    So… this starts out as an Oracle about throwing a naked holiday party

    Then: someone has a dream about being naked
    Then: someone else does, too
    Then: someone else says: I want me some o ‘dat
    Then: I post a link on how to get you some o’ dat (nekkid dreaming)
    Then: someone else changes the meaning of ‘dat’ to sweetsweet love
    Then: uses the word ‘Sambhogakaya’ (which also means sweetsweetlove)
    Then: I define the word ‘sambhogakaya’

    Now that definition triggers an ‘oh dear oh dear, we’re off-topic here’ lament after I clarify a term

    Just a teensy weentsy bit ironic, don’t you think.

    I think. I really do.


  15. pam says:

    Glad to read the ‘comments’ under the posts, and like the tangents – they are sort of rooted in the context of the daily post, even if off subject. Unless the posters themselves (Eric et al) mind?

  16. Katie Vee says:

    Personally, I think it’s really interesting to find out more about people that I am reading and corresponding with on the blog. There are so many facets of astrology–learning more about people’s lives through story and musings helps consolidate some of the things I am trying to absorb about astrology. I think most of the posts are really positive and affirming. I like how we can wander from a topic and learn more about each other that way. Anyhow, just what I think–although now I’m not sure if I’m really allowed to post that or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. michele michele says:

    I had a totally unrelated item I wanted to share – which is, in fact, related to our times. I plopped it onto the PW Facebook page. I didn’t say much, besides plopping the item… I’m not really well-versed in Facebook as a place to have conversation beyond exchanging quips or sharing interesting items. But I suppose that’s always an option…

    I am very bad at being “on topic” these days (very disorganised mind when it comes to my interior or my apprehension of the energy around me) so tend to not say much at all. Dipping my toe, though…

  18. Hugging Scorpio says:

    I agree Cara. I like the organic quality that comes to life in threads. I am the first to acknowledge that I can add egocentric and off topic comments. I think I have some judgment though as to when that’s appropriate and when it feels like it should stay close to the article’s original theme. The Oracle is sometimes a really fun way to share and read, being a spontaneous part of PW. I’d hate to see that regulated and controlled to some back room chat area. Leave it be and I think life takes care of itself. But it’s not my blog, so who am I to say? I appreciate the discussion.

  19. paola paola says:

    Thank you Alexander, I really appreciated your comment and what you said.

    (I’d have liked to sign ‘the Guru’ but comments are already named… :-) )

  20. CaraSusanetta CaraSusanetta says:

    For what it’s worth, I personally think of the off-topicness as a community-centric activity. I guess the question then becomes should we do it below the blog or someplace else on the site.. To me, reading the updates is as much a meaningful part PW as the wonderful work done by the staff and contributors. Even on the odd occasion where it takes a strange turn…

  21. Amanda Painter Amanda Painter says:

    thank you, alexander! while we have not discussed the idea of a PW “chatroom,” the editorial staff has been engaged recently in a conversation about wildly off-topic threads on the blog of late. i’ll be sure eric sees your comment.

  22. Alexander De Witte says:

    Nearly 60 comments on an Oracle posting shouts “chatroom needed”!!

    Usually message boards and threads attract “off topic” moderation. This is because coherence of themes within a topical focus is important with respect to expectations of parameters of ‘debate’. The topic(s) here have meandered and this suggests an interactive chatroom as having value on Planet Waves, where the expectations of conversational dynamism and participation are different to typical message board postings; largely because more fluid. This however, may lie beyond Eric’s current planning for this community.

    Now, this observation aside, a message board often attracts ‘off topic’ moderation for a reason. Granted that this is far from a stringently moderated site, because the expectation is of adult self-regulation. Nevertheless, issues of topical regulation are important and are clearly related to standards of intelligibility. There are some interesting questions to ask about the onus upon the participant to make clear. Is it primarily the responsibility of writer or reader to elucidate? Real time conversations in chatrooms make that question more clear cut.

