Weekend Tarot — not this weekend

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Just received word from Sarah that there won’t be a weekend tarot article today. We’ll be back at midnight or so with an update to Daily Astrology. –efc

Eric Francis

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  1. prickle says:

    Thank you, Alexander. I want out of this cocoon of sadness and anxiety very, very badly. I don’t know if I have always known the path, but I’m choosing the one in front of me – the one that doesn’t involve being afraid all the time (we hope)

  2. Alexander De Witte says:

    Hi Burning River. I elaborated in follow-up comments on my fb note. I will always present an intuitive take rather than strictly descriptive reading but then follow through with elaborations in the comments. For me, that is the best approach because it is straight from the hip and ready to roll for those who just want a clear reading. For the inquisitive who need to grasp underlying conceptuality, elaboration seems to follow on from there. The tarot and runes were amazingly in sync and I’m looking forward to interpreting seeming dissonances in coming spreads as offering layers and honed focus.

  3. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Thank you dear dear Burning River. My heart overflows too, with gratitude to you all. CaraSusanetta was right when she wrote a couple of days ago that the kindness and support here is outstanding.

  4. Lea Burning River says:

    Yes, Huffy, Arnica is great for aches and pains of all kinds– good idea to mention it to Sarah. BTW, and so is Rescue Remedy cream-a Bach Flower homeopathic-type cream that works miracles. Keep taking care, Sarah.
    Alexander-your spread fit in , dove-tailed with the spreads we’ve been seeing from Sarah. Your explanation–cocoon, choices, are such good visuals. Trusting what I know is true for me is getting stronger everyday. Could you say anything about the runes in the future–some hints as to their indications? Very neat idea, well-done. Thank you.
    Thanks to all the gifts to my heart.among the PW community; much love and butterscotch-golden light to you.
    Huffy, work problems are almost life and death because that is the source of our material income.Trust and peace grow in your heart. xo
    /////Deep gratitude to all|||||

  5. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    That’s very sweet of you to check that up for me, Huffy – much appreciated!

  6. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Ps Sarah – you empty all the contents of the tube into your mouth, under the tongue (if poss!) and let them dissolve. Make sure you haven’t just had a coffee or brushed your teeth when you take it.

  7. Lizzy Huffy says:

    “For that to carry through, the left brain obsession with measurement and calibration has to be kept at arms length… Panic will subside when you see the prison walls for what they are.. falsely imposed expectations about what is SUPPOSED to be happening!” Thank you so much, dear Alexander! So very true … and your words really direct me where I need to go.

  8. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Sarah – just rang my local chemist, they told me you should take the monodose (single dose?) arnica 200 CK, one tube a day for 3 days or so. Good luck!

  9. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    That goes for me too, Alexander – I have been receiving continuous messages of “trust,” “trust the process,” “keep going, keep moving,”. It’s when I think I should be ‘doing’ more that I start to spin. :)

    Huffy – no such luck in the chemists here! I’ll try a lower dosage first …

  10. Alexander De Witte says:

    Hey Huffy! Pleased it hit the spot :)

    Another way to see this is in terms of trust. Specifically this is trusting yourself to be within a stream of consciously chosen, creative experience.. with a faith only in the choice and trust in the process. For that to carry through, the left brain obsession with measurement and calibration has to be kept at arms length.. no matter how much it hollers!

    Best of luck with it. Panic will subside when you see the prison walls for what they are.. falsely imposed expectations about what is SUPPOSED to be happening!

    Learn to say yes, rather than no.. to the simplicity of your naked self.

  11. Lizzy Huffy says:

    “The Hierophant – The summation card here provides a huge clue about communion with your personal transcendent principle (God, Higher Self, or whatever) that lifts you up and out of your old frames of reference, in terms of your ancient ideas about life…etc. “This is what I mean when I talk about my awareness of a bigger picture – but it’s difficult to see beyond the ‘cocoon’. You’ve helped me to do that, dear Alexander.

  12. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Ps lucky for me that the link didn’t open -I’m not on fb!

  13. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Dear Alexander, thank you so very much for your amazing reading. It’s so uncannily apt – describes exactly where I’m at right now. I have found myself reliving a nightmare work situation, that I can find no way out of. Have been panicking a lot in the last few days. At the same time -I can also see the bigger picture. And your reading says it all. So very helpful.

  14. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Sorry dear, I don’t know. But I remember taking one of those tubes where you empty the whole lot into your mouth – if that’s any help. Let me know if you have any probs finding out the strength – they’re good at giving over the counter advice in Italian chemists.

  15. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Huffy. Do you have any idea which strength pillules I should use?

  16. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Sarah, meant to say yesterday that arnica (cream and pills) is a great remedy for moves, for both the physical and emotional wear and tear.
    Great to see you back here, Alexander! (wondered where you’d got to…). Many thanks for your reading. Really look forward to checking it out as soon as I have the time.

