Astrology Today: Oracle for Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Today’s Oracle takes us to the Libra daily for August 10, 2005

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You may not understand why you feel a certain way or why you’re acting a certain way. Absent that information you may be likely to blame everyone else for spreading negativity and angst. I suggest you take the time to sit with your feelings and make peace with them. Then listen to what’s on the mind of someone close to you. When you hear what it is you’ll feel a lot less troubled and so will they. What seems to be of great consequence to them is part of the normal course of life and growth for you. The timing is actually quite excellent to negotiate a whole new arrangement that works better for everyone.

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11 Responses to Astrology Today: Oracle for Thursday, March 14, 2013

  1. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    “sing your heat out” ha! ha! Thanks sweetie! And thanks for the gorgeous music.

  2. Hugging Scorpio Daniel says:

    Lizzy, Stormi! = (((Group Hug!)))

    That’s amazing news Lizzy! I hope you enjoy more and more of singing your heart out! (I mistyped just now and wrote “sing your heat out” …..hmmmm, some truth in that!)

  3. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    score brotha D & cheers to you too Lizzy!

    i’m learning i don’t want to let go of the expectancy of fully blissed connections as the good dr. shares, but definitely the expectations of such. the ones i’ve had are the most divine and sacred, “in the full acceptance of Me”. 😉

    inJoy ~ s

  4. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    You rock – Stormi, Daniel! Thank you for the gorgeous poem, Daniel – the perfect poem for me right now. Went to my first choir practice yesterday, felt like coming home at last….

  5. Hugging Scorpio Daniel says:

    ah, yummy tune Stormi! You rock it. Love the quote! I think I know these feelings. I’ve been on lots of dates these past months which kinda helped me relax on that expectation I hope. Since there are those reading this in the shadows, I’ll simply say:

    “I am precisely where I am meant am I,
    Whether in the arms of strangers,
    Or in admiration to a fulfilling sky,
    Where there is love in the simplest gestures,
    There unabashed will I be,
    In the full acceptance of Me,
    All at once,
    In the hands and care of love and abundance.”

  6. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    ya sé!

    mutuality is a good thing, tho i tend to do the same as the dr. here ~

    The basic problem with my love relationships with women is that my standards are so high – and they apply equally to both of us. I seek full-blast mutual intensity, fully fledged mutual acceptance, full-blown mutual flourishing, and fully felt peace and joy with each other. This requires a level of physical attraction, personal adoration, and moral admiration that is hard to find. ~Cornel West

  7. Hugging Scorpio Daniel says:

    okay, my turn. 😉 I’m very mutual you see…

  8. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    it’s a service of ♥! ox~s

  9. Hugging Scorpio Daniel says:

    anytime Stormi! ahhhh, aural pleasure….don’t make me blush………
    Love the Jazzanova!

  10. stormilarue stormilarue says:

    nice, had not heard the aural pleasure of mr. james before, thanks!

    this is one of my favorite ♥ songs ~ ♫

    happy Pi day!

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