    As the community grows on the free side of the site, such questions profit us all in the asking. They constitute a point of departure for deeper clarity. We don’t tend to be narrowly astrological on this site yet there is a broad interpretive bent within esoteric hermeneutics. For all the subtleties and greys, we may benefit from i) a chatroom emerging in this space and ii) some clarity on intelligibility questions generally. Some may feel daunted at posting… please try to shed that and find your authentic voice. Sometimes we learn in the fog of course, maybe even more than we do in the light. Sometimes Jesus taught in parables and the obfuscation of meaning was a challenge to stretch. Granted Jesus never posted on a 21st Century message board. But hey, maybe we can reach some consensus without intervention and and the input of a guru?!! :-)

  23. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Thanks Katie and Cara! I don’t really believe in soul mates btw, just that we do have the power to bring into our experiences healthy and vibrant relationships in which to learn and grow from. The poem points to facing our internal turmoils and baggage (either self imposed or imposed on us) and releasing it – and then surrender. To clear out the space completely and become part of the magic in our lives. :)
    I did this without any particular musical help, but I had been listening to Gurrelieder recently.
    Here is an excerpt. It’s from part one, which is a musical exchange between two lovers (the King and Tove) each proclaiming their affection for one another. Tove is murdered in the story and there are underlying musical currents which foreshadow that. On the surface of part 1 is really tenderness being expressed. Part 3 is a total transformation from death to balance in Nature. Its a totally otherworldly work, yet so worldly too.

  24. dawnbrocco dawnbrocco says:

    Thank you kindly, Cara, and I’m glad I helped some.

  25. CaraSusanetta CaraSusanetta says:

    Hi Dawn, thanks for offering comfort. I am intrigued by the conversation even though I don’t really understand it. You’re right to draw the parallel with astrology. Once I have enough of it rolling over me, even without pursuing the knowledge, I tend to pick up at least a rudimentary grasp… Best wishes on your book!

  26. dawnbrocco dawnbrocco says:


    Yes, an astrology site. The speech I refer to is not astrological, unless I’m missing the difference between Tantra and Astrology. It shouldn’t be expected that readers would necessarily be familiar with, or interested in, studies outside the scope of astrology.

    I was just trying to soothe another’s confusion.

    And no, one does not need to know the Latin names of plants, in order to seek them out and be healed by them.

    It’s obvious we come from 2 different places, approaches and ways of living. Do let’s agree to disagree.

  27. CaraSusanetta CaraSusanetta says:

    Thanks Mystes and HS for continuing to riff on this topic. I find it fascinating even though it’s outside my present experience and vocabulary. I like the poetic aspect, but also the erotical aspect. I know the map is not the destination, but the path sounds really interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. mystes mystes says:

    I wasn’t *intending* to be esp. esoteric, but this is an *astrology* site fercryingoutloud. By definition, has kind of a vocabulary, ne? And what we are doing here is conversation, with all of the ellipses and nudges and contractions implicit in that. Now my *writing* –on the other hand– is more expansive, but even more demanding… and, I am told, usually worth the extra effort.

    You are a writer, yes? Surely you keep opening your horizons to include new ideas, even if you don’t understand the nomenclature at first.

    Anyway, it was my friend in Israel who says he has none of this vocab (but I catch him existing within the actual experiences on a regular basis).

    All of this is fast-moving, so it’ll be irrelevant in about 10 seconds. But the tantrik practices that I *spontaneously* engage/d (then later found out they were part of someone else’s ‘system’) are older than dirt, my friends. And their Guardians are *made up of* erotic and cognitive energy.

    Does it do any good to know the names of plants when you are seeking them out? Not only the linnean classifications, but their real names?


  29. dawnbrocco dawnbrocco says:

    Eh, that should have been “pile *up* enough”!

  30. dawnbrocco dawnbrocco says:

    Thank you kindly, Huffy!

    I am finally heeding the call to write, hence the book. I’ve been told, for years, that that’s where my talent truly lies (which I never believed, as all I ever wrote was poetry, until I was 20), but it’s only now that I can believe it.

    It’s only now that I better see how the threads of my life have woven together. Or rather, how this journey, which I’ve signed up for, was making itself known all along in glimpses, but those glimpses โ€“ mostly a sense of knowing and little signs here and there โ€“ needed to pile enough enough to be seen as a pattern.

    Pattern… as when I wove – you put all the warp on in a preset pattern, but not until the weft gets thrown across, in a full repeat, does the pattern become clear, and with more repeats can one see the fullness of its beauty. (oh, more fodder for the book…)

    Anyway, until one believes, it is not real.

  31. Katie Vee says:

    Great banter! Thanks for the fun read!

    HS, lovely poem! I like what you shaped it into. So fun to play with a good poem. The ending is new, is it not? It’s strong with the line spacing and moving from couplets to no rhyme. I liked the image of the flame to the cool dream (desert flower to cooler waters? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) as well. What were you listening to this time (musically or internally)?