  17. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    Thank you, Burning River! A bit achy today – off for a walk with my son if the weather holds.

    Alexander – much appreciated! This reading definitely spoke to a prevailing theme in my life.

  18. Alexander De Witte says:

    It seems there may be a problem with accessing the link and so I will paste the reading here:

    I’m beginning a new week ahead forecast that blends tarot and rune interpretation. I will endeavour to get it out there each week on the Saturday. The reading will be intuitive more than descriptive. There will be 7 cards in the spread: 3 tarot cards, each qualified by a rune card and then a final tarot summation card to focus the reading. I hope you like it and would welcome any feedback on any relevance the reading seems to have to your week! Here goes with week one:

    1. King of Wands 2. The Lovers 3. Ten of Swords

    4. Sowelu 5. Dagaz 6. Inguz

    Does a cocoon entrap? It all hinges on the breaking out!

    Often we languish in a prolonged comfort zone. We experience extensive agonies and soul level struggles. Now however, these MUST give way. The time is ripe. Still, the choice is yours.

    Yet thankfully this week the darkness lifts, long enough for you to see clear options in the bright illumination of the midday sun. “And the choice is?” I hear you ask!

    Answer: Anything other than the comfort of your cocoon..

    There is something here about taking a creative risk; about forsaking an utterly defunct way of living day to day, which has become sterile. (Don’t worry – eventually you will spiral around so that you are able not only to recycle but also integrate the best of the old into the new.) But for now, you simply cannot afford to go with the flow.

    Make key decisions, set goals and resolve to head toward them. You are on the path to a renaissance of your core self, through self-mastery and the honing of your resolve. Confidence always follows a ‘can do’ mentality. So be determined to be led by vision rather than fear.

    7. The Hierophant

    The summation card here provides a huge clue about communion with your personal transcendent principle (God, Higher Self, or whatever) that lifts you up and out of your old frames of reference, in terms of your ancient ideas about life. The flourishing of your life force releases you from the death and despair of stagnation, by allowing previously suppressed aspects of your deeper self to ‘come out’ into the light. This will come from experience, not old thinking.

    You are currently at a crossroads and are obliged to take the path that you have always known is there but that has always scared you.

    If THAT image spooks you I suggest you head to the nearest mirror, look yourself deeply in the eyes, and announce “I CAN do it”..

  19. Lea Burning River says:

    Good luck with your move Sarah. Good fortune and an Epsom salt bath for sore muscles if needed.
    I am happy you are not pushing yourself for your devotees’ sake to the limit by trying to publish this week end. I will miss you but also believe that last weekend’s spread speaks for the period to come during the lunar/solar dance with Venus et al.
    Alexander, your link does not go through . I even tried to copy and past it, perhaps its time has expired. Could you friend me on fb? I’m lea neider there. Would really love to see your spread.

  20. Alexander De Witte says:

    Sarah mailed me on facebook this evening. It just so happens that I have just this weekend commenced a week ahead, 7 card, tarot/rune reading feature as a basic facebook note (no frills!)

    Sarah suggested I perhaps post access to it in the comments section. I’ve made my profile accessible universally for a week so just follow the link I’m pasting and at least you will get a substitute reading in Sarah’s absence.


    Hope it is of some relevance to you!

  21. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    Thanks, Huffy! I am thinking of you too. I will try not to piss the elephant off too much – although I did find myself braced between a bed panel and the bedroom wall, trying to push part of the frame together – the only way I could think of getting enough heft to do it. The air turning a striking shade of blue. Then realised that it wasn’t Ikea’s fault I was trying to do a two-man job myself. There’s a lesson in there somewhere … 😉

  22. Lizzy Huffy says:

    Good luck with your move, dear Sarah! Will re-read last weekend’s tarot reading. Yes, this has been one hell of a full moon – some very nasty stuff coming back up to hit me – wish it would disappear with the waning moon. Hey ho. Careful with that elephant! xx

  23. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    Sorry, folks! I am in the midst of moving house this weekend, and I’ve put together enough flat-pack Ikea furniture to floor an elephant. However, I would direct you back to the last Weekend Tarot Reading, which still feels current – and probably for some time, given the sequence of the Eight of Cups (Full Moon tonight, and the upcoming annular eclipse), and The Sun (Venus transit next month). All is still in full swing.

  24. prickle says:

    Rats! I always look forward to her sunday reading.

  25. luckydriver luckydriver says:

    Yes, an understudy! I was really looking forward to the reading today after that moon last night…it definitely feels like some big shift happened away from some pretty intense feelings last week. Onward and forward!!

  26. Hugging Scorpio says:

    you should have a sub understudy!

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