  32. Lizzy Huffy says:

    But am off to the sea now – to stay in a lovely big farmhouse (well, near the coast…). So no frying tonight! xx

  33. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Lovely writing, dawn!Was right there with you!

  34. dawnbrocco dawnbrocco says:

    Huffy, memories! I grew up in a 3rd floor walk-up, in Brooklyn, “under a hot (not tin) roof is unbearable in the summer.”

    Yeah, love those tar roofs, no AC, railroad rooms, I remember we had one box fan in a window, and mom used to put all 4 of us kids (when were all young enough to fit!) into the tub filled with cool water, to cool off. When dad wasn’t working at his 3 jobs, we went to Jones Beach, to get sunburned, and hope not to get stung by jellyfish, LOL.

  35. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Thanks hon!

  36. dawnbrocco dawnbrocco says:

    Cara, I too have “almost no astrological or pagan or tantrik vocab”.

    When the speech gets past me, I let it go.

    We can absorb what resonates with us, and leave the rest, as I prefer to hang a toe in each of many belief systems, until whatever truth is sought has been found, rather than plunge all 10 into one system or related systems. I’ve seen how that kind of singular focus can narrow us, instead of broaden us. We are, after all, holistic beings, which I feel requires walking many paths, in order to get the whole picture.

  37. Hugging Scorpio says:

    thanks Mystes and Huffy! Enjoy the sea!

  38. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Oh – and the planets really are shifting things at last. My boss has started to let up, and has finally stood up to the guys who have been imposing absurd deadlines on us. She’s also supporting me in my bid to go away and have a work free weekend. If it had been last month, I would have had to take the work with me. Hallelujah!

  39. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Hugging – you set my day up with a laugh with one of your comments this morning. And I love your poem. Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you!
    Am off down south to the sea this eve, to spend the weekend with my bro who’s renting a house there. Yipee! Will be a great break from it all – then back to the grind and a tough exam to face next week. xx

  40. mystes mystes says:

    Soooo, HS, is that your *inside* voice??

    (I am grinnin’ like a Lisa.)

    The poem is a little coyote, a little querelous – but declaratory and clean. Dedicate (the hell outta) the Merit, bebe. The trick is falling just *so* once She shows up.


  41. Hugging Scorpio says:

    I hope it’s okay, but I thought I’d share the finished poem I started here last week. I hope you like it.

    The Circle

    Pierced against a sky that quietly ingests my rage,
    The absolute and judgments bleed,
    The subtle glances that shut the cage,
    A feral scream in a voice of quiet need.

    Left alone with echoes running wild,
    Returned are those callous smears,
    Across a red horizon where should I see a most playful child,
    Not some man coiled up cold against his fears.

    And there I stood atop that windy summit,
    Ready and willing I engaged a self induced plummet,
    In the hands of my own content,
    That left those careless shallow horrible and ignorant.

    Leaving them to their stew,
    That keeps them caged in their own discord brew,
    Of which I extract my ingredient,
    This cherished and light filled sentient,
    And place it high among the stars with an unleashed sound,
    That sings free its truth among a newly fertile and hallowed ground.

    Here may I with soft intruding learn,
    Of a secret kept buried beneath a heavy stone,
    That I may at this spot of sacred return,
    Under this tree that many ancients have known,
    Light a candle in a circle to enclose,
    The smells and perfumes of her skin her hands and hair,
    As if in her life it was I she chose,
    In all her beauty and endearing wisdom share.

    That I could be a man in this glowing flame for her to embrace,
    That I could still feel the warmth in my heart that fell from grace,
    That I should now lie under these feral mountains from which I let loose a scream, โ€“

    And invite her here โ€“

    โ€ฆthat I could hold the one I saw โ€“

    โ€ฆin a once cool and gentle dream.

    Hugging Scorpio

  42. mystes mystes says:

    CaraS… yes, I have an old friend in Israel who has almost no astrological or pagan or tantrik vocab – and he hangs out anyway, calling our discussions ‘poetry.’ But there’s no harsh in questions – and you might help someone else. Roll ’em!

  43. CaraSusanetta CaraSusanetta says:

    I’m loving this thread, but must confess, I hardly comprehend…however, since you all are being playful, I’ll just soak up some bliss instead of harshing the vibe with another question…buona notte a tutti

  44. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Mystes, I thank you very much. I know exactly what you mean and how you mean it.

  45. mystes mystes says:

    HS, I know this is going to sound kind of low-rent (from the Uttarayoga position), but every man I have ever met who actually *belongs* to Her has a low, basso rippling coming out of his pelvis straight into the ladypockets. It is quite stunning to watch them walk through a roomful of women — oh hell, men respond too.

    This effect is *so* consistent that my only word of advice would be to use your inside voice with Her – and make sure it is a Liberator you are dealing with. No counterfeits, eh?

    But you knew all that. . .

  46. Hugging Scorpio says:

    hmmpf, Huffy can’t play anymore…. :(

  47. Hugging Scorpio says:

    I’m on it! Dialin’ that number ASAP! I love her. She is special, secret, and wonderful wisdom.

  48. Hugging Scorpio says:

    nice one Mystes! My Guru used to say, Dharmakaya is like the Sun; Sambhogakaya are like the rays; Nirmanakaya is the warmth on your face.

  49. Lizzy Huffy says:

    ‘She always answers the mantraline. Always.Love it!’ Night sweet princes, buona notte. xxx

  50. mystes mystes says:

    And HS, he’s not your procurer, darlin’… (that’s not the word that first came to mind &^} ). You might be using the wrong telephone. You *do* have an image of the Great Bliss Queen somewhere, ne?

    She always answers the mantraline. Always.


  51. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Wow – that’s beautiful. Thanks Mystes – and ties in so beautifully with the thread here. Nice one, Hugging!

  52. Lizzy Huffy says:

    But maybe he *does* manifest as a gorgeous girl – who’s to say? And hey – doesn’t sound like you need his help in that department, sounds like you’re pulling them in nicely…

  53. mystes mystes says:

    Hey Huffy,

    Sam (full) bhoga (vagina) kaya (body)…

    It is the second of the Awakened bodies that you get to work with as the ‘form’ (Nirmana – literally ’empty’) body changes composition through tantric practice. Also know as the ‘pleasure’ body (“fullvaginabody”), it is the most accessible (telephone!) way to reach someone who has stopped breathing (uh, died).

    The Sambhogakaya is also the *dream* body when you are breathing. This is one of the reasons that working the dream state while breathing is recommended: it’s the short cut to the Between, the bardo between lifetimes on the horizontal axis, the bardo between extraordinary powers on the vertical.


  54. Hugging Scorpio says:

    which begs the question: Why can’t he manifest as a gorgeous gal?? HUH? WHY!?!

  55. Hugging Scorpio says:

    since my guru passed away 20 years ago, he no longer operates in a form body. So, this is a “speech body” (that’s why I said telephone) which is super nice cause he can manifest like (finger snap) that! It’s also known as Rainbow Body. Really, the Guru is all three kayas.

  56. Lizzy Huffy says:

    And I love your newspaper story, Paola (looks like I’m gong to be up all night).

  57. Lizzy Huffy says:

    And what the fuck’s a samboghakaya telephone?

  58. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Oh you just make me hoot!

  59. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Well Huffy, now you understand why I’m so EXPLOOOOOOOSIVE! I sat down in my meditation at home, talked to my guru over the samboghakaya telephone, and said, “c’mon man! I just wanna FUCK! Can’t you see how messed up I am???” Fuckety fuckety fuck fuck! Ommmmm….I’m tired of meditating! (yes, I am throwing a temper tantrum)

    Okay, it didn’t go quite that way. But you get me…….

  60. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Thanks for the Sibelius, Hugging! A cool breeze struck up a few minutes in – much needed,my teeny tiny flat under a hot (not tin) roof is unbearable in the summer.
    Hugging – have to tell you that Zen and (and the art of) fucking aren’t always incompatible. Some years ago, in my buddhist career, I attended a zen centre for a while. Every summer a whole lot of them used to go to a centre in France to do a 10 day retreat with their ‘master’. There were a lot of his monk followers there too. I never went, cos the trip was too expensive. Anyway, I made friends with a zen follower at the centre, this very raunchy young American girl, who told me that at the end of these retreats, they all fucked like rabbits, even the monks. I looked at her in slight shock, and she explained that ir was only to be expected, after so many days meditating your sexual energy gets really high (I know this well myself) – and they all jumped in and out of eachother’s tents. So my dear, perhaps you should be looking at that Zen centre with new eyes. Must get back to work – don’t want to be up all night…

  61. paola paola says:

    This discussion (and the oracle for today) reminds me of a newspaper title of a few days ago: a supermarket in germany advertised that they would let shop for free to whomever came to the market naked. And many people went!

  62. paola paola says:

    HS, you made me laugh!!!

  63. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Stormi, feel better dear!
    Mystes, love the read! thanks!
    Hi Huffy, Paola, and liminali!

    I like playing with you all. Once I was hiking in Algonquin Park in 2000 with my mom and I stumbled on a few gals skinny dipping. I just wanted to join in! Can I go back in time and just have fun? Oh no, it was hiking and making offerings, and doing prayers.

    I went to my meditation group yesterday after taking a 6 month break from there. But when I was there, I noticed the whole place had a Zen Centre feel to it. I don’t mean to be a snob, but man I just want to fuck. And I’m tired of being in this untouchable bubble…

    Then I had the dream.

    I feel like screaming.
    …or listening to Sibelius.

    loves and hugs.

  64. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    yes, the article makes sense for mine too, think it was just processing. felt ill yesterday, then spent last night/this morning purging, dream came after and was more about covering up, or fear, like my purging. thanks you. โ™ฅ๏ปฟโ˜ฎโ™ซ

  65. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Yes – thanks Mystes – I will use that question next time (thanks for pointing it out, Liminali, am dipping in and out all the time). So agree with you about nudity in dreams.

  66. liminali liminali says:

    Ah Mystes, that final question is instructive, thanks! xo

  67. mystes mystes says:

    Huffy, liminali, et alia…. That article (“Skinny-dipping in the Dream Pool”) has a how-to at the very end. You can leap over (hahahaha – inside-the-article joke) the rest easily enough. But the articles does put forth pretty strong arguments *against* interpretation or ‘controlling’ the dreamstate – might be useful at some point along the line.

    I am of the persuasion that nekkid in the dreamstate is a BIG step in the right direction, and that it is a move toward severing the shame/guilt connection. I honor shame for reasons discussed in the article. Guilt, not so much.

    Back to Waking Life (so to speak)…


  68. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Yes! It was good to be reminded by you of this fact today. Amanda talked about it the other day, and I really picked up – but I’d forgotten about it till you mentioned it. I realise, now that it’s back, that a feeling of joy has come back into my life. The bump and grind is still there, but I feel a lghtness that I didn’t notice I’d lost.

  69. paola paola says:

    Huffy, I perfectly understand. I have Mars in Virgo too. Perhaps we had fogotten what it means and how it feels to ‘move’! :-)

  70. liminali liminali says:

    Living With the Dreaming Body

    dreaming body wants to DANCE!


  71. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Just love your style, Mystes. though will have to put off reading your link to a later, more peaceful date.
    Glad your computer’s back from the dead, Paola. Think I’m coming back from the dead too – with natal Mars in Virgo finally moving his ass.
    Just heard this great cover of The Clash’s Rock the Casbah

  72. paola paola says:

    Mars passing the degree where it started to be retrograde: many un/expected things move! My computer has come back from the dead, after a month or so of slumber.

  73. mystes mystes says:

    Ahem…. a little wordy, but might serve something: “What does the dream body want? By the time the Millennium rolled through โ€“the early Aughtiesโ€“ I was starting to have the clothing-optional dream on a regular basis. I suspected it had something to do with all those nothings planted firmly in front of our annual digit โ€“ 2001, 2002, etc. At the time these dreams were accompanied by the typical sense of confusion and disgrace, though I could usually conjure presto! a bathtub, or a clean pile of laundry to dive into.

    “One night I had a breakthrough โ€“ or a tiny hairline fracture that grew into a breakthrough. […]” Continued here…

  74. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Hey, I’m jealous! I want to join the throw your togs off dream club too!

  75. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    ha! had a dream this morning i was riding my bike home naked (with shoes?) and a couple of work people saw me too.

  76. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Great dream, Hugging!

  77. Hugging Scorpio says:

    that’s funny, I had a dream last night that I attended a nude peace rally, most of the people around were those I work with, and they were all pretty surprised (and happy) I showed up! In the buff! But there were some cheaters though, and I quickly rebuked them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  78. paola paola says:

    Yeah, why not?! :-)
    (The thought is great, though)

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